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Employee Motivation Analysis

Employee motivation case study aims at finding the impact of motivated employees on the overall performance of the organization. Motivation is essential for keeping the employees engaged as well as interested in their jobs with an aim of creating value for the organization.

A typical employee motivation case study

Tesco employee motivation case

Tesco is an organization owned by Jack Cohen who used to sell grocery through a stall. He went into a joint venture with tea seller T.E. Stockwell and started a super-speciality store in 1929. This group has expanded to more than 2200 stores and is rated biggest retailer in UK. It has a workforce of more than 4,60,000 employees working in various departments such as warehouse, retail floor, logistics, Human Resource, Accounts and many more.

Steps taken by Tesco to ensure employee motivation and retention

  1. Employment of managers internally: It helps others to work towards reaching the benchmark set by achievers. Also, there is a sense of healthy competition
  2. 360 degree feedback: Every employee and his opinion matter. 360 degree feedback reflects this intention of the organization. Also, team leaders can keep check on their bossy or loud behaviour.
  3. Pay rise meetings: Employees are involved in pay rise meetings. It helps in creating a transparent environment and also, employees are aware of how their performance is being ranked in the eyes of the organization.
  4. Training and development programs: Each employee has opportunity to get groomed and enhance his skill-set.
  5. Value awards: Employees can award each other. They can thank each other for guidance and support they receive from one another. It helps in creating a sense of camaraderie, recognition of good work and team spirit.
  6. 1-to-1 discussions: Manager and his team members sit for one-to-one discussions and find out what is needed to achieve improvement in work and also to celebrate achievements.
  7. Lifestyle breaks: Company allows employees to go on lifestyle breaks of 2 to four weeks with a right to return to the work.

Various theories that explain the motivated employee environment at Tesco

  1. Mayo Effect: Repetitive and monotonous work can lead to demotivation and employee may lose interest eventually. Thus, with the help of creating socially viable environment, work life can be made interesting. Meetings, celebrations and discussion sessions can help employee in having interesting mix of activities at work.
  2. Maslow’s need hierarchy: Meeting of basic necessities alone cannot keep the employee motivated for long. There has to be added values of love, self-esteem, belonging and recognition in the environment so that a person can have a feeling of being more than a machine.

How Maslow’s model fits to Tesco environment



  • Blue: talent planning programs, development and training programs
  • Green: self-assessment, 360 degree appraisal, pay rise meetings
  • Yellow: Steering Wheel - assessment of team work and individual performance
  • Orange: formal contracts and pension plan
  • Red: regular monthly pay, Lockers and restaurant

Stepwise procedure to do employee motivation case study analysis

Our case study helpers suggest that analysing cases related to employee motivation involves following steps:

  1. Define the problem: Read the problem and outline the situation mentioned in the case in your own words. Our case study experts can help you in defining the purpose of the case clearly.
  2. Mention and explain theories: Define and explain theories which you think is applicable to the situation mentioned in the case.
  3. Make recommendations: If the case study does not explain how problem can be solved, you can make recommendations using the theories as a background.
  4. Prepare a report: Prepare a report that explains how you assess the situation, what research methodology you choose, how recommendations have changed or would change the situation,etc.
  5. Mention references: Prepare a list of references you have used for writing the case study.

Before making the final submission, prepare cover/title page and give due acknowledgments to the mentors who helped you in writing the case study.

Know more about case studies here:

  • What is a case study
  • How to write a case study

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