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The behavior of the HR Professional

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 35
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: HNBS306
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Question :

it is very important to develop the organisation which can be done by developing the teams as well as the individuals. The company chosen is Whirlpool which is dealing in electrical products. As the HR consultant, a report is to be presented that highlights the performance management and an effective communication high-performance culture and commitment are built.

  • Analyze the skill, knowledge, and behavior of the HR professional.
  • Analyze key factors to drive sustainable performance of business while implementing the learning and development
  • Application of different ways and knowledge through which high-performance working can contribute to employee engagement and can drive competitive advantage.
  • Evaluation of the ways in which high-performance cultural can be maintained.
Answer :
Organization Selected : 4Com Plc


In the present scenario, an organization's success depends on its ability to expand and improve the collective as well as individual capabilities of its people in the competitive market. There are various organizations that focus on performance development as they are viewed for resolving problems and find ultimate solutions (Aarons and Hurlburt, 2011). The organization can succeed through enhancing individual performance that can help in improving the capacity of the enterprise and increase productivity and profitability in better ways. This report is based on Whirlpool which is an American multinational manufacturing company and deals with home appliances in the international market. This assignment will define employee knowledge, skill, and behaviors required by an HR professional. It will consider various factors for implementing, learning, and developing to drive sustainable performance. It will evaluate several ways of collaboration and communication for high-performance culture and commitment.


P1. Determination of professional skills, knowledge & behaviours required by HR professionals

For successful organisation, employees performance play vital role in developing business and their profitability by performing entire task or activities in an effective manner. Company focus on individual development and enhance their skills, knowledge and abilities in order to improve work productivity within firm. HR manager of Whirlpool is also undertaking different types of functions that must be performed in well manner. This is essential to analyse skills for creating positive workforce and achieve predetermined goals (Horwitz, 2011). Managers of such organisation require proper knowledge and skills for managing entire business operations through performance development and utilising manpower. They focus on recruiting highly skilled, educated and knowledgable candidates who have ability to perform better and accomplish set targets. Here are defined some skills, knowledge and behaviours i.e. required by HR professionals such as:


  • Interpersonal skills: In this, some required skills for Whirlpool's HR is interpersonal skills for interacting with other persons in better way. This skills is helpful in maintaining relationship with various people and support to become successful in their personal as well as professional life. This is also beneficial in performing several tasks or activities through interacting with colleagues and other staff members. Therefore, manager also require to have this skills for managing team and workforce in an effective manner.
  • Teamwork management skills: This is another important skills that HR manager must have so that performance can be managed to attain particular goals or objectives in well manner (Bolman, 2017). Teamwork play crucial role in completing any task or project within time frame. It can be beneficial in sharing ideas, knowledge and making favourable decisions in critical situations so that they can achieve common goals in adequate way.
  • Conflict resolution: It is important skill which allows HR manager of organisation is to provide focus on working practices of employees. Providence of better working conditions helps to resolve conflicts and improve their engagement in performance.


  • Communication and media: In every business organisation, communication play a significant role in maintaining harmony and create positive environment within firm. It is necessary to have better communication and media channel to HR professional that support in providing adequate information to the internal and externals customers of Whirlpool. They can increase their brand image and reputations among competitors through using appropriate media.
  • Government and legislations: Under this, numerous legislation, policies and regulation is involved that are formulated by government. HR manager should have proper knowledge regarding rules, regulations, code of conducts, legislations, employment laws, agencies, democratic political process and many more. Whirlpool can get various benefits or create good position while running business as per the legal laws and regulations.


  • Polite behaviour is required to possess by HR professional. This will helps to effectively guide employees in appropriate way.
  • Patience is required to posses by HR professional to effectively resolve conflicts.
  • Understand employees behaviours: It is essential for dividing task or work among employees according to skills, knowledge and behaviours so that best possible outcomes can be achieved (Choi and Ruona, 2011). Whirlpool can create effective workforce due to understanding workers behaviours and nature that support in keeping them satisfy by less working stress and rewards systems. According to case of Whirlpool, every staff members are aware about such changes and restructuring by considering appropriate informations, favourable decision-making, effectiveness and efficiency and cross functional collaboration due to carry particular business as well. Restructuring can be made very successful if manager understands employees behaviours in well manner.

