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Guide of Human Resources Management


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Table of Content

  1. Introduction


Management of human resources (HRM) is always referred to be an integral part of all business establishments where they exist with a prime obligation of handling the overall manpower resources of the firm. It thereby represents a vital contribution of HRM in the business by tackling their overall operational procedures by firstly managing the appointed set of personnel’s (Fairhurst and Connaughton, 2014). It is hereby referred to be a subsequent accountability of those employees to carry out their respective tasks and assignations as a way of succeeding towards the undertaken goals and objectives of the business. The present report has enlightened the similar composition of Huntsman Hotels PLC by considering their stipulated measures of HRM to manage their respective workforce. Wherein, they are currently running over 60 hotels all over UK with some profound services for their users to stay in a budgeted accommodation that depicts a structural and clean surrounding under an affordable pricing.

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1. HR issues according to case study

The recent report has reflected the state of Huntsman Hotel in UK where they are currently referred to deal with some significant number of issues in their HRM department. It is however referred to be one of the most renowned hotel in the downtown location of UK where it is situated at the mid of the city to attract a large set of tourists visiting the nation (Alfes and, 2013). It is also due to another leading cause of its easily approachable system of transportation where this in turn fetches a liable interest of more number of visitors. In context to which, a majority of guests tends to stay over here for 1 to 3 nights with most number of business persons who approaches in the weekdays. However, there together exists yet another substantial group of tourists entitled as the leisure travellers who mostly visits on weekends to spend their holidays.

Although, the cited entity named Huntsman Hotel is presently facing a ferocious state of competition in their UK market which is mainly due to some proficient rivals in this sector of hotel industry like Travelodge, Ibis and Premier Inns, etc. This has resultantly affected their managerial decisions by directly affecting their staffing procedures with a shortfall of employees to work with them (Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee, 2013). It is with a foremost concern of appointing efficient managerial staffs where it has together impacted upon their enlargement programs with a confined opportunity of growth. It has even resulted in effecting into their domicile marketplace where they were constrained to cancel their bookings at a very short notice period. It has together articulated some atrocious causes of unwellness in employees that has led to create a major issue in the growth consideration of the quoted enterprise. It is however rupturing their image by together leading to a major sense of frustration in the workers and has thus postulated them to start hiring agency workers on occasional basis to effectively serve the clients and users.

Also, the organisation is currently referred to work under a flat organisational structure where most of their decisions are being undertaken by their managing director (MD) named Giuseppe Salieri who is referred to owe 51% of its share. Being an illustrious business person and entrepreneur of varied business set ups he is together referred to have some leading plans of expansion where this venture was inherited by him from his father in the year 2007 (Li, Salinas and Li, 2014). It was however due to a major cause discovered by him to run a budgeted chain of hotel to serve the factual needs and demands of the people residing in and around UK. As a result to which, he has hereby extended this business operation in the lieu of a consequent state of recession to involve hotels in other leading cities of this nation after first commencing it in London.

He is together reputed to be a shrewd individual with brave plans of expansion by taking fast decisions where in accordance to him, there lies another fact of being lazy with an under-achievable expertise. In concord to which, management of people is a weaken skill of him and as a result of which, they are dealing with such disastrous results of high staff turnover with a major loss of senior administrative team (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013). As a result to which, he has now appointed a new HR head namely Jacques Marechal who has been hired from one of their leading rivals Ibis to address the pertaining problems of Huntsman Hotel. It is however referred to be an impressive task for him where he is already well aware about a miserable reputation of Huntsman Hotel in order to manage its affiliated bodies with some prior experience in this field of HRM. Wherein, he has previously dealt with such varied situations of low morale employees and issues related to the planning of workforce, etc.

