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Different Performance Management Approaches--Whirlpool Corporation

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Organization Selected : Whirlpool Corporation


Development is characterised to never ending process that creates positive changes addition to growth within individuals and organisation (Alred, 2014). It is an important concept which helps an organisation to attain success in business world. All business concerns frame various development programmes that helps the workforce to improve their potentialities, skills, competencies and knowledge in context to particular operation or task. To understand the concept, Whirlpool Corporation is chosen which is a multinational entity that manufacturers home appliances and performs trading practices across the globe. The report includes knowledge, skills as well as behaviours within HR professionals. It further involves personal skills audit along with personal development plan. The report discussions differences among organisational with individual learning, development with training. It also includes the ways in which HPW contributes for employee engagement addition to competitive advantages. At last, the report evaluates different performance management approaches along with the ways they support high performance culture addition to commitment.

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P1. Knowledge, skills together with behaviours which are appropriately required by human resource professional.

Human resource professionals plays key roles and functions for enhancing developments together with productivity of business. They are primarily responsible for workforce planning, recruiting, selecting, motivation, maintaining relations, risk management and performance appraisals. In context to Whirlpool Corporation, human resource professionals handle payroll, rewards systems, conducting surveys and providing training to staff members. A well trained along with developed personnels results in carry forwarding operations in appropriate manner without any obstacles (Belbin, 2012). The key required skill, behaviour along with knowledge by HR professionals of Whirlpool Corporation are the followings:

Knowledge requirements: Knowledge refers to awareness and understanding of particular topic or subject. It is closely associated with capacity of acknowledgement. Following are essentials of knowledges required within HR professional of selected business concern:

Management knowledge: It is very necessary for HR managers to have proper knowledge about administration as well as management. They should posses deep knowledge about statistical measures with planning in relevance with administration. HR professionals of Whirlpool Corporation should be aware about roles, duties addition to responsibilities of management in entity in effectual manner.

Legislation knowledge: Professionals should have appropriate knowledge of laws or else it becomes difficult to handle numerous common problems pertaining with business. Knowledge about legislations helps in performing activities in ethical as well as legal manner by complying with each law (Cardno, 2012). Implementations of legislations like Discrimination Act, Social security Act, Minimum Wage Act along with Safety, Health and welfare Act helps in maintaining relations and keeping employees motivated for work.

Behaviour required:Behaviour is said to actions and mannerisms that are made by individuals or artificial entities in relation with the surroundings. Followings are behaviour requirements within human resource professionals:

Influencer: To influence others so that they starts performing what they do not want is very essential to attain goals. HR professionals of Whirlpool Corporation should have influencer behaviour so that they can cultivate reliability with consistency, focuses on actions, listen to others and build trust with staff members.

Collaborative: When human resource professionals motivates other to work in group they collaborate strength and capabilities by neglecting weaknesses so to reach towards goals. In context to Whirlpool Corporation, professionals combines key capabilities along with strengths of staff members through sharing knowledge and building consensus to move ahead for achieving objectives.

Skills required:Skills are said to abilities to carry forward tasks in order to determine results within set time frame (Required skills within HR professionals. 2019).

Various skills required by HR professional in business concern are:

Communication skill: HR professional should be able to communicate and express in clear manner. HR mangers are required to talk much as well as deal with numerous people and listening issues related work or other. Having effective communication skill within human resource managers of Whirlpool Corporation can help in improving interrelationships, producing suitable policies, making negotiations addition to performing management functions effectively.

Training with development skills:Organisational managers are responsible to provide employee development opportunities so to maximise performance together with increasing values. Whirlpool Corporation professionals should have skills to conduct training and development sessions to deliver diverse skills to personnels that will allow managers to assume tasks as well as supporting career growth of employees.

P2. Personal skill Audit and professional development plan.

Personal skill audit is one of the tool that is used to identify individual strengths as well as developing them in healthy atmosphere. The tool states strength and weaknesses of an individual in proper format. With this, organisational managers find the key areas where training and development is required to build capabilities within workforce (Craig and Campbell, 2012). HR managers working in large entity such as Whirlpool Corporation conducts skill audit with the aim to determine, record along with measure skills of entire workforce. It is very important for human resource professionals to conduct their own skill audit as to evaluate their own personal skills. For this,skill audit for the job role of human resource manager is as follows:

S. No Learning objective Existing proficiency Targetted proficiency Opportunities for development Time period
1 Communication skills 8 10 One of the effective skill that can be developed through listening others, talking with all staff members, maintaining eye contact and cooperating with others. Therefore, for developing communication skills, human resource managers should attend meetings as well as seminars so that they can improve interactions and strengthen communication skill (Dahama, 2019). 2 months
2 Training and management skills 7 10 Training new candidates and developing existing employees is biggest challenge in front of managers. The struggle for convincing top authority so that they can invest in training with development programmes is ongoing. The opportunities that can strengthen the skill of human resource manager are benchmarking against competition, aligning training with goals of management and making innovative training policies. 3 months

From the above skill audit, following strengths and weaknesses are ascertained:

Strength:Human resource managers of well reputed firms like Whirlpool Corporation avails numerous opportunities while they are part of the business concerns. With any changes in organisation, it helps managers to effectively communicate with top management as well as other personnels. Along with this, sharing problems and proving important information can strengthens communication skills in vast manner (De Luc, 2018).

