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Leadership and Management Practices

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Course Code: M/508/9860
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Question :

The scenario of this report is based on leadership and management practices which are essential for an organisation. These practices assist in developing an effective working environment and culture by considering:

  • Provide an overview of leadership and management practices in the context of Co A and Co B.
Answer :
Organization Selected : -


The present report will be based on the intention of identifying the way in which Co A can easily adopt better services and identifying the process of making good goals and process making performance. So that, company can make better working environment in the company structure. Along with that, this is the report prepared for the company Co A on acquisition process that is held between Co A and Co B companies, they both are the leading engineering company with great image in the market from since 20 years it has been given great impact on the behavior of making good goals and process making target goals (Alvesson and Sveningsson, 2015). Acquisition between both the company described as intensive care approach because of the better advantageous process. Company having the low level of knowledge transfer and the reason of autonomy.

Leadership management is the most generous and goal oriented process which makes better changing decision making approach in order to meet the needs of organization. Along with that, it will be the more challenging and better performance level. This is the project and matter of fact which helps to bring new business opportunity and growth. Co An involved in some functions such as information system, financial and operation management etc. through this function Co A can easily adopt the better technological growth. This makes the better business environment according to the requirement of business activities. This report will be concluded that how report will make the better effects or the matter of better effective growth after acquisition process (Antonakis and Day, eds., 2017). This will also critical the evaluation process by considering the different areas through company will help to get the better technological growth. Such as leadership, operational management, financial and information systems helps in supporting strategy of Co A to increase the market share of the company in terms of shareholders and customer values. Moreover, it will more explaining about the importance of leadership management and their necessary aspects in the organization growth.

According to project 1 acquisition process between both the companies will evaluate and analyzed critically. This overall process will help to identified the process of making good organization behavior and growth making target goals. Under this process of making good skills and wants to make better growth and enlarging process of making good goals. This will also enlarge and complicated manner to handle the uncertain situation and making good image in front of the organization goals. This report will critically evaluate the business activities through getting the best productive goals and better opportunity and growth. This will be given better opportunity and growth in order to meet the better opportunity and growth.

In order to analyzing the company situation that is lack of proper consistency in terms of the leadership styles of the management, along with that, it will be the great impact on the behavior of better performance (Bolman and Deal, 2017.). Moreover, it will be the better performance level of growth. This gives the proper changes and best growth factor which brings new opportunity and growth which makes better growing matter of fact. This will be the great impact on the behavior of making good task oriented things. Besides, it will be the great impact on the behavior of task oriented things. Company facing lack of addressing and negative implications caused by acquisition on the leadership operation management, information system and finance departments. This will be given better opportunity and growth of making better business activities. Apart from that, this will be given better opportunity and growth. On the basis of identification Co A limited recommended adopting strategic HRM practices, cost value profit analysis this will help company to take better opportunity and growth. With enlarging process of good skills and growth (Naranjo-Valencia, Jiménez-Jiménez and Sanz-Valle, 2016). This will be more enlarging process of making good skills. Based on the identification process better opportunity task in order to fulfill the better opportunity level. The next method recommended by the company is that to enlarging the better opportunity growth. In order to make the better opportunity growth. Enlarging better opportunity growth. It will be effective and enlarging process of good things in order to meet the needs of the organization. This is the large enlarging process of making good goals and good performance level. This is the better opportunity task oriented goals (Northouse, 2018). Moreover, it will be the great impact on the behavior of making good things. Process of good things will help to make better decision making approach.


This report has one objective is that to control the better opportunity and growth in order to meet the needs of the organization. This has been given better opportunity and growth. This section analyzing this will be given better opportunity and growth in terms of making good task oriented goals. This in depth critical analysis and critical, evaluation process (Pii and, 2015).


It is the process of getting or purchasing a large number of shares in another company., this can be either strategic or financial acquisition process. This will be the great impact and growth oriented process of good things in order to meet the needs of the organization. In terms of company Co A it acquired company by Co B in financial motives. In order to that, some of the following financial activities or services made by the company Co A. in terms of high motivation sector according to that, high influencing process of motivation is finance (Rusly, Sun and Corner, 2015). It is the great motivated goals by the company to get the better work performance (Post acquisition approach model, 2018). There are some motives includes in financial motives such as financial efficiency, tax efficiency and assets stripping. Financial efficiency is the only efficiency level which motivates company structure to Co A this will be the enlarging process of given best sources and process. Post acquisition integration matrix is very much effective and productive for the company structure of company Co A in order to analyses the integration existing in the Co A and Co B companies.

This model has been based on creation of values this will help or to enabled when two companies or organisations are combined (Post acquisition approach model, 2018). Under which all business activities will be going to be share such as resources sharing, combination of benefits, general management skill transfer, functional skill transfer etc (Ward, 2016). this matrix includes five types of approaches such as preservation, symbiosis, holding and absorption. Moreover, it will be the more enlarging and growth making task oriented process of good skills. Apart from that, it will be the more challenging and growth for the company by sharing its overall target market goals. This is the enlarging and making good opportunity and growth. This is the more enlarging or benefited for the company Co A to get more connected with the Co B.


