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Comprehension and Retention Method of Reading

University: London School of Commerce In Association with the University of Suffolk

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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Explain techniques used to build comprehension and retention.
  • What are objectives of learning skill and how it affects the academic growth of the student.
  • Analyse importance of retention and comprehension for improving the performance of the student in the academic level.
Answer :


The present report is based on comprehension and retention of information which is very essential in academic life. Comprehension is all about what person are understanding while they are reading books (Rosenshine, 2017). In addition to this, retention is what individual remember later on, when students read novels and understand each text easily that is comprehension. By using different types of methods and techniques students are able to understand reading materials, it also supports to retain knowledge in mind. This study explains the concept of comprehension and retention, reading strategies, role of higher order thinking aptitudes and several approaches to achieve information retention. Furthermore, this report justified the role of memory in information retention, justifies memorization methods and define the role of deep learning in building retention. It also clarified the role of building retention and understanding in improving learning quality as well as increase success in academic life. It explains the obstacles in building both elements and recommend better solution to overcome.


Description of current research on comprehension-

As per view of Cui and et.al., (2016) reading comprehension is activity of understanding what people are reading, it is considered as intentional, interactive and active process that occurs after, earlier and during person read book or piece of writing. It is one of the pillars of action of reading, when individual reads text they engage in difficult array of cognitive procedures. Reading comprehension is incredibly challenging and multifaceted.

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According to Roehling and et.al., (2017) reading strategies is wide term will use to represented planned actions that support readers interpret print to meaning. It helps to improve reading and decoding understanding skills which is essential for struggling readers as well as beginning ones. As discussed by Mokhtari ed., (2016) visualization is one of the best reading strategy, to read text effectively person is able to encouraged to form visual display in their mind as they read text, that help in better understanding. Students will visualize text as structural diagrams or images instead of mere pictures it has tendency to fade as time goes.

Demiröz, (2017) stated that analysing text structure is a appropriate way or reading strategy that students can use to read text.

According to Gildersleeve, (2019) deep reading is the continuous procedure of deliberate reading carried out to boost one's understanding of text. As per view of Chollet, (2017) deep learning is subset of technical learning in AI that had networks abilities of learning unattended from data that is unlabelled.

Higher order thinking skills plays crucial role in deep reading and learning, as well as it is quite essential for comprehension and retention. It is considered as concept that notes on various kinds of learning in amount of cognitive procedures.

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Current research based on information retention-

Information retention is the process of keeping things in mind for longer term period, which person can used in further. Retention of learned data is defined as having info stored and prevent in longer period memory in way that it readily regain. Different types of methods available for students and other people that help to achieve information retention. As per view of Singh and Bhalla, (2018) individual avoid cramming they study and read text regularly that help to remember reading materials easily. They do not study materials ij one marathon session because it gives negative results as failure.

O'Donnell, (2019) contradict that mnemonic devices is one of the best approach or methods that person can use to retain information in mind for long. It is considered as technique often uses by students to help in recall, it is simple and easiest way to remember data which is essential. The best mnemonics are those that apply humour, positive imagery and novelty.

According to Cairney, El Marj and Staresina, (2018) memory play significant role in information retention, short term and long term memory retain greater amount of knowledge in mind of person which they can use anywhere at any time without thinking too much. It is site of keeping information safe, it helps to encoding and retrieval of important information for procedure of learning. In simple word, learning and understanding new things is totally dependent on memory procedures.

Lin, Liang and Tsai, (2015) stated that memorization is process or act of learning new things so that person can remember it exactly. Learning general later, teach someone and recite out loud in own words are the different types of memorization techniques.

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Deep learning help in building retention it plays essential role in this procedure as help to keep things in mind. Deep learning support to understand each text easily that person can retain in memory for long.

As per view of Lee and et.al., (2015) student build retention and comprehension when they keep reading books and journals in their academic life.

Glenberg, (2017) contradict that when person read text loudly they can understand the actual meaning of reading materials rather than using other techniques.


Role of building retention and comprehension in improving quality of learning-

Comprehension and retention play important role in improving quality of learning, for example when individual is able to understand text they can read big sentence easily as it also help to retain information. When student keep data in their memory they can recall it at required time such as exam period. With the help of information retention person can improve learning and gain success in academic life effectively.

Provide an overview and evaluate the obstacles in building comprehension and retention

Retention and comprehension is not that easy task for the student to develop as there are many obstacles which used arise for the student in the process of improving the retention and comprehension. Dix (2018) highlights that Disinterest toward the subject is one of the biggest obstacles which used to be seen by the author. As student always love to do the thing which they are good at. So at the time of reading a disinterest-full subject the student feels short hearted to build the comprehension. Oral language deficit is the another issue which is faced by the student as per the Dougherty and et.al., (2016) . As the student with the limited vocabulary and oral reading always find it difficult to relate understanding with the reality which eventually prove as a biggest obstacles at the time of building the good comprehension and retention in the student in the organization.

Babiker (2018) has a opinion that Decoding individual words and working memory deficit is the biggest combination which used to be one of the biggest obstacles for the student at the time of building good comprehension and retention. As if the student gets the document which used to contain the good amount of difficult words which is not known by the student and at the same time the memorising power of the student is also not that good then it proves to be one of the biggest obstacles in the process of building comprehension and retention. Visual processing disorder is the another obstacles for building comprehension and retention as Zabidin (2015) highlights that Visual processing disorder affects students’ reading comprehension if they skip words or lines. Also the student used to have the poor hand eye coordination in them which used to prove as a obstacle in building comprehension and retention.

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After going through the opinion of the different author it can be said that there are many ways through which comprehension and retention can be build by the student. One of the best way is the mediation. Meditation will eventually help the student in building a strong and enhance the memorising power of themselves. This will help the student in building a comprehension and reading. Another way through which student can improve the comprehension and retention is by reading loud as it will help the student in memorising the information for the longer period of time. As explained in the above para that decoding individual words is the another big obstacles which is faced by all the student. Making the notes of the learning and memorising the same on the regular basis will eventually help the student in getting out the best out of the learning and building a good comprehension and retention skill in themselves. There are some other ways also such as keep a reading journal, Stick to physical books and take the help of the tutor in reading and understanding the learning.

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From above, it has been concluded that comprehension and retention is important components in increasing growth in academic life. With the help of deep reading students are able to understanding text effectively. By applying different methods' person can achieve information retention, memory play main role in this procedure as it allow recalling stored data. Furthermore, memorization techniques retain information in mind, by reading contiguously students remember text and understand its meaning. Several obstacles arise in procedure of retention and comprehension information, but with help of taking evidence based action students easily remove it.

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Book and Journals

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Cairney, S.A., El Marj, N. and Staresina, B.P., 2018. Memory consolidation is linked to spindle-mediated information processing during sleep. Current Biology. 28(6). pp.948-954.

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