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Good Leadership Management and Its Impact on Organisation

University: University of Cambridge

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1336
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: LD9737
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Table of Content

  1. PART A
  2. PART B
Question :

A: Present the summary in your own language of the key points presented in the presentation. Also, provide a short overview and a summary of main points and conclusion which has covered in the presentation. (600 WORDS with in-text citation and references using havered style)

B. Reflect on working process of producing the group presentation. Provide a personal reflection of your group activities presenting the issue faced, lesson learned, knowledge gained and the skills which needs to improve with the purpose to enhance future work of the team.      s

The points covered in presentation:

  • Indra Noori is influential leaders in the company and have important value for the development of the business. Communication skill is essential aspects of leadership which aids to interact with another person linked with the company. The study is about the quality of the leadership of Indra Nooyi and the impacts of the leadership in the company. 
  • PepsiCo started its journey from 1965 when combined with the company named Pepsi-Cola company. The trade of the business was improved by maintaining quality and standard of product quality where the leadership of Indra Nooyi played a significant role. Indra Nooyi has been 24 years in the PepsiCo company and 12 years as the CEO of the company.
  • Indra Nooyi has specified significance in 5 C’s of leadership which play a significant role in the growth of the business. The foundations of leadership are as follow:
  • Commitment
  • Courage
  • Character
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • As per the 5C’s leadership theory, the character is important factor as the leader is required to hold an impressive character in order to grab the attention of the employees. 
  • The leader desires to set goals and objectives for the success of the company and it is also essential to make a commitment that the objectives are fulfilled. Employees will be motivated to perform their tasks. 
  • Courage is to be generated among the employees to motivate. It can be said that Indra Nooyi has catered to her responsibility by creating courage among the employees. 
  • Indra Nooyi always had confidence in what she has done for her company to ensure growth.
  • In order to make the presentation leader will give direction to the team how to continue for doing the presentation effectively. A clear and innovative introduction to a specific aspect of leadership is to be given in the presentation.
  • After being CEO of Pepsico, Indra Nooyi started giving leadership in an innovative way where the stated individual gave significance to ethics and communication as part of the leadership. The individual was capable to produce integration among employee performance and the vision of the company.
  • A leader faces manyissue while leading a group as the leader recognizes the interest of the group members and assign the job accordingly. In respective Company, Prediction of demand for the products is the main issue, therefore, the leader is to examine the trends of the market and decide what amounts of products are to be produced (Johnson, 2017). Pepsico Company looks the problem of skilled labour, therefore the leader aims at enhancing the productivity and motivating the existing workers (Reddy et al., 2017).
  • In the Pepsico Company, the leader sometimes faces an unusual situationwhich is produced from increased production cost. It may happen from raised cost of inputs, cost of power, crude oil, and rise in costs of finance such as wages and many more. Therefore, the leader is to be concerned about these types of situations and handle the issues effectively (Clinton, 2018).
  • To lead a group, leader needs to be humble and responsible so that all the actions can be carried out smoothly. In the Pepsico Company, the leader listens actively to the team members and understand the issues. The leader needs to expand own knowledge by learning from the past experiences and the leader should possess excellent communication skills.
Answer :


This report focuses on the leadership and management in which the leadership styles are explained with the impacts on the management of the company. The key points are evaluated like leadership definition, its styles, which is appropriate leader who best fits to leadership, its impact on the organisation, employees performance and how it is better than other leaders. In the presentation the leadership styles are covered, like which leadership style is appropriate to be adopted by the businesses to run the organisation smoothly. Leader is the person who influence other employees to work in achieving the common objective for the organisation. So it depends on the attitude of the leader how it treats their followers (Conger, 2015). It consists different leadership style like we took the example of the Indra Nooyi who led Pepsi co at different level of success, so in the presentation her character, commitment, courage, confidence level, communication skills, convincing power, her strategies are portrayed. Next to this, transformational leadership theory which consists 4 I's of transformation are discussed in context to Indra Nooyi which are idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, individualised consideration (Northouse, 2018). All things influence the personal life of the employees and her consideration for individuals make them more motivated, so they work with more enthusiasm and find innovative ideas at their workplace. Next to this, technical skills are focused which is important for the leadership they should have personal skills like technical, human and conceptual skills. Integration of these skills in one person make him a good and positive leader which leads the organisation to success.

