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Case Study of Human Resource Management - Mother London

University: Unviversity of east london

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  • Level: High school
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  • Course Code: R/508/0522
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Question :

Human resource is the asset of the company who works day and night for the betterment and growth of the company. The company chosen is Mother London which is established in the year 1996. It covers the following

  • What is the role of HR practices in different forms of capital and their contribution in success of company?
  • What is the process of recruitment and selection in the company,?
  • What is the evaluation of the HR practices at Mother and theoretical perspective of SHRM?
  • What are the key legislations and areas of the consideration in recruitment and selection?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Mother London


This project is all about providing specific information about SHRM practices in accordance with case study of Mother London. All the critical analyse and evaluation is being done through proper understanding of HRM literature, theories, models and various practices (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Strategic HRM is one of the best tools which is used to attract, develop and retaining employees for advantage to both employees as individual or organisation as a whole. This project model aims to analyse role of HR practices in various forms of capital that contributed to the growth of Mother London. Apart from this, a deep study about business and HR strategy is analyse properly in this project. Use of key legislation and areas taken into consideration while recruitment and selection in respect to case is being explained effectively in this report.


a): Role of HR practices in support to various forms of capital

Mother London is a one of the creative organisation employing almost 280 people as well as part of Holding which is having 20 companies. It is establishing in 1996, they are operating with around 40 customers that consists of high profile brands. There are various T.V editing suite which is working for delivering better quality of facilities to the people. Some of them are Finance, HR and office management. The quality of creative results is at the heart of everything that carries to Mother London (Briscoe, Tarique and Schuler, 2012). There are various forms of capital which would assist Mother London company to attain great success and growth in coming period of time. The company is having effective brand team that work with a series of internal and external parties in respect to deliver effective work for their clients. All the member of the brand team is working with the brand team to target on various issues those are arises in Mother London company. It is crucial for the HR manager to make evaluation of the implication that are associated with the forms of capital. The role of HR practices in this are mentioned underneath:

Human capital: It is essential for the HRM used to plays a vital role on overall acquisition and development for Mother London. It used to design effective compensation system that used to deal with induce employees in accordance with needed Human capital to remain stay within an organisation. The company is entirely responsible for providing quality of their human capital for success. They can need to adopt a talent or people centric approach to do so. All the staffs are having high reputation in the company which has built up over plenty of year time. HR practice of training and development helps to improve skills and existing experiences of workforce (Werner and DeSimone, 2011). It would provide maximum benefit to Mother London in the form of employee engagement, staff turnover rate gets reduced and so on.  The role of HR manager tends to employ staff that have gained few experience, elsewhere that are attracted to perform their role in Mother London company.

Social capital: Under this, culture means an important organisation that used to plays an important part in Mother London growth. This used to fit with effective organisations culture which gives maximum chances of creativity. It is crucial for the company to convert knowledge, skills and experience of their staff that get valuable client as reliable outputs. HR practices of conflict regulation is seeming to be one of the effective aspects that assist Mother London company to maintain proper balance among employees and staffs. The advantage to this is to gain high level of emotional attachment to work deliver by the clients. Role of HR is associated with core principles that is especially related with Holy Trinity. The values play an eminent role in future growth of Mother London success. The role of HR is to take into account the distinctive feature in the way staffs are physical located. They responsible for rotating staffs among allocated spaces in other to get more reliable outcomes in near future.

Organisational capital: The Structure is itself basically associated with flat with only three level. It has been determining that there is high level of interaction among partner and other junior employees. The major feature of this is the manner under which staffs are physically located (Tansley, 2011). The head of HR is more likely to be sitting next to a creative as someone from finance.  Likewise, staffs are rotated among allocated spaces in every eight weeks to all a wide range of relationships building. HR practices of compensation and benefits is said to be more beneficial for Mother London company in maintain effective culture and motivation among employees.

Potential drawback with Mother’s approach to recruitment:

As per the mentioned case study, it has been found that most of the newcomers are recruited through extensive personal networks of senior staffs. It will restrict those people which is having proper skills and experiences in their respective areas. From the above mentioned various role of HR practices in relation to various forms of capital there are certain positive and negative aspects associated with Mother London company. The internal allocation of creative staff is chosen by head of creative resources in collaboration to the partners. The risk of best staffs can be poached by competitors would affect the growth of the company drastically.

b): Evaluation of HR practices implemented at mother with theories of SHRM

SHRM is one of the effective connection among HR with strategic goals and aims in respect to improve overall business performance. It used to develop effective organisational culture that used to foster innovation, flexibility as well as to gain competitive benefits in near future. There are various types of HR practices those are effectively responsible for Mother London company.