Weakness: Through skill auditing of human resource manager, it can be said that managers are not effective to understand the needs of training and development as well as fails to frame proper procedures and policies for such concern. In order to overcome weakness following is personal development plan






Short range

Communication skill

Devising discussions with top management, setting communication performance agreements and attending seminars, presentations addition to meetings.

Building interactions, communicating with staff members and expressing thoughts.


Long range

Training with development skills

Reading books along with watching online videos (Dean and Dean, 2012).

Benchmarking against competition, surveying training needs, weaving organisational culture and innovating policies.



P3 Difference between organizational and individual learning in training and development

Individual learning This is a process of learning new thing and increase knowledge of an individual person which helps to attain business objectives. It helps to acquire knowledge and skills of individual through study and knowing the interest of people. If a person wants to increase their knowledge and behaviour then individual learning is best practice that helps to change existing skills and knowledge with new one. In whirlpool every individual has particular area in which they learn new things for performing business activities perfectly.

Organizational learning This is a learning process which is used by organization to create, retain and transfer knowledge in order to accomplish organizational goals. This process helps to gain the competitive advantages by improving level of experience. It also includes advanced skills of employees as well as employer in Whirlpool organization which helps to complete task within stipulated time. Organizational learning needs to obtain desire results by increasing their knowledge and experience.

Difference between individual and organizational learning


Individual learning

Organizational learning


Individual learning deals with personal needs and development to perform business activities.

Organizational learning deals with overall needs for change of organization and perform business activities collectively.


It is beneficial for individual person as it defines growth and future opportunities by enhancing knowledge.

This learning facilitates to overall growth of organization by eliminating the skill gap and problems of organization.


This learning facilitates individual achievements by setting the goals.

This helps to achieve common goals which are decided by organization.

Training -It is also consider in learning process which is carried out by organization for the purpose of providing new skills and knowledge to employees. It helps to achieve short term goals within organization. Such as management of Whirlpool company provides training education to its employees that helps to face the new challenges and complete targets.

Development -This process is used by organization for the purpose of sustaining growth of organization as well as individual development. This is used by Whirlpool organization for the purpose of getting new chances and maintaining strong position of business organization (Dorairaj, Noble and Malik, 2012).

Difference between training and development





Training considers short term goals of organization which can be complete by providing training to employees.

This considers long term goals and activity that can be consider as ongoing and open ended process.


It focuses on role and responsibilities.

It focuses on development of person.


Training is used by Whirlpool to enhance knowledge and skills for specific job role.

It is used by Whirlpool for career building and progress which helps to perform job role efficiently.

P4 Need for continuous learning and professional development to drive sustainable business performance

Continuous learning -This concept is used for expanding knowledge by gaining skills and expertise on continual basis. It helps to encourage employees for completing goals and objectives within specified period. It facilitates training and development which helps employees to expand their knowledge and skills. Every organization needs continuous learning because it helps to drive a sustainable business performance by increasing skills and knowledge. In Whirlpool, management focus on continuous learning that not only enhance knowledge but also it helps to understand the problem and provide solution which leads to sustainable business performance. It is needed in Whirlpool for instance, company is culminated in 2011 and regional staff of whirlpool where employees are responsible for execute organization that can leads to sustain business performance. With the helps of continuous learning such organization can focus on shared commitment, extra ordinary goals and vision, shared accountability for results, and transparent communication which helps to sustain business performance (Housley, 2017).

Professional development -This is consider as learning procedure which is used by people to earn and maintain professional credential within organization. In other words, professional development helps to improve and increase capabilities of staff by providing advanced education and training opportunities. In whirlpool, professional development helps to build and maintain employee's morale by providing higher education. Moreover, professional development is used to participate in professional organization, research and skills based training in order to attain business targets. To perform professional activities there is need to have academic degree and skills which increases the sustainability of business performance. This development is needed within Whirlpool because if employees will have high knowledge with degree then can face challenges and make efforts to improve the business performance ( Woodcock, 2017).

Following advantages of learning process are as mentioned:

It facilitates growth With the help of continuous learning and professional development employees enhance their performance and growth of organization in Whirlpool organization. Moreover, it helps to gives best performance to organization that increases productivity and profitability.

Sustainable developmentBy getting continuous learning and professional development employees feels happy and works independently. Continuous learning helps to understand problems and accept the challenges that helps to cope up with difficulties and helps to maintain the productivity (Wellin, 2016).