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This study is about the leadership of Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo company in which lots of areas are covered (Rosenbach, 2018). She worked with innovative leadership ideas which enhance the skills of the employees and it integrates their talent with the company's target. She motivates the people and fill them with energy to do their best. In this report the challenges faced by Indra Nooyi are discussed like she faced difficulties in identifying the talent and skills of each and every person in their organisation. PepsiCo faced many issues related to skilled employees, so she made the aim to enhance the productivity by motivating the employees (FEW,2015). Sometimes leader had to face the unusual situation which aroused due to increment in the costing of production. So, it had to deal with effectively. Leader have to be humble and generous towards their employees so she listens to their problems, resolve their issues. Leader do not have to support the discrimination or inequality at workplace so Indra Nooyi played a major role, by grouping them and developing mutual understanding in them. Comparing her with other leaders like Safra Cotz and James Quincey as these are leaders of big organisations, so the outcome of the comparison is Indra Nooyi (Onyusheva and Dugar, 2019.) is an materialistic and democratic leader. Safra cotz is straight forward while Indra Nooyi possess 5 C’s of Leadership which concludes commitment for the mission and vision, confidence, courage and her attitude for problem handling and giving innovative ideas to solve the issues. She always focused on the decision-making should be strategic and the implementation of these business strategies are effective in terms of market competence ((Western, 2019). She used her part experiences to develop the motivation in their employees and make them perform brilliantly. In this report the ways of perfect leadership is discussed how it contributes to make successful the business. In short this presentation gives the idea how to become a leader and what skills and quality should be possessed by the individual to become a leader (Sokol, 2017). As leadership is a quality which is in born and sometimes it has to give finishing like Indra Nooyi. Organisations have to choose their leader like her, as they motivate and builds the moral values of the employees and enhance the prestige of the company in market.

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 The main aim of the making the presentation on the leadership and the management is that we understand about what strategy is used by the Indra Nooyi as a leader of the Pepsi co in their business. With the help of the presentation we could understand the power of the decision making which is used by the Indra Nooyi to get the success of the Pepsi co. we can say that the the decision she takes reflects the level of the courage and the confidence which leads to the achievement of the success and growth of the Pepsi co. while making this PPT we can determine that the proper courage and the confidences increases the chances towards the success of the company. In creating the presentation we learn from the skills of the Indra Nooyi used to communicate with the other and guides them towards the goals of the organisation. As a leader of the Pepsi co Indra Nooyi used the theory of the transformational leadership to guides and directs the activities of their subordinates. We can say that the leader is the one who could lead the company towards the specific goals and the objectives of the business. We faces lots of challenges in making this presentation on the leadership and management of the Indra Nooyi because it is difficult to find the detailed information of her. We cannot coordinates the activities properly while making this presentation. On the most of the topics of this presentation we creates the disagreements. In our presentation we do not have the experienced leader which guides and directs our activities which does creates the problem of the miscommunication in making this presentation. We learned that the talented leader is needed for the successful working of the business. As we faces the problems in making the presentation because there is the lot of differences in the talent and the skills of the group people. Everyone wants to work as per their own perceptions so it take lot of time in completing this presentation on the leadership and the management skills of the Indira Nooyi. Our goals and objectives are not clear for the presentation. We are not focused enough to achieve the knowledge from the presentation. We have learned that the effective performance of the team leads to growth of the company. We about the conceptual skills which is used by the Indra Nooyi as a leader of the Pepsi co that the company have to achieve the sustainability in the business to reach the success. We can say that effective styles of the leadership used by the leader helps in the achievement of the goals of the organisation. We have the proper skills to manage the work with the team members and allotted the work and completed the presentation on the time. Indra nooyi is the one which makes the effective image of the organisation with their skills and the talent. We can evaluate that the personal skills is used in making this presentation leads to the fulfilments of the work on time. Leader have to use the effective skills to motivates and the inspire the employees of the organisation which reach to the successful activities of the business. S we uses the knowledge which is scientific in the nature helps in becoming the good leader.

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