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Leadership Positions of Women in Different Areas

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: M/508/9867
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Table of Content

Question :

The objective of this report is to evaluate leadership positions of women in different areas. In this regard, it is required to develop an understanding of learner in the context of women leadership and empowerment.

  • Provide an overview over women in leadership position.
  • Evaluate root cause analysis for the specific situation description.
  • Discuss recommendations for measures, actions and transfer into such practices.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Jupiter Publication Ltd.


In order to determine women in a leadership position, there are several benefits determines successfully. It will help to understand issues and problems in a systematic manner. This is because; leading by women help to pay with equity in which women dramatically pay their full attention. It assists to improve the work performance and create proper balance in between decision making roles which would be passed with promotions (Lok, Burke and Woods, 2017). It has been demonstrated that diversity with women roles in systematic manner. In this regard, critical to creative elements consider important role in term of vibrant, thriving workplace, etc. Bringing more women in leadership help to make position and breaking down the barriers which keep proper functioning and outcomes. Along with this, women are better bargainers so that they are able to deal better than compare to men (Stead, Mavin and Elliott, 2015). They introduce more bills and get support as the male senators.

It helps to extrapolated in the way to operate business in all over the world. Due to various reasons, women are encouraged at a very young age so that better collaboration and working develop together. It helps to accomplish mutual benefits results in the business environment. In the enterprise, there are benefits introduced that are crucial skills to maintain relations with B2B (Murakami, Jean-Marie and Lopez, 2017).

Women are also the best role model so that they are struggling to accomplish leadership position in the market easily. It is generally denotes that representation of accomplish effective results develop forward movement in systematic manner. Therefore, in all over the world, it will assist to make successful result in a systematic manner. Successful businessman regularly speaks about their work and tasks in a systematic manner (Eagly and Koenig, 2014). They are also getting advice that assists to solve specific issues and problems with effective consideration. At dominated workplace, women are also faced struggle so that it is important to solve major issue and problem that occur at workplace. However, women could be a better mentor so that they are able to improve results and accomplish desired results as well (Mayer and Surtee, 2015).

In the research, it has been shows that there are several reasons exist in which women also consider as the better listener, broader experience in all over the world. Improving gender equality at workplace has main goals in the many years so that women are still struggling to get foot in the door. More people believe that women should adopt leadership roles and acknowledge to solve difficulties as well (Conn and Billy, 2017). In the study, it has been considered that social training to women is the important aspect that help to consider roles and responsibilities as well. In the leadership positions of women, businesses are able to consider more flexibility and marketable outcomes as well. They are easily able to get systematic results from women headed. They are also taking part in improvement in gender equality because they are able to gain more goals with public opinion as well (Hoyt and Murphy, 2016).

Women continuously make progress in the enterprise with gaining huge consideration in a systematic manner. Therefore, it will help to make entrepreneurship program as well. Therefore, it helps to make changes with traditional workspaces. Gender equality boon to country economy and continuously driving on the goals. In addition to this, it can be stated that women account for half of the world develop to operate population globally (Hoyt and Simon, 2017). It also persists imbalance of their position which help to consider circle with viability of a gender and encourage in the corporate sector. In respect to gain better position and performances in the business, women included in leadership with their distinctive role and better functioning. It assists to solve financial crises that are take place and reduce issues. Detailed account also undertaken to promote systematic results and reach towards the different activities (Rani and Selvi, 2016).

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In the multiple research study, it has been shown that committee position is same for all areas of the business so that it is based on the global gender consulting. Multiple research studies carried in the systematic direction which ascertained by women to focus on the significant advantages and results. This will improve return on sales, investment and better representation with major consideration (Antonakis and Day, 2017). It is good to increase financial position of the enterprise. Therefore, they are carried directions and sustainable activities with talent management. Therefore, major research activities helps to find better performance with the competition. In order to implement women leadership, there are financial performance grow continuously which leads to make economic state greater job opportunities and better productivity. It reflects positively and increase number of jobs in the industry to make long working in gender diversity (Soklaridis, Kuper and Zahn, 2017).

