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Employee Relations


Introduction to Employee Relations

Employee relations signify that there is a strong bond between both employee and employer. Proper relationship management requires to be adopted by the organization to have more stability of employees (Loosemore, Dainty and Lingard, 2003). In this report, a discussion has been undertaken about the relation of employees and their performance that enhances productivity. It evaluates the employment tribunals to reflect effective relation between employees. Moreover, study analysis the satisfaction level of UK employees from the work they do. Also, report entails the management of employee relations in the organization. It has been noticed that employees working in a trusting environment feel more satisfied and performs quite well.

Task 1 Employee Relations In Uk Are In A Healthy State

Employee relation within the organization requires being healthy to perform efficiently and achieve results. It has been conclusive from various statistics report carried out in UK that more than half of the employees working in any of the company are satisfied with the work they do (Hollinshead, Nicholls and Tailby, 2003). Also, statistics shows that workers who are happy and satisfied with the type of work they do are more productive as compared to unhappy workers. Businesses needs to look into this  to satisfy the employees and provide them good working conditions so they produce results. It is necessary for the companies to find the solutions to make their employees feel satisfied from the job they do and in return help them to earn well.

I totally depends on the work culture of employees, if they are given pleasant working condition they will perform automatically. It has been found that 77.1% workforce have agreed that their immediate supervisors make their work easy and simpler (Klikauer and Morris,  2002). It is very important to have  friendly atmosphere in the business to have more productivity. For instance, in big corporations like Apple it has been seen that there is no Boss of employees. All the employees are treated equally and suggestions are welcomed from everyone. It is beneficial for organizations to create lively culture among the workers and provide them all benefits which motivate them to work harder (Waters, Bortree and Tindall, 2013. This statistics does not pin point any single organization but reflects the culture of UK in every organization. If the workers are productive it will ultimately benefit the organization and achieve success.

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Healthy relations among employees and employer will benefit the organization in achieving outputs. If it has been found that employees are not satisfied with their job they will carry strikes and lockouts which will hinder the production of the company. So, there require making proper benefits and appraisals plan that makes worker happy with the job (Tansel and Gazioglu, 2013). The statistics can be trusted partially because it has been surveyed from sample population of the workforce in UK which cannot judge the mindsets of entire working population of being satisfied with the job. But, as per the survey, large number of employees is happy with their job so they will be more productive in the particular work they do. The employees require being satisfied with their job by giving results.

It was analyzed from the available statistics that employment tribunal claims has been lower down which shows the level of satisfaction among employees has been increasing and they are happy with the work they do. It can be concluded that employee relations in UK are in a healthy state and all workers are satisfied with their employers (Mathew and Jones, 2012). Employee tribunals are set to solve the grievances or issues of the employees and it has been found that only 9,801 employment tribunal claims were received in 2013. It is much lower than the previous year and result in satisfying the employees from the work culture. It can be evaluated that drop in the employment tribunals reflects the improvement in relation of the employees. They have been provided good working environment by the employer and it reflects in their productivity (Stasek, 2005).

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Task 2 The Management Of Employee Relations In Orgnisation

Managing the employee relation in the organization is a crucial task to have productivity in the business and provide friendly environment in the company. This will make workers more productive for organization by fulfilling their requirements (Simelane, 2008). Effective management of employee’s relation and providing them better wok culture will make them satisfied with the job they perform. Various factors are taken into consideration like employers require having qualities such as leadership and motivation of employees to perform their work effectively. From this it can be evaluated that efficient working conditions can improve the performance of workers and make them happy. Supervisors need to perform their function of helping their subordinates as a friend and solving their issues openly. This type of culture in the organization will make the employee relations stronger and there will be less chance of unsatisfied employees.

If the number of complaints will reduce in the employment tribunal regarding the working conditions it can be noticed that there is improvement in the employee relations. Organization consists of undertaking effective procedures to help the workers, in order to carry their work and provide them a trusting environment (Stasek, 2005). Fun culture in the company can make the environment lighter and make workers enjoy their work and give productivity to the employer. It is very important for organizations to conduct different activities in the work place to entertain the employees and motivate them to participate in such recreational activities. This will help in decreasing their mental pressure. It can be noticed that by making the employees happy and satisfied from the working environment is good for the organization. But it has to be clear in achieving the overall objectives of company (Gennard, 2009). All the issues of workforce require to be solved and proper employment relations have to be maintained to achieve results.

