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Human resource management is a process of managing the humans in the organization. It is a very important department as the employee are the crucial factor which performs the operations of the company and assist in attaining high profits. Further, the main process of HRM is to select, train, reward, recruit etc. of the staff members to acquire and retain them in the organization. They mainly focus to place the strategy towards driving the innovation, productivity and share price by encouraging the staff members to attain the objective of the company in an efficient manner (Al Ariss, Cascio and Paauwe, 2014). They also organize with the training and development programs which assist in developing the skills and knowledge of the employees. In the present report, Kingfisher PLC is been taken. This company is a retail outlet which is having their stores all over UK. In this, the scope and purpose of HRM is been studied efficiently. Further, the effectiveness of it is been determined with the help of various elements. Further, the internal as well as external factors are been discussed which highly affects the HRM while making the decisions.

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Task 1

Human resource management is process of formulating a formal system which is being developed to manage the human resources in an efficient manner. The core motive of HRM is to maximize the productivity of the company by optimizing the effectiveness of the employees. Further the purpose of HRM are:

  • To highly support the company in attaining its targets in the most effective manner
  • To make contribution in the development of high performance culture
  • To recruit the most highly skilled, talented and qualified people in the organization
  • To develop positive employment relationship in the company

The scope of HRM in the organization are:

Personal aspect

Human resource planning- This is the first process which assist in determining the number of job vacancy in the organization (Alfes and, 2013).

Job analysis and job design- job analysis refers to process of gathering, documenting and analysing the data which need to be required for a particular job. Job analysis is a process of identifying the duties or behaviour which highly defines the job.

Recruitment and selection- Recruitment is a procedure of giving ads in the newspaper determining the job design of the post vacant in the organization. Further the selection is the process of choosing the final candidate who is appropriate for the determined job.

Training and development- Under this, the training is given to the new as well as existing employees so as to develop their skills and knowledge (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

Motivation- It is the foremost duty of HRM to motivate the employees in the best possible manner as the motivate staff members can perform the task in more efficient manner and will take all the efforts to achieve the target.

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