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P2. Personal skills audit to determine appropriate skills, knowledge and behaviours & creation of professional development plan

Personal Skills Audit:

It is the process where personal skills and knowledge are assessed by the individual himself for the purpose of identification strengths and weaknesses. There are many importance which is associated with skills audit. This will provide the opportunity to build effective plan through reducing weaker parts.

In the present era, many organisations focus on improving their business performances and task completion to achieve common goals or objectives in an effective manner. They generally review of individuals and team performances by considering their knowledge, skills and abilities in an appropriate way (Decuyper, 2010). Management undertake audit and inspection which conducted for determining skills, knowledge and behaviours of individuals. It is beneficial in identifying strengths and weaknesses of any person so that they can focus on their better improvements.

Strengths can be helpful in maximising profitability and productivity of firm and weaknesses can be responsible in achieving negative results or outcomes while running business. Human resource professionals always try to develop every individuals and enhance their skills and capabilities which help in running business operations in smooth manner. These are very useful in solving any problems, managing relationship, increase level of confidence, effective team working, favourable business decisions and many more within Whirlpool (Dochy and Bossche, 2010). As per the required qualities and skills, I have developed an audit plan regarding my skills or knowledge so that I can identified my major strengths and weaknesses in well manner such as:

Sr. No. Skills and Competencies Self-assessed Score Score from others Variances
1 Communication skills 7 8 -1
2 Confidence Level 8 7 1
3 Information Technology Skills 9 8 -1
4 Team Building Ability 7 8 -1
6 Time Management Ability 7 8 -1
7 Decision making Power 7 9 -2
8 Conflict Resolution Ability 8 7 1

Strengths and Weaknesses of my skills as per the audit are mentioned here:


  • I can handle team members by resolving their issues and motivate them to perform various tasks or activities so that they can achieve defined objectives or goals. It can be analysed that I have leadership skills or quality to influence individual behaviours.
  • From the above audit, I have identified that my confidence level is high because I have assigned tasks as per the skills or knowledge of employees with confidence and achieved positive results.
  • I have ability to take any decision that beneficial for organisation in bringing effectiveness and efficiency. It is necessary to make favourable decisions for dealing with various changes and challenges to attain positive outcomes.
  • Time management is most important factor that I always consider while assigning and performing any task or activities in the organisation.


  • I have analysed that my communication skills are not so good or effective because I do not feel comfortable to speak in front of people and feel hesitate so it is biggest negative point.
  • I cannot form a good team because of poor knowledge so it can also affect on teamwork in the organisation.
  • The another weak point is dispute resolution as sometimes, I do not able to handle conflicts and resolve that carefully due to lack of skills.

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Personal development plan:

It can be referred as the plan which is developed for the purpose of removing weaknesses through application of appropriate approaches. This have huge contribution in development overall personality of individual or organisation. It is essential for overcoming various weaknesses and enhance knowledge or skills through seminars, conferences and meetings as well. I can consider this for personal and professional development such as:

Sr. No Learning Objective Current Proficiency Target Proficiency Development Opportunities Criteria for judging success Time Scale Evidence
1 Enhance Communication skills I have lack of communication skills which makes me unable to share ideas, opinion, experiences with other person. In have to focus on better improvement of my communication skills. I should consider seminars, group discussion, conferences, meetings and many more methods for improving my communication skills in adequate manner. Employees, colleagues and other staff members. 3 months. Get feedbacks from subordinates and other members.
2 Boost Conflict resolution skills I am unable to resolve conflicts and disputes due to lack of skills. I have to enhance my conflict skills for solving major problems. With the help of this skill, I can able to handle any problem regarding disputes and conflicts as well. Top management. 5 months. Functional managers.

My personal development plan will be beneficial for improving my skills and abilities in an effective manner. I will be able to communicate better and resolve disputes by enhancing skills as well.