  • Training and development: It is basically related with employee’s performance, job skill training and leadership training. These professionals used to conduct an effective placement plan for new employees. It is the primary motive of HR manager to make sure that all that employees must be capable enough to perform their role in proper manner.
  • Conflict regulation: It is mainly responsible for maintain effective relationship among employees and management. HR manager is liable enough in providing better benefits and environment so that chances of conflicts get controlled. It can be related with personal, financial and political. In case any kind of dispute occurs managers mainly go with negotiation phase to get sort it out.
  • Compensation and benefits: It is one of the sub-discipline of human resources that used to focus on employee’s compensation and advantage in policy-making process. This information is more critical in analysing the competitiveness of Mother London compensation plan.

There are various crucial human resource elements such as hiring. Discipline and option of payroll that consists of working together with employees in collaborative ways in order to improve the quality of work experiences. HR are defined as organisational workforces that attempts to employed through various department in an administration. SHRM planning would be done to serve an effective connection among human resources and overall strategic plan for the department (Anderson, 2013). There are various types of perspective that assist Mother London companies to perform their role effectively in present as well as future period. Theories used to focus on internal analysis of firms that used to provide an extremely crucial avenue for SHRM. It is done to examine the ways Mother’s attempts to develop human resources as competitive benefits. Some of them are mentioned underneath:

Behavioural perspectives: It is considered as one of the old and popular model taken into account in SHRM literature. This seems to be focused on employee behaviour as an important mediator among planning and overall performance of Mother London. It assumes that the main purpose of HR practice is to elicit and control employee attitude and behaviour. The specific attitude and behaviour that would be more effective for an organisation differ which relies on various characteristics of Mother’s. One of the effective HR practices that is discussed in the above report is conflict regulation, it is held responsible for resolve all kind of issues that are arises in the various department. It is more effective in long term strategic making. It used to provide effective outcome to the Mother London company (Boxall and Purcell, 2011).

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Agency/ transaction cost theory: This seems to be another important theory of SHRM that has been recently has been applied to various HRM functions. This particular theory is mainly used to examine the issues related with human exchange those are related with concern areas of finance and economic. It is basically taken into account the environmental factors together with human factors. This approach tends to restricted prudence as two human factor that used to aid as huge barrier to human factors. Similarly, transaction cost is basically related with negotiating, evaluating among parties. Hence, role of HRM practices is to allow for proper measurement for overall contribution for an individual employee. There is a yearly system that is appraising overall performance to be carried out through appropriate line manager (Stahl, Björkman and Morris, 2012). Such kind of meeting is associated with proper discussion as per last the last year of performance.

Business strategy HR strategy
The aim of every organisation to at attain their vision and mission by preparing reliable strategies through using proactive and tactical methods. As per this strategy, manager used to develop long term plan to gain competitive advantage in near future time.
Specific alignment of HR processes with relation to interim aims of Mother London company. Overall development of Employees through providing better benefits and compensation to them.

c): Key legislation and areas for consideration in recruitment and selection

Recruitment: It is considered as one of the effective process of searching and attracting most capable applicant for employment purpose. This seems to reliable stage of attracting, screening and choosing qualified candidates for a particular job. It is important to recruit the staffs in the manner that they cannot breach the legal rules. The penalty of not comply with legal legislation that can used to damage adverse publicity for the chosen services (Cooke, Saini and Wang, 2014). An individual that works to fill their job opening their businesses or an organisation to recruiters that used to work from collected resumes or analysing qualified position of the candidates.

Selection: It refers to the reliable process of interviewing as well as analysing various candidate for a particular job and choosing best out of pool of application. It can be varying from very common process that varies more complicatedly relies on firm hiring and position they going to join. The selection process used to put right person on their right job. It is done through following appropriate process for matching organisation needs with valuable skills and qualifications.

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There are various types of key component associated with recruitment and selection. Some of them are mentioned underneath:

Equal pay act 1970: According to this particular law which is made for the purpose of removing discrimination among women and men during the time of employment offers. This act prohibits any minimum favourable treatment among men and women in accordance to make payment to employees (Key Legislation regarding Recruitment and Selection, 2018). These act lead to taken into account various wages, overtime, other contractual bonuses and holidays compensation. The legitimacy of HRM functions enhanced because of their discrimination that is based on overall analysis of various department sources.

Employment equality regulation, 2006: These laws is unlawful for candidates to deal with all kind of discrimination alongside employees. It used to prohibit employers that are unreasonably discriminated irrespective to employees on age in relation to training and promotion. The regulation used to follow a new similar structure to current legislation in respect to sex, race and religious aspects.

The employment relation act 1999:  It used to provide appropriate working parents the right to employees, unpaid leave and off time in case of any emergencies. During the consultation preceding the regulation those are significantly different as method among employers and various trade unions. It has been found that government used to assume this approached in reinforced through employers.


From the above project report, it has been concluded that HRM is one of the effective organisation aspect that provide right direction to the company. The purpose of this project was to evaluate role of various HR practices that would assist Mother London in future growth and success. Likewise, SHRM theory and their connection to practices were also discussed that shows how it assist in getting better outcomes in near future time. Key element in relation to recruitment and selection and associated act were discussed effectively in the above report. The overall growth and sustainability to Mother’s company can only be done in case they use various HR resources and valuable aspects.

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