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Scope and Purpose of Human Resource Management - Dyson Ltd

University: Regent College of London

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Question :

As a Human Resource manager research had to be carried out by using journal articles, magazines for handling resources related to workers. This will result in evaluating performance of firm thus enhancing profit.

  • Evaluating scope and purpose of Dyson Ltd in relation to acquiring talent thus gaining business objective.
  • Examine the effectiveness of various elements related to human resource at Dyson Ltd
  • Evaluating both the internal and external factors that affect the decision making process of Dyson Ltd including employment legislation.
  • Apply HRM practices in work related context at Dyson Ltd.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Dyson Ltd


The term human resource management can be utilised to explain the formal framework devised for the individual management with a business firm. It is a strategic process to the efficient organisational management of employee which can assists the firm in gaining competitive edge (Human Resource Management (HRM) - Definition and Concept, 2016). Duties of HR manager fall into three major category which is employee benefits, compensations, staffing and other work designing with the purpose of gaining more productivity of operated practices though utilising the employee in more effective manner. It is mandate for a company to nourish and replenish their worker to entire health which have developed dramatically.

Dyson Ltd is popular technology organisation of Britain formed by James Dyson in 1991. This manufacture and design appliances like hand dryer, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, heater etc. with more than 8500 individual globally. Report will evaluate scope and purpose of HRM and analyse major components of HRM within Dyson. The company will assess external and internal elements which influence decision making and employee legislation of company along with managing numerous practices of HRM in context of work. Hence, in regard of understanding these aspects, this assignment will execute and analyse numerous approaches and theories.


P1 Purpose and the functions of HRM

HRM can be termed as the hiring practices of hiring, managing, recruiting and expanding employee of company. Human resource department is often accountable for overseeing the employment policies governing the worker as well as manage relations among employee and organisations. Workforce planning can be termed as constant process utilise in the allocation needs and priorities of firm with their working environment to ascertain achievement of legislative, regulatory and requirement of services and products of organisation. Dyson is availed numerous benefits through personnel administration that keep managing the human resource function within their companies (Chen and Huang, 2010). Here are discussed main purposes:

Purpose: Dyson is improving HRM activities to accomplish the purpose of human resource manager to enlarge the activities of company to improve productivity and emphasising the performance of worker in defined, designed and more profitable manner to accomplish their duties and role in more fundamental way.

Functions of HRM: Numerous functions of human resource management is utilised by Dyson of evolution and productivity development of firm. Here are discussed few functions mentioned as below:

  • Selection and Hiring: HR is liable for coordinating requirement and selection procedure that is major function of enterprise. In order to recruit skilled, qualified and more talented worker, company outline and undertake several different processes and approaches.
  • Training and Development: Human resource manager employ different methods of training and development program aiming over the accomplishment of business goals and target in more fundamental manner. It is paramount function of HR as this assist in employee stimulation along with performance improvement of both organisation's as well as worker's.
  • Orientation and Staffing: It is indispensable for HRM of Dyson to staff and select appropriate worker for certain abilities and skills. Also they coordinate the session of orientation for the worker to attain suitable outcome significantly.
  • Compensation & Rewarding: It is HR manager's duty to deliver proper session of training, rewarding and compensation of employee in regard of attaining objectives of business along with delivering them stimulation and motivation in ideal manner (Crook and et. al., 2011). Dyson, manager ascertain that employee are delivered proper motivation and inspiration at the workplace.

Thus, major functions and responsibilities of human resource management for that Dyson's human resource manager is accountable to operate. These major categorised basic HRM into two major classifications mentioned as below:

Soft HRM: Worker are behaved as the main component and source which can help organisation. Dyson treat their employee as main key and focus over the worker satisfaction.

Hard HRM: According to human resource management, organisation are defined as main Dyson success which are agreed to render their opinion in the process of decision making in relation of attaining competitive advantages.


P3 Benefits of different HRM practices

Here are various kinds of practices which are to be considered in an effective manner. By way of implementing HRM policies, company could make certain tools that can be used by the cited organisation for smooth functioning (Crook and et. al., 2011). Number of HRM practices are there but the crucial one are as follows:

Controlling and management of employees’ performance: Nowadays, no business organisation could attain success it objectives without assistance and commitment of its activities. This is most crucial manner for employees in order to render competitive advantages over its rivals. For ensuring that workers are performing their performance at regular basis. This form manager in order to assess and evaluating their performance at a routine basis. This forms manager aware about the current abilities of the employees and likewise assist in determining gap between present and actual skills. For removing gap, if any, managers need to offer training for the staff members henceforth, they could perform well and ensure fulfilment of business activities effectively.

Training and development of subordinate: Crucial advantages of training is that this enhance skills and knowledge of staff employees that increase their creativity and form them able to satisfy needs of the consumers (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Emergence of skills of workers enhance profits of the organisation and renders diverse advantages to the organisation.

Practices of HRM renders advantages to both of the employees and the employer as well that can be assessed by the following points:

Advantages to the employees:

  • Motivate subordinates to work well: Concept of HRM assist in forming a positive and sound work atmosphere during workplace. This assist that an adequate wage which must be offer to staff members and entire this encourage them to work.
  • Render them training: The training practices of HRM would consider the performance assessment of the workers and if the managers identify any kinds of gaps between existing and genuine skills then the training is offer to workers but during the similar time assist in finding an advance way for fulfilling the work.

