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Employability Skills


In the contemporary business environment, the evaluation of employability skills is playing a most crucial role for the development of business. These are transferable skills which are playing an important role to make person employable (Carless, 2005). The present report determines several aspects of employability skills which are applied in the workplace. It includes a set of my own responsibilities as well as performance objectives of human resource coordinator in the head office of Audi UK.

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Task 1

1.1 Self-Evaluation of my Appraisal

As a human resource coordinator in the head office of Audi in the UK, I have carried out self-evaluation of my skills with reference to the job position of human resource coordinator.

  • I am very good at relationship management skills through which I can develop healthy relations with senior and junior workers.
  • I have appropriate time management skills that assist me in the handling of different activities.
  • I should have to improve my communication skills. This is because lack of confidence creates problems in managing a conversation with other people.

1.2 My Own Effectiveness as a Human Resources Coordinator

I am appropriately managing different job roles and responsibilities associated with the human resource coordinator in Audi. Some most important core responsibilities include recruitment and selection of employees along with the handling of a performance management system. While conducting recruitment and selection of new staff, I have always ensured that the skills and qualification new candidate matched with predetermined norms (König and et. al., 2010). It is the results productive workforce through which I can manage the performance of a business entity as per the goodwill of the firm. In addition to that, I have always tried to avoid any kinds of discrimination during the performance measurement and rendering appraisals. It influences the satisfaction of staff.

1.3 Recommendations for Improvement

On the basis of my self-evaluation, I can improve my skills as per the below-mentioned recommendations:

  • It can be recommended that I need to take personal counseling to enhance my confidence level that would increase the effectiveness of communication skills.
  • I should consider the approach of self-learning through different online and offline tools to increase my understanding of different elements related to human resource management.
  • To assess the perception and demand of staff, I need to carry out an employee survey through which I can manage HR practices in an appropriate manner.

1.4 Review of the Importance of Motivation Techniques

After carrying out a systematic review of employee perception, it has addressed that every organization has to consider different motivational tools to influence motivation level of staff (Ployhart, 2006). By providing monetary and non-monetary rewards to workers, management can enhance the performance staff along with Audi that plays an important role to assess competitive edge over other firms. It also enhances the satisfaction level of staff.

Task 2

2.1 Solution to Work Base Problem

The work-based problem which has been addressed that some employees are facing problems while managing communication with others that have a negative impact on the productivity and coordination of the entire organization. Some solutions are discussed below:

  • External counselor plays an important role to influence confidence level 
  • Workshops based on communication skills can be organized 
  • Promoting a self-learning approach among staff

The workers have to provide appropriate training session of one hour twice in a weak during their working hours along with weekly counsel session. Formal meetings play a vital role for enhancing understanding of workers about formal communication structure.

2.2 Methods to Communicate with Members of Staff

Manager can communicate staff members through formal and informal meeting in which employees are able to present their views and ideas through oral communication technique (Moss and Hind, 2005). Other than this, the written method of communication will be applied for informing the trainers about the whole training schedule through emails, notices and etc.

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2.3 Time Management Strategies

For completion of the assigned task within a given time frame, different time management strategies provide significant assistance.

  • Determination of Priorities- As per this approach, different activities are scheduled as per the urgency of operations within an organization (Raybould and Sheedy, 2005).
  • Using a Planning Tool- It includes pocket diaries and planners through which different activities and time duration can be write down which are required to be performed.
  • Managing Wastage of Time- In the process, identification of such activities that influences time wastage is carried out by an individual. Its approach has found very effective for managing various tasks without any wastage of time.

Task 3

3.1 Belbin Theory

This theory has found very effective to determine the role of an individual in a team or Audi. Some important roles of team member are mentioned below as:

  • Shaper- These are the people in an organization which always provide several challenges for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of outcomes. These individuals also try to influence the motivation of staff or team member by encouraging them.
  • Coordinator- This individual ensures proper coordination among various team activities and operations as per the team goals.
  • Team worker- These are such people in Audi that provide active support to team members and also ensures the productivity of staff (Merchant, 2015).

In order to achieve shared goals, different individuals are required to work together as per their job roles and responsibilities. In this regard, The resources investigator will assess new opportunities for business growth and development, the shapers will assist for improving team performance and coordinator establishes proper coordination among several business operations.

3.2 Team Dynamics

Team dynamics is identified as such factors that play an important role to influence the performance and behavior of the team as per the organizational goals. Currently, I am playing the role of coordinator in the HRM team of Audi. Therefore, I always try to ensure that workers always feel motivated and inspired while performing a different task as per the organizational goals. I also establish an appropriate relationship among various activities.

3.3 Alternative Ways to Analyze Team Dynamics

For examining the team dynamics I am also trying to understand the perception of my team. This approach assists me to understand such factors which affect the behaviors as well as the performance of my team members.

  • Team Meetings- It plays an important role to assess team dynamics. This approach has found very effective to understand behavior and interest of people who are having different job positions (Eisele and, 2013).
  • Employee Study- It is carried out to assess different motivator and performance-related factors that have a significant impact on team performance.

Task 4

4.1 Tools and Methods Developed to Overcome the Problem

Audi is facing problems associated with overtime payment to the staff members. This problem can not be ignored because it could have a wide range of negative consequences on the organization. In order to resolve these issues, management needs to conducts meetings and conferences. The discussions will assist the manager in order to determine whether overtime payment should be done or not (Rao, 2014). This meeting will found very effective to determine the amount of overtime payment along with a number of employees who have qualified for overtime.

4.2 Strategy to Resolve the Problem

In this regard, a meeting will be held among members of top, lower and middle management along with representatives of workers that assists in the selection of a proper overtime evaluation plan. This approach helps the manager to determine different elements related to overtime payment. In this regard, a systematic plan will be created by considering the view of representatives of staff. This system will lead satisfaction among the workforce (Zepeda, 2011). The strategy will start from finding different causes of the issue and then formulate various alternatives to resolve the issue. After evaluation of all alternatives, the best and most effective alternative will be considered. At the end, the strategy will be implemented.

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4.3 Impact of Strategy on Audi

The above-mentioned strategy will lead significant effect on Audi. The above-mentioned strategy is developed by considering the views of staff that will create a sense of satisfaction among workers associated with a different department. If employees have not got proper payment of overtime then their motivation level will be reduced (Ulloa and Adams, 2004). This situation leads negative impact on employee's productivity and performance of the company. Proper payment of overtime during training and skills development session will be found very effective in order to boost their morale and enhancement in their overall productivity.


As per the above report, it can be concluded that employability skills have found the most important tool for the success of the business. This report has determined that communication skills play an important role in influencing the effectiveness of conversation among staff member. It can be concluded the evaluation team dynamic has considered as the most crucial aspect of team management within a business entity.


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