P3 Differences between organizational and individual training, learning and development

Continuous professional development:

It is the procedure where different practices are adopted for continuous development of the skills and knowledge of personnel. This will enable them to build their personality strong through which career objectives are attained in future effectively.

For appropriate skills and knowledge, individual can consider effective learning program that support in enhancing or nourishing various inherent qualities and acquire knowledge for performing better. Learning is essential for improving values, skills, aptitude and general knowledge in an efficient manner. Organisation, team and individual can get various benefits through expanding their knowledge towards goals or objectives. For organisational learning, there are numerous methods i.e. employed by firm such as training and development which are briefed as below:

Training and development:

In every business organisation, training and development play an important role in increasing productivity. This is useful in improving employee's skills, knowledge and abilities for performing any particular task or work so that better outcomes can be achieved (Herrmann, 2015). Manager of Whirlpool undertake this and they conduct training program to enhance employees abilities to increase works productivity.

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Difference between training and development

Basis for comparison Training Development
Meaning Training is essential for enhancing skills, knowledge and abilities by learning so that individual can perform company's task. Development is defined as educational process which support in making future career in well manner.
Objective It is helpful in increasing level of performance of individual so that productivity can be enhanced. This learning is trying to prepare individual for facing several challenges and situations in the future.

There are major two types of learning which are being complied by an organisation so as Whirlpool which is mentioned as below:

Individual learning:

It is best method to develop individual skills and knowledge as in this, employees of Whirlpool can respond to external stimuli and changes with the help of proper awareness. Manager haves to identify strengths and weaknesses of employees for providing better training or learning session to them.

Organisational learning:

in this learning sessions, individuals create knowledge, retain as well as transfer within firm (Hartnell and Kinicki, 2011). In this considered proper execution and implementation of particular action plan so that Whirlpool can accomplish their goals or objectives in an effective manner.

Difference between organisational learning and individual learning

Individual learning Organisational learning
This learning type is related with individual development as it enhance skills and acquire knowledge for the purpose of increasing productivity and performance levels as well. It is related with adequate development procedures for creating better organisation Manager of Whirlpool focus on transferring skills and provide knowledge in organisation.
It is essential in improving performance level of individual so that they can accomplish set targets. This is supportive in forming team to create positive environment within firm.

P4 Need for continuous learning & professional development to drive sustainable business performance

Continuous learning:

It refer as the process which includes learning of different and new aspects on continuous basis. This is helpful in learning that encourage individual for development and achieve goals. Whirlpool consider this for continuously learning and improve organisational performances. Here are discussed some basic requirements of continuous learning and professional development which is mentioned as below:

Respond to technology:

In the modern era, changes is required to bring innovations and increment that have major impacts on the implementation or execution of the firm. Whirlpool is also focus on adopting new advanced technologies and innovative ideas to attracts number of customers towards company (Hislop, 2013). This is helpful in increasing productivity and making entire operations in smooth manner.

Support critical thinking:

continuously learning play an important role in managing operations and troubles with appropriates way so that business can be kept more sound or solid in various situations. Whirlpool is considered for controlling on representatives turnovers so that better relationship can be build among employees and employers as well.

Maximise employees retention:

In this, organisation try to keeps their employees retains and satisfied so that labour turnover can be reduced in more effective manner (Huczynski and Buchanan, 2010). Whirlpool firm has undertaken various problems or issues that can create more stress level for employees so that company spend time with them to reduce work related problems by effective leadership styles. This is beneficial in increasing productivity and profitability of firm.


P5. Contribution of HPW in employee engagement and competitive advantage in a specific organisational situation

High performance working:

It can be referred as the concept which include effective working of employees through application of different working practices which helps in achievement of desired results.