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For having effective growth of company employer need to understand that employees are the asset to the company and treat them well. If they will be happy from the work culture of company then they will be more productive and achieve targets effectively (Branine and et. al., 2008). There are certain other measures also like preparing effective employee policy and not discriminating between any of the employees in the workplace can make employee relations better. Proper legal rights have to be created for employees as well as employer and it should not be violated by anyone of them. If they found violating it, penalties have to be imposed on them and protect the company and employees while performing a productive work environment.

Employee relations can prove to be better when employer understand the perspectives of employees and provide them good working culture. This will result in making them feel comfortable and perform the task efficiently. If the working environment is not suitable then it will hinder the performance of employees and have less productivity (Lucas, 2004). Organization requires considering the fact that happy and satisfied people from the job will be more productive and give results. Every organization want to have efficient employees who perform better for accomplishing the task on time and employer require providing proper working condition for the same. It consists of proper employee relations in the organization which helps to have happy and satisfied workforce to achieve results for company (Stasek, 2005). It is not the only aim of employee relation but also to solve their grievances effectively and provide them best working culture in the organization should also be their priority (Rose, 2008). It will make them more productive in their work and have a satisfaction level that they are not treated discriminated.

Different factors like employee, management and supervisors are very crucial to be considered and they all are interrelated with each other to produce outcome. Like for instance, if employee is facing any difficulty, employer or management require solving that and making workers feel satisfied (Leat, 2012). This will make employee perform better and have a good working culture where everyone helps each other and produce results. It is possible or desirable to achieve the objective by having healthy relations with the employees. Proper guidance and training can make employees perform better and achieve results. So, it can be evaluated that effectively managing the employee’s relations is all about ensuring that employees are satisfied from their job, happy and works in a trusted manner (Waters, Bortree and Tindall, 2013).

The organization requires having more benefits from their employees by not just satisfying and making them happy but also finding them productive and useful for the company. It will make the organization achieve targets effectively and efficiently (Colling and Terry, 2010). The employees need to have relations among themselves and also with other management personnel. All the factors of the business are interrelated and work together to achieve results of the organization. They need to follow certain procedures in order to achieve employee relations in the company. The workers not only required to be happy and satisfied with the working environment of the company but require producing results in substance to achieve aims. It is possible for the company to be effective and achieve objectives through maintaining proper employee relations. But it is not desirable to achieve outcomes only through satisfying the employees in the organization but also they need to be effectively trained in order to perform better (Gennard, 2009).

Different management styles can be adopted to make proper employee relations. Like, participate style can be adopted to make the employees participate in decision making process in the organization. This will help in encouraging employees and building their long term growth n the organization (Daniels, 2006). Through this style employee relation can be maintained and effectively build so that all the workers work together and achieve group efforts. It develops benefit for the organization and creates good working environment which helps employees perform better. Another management style which can be adopted by company is coaching style. Its main objective is to develop the individual into a professional employee and encourages its strengths and improves the performance. Providing adequate opportunities to employees and motivating them to achieve target can help improving the skills and improve the performance. All these styles can create better employee relations and develop long term professional development of them (Dicker, 2003). It can be evaluated from this that apart of having different skills in developing the employee relations it require to have effective employees who have different attributes and easily sustain in the environment of organization. Employees require having proper communication channel through which they can contact easily to their superiors and improve their performance.

Organization need to have effective employee relations by adopting different marketing strategy for their employees to improve their efficiency. They require to be provided proper training to the employees effectively and achieve objectives (Lewis, Thornhill and Saunders, 2003). Strategies will be very useful for developing the level of employees and performing them better. Employees require understanding different methods that helps in achieving and improving the capabilities to develop the relation with other people. Choosing different strategies will help employees to have better employee relations in the organization. Employer need to develop the understanding between different groups of people and try to fulfill their requirements so to have more productive environment in the business (Boyer and et. al., 2000). It can be concluded that organization requires maintaining adequate relations with employees but also judging their performance and helping in improving their overall performance.

Marketing tactics can help employees learn different skills and knowledge to have better performance in the work culture (Waters, Bortree and Tindall, 2013). The grievances require being solving of employee to have more productivity from them and those results in increasing overall performance of employees. Employer requires maintaining the relation between employees and provides them with suitable working environment which ultimately improves the productivity of workers (Lewin, 2006). Adopting different management styles can help employer in making their employees effective. They can involve their employees in decision making process and improves the performance of their employees.

