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Human resource management can be described as managing manpower of an organisation by allocations of tasks or resources. It is necessary to allot various kinds of required sources and procedures as per field of expertise of staff members in appropriate manner for attaining desired outcomes effectively as well as efficiently. This report is based on ASDA which is a British Supermarket retailer which provide several products such as grocery, general merchandise and financial services. It was founded in 1949 having key people Roger Burnley, Alex Russo, Jesus Lorente, Andy Murray, Anthony Hemmerdinger and Hayley Tatun. This assignment will discus about purpose and functions of HRM to manage human resource properly (Ekwoaba, Ikeije and Ufoma, 2015). It also includes benefits of employee and employer relationship to make effective as well as efficient decision making. Key elements of employment legislations which impacts on preparing several practices which are implemented to carrying out various activities in appropriate manner to gain better results are given below.

Task 1

P1 Purpose and functions of HRM applicable to workforce planning

Human resource management is important section in a company for allocations different types of required tasks or procedures to manpower as per their field of expertise. This will facilitate employees to perform in a better way for attaining desired outcomes in an organisation. There are various kinds of functions and purposes of HRM which are necessary to conduct for doing workforce planning. ASDA has several reasons and functions of HRM which should be completed by human resource department of company are given below:

Purpose of HRM

Improve working environment and cultuer in company :- This refers to necessity of generating healthy and effective working environment in an organisation (Keep and James, 2010). It includes to build an efficient culture of company which render support to reduce conflicts and facilitate better cooperation or coordination between staff members that helps to gain desired outcomes properly. ASDA has to focus on this criteria and establish an appropriate working culture to attain required benefits.

Apply government laws and policies :- Different types of rules or policies are made by government authorities so that every business can be run properly without having any issue and harming others. ASDA have to concentrate on regulations of legal agencies while making any decisions to prepare effective strategies in company for getting better outputs in appropriate way.

Involvement of workers and mangement :- Engaging employees in several meetings or conferences to discus about any task related their field of working is necessary (Cordner and Cordner, 2011). It helps to make people feel valuable and also facilitate to gain better number of alternative choices to select the desired one effectively. ASDA have to involve employees in some of events to retain them and render them required importance in company.

Optimum utilisation of resources :- This can be described as to determine desired and available resource and make sure to utilise them effectively in proper manner to gain better outcomes. ASDA have to focus on this aspect which is mandatory to ensure optimum use of sources and reduce wastage of them as well.

Functions of HRM

Hiring of desired candidates :- It can be defined as to carrying out process of recruitment and selection to hire an efficient candidate for vacant designations. It is compulsory to be done in effective as well as efficient way to select best person so that they can fulfil roles and responsibilities of specific position in ASDA.

Performance appraisal :- This refers to conduct an appropriate activity or program for doing performance appraisal of staff members. These events are mandatory to be carried out in ASDA so that employees can be motivated to improve their capabilities and perform well in future in terms of creating regular outcomes.

Learning and training programs :- It can be described as several procedures which are conducting in ASDA to provide required training and learning to employees on regular basis. Such activities are compulsory to increase skills or abilities of an individual to develop their efficiencies to achieve desired outputs in an enterprise (Rees and Rumbles, 2010).

The above mentioned factors are relevant to purpose and functions of human resource management which is mandatory to be carried out in effective way to achieve better outcomes in an organisation. ASDA have to concentrate on all these components to run business properly and facilitate development in company.

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