Benefits of Employers:

  • Assist in forming a positive and efficient work climate: At the time when manager offer an adequate compensation and growth opportunities to entire employees’ entire form a positive work climate during workplace (Cox, Arnold and Tomás, 2010). Entire, improvement employees’ profitability that enhance productivity and market share of the firm.
  • Support manager in take right decisions: One of the crucial advantages of HRM is that this form manager aware about what is going during the work place and in each division. Whole guide and assist him for taking an efficient decision for the organisation.

P4 Effectiveness of different HRM practices in terms of raising organisational profit and productivity

Dyson's human resource management is working for the benefits and upliftment of their standard of living. HRM influence numerous activities, profitability and productivity of company by organising different activities. Here are discussed how HRM is contributing in the attainment of profitability and productivity of company:

High Innovation and Performing Worker: The human resource department is Dyson organise numerous activities in relation of capacity enhancement and emergence of organisation by motivating the worker in more efficient manner. It can help in attainment of objectives, management of division along with goals achievement in more easier way.

Effective leading setting and execution: Leaders and management take huge actions and efforts to structure the code of conduct for business (Bratton and Gold, 2012). The management of HR ascertain whether the terms are efficiently executed in firm and are followed by the working environment. It can help in carrying out the practices accordingly along with develop the efficiency level of enterprise.

Worker need to update their skills to manage their productivity. It can assist in educating and informing employee in regard of knowledge and skills in Dyson which can assist in emphasising over the entire performance and productivity. It has to ascertain that working environment demands for create numerous methods and procedure which are able to assist promotion and identification of skills and abilities significantly.

Thus, this can be claimed that from the above discussed report, the HRM has their own effectiveness which can help them in achieving set objectives and goals in more significant manner (Cascio and Boudreau, 2010).

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P5 Importance of employee relations in respect to influencing HRM decision-making

In order to comply the HRM activities, it is paramount to maintain proper relations with among company and its employee which can assist in carrying out the operations of business. Distinct decision are outlined and considered by the HR authority along with different worker who are influenced through those techniques. HR manager need to understand the employee relation value before executing numerous practice and process within the workplace of Dyson in relation of managing practices and activities according to the demand.

Innovation Acceptance: Dyson's human resource manager need to execute the practices of human resources to plan the motivational activities or strategies for the workplace so that they do not restraint to alternation along with accept voluntary which can direct to effective ideas of business. It can help in saving the business time and cost.

Required Personnel Availability: Human resource management team of Dyson ascertain whether the availability and rime of different workplace are constant in regard of daily basis work. Hence, this is essential to manage proper employee relation in regard of creating better productivity and performance of organisation.

Supported Direction: HRM also assure whether the entire workplace is sharing common vision and accurate learning within the working environment (CHUANG and Liao, 2010). It assure that before an individual is assigned work at their working profile with more appropriate goals and objectives. Uniformity can be established through the help of proper employee relation management which can further increasing the helping possibilities.

Cost: Operation cost minimisation in organisation is another aim that Dyson's HR is focusing over in order to render proper workplace guidance. It organise numerous activities creating specific knowledge and cost information which is fundamental for the company.

Hence this can be claimed that human resource management make certain that coordinated events and employed operations are according to the workplace and personnel of Dyson in order to create more productivity in operated functions along with reducing hurdles.

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P6 Key elements of employment legislation and the impact it has upon HRM decision-making

Employment legislation and laws deliver support and proper protection to the fundamental rights of worker within the company which is fundamental for organisation to include while formulating policies of enterprise. Dyson understanding the employee aspects and necessity of these fundamentals of law, create their activities and operations accordingly to avoid further issues and problems from company (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). It can help in satiating employee for efficient working and functioning within the competitive workplace. Here are discussed some major laws and legislative parts enacted by UK government and parliament which Dyson comply discussed beneath:

  • Equal Wage Act: The act was passed by UK Parliament to reduce the worker discrimination within the working environment. This states that entire organisational worker should be treated equally on the grounds of provided wage and should be be distinguished on their religion, gender and caste. Dyson assure their worker proper wage on the same skills and qualification ground to support their act within the company.
  • Disability Discrimination Act: This laws support their disable at working environment avoiding discrimination with them on the grounds of their disability. It is essential for HR management to improve their terms and policies accordingly.
  • Minimum Wage Act: This legislation claimed that an employee of any business entity should be deliver minimum wage i.e. set by UK Government. It was made to reduce industry labour exploitation and provide them basic rights of worker. Dyson manage their worker wage on the grounds of their abilities and skills.
  • Working Hour Act: According to this act, the time limit of working in the organisation is determined through UK government i.e. 48 hours. It is essential for Dyson's human resource manager to outline the process (Bloom and Van Reenen, 2011). Also, they organise proper compensation and rewarding for developing their productivity and performances in more significant way.
  • Health and Safety act: United Kingdom parliament enacted this laws in regard of protecting and safeguarding worker while working within any working organisation. According to this, employee are provided proper medical and infrastructure security to assure their protection. Hence, Dyson need to implement this act to assure their employee their safety and security that can also assist in retaining their worker.

Thus, numerous other policies and legislations are complied within Dyson which provide guidance to organisation's worker helping the enterprise to achieve their business objectives and set outcome within specified time period. These laws not only assist the company and worker but also assist the government in managing their public in disciplined way.

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