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Human Resource Management- Woolworths and Coles

University: Australian National University

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Question :

The report mainly initiates to analyse the significance of human resources management in the context of Woolworth and Coles. However, Human resource management (HRM) is the procedure of employing people, training them, compensating them, developing policies relating to them, and developing strategies to retain people at the workplace. Woolworth and Coles are two leading Australian supermarket chain which is having its major concern over developing business performance via managing human resources at the workplace.

  • What is human resources management in the context of business?
  • What is the human resources management strategy implemented by Woolworth and Coles?
  • What benefits are gained by Woolworth and Coles by managing human resources at the workplace?
  • What is the potential impact of HRM over the increasing performance of Woolworth and Coles?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Woolworths and Coles

Human resources management is defined as the strategic approach to the effective management of people within a business or organisation in such a manner that they aid their organisations to attain an effective competitive edge. It is also recognised as an effective process which is mainly designed to maximise employees performance within the services of an employers strategic objectives.

In another word, human resources management is considered as the effective aspect of the business and this is mainly handled by the manager of a business. In another word it also defined as the process of recruiting, selecting, inducting employees, providing orientation, deciding compensation, imparting training and development sessions, appraising the performance of employees, motivating employees, providing benefits, maintaining suitable and efficient relation with employees and their trade unions, ensuring the employees about safety, welfare and health measures in compliances wit labour laws of the land and finally following the orders of concern high court and supreme courts.

In the modern business era, competition is increasing at its higher extent and businesses are widely concern over enhancing its reach to the wider market, therefore, human resources management is an imperative aspect which performs an effective role in managing the organisational operations and increasing the professional ability of employees at the workplace.

(Figure-1: Human resources management process)
(Sources: Human Resources Management Process, 2020)

An effective human resources management helps the business in managing the appropriate skills and knowledge which create value for the business in enhancing the entire business performance. Woolworths Group and Coles supermarket are the major Australian supermarket company’s which are having its major concern over increasing the profitability via managing the human resources effectively. In addition to this, human resources management is the key consideration of each small as well as large business enterprises to effectively managing the available skilled workforces and also to make efficient use of existing human resources in the business. In the context to business, human resources department is mainly liable for developing and putting into the impact and overseeing policies governing workers and the relationship of the businesses with its employees. The term human resources were firstly implemented in the early of 1900s, and then more widely in the 1960s, to describe the people who work for the organization, in aggregate. Human resources management practices performs an effective role in the success of a business mainly in the retail, therefore, this is a sector where customer’s satisfaction is a paramount aspect to the success of the business. Woolworth is one of the leading retain business in Australia with immense number of employees. The company has had many challenges in the HRM department as HRM practices is a new concept in the Australian job market. The management of Woolworth is widely concern over increasing the talent at workplace and developing the production and performance to increasing the satisfaction of customers. Therefore, in the context to retail business, employees are the prominent key of the business as the entire growth and success is based on the efforts put by the employees in their operations. Thus, Woolworth mainly relies over having the most effective employees working in its operations and for that, they recruited the best employees via the help of advertising their jobs online with the applicants needed to send their applications online. This create it easier to ensure the transparency within the recruitment process. The potential aim of this process is to treat the candidates with the courtesy, consideration and fairness. Woolworth Limited is working with around 27000 employees who are putting their significant efforts in the growth operations of the business, therefore, Woolworth and it key management are concern over implementing the effective strategy to manage the human resource at workplace, thus the suitable assessment of human resources helps the business in performing the business operations in right manner and attain the business objectives.  On the contrary side, Coles is also a widest supermarket Australia Pty Ltd, thus it is a large supermarket chain in Australia that has been in the existence from more than 100 years. The supermarket is operating with more than 100000 employees who are working in more than 2000 outlets around Australia. With operating through the immense number of workforce the management and the CEO directive needs the HRM department to reduce the employee related cost without cutting staff number would need some creativity to implement successfully. As a large supermarket chain the company and its management are concern over developing suitable strategies to manage human resources at workplace and enhancing the operational ability to gain more progression and advancement.

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(Figure-2: Functions of Human resources management)
(Sources: Functions of Human resources management, 2019)

The potential role of Human resources management is to manage the individual within the organisation to attain the business mission and reinforce the organisational culture. Within a business, HR managers can aid support in recruiting new professional who are having required skills to further the business goals and aid with the training and development of the present employees to meet the business objectives. Human resources management basically works through devoted HR professionals, who are very much responsible for the day-to-day implementation of HR-related operations. Typically, human resources will comprise an entire department within each organization. Woolworth and Coles are the effective and most leading supermarket chain and have its major concern over increasing the profitability of the business. However, suitable assessment of human resources management is the fundamental objective of the business and its management to motive employees for putting their significant strength in the growth operations. Human resources manager of a business are mainly responsible for managing the workforce and putting the right strength at the right place, thus this would be significant for the business in terms of effectively assessing the operations in right manner. Woolworth and Coles are the leading supermarket chain and within retail businesses human resources management is fundamental to support the business operations in right manner, hence, the effective strategy for Coles human resource management helps the business to attain higher advancement and growth.

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