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Evaluation of Leadership Practices

University: University of Chester

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 4 / Words 1056
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0421
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Table of Content

Question :

The scenario of this report is based on evaluation of leadership practices in order to determine challenges and issues related to desired skills and capabilities.

  • Evaluate different strategies that can assist in analyzing issues and challenges related to leadership.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Thomas Cook


Leadership is a tough thing that everyone is not able to handle it at all. There are many challenges and things considered by leader while playing the role of a leader to lead someone who is working under. The main role of leadership is to improve and develop performance of working under employees in order to improve their performances that helps to achieve desired goals and objectives effectiveness. The report will demonstrate challenges faced by leader while implementing leadership at workplace. In addition to this, strategies that helps to face such challenges are also included in this report.

Strategies for each of the leadership challenges identified

A leadership challenge or issue can be referred as direct threat to a person's administrative position, such as a professional doctor or manager by another executive or co-workers in an organisation English, and Papa, (2012). There are various leadership challenges involved in running a day to day business activities or operations for meeting the goals and objectives. These challenges can be described as below -

Lack of leadership skills :- Keeping effective leadership skills can be known as a major challenge as the manager or high level executive gets promoted. This is give negative impact on hospitality sector.

Strategic challenges :- A moment key initiative test identifies with the key arranging process. Business advancement is just conceivable through the improvement and execution of a very much created business technique Johnson, (2017). This requires strong key examination, the setting of clear business destinations, and the adjusting of partners, assets and business exercises to meet these targets. This initiative test is sufficiently hard as it seems to be, yet turns out to be significantly additionally difficult when pioneers confront the double objectives of driving both prompt business comes about and long haul organization achievement.

Leading a team :- In this context, challenges of team building and team development is one of the most important part in internal management. This is focus on how to ins-till pride in a squad or activity the social unit, how to lead a big social unit, and what to do when taking over a new unit.

Guiding changes :- The hospitality sector is guide each and every team member for internal small changes related to work and other activity in work place Madsen and Mabokela, (2014). This is help to manage the growth rate of organisation and overview of development of authority of organisation.

Negotiation skills :- Problem-solving and dialogue are indispensable skills that leaders, teams, and individualist should master careless of the sector, kind or size of their organisation. Nevertheless, this accomplishment are not atypically taught in a way that change true perceptive, flourishing petition, and positive outcomes. The preparation and work has defined in these areas is reaped from existent method used by FBI negotiant and hostage situation experts. Once leaders and their teams master these specific skills, they become expert negotiant—ready to position the scheme they’ve erudite in any business concern state of affairs.

All such are to be challenges for leadership skills and improve current market environment. There are some strategies is too used to overcome challenges of leadership skills are as follows :

  • Developing personal effectiveness : Goal state of affairs should change state 2d nature. Be deliberate approximately where are header, what cognitive content are and set chronology and point for their accomplishment. Work on tasks that maximise specific capability and representative the rest Van Wart, (2013). Ever look for group who are great at thing awful doing. Leveraging their property will make life easier. It is help to better internal on the job state of affairs and increase leader public presentation.
  • Learned form other successful leader : In this context, the best way to learn form other successful leader is focusing on Pay attending to how they content and what they did and employment on as a organism as well as what they did with those they advantage. Trenchant leadership are created by whom become as a organism in addition to the human action take. This is more effective part and help to indefinite quantity the current market network is help to better overall development of leadership skills. This is help to increased market carrying into action of skills.

Thus, it can be said that leadership skills are important as well as crucial in order to manage and control work of employees working under Cameron, (2012). An effective leader plays all the roles and responsibilities delegated to him or her in order to achieve desired goals and objectives effectively and efficiently. In addition to this, RN who is the mentor of Sarah should monitor the place as well as patients that they will not take wrong medicines by mistake. However, the real mistake is of patient but the main work of monitoring remains ineffective from which the patient take wrong medicines effectively Daft, (2014).


It can be concluded from the above report analysis that there are some key roles and responsibilities of a leader at work place while managing the work of employees working under him or her effectively. It can be concluded and analysed from the case study that there is a lack of effective monitoring and leadership that RN who is the mentor of Sarah should monitor the place as well as patients that they will not take wrong medicines by mistake. However, the mistake will be considered by both RN and Sarah that it is their responsibility to keep watch and monitor their patients in the hospital. This will affect the roles of leadership that the accident happened and patient take wrong medication efficiently. In addition to this, there are various leadership challenges involved in running a day to day business activities or operations for meeting the goals and objectives of hospitality needs and different strategies are also formulated to face such challenges in order to solve them effectively.

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