Moreover, women power also help to maintain better understanding and relationship to build skills. This is because, it backed with consistently and reach with better counter parts. Organisation also able to maintain good peer relationship so that it would be help to increase productivity as well. Along with this, inter-office relationship going to boost the company operations and satisfaction level that assists to expand the enterprise results in systematic manner (Tillapaugh and Haber-Curran, 2017). Good networking skills also come with the ability that easily collaborate with different people such as colleagues, clients and employees in the whole teams, functions and departments. In the research, it has been found that women consider major cooperation as compare to the men. Therefore, it is overestimate to the capabilities to judge their abilities and make suggestions that assists to team members to play better work. Women also undisputedly to the communication at personal level so that they extended business in systematic manner (Segal, Smith and Canuso, 2016). In this way, better experience also develop in significant manner so that leader will able to create better communication to whole team members, consumers, etc. Women tend to the better work to make themselves as the good leader. However, men are easily broken the rules, norms, regulations, etc. In the corporate world, there are different terms and conditions helps to rising prominence of women so that increasing participation in management decisions helps to attain more desired results at workplace (Murphy, Jansson and Hoyt, 2017). They are not longer expected about the earning member consideration. Men always trying to what they really want to be. It helps to create better functioning and financial development to work in systematic manner. In this regard, women able to take proper care of their family in term of financial which helps to support their members as well. It reduces risk as well in the behavioural problem among the work performances (Davis and Maldonado, 2015). Moreover, women possess very effective and preconceptions about the women and leadership so that people will concrete barriers as contributing to the relative scarcity of female leaders. Women's expectations for the future is also developed successfully with suggest power of the forces which is less than the men.

Business get more success when women getting leadership position. Therefore, it will assist to feel confident in their ability to make successful results and outcomes. It assists to make proper role models with aspired position to reach towards the goals. It also reflects to the awareness and maintain effectiveness as well (Cosgrove and Lee, 2016). Percentage of women in talent pipeline continuously increasing over the last 3 decades. There are large gender gaps from the entry level so that it impact on the position of 30% as well. When more women working together so that better problem solving techniques consider in the business environment. Diversity of problems also lead to solve better problems solving techniques. Therefore, when collaborate with people in term of different gender, it is essential to leads with improved problem solving techniques. Hence, business get better benefits to get effectiveness and outcomes (Pike, White and Piggott, 2018). Hence, hiring and promoting women helps to provide better work and outstanding performances. Female leaders are trusted so that executive people being honest and ethically work as male.


Root cause analysis for the situation description

In order to consider views of Carter and Janes, (2018), women are better to make deals as compare to men. In this regard, they collaborating and working across the party lines in greater numbers than the men. Over the past several years, it can be stated that average female senator working with several kinds of men. Therefore, they sponsored 6.29 bills with the other people. Women are also made terrific mentors so that it is more difficult to find mentors than men. In the 30% survey, it can be stated that mentorship and sponsorship incredibly important for career growth and job satisfaction. Therefore, increasing supply giving better work and outcomes in systematic manner. However, Paustian-Underdahl, Walker and Woehr, (2014) stated that young women are starting their carrier with better education than men. Therefore, it will help to attain more significant advantages and outcomes with workforce to implement innovative techniques, challenges, status, etc. With the help of introducing new business approaches assists to develop systematic results and outcomes in significant manner. Therefore, it requires critical tools to make high growth importance the business in systematic manner.

Theories of leadership program

Along with this, Longman, Daniels and Liddell, (2018) consider their views that there are different theories implemented that helps to attain more desired results and outcomes in significant manner. In this way, effectiveness also increasing continuously development in the enterprise. Leadership become an extraordinary popular idea over the last several decades so that it is widely seen as the good activity. People demand for more leadership so that it is expected to fix several things with some evidence. It creates little impact on the educational leadership scholar. According to the view of Cater and Young, (2017), it is very important to focus on understand influence in normative ideal. From the 19th century, leadership is considered as idea which mainly discussed with political scientist such as Harold Lasswell, which influenced by the ideas of Freudian who wrote about psychopathology.

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