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Managing Employee Relations - Tesco

University: UK College of Business and computing

  • Unit No: 14
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1595
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: T/508/2343
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Question :

The scenario of this report is based on evaluating relationship between employee and employer in the context of TESCO. The HR of the organisation analyze how to develop positive environment within organisation by managing employee relations.

  • Determine the concept of employee relations in the context of Tesco.
  • Evaluate the industrial conflicts and its solutions.
  • Describe the procedure of collective bargaining and negotiation.
  • Analyze the concept of employee involvement and participation in Tesco.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


Employee relation is the process of where manage relations between company and employees every organization that is very important relation among employee and employers. Employee relations are the effort of managing organization and their employees. According to employee relation in organization where is good relations between employees and employers is very important. If any organization where is good relation between management then any problem and situation that are maintained (Najeeb, 2013). Employee on relations is the type of related to human resource that is a strategy use in any organization this is very effective way for the organization. According to TESCO is retail trading company their Headquarter is Welwyn garden city UK. This is the 3rd biggest retailer company in the world. The company is lead in the market groceries at United Kingdom their founder is Jack Cohen. In this company there is all over around 476,000 employees are working. Tesco project is working with good relations with employees and their responsibilities and skills and achieving of their set of objective and goals. This company is founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen, this company is biggest retailer company. In this company and there style and ability is different to other they are providing good qualities and services for their customers.


1.1 The unitary and pluralistic frames of reference

Employee relations is the form of where changing and making good relations that is very important term for the organisations. Changing relations basically focus on the business and their strategy according to employee relations there is such a kind of factor then is changing business like employee motivation, behaviour, and human resource etc. Tesco is retail company where is very important is focus on the relations between employees and employers that is effect of their management good relation make high growth and profitability (Lee, Singal and Kang, 2013). So good relations should be focus on the loyalty and understanding behaviour in the employees and employers. These are some references discussed as follows

According to good employee relation is making by organisations unitary and pluralistic frame is determining the value of relations ion the organisation. That is think about the goals, value of relations, quality, and other some qualities that is effect of relations all are qualities is concerned with management of the company so the value of the company and observance is increasing satisfaction of their employees. Tesco plc is provides good understanding of their employees. Pluralistic frame of reference is the structure of all about the issues and problems in the Tesco company in this frame is evaluate and consider of the outputs and making good management in the organisation.

Tesco plc organisation working system

Unitary frames

In this frame there is value of employees, assurance and attitude are main establishment of the employee’s policies and conditions.

Basically, in this development considering the excitement of employees.

pluralistic frames

Tesco plc is consider the value of idea and development there is many type of work lead board of director and manage leaders.

Management division are understanding the value of employees.

1.2 Effect of employee relations with changes in trade unionism

Trade union: This is the frame of workers and unions in the organisation where is protect the unions by some rights and providing all authority to give government and organisation rules. Now employee and unions playing big role to develop of the organisation. Good working system increase high profit and growth of the organisation. Unions and workers are playing big role in any in industry they are working in a company in long period of time so basically government is given to workers some rights and authority that is very important rules for the organisation. Tesco plc is providing better working system for their workers. Because Tesco plc is retail trade company (Khoreva and Wechtler, 2018). Union is working different type of works in different ways. In the organisation where is board of directors are managing employees and workers and they are retain to their rules and regulations for good disciplines.

Effect of changes: Effect of changes in the organisation where is making high volume of employees. Tesco plc is retail trade company this is very big company that is world biggest third largest retail trade company so where should be large number of employees if work is high then company growth and profitability will also high.

1.3 Role of main players in employee relations

In any organisation where is employees are playing very major role. They are doing all efforts for the organisation growth and profits. They are completing organisation objective and goals. These are main players in the organisation described below:

Board of directors: this is the team of directors who are make the strategies for the organisation they are taking decision for the organisation. Tesco is retail company where large no of employees are working (Lendaro and Imdorf, 2012).

Employees: employees are most role in the organisation they are most effective for the organisation. An organisation wants to good relation between company and employees. Employee’s attitude is very effective for the organisation.

Government agencies: there is the many type of agencies are complying with all rules and regulations. Companies are working there effective structures in effective manner.


2.1 Procedures an organisation to deal with different conflicts

This report is relating of the many conflicts and industrial sector, according to this there are many issues that is effect of the industry and organisations. Basically that is effect of the performance of workers and employees. An organisation where is relation between management and workers which is effect of the organisation. Workers and employees are conflict with the management systems and management they are working in proper manner. An organisation where is there main achievement is completing their goals and objective in effective way. Their main objective is to understand the employees and industrial structures. They are able to explain of the companies disputes in different ways. Any industry where is many type of causes like economic, political, technological, legal and many others these are some of causes in the industry where is various type of work available that is effect of the economy in this workers and employees are not able to completing their desires and normal needs. In industrial sector where is also not able to give the insurance of the industrial conflicts. Technological causes where any type to related technology problems is available that is relate to the information. So that means all are is the conflict that is creating issues in the industry.

Conflicts: There are many problems which is knowing and identified by the working of employees and workers of the NHS. That are puzzled situations of the less salary, NHS is also of a contract low that is giving job as per the future assurance. Basically that is determined demand in the access. According to this increasing the branches of various conflicts that is increase the process of the NHS in the organization. These procedures are explain the problems at described below (Lam, 2016).

Procedure for dealing with conflicts:-

Procedure -1 part is identifying the problems of employees and rated the NHS for employees. In this procedure doctors are facing the less salary of amount that is dividing with BMA next procedure.

Procedure -2 BMA is the part of trade and unions for workers NHA there is responsible for the

All requirements and effects. That is rated of the approach

Procedure -3 in this procedure that department is management that will consider the NHS that is manage desire and demand of the workers and employees.

Procedure -4 Proposals will be depart the NHS board of directors in organisation meeting.

Procedure -5 BMA is working on the workers and employees with NHS.

Procedure -6 BMA is work on the conclusion.

Procedure -7 According to this conflicts is the decision of top level management.

2.2 Key features of employee relations with conflict situations

According to employee relation that is describe the feelings with workers and employers that is major key of the organization. If the relations between companies leaders and workers are good then company always perform excellent. Employees are happy and management well that is main key of high growth and profitability also increasing. There are various keys of employee relations described below:

Future relation: future relation is the process needs to the formation of the relations. A presenting the employees that is better sustainability. An organisation where is entered in the doctors with other doctor that situation is come out to the presenting of the doctors (Hyman, 2018).

Future relation: value of the NHS organisation that want to develop new thing with new innovation. Future relation is there is employee want to established positive environment.

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