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Human Resource Management

Introduction to Human Resources Management

The individual who are found to set up the workforce of organization for generating employees in the organization (Greenberg, 2013). This is said to be availability of human resources in the organization. The travel and tours company has been chosen for this organization which is Thomas cook. It has been found out that the professional who are been selected for the organization work for the development and grooming the workers. Those organization human resources are called as human resource management of the company. In this report the human resource function in the service sector organization which is Thomas Cook is been explained. The supply and demand for service sector personal business environment and prepare a human resource plan for the organization. Also the history of employment relations in the business environment for the company is been explained here.

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Task 1

A. Analyze the role and purpose of human resource function in the service sector organization and assess its contribution to the success of your chosen organization travel and tourism organization

Recruitment – The role which the human resource people play is of employing more number of people in the organization. It has seen that the noticed that for running an organization an employer need to develop the employers workforce (Ruth, 2015 ). They advertise job posting, source persons and other work like preparing for interviews. It has also been noticed that the panel members are also chosen by the human resources people of Thomas cook only. These people take part in the interview sessions and appointing a good member for the organization.

Safety- It has been noticed that employees get the safe environment at the working premises. All these factors are noticed by the human resource managers of Thomas cook. The HR safety and risk holder are found to be sited manager the HR team so that immediately the problem can be sort out and it can solved quickly.

Employee relations – The human resource are essential for Thomas cook as they maintain the relations of employees working in an organization. They are found to be the core in creating relations and understanding between the workers. They focus mainly on the workers and coordination among the workers and for that they found that the workers are measuring satisfaction and hence getting involved in the companies conflict to solve the matter by themselves only (Salvendy, 2012.).

Compliance - The human resource mangers basically take the compliance from the staff members who are working for them and also them. The human resource staff must be aware about all the essential policies and procedures which the ask workers to follow it and according that can make complaint on them.

Training and development - The contribution of these human resources in Thomas cook are been explained here as the recruiter and employment specialist generally is measured by the number of positions required in Thomas cook is been filled by the recruiters (Ruggles, 2009). By doing this they will provide good and skilled employees to the company which will help them to bring improvement in their performance and overall growth of organization. It has also been noticed that the company get good response from public and human resource managers get appreciation for increasing the goodwill of the organization.

B. Analyze the supply and demand for service sector personnel in your business environment and prepare and justify a human resource plan for your chosen travel and tourism organization.

It has been analyzed that Thomas cook needs 15 employees which can fill the required post in organization. The organization has various departments like marketing , finance, HR and operations. It can be noticed that the firm needs to develop a plan for recruiting new workers in the company (Giancola, 2006). Further, as per the demand of the organization it can be seen the company HR people set application for approval to recruit new workers. As the approval is been taken by senior managers of Thomas cook, it can be seen that the staff members of HR go for preparing examinations and screening of candidates. When apply for the vacancy. The applicants number will be counted that will give an idea about the number of supply of workers. Through which company can analyze the difference between the number of demand and supply of the organization. The company can meet the needs and expectations of the workers by fulfilling the extra seats available on the premises. Thomas cook also plans for expanding its business in the marketing segment (Salvendy, 2012). As the company works on travel and tours so for that more number of customer are made to be available. Further, company also thinks of organizing an recruitment process for which they plan it with accordance. The company provides job specification and job description in the market.

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The job needs a experienced a candidate of at least 5 years and the person should be qualified with MBA degree in marketing. The person is also found to be skilled in the communication and marketing skills. The person should be good in promoting the packages of the tour provider (Child Faulkner and Tallman, 2005). The candidate should be capable enough to convince more number of customers and get benefit for the organization. The person should also have convincing power to make then client go for the packages of their organization only. By getting the workers of this department company can target more to expand its business , also it can be noticed that the company can make awareness among the masses. Through this advertisement of job and requirement of candidates, the organization will get more number of employees applying for the post.

Task 2

A. Briefly discuss the history of employment relations in the UK and assess the current state of employment relations in your chosen travel and tourism organisation.

The UK human resource management begins around 19th century. It has been started from the time of first world war where women were recruited on behalf of men , as men’s were busy with going for fights those organisation in UK accepted unskilled women and made them learn he managerial skills. Through which women started coming in knowledge of the industrial atmosphere and working conditions (Pilbeam and Corbridge, 2010).

In 1920 in the engineering industry ,where their were requirement of labor in the organization. In that year UK established many firms also in shipbuilding area. Further time passed and after the second world war because of the increase in the industries in UK, government realize the increment of personnel management which was actually influenced by employability policies.
Moreover coming in the year of 1960 ad 70’s employment started to develop drastically.

It was soon analyzed by UK that human resource seems to be important for nation. The companies treated to have an important asset in the form of HR. Further coming in the 20th century it was been found that the country focuses on the marinating employee relations in the organization and provide them with benefits that is pensions (Anshan, 2013).
It was been noticed that various organizations of UK like Thomas cook, travel and tour company started organizing programs which helps in guiding and providing knowledge to employees for maintaining good relations and keeping good behavior. In the year 2007 UK organizations regulated new norms and policies for workers due to which they develop interest to stay in the company for longer period (Greenberg, 2013). The timely leaves are been given to employees by that they can plan holiday with their family member. In the 2008 the pension act was started by the government of UK. The employees gain fair labor standards, in any situation they are not been treated well in the organization than the workers come on Strike. In that condition company have to change their salary and pay worker’s accordingly.