In the successful organisation, employees always try to manage several business process, operations, capacities for the purpose of raising abilities, aptitudes, efficiency, and achieve particular gaols or objectives in an effective way. Whirlpool is depend on the employees performance which support in developing business operations and perform entire activities to accomplish objectives (Jones and Jones, 2010). Whirlpool required to undertake various practices of HPW which are as followings:

  • Selective hiring of employees: Whirlpool firm always focus on suitable prospect from various alternatives and then utilise them on exact place in amend time. Company always try to hire high skilled and educated employees who have knowledge regarding task or work and able to perform several tasks in an effective way. They focus on individual intelligence and have knowledge about aptitude for performing several assignments and exercise to attain predefined goals or objectives.
  • Flexible job statement: whirlpool is providing better job experiences and statements to the employees which support in performing entire tasks in an adequate manner. This is helpful aspect for employees as they can understand about requirements regarding assignment and try to make it successful for attaining goals or objectives in an appropriate way (Katzenbach and Smith, 2015). It is necessary to handle any kinds of situations and try to work hard in critical circumstances for achieving best result.
  • Shared commitment towards vision of organisation: Whirlpool always consider manpower for improving and developing business performance. It is essential in adopting leadership style for providing guidance in order to attain vision or objectives in better ways. This is essential in developing firm and execute plans so that better advantages can be get in an effective manner.
  • Conflict Resolution team: This is required in every firm for makings business operations in more effective and efficient manner. It is considered as an appropriates team or group of people who focus on resolving various kinds of issues or problems to perform entire activities or tasks in an appropriate manner. Whirlpool focus on making better decision regarding several issues as they try to find various types of problems with their ultimate solutions so that goals can be achieved in accurate manner.


P6 Different approaches to performance management and how they can support high-performance culture & commitment

Performance management can be defined as the proper managements of entire staff members or workforce in completing particular task in an appropriate manner. The main purpose of performance management is to achieve predefined goals or objectives with the help of better performance and outcomes (Landy and Conte, 2016). It is essential in enhancing individual skills, abilities and knowledge with the help of organising proper training and learning sessions so that effective workforce can be created. There are various components involve in this such as performance appraisal of employees, create trusts, use best procedures of communication among staff members in an effective ways. Therefore, it is necessary to perform entire task or activities for accomplishing goals so it can be possible through proper planning and strategies as well. Here are some another major components that included in this:

  • It is major responsibility of management to hire bests candidates who have knowledge about their roles and responsibilities within organisation.
  • To support every individuals and staff members for achieving long term benefits and future growth.
  • Provide rewards and awards as per their performances so that they can be satisfied or motivated towards achieving goals or objectives.

Performance management approaches:

There are numerous approaches and techniques that can be employed by organisation for performance management. Here are discussed some of those:

Comparative approach:

In such approach, manager compare between two employees on the basis of their performances so that talents or skills can be identified to accomplish particular goals in an effective.

Attributes approach:

It is another important approach which Whirlpool can consider for improving their employees performances and motivate them towards targets or goals as well. Company give ranks to employees according to their performances (Malone and Laubacher, 2010). It is generally based on some specific criteria such as critical thinking, communication, innovative ideas and creativity in performances and judgements etc. In this, company use Graphic Rating Scale for providing positions and defined level of individual within Whirlpool. It is beneficial in measuring performance of employees at the work place.

Behavioural approach:

It is also considered as one of best approach to measure the workers performance by using behavioural method. In this, HR manager consider the distinctive vertical scale such as BARS for the purpose of evaluating work as well as measuring employees performances in an adequate manner. It is best method for Whirlpool to enhance employees skills or knowledge to get best possible result in an adequate manner.

Result approach:

This is another effective method to measure performance of employees in the Whirlpool. In this, company consider two basic categories including productivity measurements and Balance Scorecard as well. Both play vital role in measuring and evaluating performances in adequate manner.

Quality approach:

In this, organisation consider several services for the purpose of fulfilling various demands and needs of every employees (Dellarocas, 2010). Company try to maintain quality and performance level of employees to achieve set goals or targets in an effective manner. Whirlpool can increase their profitability and productivity.

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From the above report, it has been concluded that development of team, individual and organisation is significant to achieve business growth and future success. HR manager play an important role in achieving particular goals or objectives with the help of understanding human nature as well as needs of manpower. This report has defined about Whirlpool company as how they adopt various strategies and plans for improving business and individual performance in an effective manner.

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