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Benefits Of Staff Development Features - Marriott

University: London Metropolitan University

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Question :

This assessment will cover certain questions like:

  1. Evaluate the benefits, needs and the features required for the staff development in Marriot.
  2. Elaborate the employee engagements in Marriot.
  3. What are the legislation which are applied by Marriot?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marriott


Managing and developing people in the hospitality industry is important because these individuals are those who deliver services to the end-user. Either they can provide splendid services or can make it ordinary. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the management and development of employees that can enhance and provide eminent services. Marriott is an American multinational diversified hospitality company. It has around 6,500 properties in 127 countries and territories across the world. The assignment consists of staff development, engagement, and employee legislation (Boella and Goss, 2013).


Discuss the needs, benefits of Staff Development features, and impact of HRD.

Every organization needs staff to deliver their services to the clients that can indulge guests and retain them for a long time. This is ultimate goal of hospitality industry to assist their guests with best services. In order to do so, Marriott Hotel is renowned name in hospitality industry. It is offering various kinds of services to their clients and in order to do such kinds of services it is a responsibility of their human resource managers that they recruit well qualified and skilled staff. They also need to provide them training sessions so that they can enhance knowledge, skills and behaviour of the employees that are mentioned below -

On Job Training (OJT) - When an individual learns job at workplace in various situations that is known as on job training because they performs several role while working. Employees can gain knowledge and skills that are required to perform task within hotel premises. There are several ways through which Marriott can provide training to their new recruited employees. These are mentioned below -

  • Coaching - In this training new employees will work under some a senior staff member. An experienced employee can instruct new workers to perform a given task. It is one to one training method that can be provide to answers for their queries. For example, a new chef can get training under a senior chef (Swarbrooke and Page, 2012).
  • Mentoring - This is also a one to one training where a senior manager instructs their immediate subordinate to perform their task. For instance, a finance manager orders to their junior employees and also guides them to complete given task.
  • Job rotation - An employee also needs to rotate their job because it will they can gain knowledge about other jobs in Marriott and it will also escape them from boredom. They can also relate with other people within the organisation and can enhances opportunities to work in different field (Kusluvan, Kusluvan and Ilhan, 2010).
  • Job instructional training - In this training, trainer designs a step by step training to for their employees where a instructions are given as per requirements. Initially they provide an overview about job and then demonstrate working patterns.

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Off-the job training - It is a method in which employees can learn about their job roles away from workplace. Off job training is provided on a specific place where workers can learn and practice with tools and techniques that need to be use at actual work place. For instance, when Marriott appoints their new employees at that time they provides a short term training to their new staff before their joining. These people can be kitchen staff, house keeping staff or management trainees. There are various methods through which they can get training such as simulation in which some tools and equipments are provide that they need to work on. This equipments are not really but acts as a replica of the tools which are provided at workplace. Special lectures is conduct in a class where employees get information about skills which are required for a job. Vestibule training is specially given to technical staff, office staff and employees who needs to handle operations of tools and equipments. Role playing is based on several situation that's why it is provided to p[lay various roles to assist customers. Management games are played in between two groups and they have to act on a situation. Through this they learns to solve a problems according to the present condition.

Job Shadowing - It is important aspect which needs time to follow a profession to learn something from others. This can be beneficial to gain knowledge, skills and behaviour of an individual. It can help people to find out a job in which they are interested. Through job shadowing a person can know about their skills which they needed to improve to work in the hospitality industry (Shaw, Bailey and Williams, 2011).

External professional training sessions -Training and development is crucial for Marriott as it generates productivity and performance of employees. They provides training to their employees that consists of on - job and off job training. There are some reasons that influences them to the provide external professional training sessions. In which hotel leaders invite experts of hospitality industry to train them. They train employees to enhance productivity by utilizing their techniques. Through this training they also train to manage their time in an effective way and complete their task within specific time. There are several new ideas that can also give them a new techniques to conduct their operations in an appropriate way.

Sample Image

(Frey and George, 2010).

These are training methods through which Marriott can train their employees. It is required to enhance their capabilities in an effective way. This will support to increase productivity and efficiency of workers that is required to maintain reputation of the hotel (Ladkin, 2011).

Discuss Employee Engagement

Hospitality industry is completely drive through employees and because of their services customers feels pleasure to step into same hotel. If they are efficient then they can easily make guests happy. For illustration, table staff encourages their clients to explore menu items that satisfies customers in most appropriate way. Employees are face of Marriott because they provides best customer services to their guests. Thus, it is essential for hotel to keep employees engage that make them feel proud to be part of organisation. There are several methods of employee engagement that are described below -

Intellectual engagement - It can be define as psychological engagement of people. This is nature of human being through which they observes the environment in which they stays or works. Intellectual engagement is necessary for every human being as it gives them to think logically and creatively that innovate new things in the world. If an employee who is working at Marriott Hotels, get a some time and in this time they can create numerous new things with creative ideas. For example, if a chef thinks creatively then they can innovate a new recipe that can increase its customers. On other hand, if workers spends their time in logical thinking then they will be able to solve problems that may affect organisation's performance (Testa and Sipe, 2012).

Affective engagement positively influence on employees while performing their job in the hotel. As they can involve in various task that motivate them to engage in organizations process. It is beneficial for employees and organisation as well because they can be involved in their interest of work. If they are involved in interested work then it will be completer with more energy and for this their seniors will also praise them. Hence, they will not motivated through which they can attain their goals.