Herein, with a short time period to ascertain the factual issues prevailing in Huntsman Hotel with their key solution, he has come up with a foremost concern about their recruitment and selection (R&S) procedures. Along with which, this organisation is together suspected to deal with some terrible cases of discrimination with 2 such recent assembly cases with some judicial decisions for which they were eventually required to pay substantial damages (Turel, 2015). A lack of contingency in their adopted model of staffing is also determined to be a major issue over here. Where this in turn has resulted in a non deployment of resources where one employee is simply unable to handle the tasks of another employee that creates a shortfall of manpower resources at the workplace. Apart from this, the organisation is together referred to work under a flat organisational structure with major decisions in the hand of their MD with a distant behaviour with the managers and leaders by not involving them in the process of decision making.

Wherein, they are merely selected from other set of workers on the basis of their professed eligibility where they are together in need of possessing a strengthened internal communication from the upper organisational body. Additionally, the leaders and managers of Huntsman Hotel are together referred to be into a semi organized state that together affects their other staff members. Beside this, huge industrial conflicts are being envisioned in the past with some recent improvements in their developed relations (10 INSPIRING WAYS TO REWARD EMPLOYEES, 2017). Moreover, an informal structure of wage and remuneration has been identified with a circumstantial existence of reward system. This is also implicated when someone is required to get an appreciation for carrying out a loyal perceptive towards the organisation or is needed to be prevented from leaving the job. A blaming culture is also being faced by most of their junior staff members where they have together accused their MD to follow the tact of favouritism. It is also mainly towards some of his dissatisfied employees who mostly belongs from his family and possess various top level position in the venture with enormous shares.

2. Recommending changes in light of analysis to the practices of rewarding people at work. Evaluate the risks and rewards of the proposed measures

It is basically in light to the above carried analysis of the given case study where there existed a deficit composition of reward management in Huntsman Hotel. It is where there is no proper structure of payment to the employees and along with which, they are together not stated to have a pertinent system of awarding the workers for their undertaken efforts. Along with which, it is together acknowledged that the appointed managers of Huntsman Hotel are not being involved in the decision making procedure of the organisation (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Where it is with a mere imposition of the undertaken determinations of the MD upon them that in turn showcase a forceful consent of work. As a result to which, the mangers are often referred to operate with an unwilling sense that in turn discourages them to a greater extent. It is however important for the newly appointed HR head namely Jacques Marechal to forbid such detrimental clauses from the workplace.

It can be done by bringing up some impelling measures to reinforce the overall structuring of Huntsman Hotel as a way of amending their brand image as well. This requires an optimistic reinforcement at the workplace as a way of enhancing the sense of motivation in the employees. Herein, a positive reinforcement is basically termed to be a practice of rewarding the desired behaviour of workers in order to fortify the same (Fakhoury and, 2016). This is for instance to praise the employees for working carrying out a considerable work performance where it in turn increases the sense of collaboration in the workers to continue the good work. In addition to which, an affirmative reinforcement tends to shape up the behaviour of employees by together raising the individuality of workers in the organisation.

It is thus with an analogous reference to it, where the HR head with a due consent of their MD named Giuseppe Salieri can hereby refer to utilize some profound measures of rewarding their employees that are as specified below-

Providing training and development opportunities: It is referred to be one of the most effective way of rewarding the employees by provisioning timely sessions of training and development to them. This not only enhances their professional aptitudes but together tends to develop their personal capabilities (Jackson, Schuler and Jiang, 2014). Also, it is a proven method to benefit the entire organisation with timely accomplishment of their goals and objectives where a motivated workforce is noticeable to work with a more cooperative sense. This in turn enhances the overall productivity of the establishment by together improving their status of profitability.

Recognition of outstanding performance: It is yet another potential tact proposed to Huntsman Hotel to identify the exceptional work performance of their employees. It can be done by providing some assured beneficial means to them by opting for either internal or external modes of rewards.

Celebrating milestones: It is also referred to be a spectacular measure of gratifying a considerable work performance of employees by celebrating their special days such as anniversaries, etc. Beside this, they may together refer to celebrate distinct festivals at the workplace by giving a prompt responsibility to the employees for decorating the work areas as per their own choice or give them a particular theme for the same (Nahavandi, 2016).

