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Leadership Issues of Wow Sight and Sound

University: Australian National University

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 4 / Words 978
  • Paper Type: Essay
  • Course Code: mech4305
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Table of Content

Question :

This article leads to leadership issues related to wow-sight and sound. There are certain leadership issues which are discussed in this article like the resources which are required, planning factor and so on. In this article, communication issues are also discussed in context with wow sight and sound.

  • What are different leadership issues that deduct the productivity of organisation?
  • What are various communication issues that prevent effective leadership?
Answer :


Leadership means the ability to inspire others and be able to direct persons in such a way that they follow those orders. Being a leader means that the person should have particular skills as well as knowledge on how to use all resources effectively in organisation. Leaders help themselves also as well as other people by inspiring them to do all right things. They set a inspiring vision, set direction as well as always lead to initiate something new. A leader is considered to be effective if they are able to motivate as well as inspire people to rise with respect to particular vision and build the team so that it leads to efficiency. Leadership is considered to be an important concept because it enhances motivation, initiates action, creates confidence among people, boost up the morale. As leadership is an important concept, there are various type roles which are to be followed by leader ike providing vision, establish a effective and effciient organistaional structure, being a effective role model, inspire as well as motivate people. As leadership is a important concept but it also lead to some issues which involve failure to communicate, less accountability, lack of alignment, no clear vision, poor execution and so on. The report is based on leadership issues of Wow-sight and sound. It is an australian audio-visual retailer company which was founded in 2003 and has head quarter in Australia. The store sell a variety of electronic products like television, set top boxes, mobile phones, radios. The company also faced many leadership issues which led to barriers in their success. The company also faced certain leadership issues which led to decline in their productivity. The issues are explained as below:-

  • Required resources:- For a company effective use of resources is the most important thing. With respect to wow sight and sound, as an Australian electronic product retailer so their resources was very much important and need to be effective and efficiency can only develop if leadership is efficiently done. The resources which are required are equipments with respect to their supplies. So, as an electronic equipment retailer main focus of leader should be on efficient use of all resources and make sure that all required resources are there in company but company leader failed to manage all necessary resources which led to many leadership issues in company. The company needs all electronic equipments so there should not be any loss in those electronic resources as these resources are the most required one but company failed in this concept as leader was not able to verify how resources need to be managed.

  • Planning factor:- A company can become successful only if proper planning is done by leaders. So, with respect to Wow sight and sound company, they got failed in this concept because planning was not efficeintly done by respective leaders. When company became an online retailer they were not so much successful as leaders predictions went wrong and their plans also failed. So, here company faced such leadership issue because leaders got failed while making efficient plans. As its a leader role that by making proper use of all planning factors to make company successful but leader of wow sight and sound was not much successful while making proper usage of planning factors.
  • Administrative structure:- It means that in a company all management of operations are effectively done. In the case of wow sight and sound, leaders were not able to make an effective administrative structure. Due to inefficiency in organisation they are not able to gain success in their organisation as compared to their competitors. It is very important for companies to employ a efficient administrative structure. With respect to company, as leaders had no better plans so due to that they were also not able to manage proper organisational structure.
  • An operating budget:- A company can only be considered successful if effective revenue is generated on daily basis. With respect to wow sight and sound, they were not successful in enhancing their operating budget effectively. As company is not earning much revenue on daily basis which led to uncertainty in their business as compared to their comeptitors. A comapny's success lies in hands of leaders but wow sight and sound comoany leaders were not able to manage their operating budget effectively.
  • Poor retail condititons:- In context with wow sight and sound company, they had a very poor retail condition because of ineffciency portrayed by their leaders. The company got impact on a negative basis due to a bad debt of $20 million which created a lot of trouble to their success. After been in a situation of such trouble, leaders were not able to manage situation due to which company success got affected.
  • No innovative leadership:- Leaders of wow sight sound were not able to become an innovative leader as they were not able to enhance their knowledge regarding new electronic equipments and company was relying on same equipments. Leaders are not able to explore multiple way to make company more successful.

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