The workers must be informed about their work which they have to carry and make them organize themselves to be fit for the organization (Hawley, 2008). The Correct way of payment of salary to all the worker who are working for many years in the same organizations keeps a coordination among them and good relations are been maintained between them. In Thomas Cook the department of human resource is been in a proper manner. The manager and supervisors know what duties and responsibilities they have to perform. The work and are is very clear to them for the recruitment and selection and process. The human resource of Thomas cook have good communication skills which they use in internal process can convey their message correctly to other people working in the premises. This makes them work in unity and be confident towards their position (Huang, and Liao, 2008). Also the worker interact with each other in proper manner and maintain good atmosphere and environment in the industry.

B. Discuss how employment laws affect the human resources management function in

Thomas Cook.

Anti discrimination - The discrimination act against employees on the basis of caste, colour, religion and national origin affects the company. As Thomas cook gets workers from various places who speaks different language and belongs to various different origin . Thomas cook is expanded all over the Europe and it seem that company recruits new kind of employees who are highly skilled and have good knowledge (Yang, Zhang and Zhang, 2004). Thomas cook employer can not dismiss or refuse to hire an a candidate in the basis of its caste and colour. If the worker age is high and he is capable enough to hand the opportunities than the person should be allowed to work in organisation. The discrimination propose to those employees who vide support to those employees who still have will power to work. Thomas Cook must allow such kind of persons who are in over 40 years of age but are very knowledgeable. But if the company has less than 20 workers than they may not allow such regulations on appointing old age people. Otherwise on any of the discrimination act is not accepted in selection of candidate (Garavan and Watson, 2007).

Wage and hour – The UK government have laid the policy of the fair labour charges. According to this policy the workers have to paid according to their working hours. Employ employees who are working in the same department on the same post should be given equal amount of salary, any of the differences in salary will not to fair to employees. In such conditions workers of Thomas cook take preventative actions to go and ask their manager about the amount to be distributed equally (Swart, Mann and Brown, 2005). This act is for the workers who give extra time in office, as they should be given extra charges for their time. As an intern, the HR managers must appropriately give his guidance and grant duties accordingly. The fair pay in Thomas Cook does not imply with the number of workers present in the company, it is done the basis of post, duties and responsibilities given to worker (Sims., 2004).

Leave provisions- It is abided by the UK government that every company must leave provision. Which should be followed considerably. It can be seen that the employees of Thomas Cook whose spouse or child is in serious condition and under observation of doctors than the company must provide them 12 weeks of leaves. If a female member wants during the time of its pregnancy period than company has to grant leave according to the convenience of the person. The HR manager of Thomas Cook should train supervisors and staff members to apply for the leave according the rules and norms of the company. The employee must understand at what a time and situation he must apply for the leave in Thomas Cook. The human resource must have an back up which covers the work of employee who is on leave, so that Thomas Cook do not suffer from the loss of work.

Task 3

A. Examine the recruitment and selection policies and process in your chosen organisation and discuss how it relates to the organisational Human Resource policies.

The recruitment and selection procedures are essential in attracting and maintaining high quality of staff in Thomas Cook. The organisation must have its own policies and procedures of carrying out the recruitment and selection procedures. It can be seen they must have fair rules and conditions so that person feel comfortable in applying for the post in Thomas Cook. All the decisions taken by the human resource managers must meet with the needs and expectations of job. The recruitment process includes various steps of first they will identify the vacancy available in then company. This makes company an opportunity to get new and highly experienced employees in their organisation (Perez Lopez, 2005). The human resource people start choosing the role for the correct position and various policies and norms are abided on that post. Thomas Cook must review the post if their is nay requirement for the position it can be changed itself only.

The human resource managers must have an level of carrying out these procedures in Thomas Cook and according to that the work can be done. The next step is to develop the description for the position which is required in Thomas Cook. The position description helps the candidate to see whether his skills and abilities suits the organisation or not. The specified qualification is required which is been detailed in the position. According to that various criteria is set which is form of policy the company applies it and which has to be strictly followed by the candidate.

B. Produce a job description and person specification for a specific travel and tourism job and compare with that of another service organisation. Thomas Cook needs to develop a job description and specification for the post of senior marketing manager in the organisation.

Job - Senior marketing manager
Vacancy - 4
Experience- 6 years
Qualification- MBA in marketing
Skills - Good communication skills, listening and understanding power.

The person applying for the job have to deal with then clients overall the UK and outside and convince them to buy the best packages from our company. The person applying for the job must have good communication skills and must be aware about different languages. The person must know all the tactics of attracting customers to choose their organisation (Liker and Hoseus, 2010).
Their is another travel company in UK name British travel which provides same services to customers. On the other and Thomas Cook focuses on the other parts of then country to operate its company. But, British travels mainly operates from its own country. It sib also seen that Thomas Cook have more number of customers and employees working for their organisation , moreover it is not the same with British travels their area of operating is less as compare to other tours and travels company (Ruth, 2015).

Task 4

A. Examine the current training and development process of Thomas Cook and assess how it contributes to the staff performance and organisational success in general

On the job – The employees of Thomas Cook are provided with on the job training sessions. The person who has cleared all the recruitment and selection process must be skilled and fit and skilled according to the requirement of the job. But it is also noted that the candidate working in and specified department needs to get training and development to explore more in that area and bring improvement in the performance (Audra, 2013). The timetable should be set by the human resource of Thomas Cook and according to that the training session can be conducted in the premises.

Off the job – The time when the candidate apply for the job and clear the selection level, they area been trained and that is called off the job. The persons skills and abilities are been judged and they are provided with the knowledge of the process they have to carry out while performing their task. This adds to their input in completing the work accordingly and brining good results for Thomas Cook (Paul, 2013).


It can be concluded from the above report that for running the organization in market for longer period good and skilled employees are required. Thomas Cook have implemented recruitment selection policies which makes them to get fair and skilled human resources. The company also provides on the job ad off the job training to workers to make them groom more and develop their skills for achieving success in the organisation. The training and development plan conducted by the company also helps employees to improve their performances.

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