By sharing the wealth: It is also illustrated to be one of the best methods to satisfy the employees of Huntsman Hotel by sharing the produced capital of the business. It can be done either by revising the salary structure of the employees to attain a leverage income for their work or by providing monetary incentives to them as a way of fulfilling them.

Encouraging profitable ideas: It is one of the most recommendatory tact to Huntsman Hotel for motivating their workers with a special context of involving the leaders and managers in the decision making process of the organisation (Sparrow, Brewster and Chung, 2016). Apart from which, the leaders may together refer to adopt a democratic style of leadership as a way of encouraging the workers to provide their gainful thoughts to be applied in the business.

3. Changes in management of people of Huntsman

It is on a vital exploration of managerial implications in Huntsman Hotel as a way of managing their people where on the basis of above facts and findings, it has been found that they are hereby required to inspire their respective set of workers to a greater extent. It is therefore to provide a prior sense of motivation to the employees; the managers can hereby refer to the theory of reinforcement. This helps in providing encouragement to them so that they can provide qualitative work and company can increase sales and improves productivity and proficiency (Vlachou and Panagis, 2014). Reinforcement theory refers to different proposals which help in making changes in the behaviour of the person using buttress, retribution, and elimination. The staff members of company can give rewards so that they can reinforce the attitude and give them punishment to prevent the performance in the company. Extinction refers to the conditioned response which leads to decrease or disappearing behaviour. Operant conditioning is based on the idea that learning is a function which helps in making changes in a behaviour. Changes includes the individual response to the events which occur in environment. This theory having four types like positive, negative along with the punishment as well as extinction. The two parts of this theory having strengthening behaviour and other two parts having weaken behaviour.

Positive reinforcement is helps in inflaming a behaviour. Positive reinforcement is a process in which higher authorities provide a reward in resolving the issues related to changing a attitude or behaviour. It assists in improving a sale and earning maximum profit which succour in increasing performance.

Negative reinforcement is also helps in improving a demeanour. It includes the proper process in which employees of business entity can not take any type of stress in doing the changes in behaviour. Long-term approval are detached from economy when the records of human rights are improved (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

Extinction having weakening behaviour. This process includes that when the person changing their behaviour and not providing best services. At this time employees putting more efforts but not providing best performance.

Retribution having depressing behaviour. This process helps in providing punishment to those members who are not giving best performance.

The schedule of conventional buttress also known as agenda of extended reinforcement. In the business entity, employees always having a correct behaviour which helps in improving performance to get brace. It is divided into two categories whether it is fixed or variable.

In the schedule they have to maintain fixed time of interval in which brace has transpired after a certain amount of time.

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The agenda of fixed ratio is that where buttress is given only when number of responses are predetermined.

When constitutional schedule is fluctuating then only reinforcement is given after the some amount of time between each coating should vary.

When the ratio schedule is fluctuating then staff members of business entity provide reinforcement after the responses which is given by employees and they are differ from each other.

Beside this, the newly deputed HR head and MD of Huntsman Hotel can also refer several conceptual tools and techniques of motivation by considering some philosophical models such as Maslow’s need hierarchy and Herzberg two factors, etc. This will in turn help to determine the factual preferences of their employees and provide similar reimbursements to them as a way of rewarding their appreciable work performance.


The above report has summarised a bestowed case script of Huntsman Hotel located in UK where they were currently referred to deal with some terrible issues in managing their workforce in an effective manner. However, their MD is referred to have some bold plans of expansion in the future for which they have already acquired a small scale chain of hotel headquartered in Marseille. It is in context to some other major plans as a way of fulfilling the four leading aims of Giuseppe Salieri. It is however due to some chief issues that were being faced by them in order to manage their employees in a pertinent manner; he has hereby designated an individual from a rival cooperation named Ibis in the position of Head HR to resolve these problematic concerns. Jacques Marechal was however employed with a major accountability of identifying the key concerns prevailing in the organisation by together discovering their applicable solutions. As a result to which, a prompt management of people at the workplace with a major distress of retaining the upper administrative bodies is found to be a leading concern.


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