Competency leads to confidence -Professional development and continuous learning increases the confidence level of employees by enhancing their skills and experience. Therefore, employees of Whirlpool focus on professional learning and continuous learning that helps to solve organizational problems in order to maintain all business activities.

Therefore it has been analysed that continuous learning and professional development is important for Whirlpool that helps to understand the difficulties and get the solution of them. As organization providing training and professional education to its employees that leads to sustainable business performance with the helps of skilled and competent employees. The North America staff can execute organization activities by involving strategic changes that helps to maintain the productivity and profitability. Thus, Continuous learning and professional development are needed within organization for driving sustainable business performance (Furnham, 2012).


P5. Contribution of HPW towards engaging employees and attaining competitive advantages.

High Performance Working is characterised as the process that implements organisational actions together with management practices in order to stimulate employee involvement addition to commitments towards attaining performances at huge level. Whirlpool Corporation managers provide aspects including open culture environment that results in high employee performances. The moment workforce gets possibility to share their views together with opinions with others they avails opportunities to adapt new things with new learnings in context to work which enhances skills with knowledge that contributes in employee engagement as well as gaining competitive advantages. All these are attained when skills of individual employee are enhanced so that they become capable to work in changing external environment and gain beneficiary competitive advantages (Frost, 2012) . Various ways are as follows through which contribution of HPW are made towards employee engagement addition to competitive advantages:

Transparent communication:The employees at different level should be aware about strategic directions that the entity takes for overtaking competition. Administrators of Whirlpool Corporation should introduce numerous flexible methods together with communication systems at workplace that will result in providing necessary information to staff members. With this, each personnel will be aware about performing operations addition to expectations. It will result in more employee engagement and strengthening their performances and productivity in such manner that organisation becomes successful in attaining competitive advantages (Harrison, 2012).

Mutual respect as well as solidarity:it is essential that all employees should person activities with unity, coordination addition to sharing unified goals that helps in developing their inner strengths. Whirlpool corporation managers by respecting personnels and providing equal chances to all can motivate them towards goals achievements. It increases employee engagement towards business objectives and enhancing their efficiency so that high performance working are done through which competitive advantages are grabbed (Warner, Smith and Letsky, 2017.


P6. Performance management approaches.

Performance management approach can be characterised as management style where working environment is provided to workforce to enhance empowerment so that best performance levels are developed. Procedures of performance management approach involves goal setting, plan development, taking actions, assessing performances and providing rewards. Analysing performances and providing rewards with compensation helps in recognising the actual employee contributions towards goal accomplishments (Performance management approaches. 2019). HR department of Whirlpool Corporation uses following performance management approaches for measuring workforce performance addition to evaluation:

Result approach: Straight forward concept in which managers gives rates to employees as per their performance results. Balanced scorecard technique as well as Productivity Measurement with Evaluation System falls under result approach. The managers of whirlpool Corporations uses the approach to emphasis on customers, learning, growth, operations and financial aspects. With this, organisation attains benefits of converting strategies or plans into operations along with emphasising towards factors with external environment. But at same time, the approach fails to focus towards human resource aspects and there is absence of stakeholders in indicators (McCormack, Manley and Titchen, 2013).

Behavioural approach: With this, Whirlpool Corporation management measures different job dimensions for employees by using behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale addition to Behavioural observation Scale. For example, providing overall score with ranks can support commitment of employees with high performances. The benefits of the approach is that it provides accurate together with reliable results. Limitations of behavioural approach is that managers do not remember voluminous data ( Thorpe, 2016).

Attribute approach: Management team of Whirlpool corporation give ratings to employees as per the attributes including team work, judgement, creativity, problem solving skills, innovations and communication. Techniques like mixed rating scale addition to graphic rating scale is primarily used for performance evaluation. For instance, enhancing skills results in learning different methods by employees that strengthens commitment of workforce towards strong performance culture. One of the advantage of this approa&nbch is that it is simple method that helps in going ahead smoothly. But the approach only identifies best as well as worst performers. Dissertation help US is For those students who are facing issues to selecting a dissertation topic. and USA students can easily relate this.

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The above report concludes that to grow business together with gaining sustainability, organisational managers should time to time develop skills of personnels, team members addition to business concern. The key knowledge that human resource professional should posses are knowledge about management and legislations. These professionals also require behaviour related to influencer and collaborative. Communication, training with development skills are mandatory to be required within such personalities. With personal skill audit, strengths and weaknesses are evaluated as well as performance management plan is also framed for further improvements in skills. HPW contributes through creating transparent communication and mutual respect with solidarity that helps in improving employee engagement addition to attaining competitive advantages. Performance management approaches such as Result approach, Behavioural approach and Attribute approach supports performance commitment together with culture at huge level.

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