Critical analysis of the acquisition identified in the context of leadership management, this gives negative impression on the behavior on leadership styles due to changes in the organization. Which also needs to make the better changes and growth factor. Along with that, it will be the great impact of making good task oriented. This will be good going things and making task oriented goals. This will be more challenging and good task oriented. Along with that, transnational leadership in Co A before acquisition has changed to authoritative leadership styles. In which leaders of the company always motivates employees to adopt changes in order to make the better decision making approach (Ward, 2016). In terms of autocratic leadership styles. It helps to encourage it makes better growing performance in order to meet the needs of organization. In order to make the integration process between Co A and Co B it has been seen that, it helps them to increase the knowledge and goal oriented process of making good things all around.

Post acquisition employees allocate shorter time scale rather than making them to focus on the product quality, despite Co A being quality.


Organization culture inspired by the different culture of growth and goal oriented performances. This gives better advantage and goal oriented task. Apart from that, it includes various culture of employees working in the organization. In order to aspect of paradigm the consistency can result in development of various assumptions among Co Employees regarding the value given for work also regarding the value for them in the company. In the consistency level of making good task oriented goals (Pii and, 2015).


In order to minimise the negative effects on the integration process of the organisation the changes that are created by the acquisition process of Co A byCo B needs to be managed properly.Change in top management, leadership ,disbanding spare teams, allocation of shorter time plans, are the planned changes in Co A that can be said as planned change instead of arising change. According to Cameron and Green (2015), the process of adapting series of stages in a planned way from starting step to last step till the objective is fulfilled is called planned change.This type of change aims at requirement of people involved for increasing overall commitment rate of employees.

According to Balogun & Hailey (2008), Designing accurate change management programs includes various factors that are reviewed by Co A after acquisition in the Change Kaleidoscope model. According to Johnson et al (2017), the contextual factors that supports change management and minimise the level of employee resistance levels are time, scope, ability, capabilities, volume, protection, variety, preparedness, etc. There is a requirement in the company to save the skilled officials without losing them for managing the change in the company after acquisition, so the variety of work official is needed. Many employees in the company are leaving voluntarily and 10% of employees are reduced because of autocratic leadership.In terms of human and financial resources the capability and capacity of Co A should be viewed in designing change management programs.According to Johnson et al (2017). Due to acquisition process the preparedness of work force of Co A and the type of power structure required is assessed by the change kaleidoscope which focus on organisational change. The behaviour in leadership and skills influence followers and their reaction to organisational change to know whether change is a success or not. Development of leadership is necessary to ensure a successful organisational change. The change also depends on hoe managers carry it. The leaders take their followers along with them to make sure successful organisational change. The capability of an indiviual to ensure change is the way it is managed.Change needs to be carried by the leader who are in the position. The leader's role if very crucial because it is needed to manage the change by holding the behaviour and attitude of the employees working together. Ot is very important to have the leader's view in planning and executing strategies.

Leadership qualities plays an important role in organisational change because leader handles the confusion,exploration,resistance and commitment of management. The change in the organisation is a step taken by the leaders or managers to take the organisation towards its improvement. It can also make them capable to meet future demands and to compete with other in effective way.The change process is very challenging. Organisational change provides different significant benefits that is it improves efficiency, improves competetiveness, improves performance, enhance customer's satisfaction (Clegg, Kornberger and Pitsis, 2015). There are different aspects which influence the organisation for a change and these factors may create better service and improved efficiency expectations. When the change is planned properly and carried out in a systematic way, it leads to innovation in organisation. This process must be managed well to keep organisation move further towards new goals and missions. These aspects of changes must be balances to run the organisation in a developed manner. So it is required for the organisation to manage the demands

and expectations of the customers, so there is always a need of change in the management.


According to Laudon and Laudon (2016), the technique which includes collection , analysis and storage of information and collecting several tools which involves decision making is called information system.There is a requirement of converting information to knowledge and sharing it with colleagues for supporting decision of integrating Co A and Co B. In an organisation , Managing knowledge is useful process which helps in creation,storage,transfer and application of knowledge for making required decision (Laudon and Laudon, 2016). Some knowledge management activities are incorporated by Co A to understand more about Business activities from Co B which increases organisational learning. A theory proposed by Laudon and Laudon (2016) known as Knowledge business value chain indicates the value added steps in knowledge management systems of the organisation. According to the theory, to share the knowledge among colleagues, Co A need to execute appropriate portals, search engines and tools for collaboration. The Co A can have the training programs using supportive culture, implementation of networks and communication of management experiences that helps in enhancing the attention to share information and knowledge to severals stakeholders in the enterprise. It comprises of software, hardware that people and organisation used to collect, filer, process, create and distribute. Information systems are related to each other working together to collect information,process it, store it, filter it and then send it back to clients.

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