Social engagement - In this kind of engagement Marriott can discuss work related opportunities with their employees. In which they all can participate equally and if there is some issues or problems that need to be solved then people can find out the solutions. So that they can enhance their image in the organization. Besides, if the hotel is organizing some event then they can find out opportunities which can promote them in their career. This is beneficial if perform well and increase their efficiency to provide best services to their clients.

Intrinsic motivation - It involves an engaging behaviour for a person's internal desires that they performs for a self - satisfaction. For an example, a person chooses to be a chef or a company sectary at Marriott that is because its their own ambition. They are not doing it due to a competition they came in this profession because of their own happiness. If they have free time and they like to solve a puzzle then it is their choice what they need to do. A person performs such things which give them satisfaction, it is known as intrinsic motivation (Chang, Gong and Shum, 2011).

Extrinsic motivation can be define as behaviour or activity in which a person gets engaged to earn reward or avoid punishments. For instance, a person works hard with determination that is because they wanted to get promotion at workplace. If Marriott organizes some event for their employees where everyone have to perform their best. So that they can win competition. They are liable to act in such a way that can beneficial for them and support to get a reward for their work. It is imposed by others and an individual have to act according to them (Chen and Tung, 2014).

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Employee Related Legislations.

Employee related legislation is the law that governs employment rules for workplace in order to provide security to every individual. It affects employee and employer both. The core purpose of these laws is to protect employees from risks which they can face while working and these are given below -

  1. Equal opportunities - The United Kingdom has established a law for organization that they have to provide equal opportunities to their employees. The employer such as Marriott cannot discriminate among employees and provide a growth opportunities to their selected employees. If they do so , then employees have the right to protest among employers and it can spoil reputation of the company.
  2.   Employment contracts - It is an agreement between employer and employee. This is document which consists of conditions that are beneficial for both parties and they have right to negotiate on these conditions. The document includes company name, employee name, title of job, designation, salary, working hours, notice period, date of termination and so on.
  3.  Dispute resolution - This is rule for employee that they should not involve in any kind of activities which can impact on their work. If there is any problems and issues occurs among employees then it is responsibility of manager to solve hurdles that can cause to drop organizational productivity and performance of employees.
  4.  Employment Rights Act 2013 - This act is regulated by the government of UK which is codifies existing law of individual rights in UK labour law. It governs relations between employees, employer ad trade unions. According to this law every individual is liable to earn minimum wages (Ip, Leung and Law, 2011).
  5.  Equality Act 2016 - This law is amended to provide complete security to employees so that they will not face any discrimination at workplace. If any organisation discriminate people on the basis of their race, gender, physical disability, income, nationality then individuals have right to sue the management of organisation. For instance, if Marriott discriminates among their employees and they give more salary to their male employees than a female worker. In this condition, female employee have to sue to them in court and demand for equal salary (Teng, Horng and Hu, 2012).
  6.  Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 - It protects individual from getting racial discrimination on the basis of race or ethnic or nationality. The core purpose of this act is to enhance equality and promote good relations among without any favoritism.
  7.  Equal Pay Act 2010 - It states that if employees are working on a same position then organization needs to pay equal salary. This act is supported by sex equality act, that states that a man and woman both must equal amount of their salary. No one is favourable in terms of wages and work as well.
  8.  Disability Discrimination Act 2005 - This act states that it is unlawful to discriminate a person if they have any kind of physical and mental disability. In case of employment, a physical disabled person needs to provide complete facilities so that they can perform their routine actions in an effective way. They should get enough work and peaceful behaviour by other as normal human being.
  9.  Employment Equality Regulations 2003 - This is law to provide equal opportunities to employees. Employer cannot discriminate their employees unreasonably on behalf of gender, religion, belief or age. They have to provide equal treatment to their employees.
  10.  Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 - It possess in action by October, 2006 that employees must not face favouritism on the behalf of their age. As every individual is equal at workplace. They should get respect while working because it does not depends on age. Every person is equal to perform their task and that's why they should get equal respect.
  11.  Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 - The organisation has a big responsibility to provide safety to their employees. It is their major responsibility to provide health insurance to their employees. They cannot force employees to work in perils and if they do so then employee can sue to them. The company should also keep safety equipments such as fire alarms so that if a fire occurs then entire staff can safely removed from place (Boella and Goss, 2013).
  12. Work and Families Act 2006 (amended 2014 included children) - It is part of government child care strategy that is allows to take parental leaves. According to this law parents can take leaves for the child care. There are different leaves that can be used to support a family and child well-being.

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From the above conclusion it can be concluded that managing and developing people in hospitality industry is essential because it provides supports to an organisation. In fact, these people can be refers as brand ambassador of a hotel because of their skills a hotel appeals to their guest to again head towards organisation. So this a responsibility to select appropriate candidates that have knowledge and skills that can provide better services and enhance performance of the hotel. There are various training methods that can support to give training to the employees such on - job training and off - job training. These are training methods that increases skills of employees. In addition, it is also essential to keep engage staff in various ways like intellectual, affective and social so that they support in hotel's process. Further, an organisation also needs to follow legislation so that it can conduct a business in an efficient manner.


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Ladkin, A., 2011. Exploring tourism labor. Annals of Tourism Research. 38(3). pp.1135-1155.

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