But it contradict, that only providing happy and satisfying working environment to the employees it increase the cost of company and also it is very time consuming process (Leat, 2012). It affects productivity of the company and faces tough competition in the market to survive. In marketing strategies it consists of 7 P’s which includes people also. Here, it can be evaluated that people can help company in marketing the products effectively and creates a different brand image in market (Branine and et. al., 2008). It can prove to be very beneficial for the company and achieves its targets. People can help in expanding and creates new innovating thinking in the business. It can lead them to achieve operational efficiency of the business and adopt new tactics.

The employer requires providing better working environment to its employees to improve productivity of workers. This will enhance quality work from the employee and remain persistent in the culture of business (Leat, 2011). Employers require reducing the conflicts that arises between the management and workers and provide suitable solutions to it. There need to be form employment tribunals which give effective solutions to the problems and solve the issues of employees to make them work effectively. Workers have to be given particular training programs if required to achieve efficiency in the business and also the working environment supports it. It can be concluded from this, that to retain the employees in the organization they must be provided with the efficient working environment. On this contrary, to it otherwise business will have more number of employees that are leaving the jobs and that results in decreasing the efficiency of business (Klikauer and Morris, 2002). Workers have to follow the rules and guidelines given to them from their superiors and also maintain the decorum of organization in order to achieve the results.

Employees need to have happy and trusted environment in the business which satisfies their performance in relation to have a lively atmosphere in business. There has to be efficiency in employees and work effectively to achieve targets of company (Waters, Bortree and Tindall, 2013). Superior authority can help employees in solving the problems and not treating them as a boss- subordinate relationship but as friend to have more efficiency in the business. This will make environment of company to be more productive and achieve optimum goals. Workers have to resolve their conflicts and manage with other employees to give organization efficient output and results. In order to, have happy and satisfied environment in the business employer has to entertain various activities for employees to make them feel relaxed and achieve proficiency. Employees require to have recreational facilities in the working area so that they can make themselves relaxed and be more productive (Branine and et. al., 2008). Other than this, employees have to make the environment of business such that it suits to each and every employee and on the contrary employer require looking that they do not make misuse of it.

There are different type of approaches used like unitary, pluralist and conflict perspectives. In unitary approach it refer to that both employee and employer work together to achieve the same goals (Colling and Terry, 2010). The management works united with the organization to achieve win-win situation in the business. The benefit of this approach is that it integrates the employee and employer interests to have effective loyalty of their employees. They both work in same order to achieve similar objectives, interests and values. It has negative effect in the employee relations that it discriminates the power between employee and employer and it can generate different kinds of conflicts among them. It can have strong impact on business to have unitary approach and make effective decisions (Boyer and et. al., 2000).

Another approach is pluralist approach it means that the workplace has diverse set of beliefs, values and behaviors (Lewis, Thornhill and Saunders, 2003). It has benefit that strong intervention of employers can solve the conflicts. It need not have employee unions and make use of conflict management strategies to resolve the issues of workers. This can help business to grow and achieve target proficiency on time. Conflict perspectives means that organization has to solve all the issues of employees and look from the conflict management perspectives and achieves targets. Conflicts have to be solved of employees so that it achieves objectives of business effectively (Boyer and et. al., 2000). These all issues help business to form effective management decisions and achieve aims. Different approaches can be used at different levels in the business and it helps organization to make it better and effective.

Business has to look for managing the conflict in the organization and have efficient employees who work effectively to achieve targets (Hollinshead, Nicholls and Tailby, 2003). It requires being efficient enough to solve the issues and achieve objectives of company. These all approaches have to be used by every organization to have effective work culture in the business. It is beneficial to have good and satisfied work culture in the organization but at the same time it should also have strict working environment to have efficiency in the work. It will lead to make proper decisions by the organizations and achieve objectives swiftly. Now no need to worry New York students for assignment writing, Here is online assignment help Los Angeles to guide you with the New York experts.


From this entire report, it can concluded that having sufficient statistic that proves to have effective employee relations in UK. By giving good working environment to employees they can feel happy and give productive outcome to the employers. Also, it evaluated that decrease in the employment tribunals claims analyze that employees are having fewer issues and performs well. Further, it concludes that managing the employee relation in the organization effectively to achieve objectives. It also evaluates different approaches in the business to have efficiency in the company. Lastly, it discussed that by providing happy and satisfied work culture to employees they can perform more effective and productive to certain extent.


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