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Evaluate the Impact of Digital Technology - Case Study On Tesco

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Question :

The objective of this research project is to analyse the potential impact of digital technology like social media platform over the system working of an organisation. In this regard, it is needed to evaluate the role of advance technology in the competitive world.

  • Provide an introduction by discussing the background of the research.
  • Evaluate literature review with analysing views through previous research.
  • Discuss the research methodology with the help of different research techniques.
  • Discuss a timeline for this research project.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


Overview of the research

The role of digital technology can not be undermined in the current business world. There are various tools and technologies which are being used by companies around the world. Advanced innovations are powerful in making people life all the more simple and agreeable, this likewise make an incentive in upgrading the learning and abilities of individuals about the significance of applying computerized apparatuses and advances. Business industry is considered as a fundamental component which make an incentive in building up the financial state of firms and in addition for nation as well (Bergvall‐Kåreborn and Howcroft, 2014). Tesco is a company engaged in the retail sector and is one of the most reputed company within UK and has established itself over the years. The current report will have a detailed discussion about the system software that are being used by the company for the purpose of enhancing its performance.

Background of Research

There has been a consistent change in the overall workings of companies around the world, primarily due to new and innovative tools as well as techniques used by them within business. The significant rationale of firm is to fulfilling the wants of individuals at the commercial centre so as to achieving aggressive edge at advertise place. In the cutting edge showcase time rivalry is so high at commercial centre and associations are broadly worry on accomplishing higher focused edge through offering an assortment of items and administrations at commercial centre. In the current time individuals carry on with a bustling life and they are not having enough time they fulfilling their requirements with respect to obtaining so they are fundamentally worry on applying on the web sites as to making their exchange more viable. Some other system software includes Management information software, Human Resource Management Software etc.

Significance of Study

Research is a very important aspect for a business. If an organisation wants to grow it shall conduct research from time to time about various factors that affects business either directly or indirectly. Hence, It is quite important to make a proper analysis of these factors and the frame policies which will be beneficial for both company and consumers in an effective as well as efficient manner (Hilbert, 2013). An exploration venture helps the examination in directing their future errand in more viable way which drives them towards accomplishing high development in their profession. The significant explanation behind choosing the point is to dissect the issue of research in powerful way through contrasting the conclusion of different writers and authors.

Research Aim

This section is concerned with making a suitable path for the research based on which the researcher will take further course of action, in order to complete the research in an effective as well as efficient way. The current report is concerned with the impact of digital technology especially system software and social media on the overall workings of organisation like Tesco. The various benefits of digital technology and its impact on organisation will be researched in this particular project.

Research Objectives

  • Analyze what are the advantages and disadvantages of using social media for the businesses like Tesco.
  • Investigate the Impact of social media Software Systems on Tesco and its Internal Factors
  • Determine how you can maximize the profit using social media network to improve relation with customers as well as profitability of Tesco.
  • Investigate how various tools of social media can help Tesco to communicate cost effectively opening new opportunities for sale and growth.

Research Questions

This can be considered as the fundamental core of research work, this is different from the title of the research. This helps in determining the major purpose of research through interlinking with the aim and objectives of the project (Bressolles, Durrieu and Deans, 2015). This part helps the investigator in conducting an effective theoretical framework through comparing the opinion of various authors and writers with justified values. The importance questions of research project are associated as under:

  • What is the Impact of social media, internet on Tesco and its Internal Factors?
  • What are the effects on overall revenue and profitability of Tesco?
  • What are the various tools of social media, software system adopted by Tesco for the purpose of Enhancing its Performance ?


It is basically the soul of whole research project. The expert set the perfect opportunity for particular task so it is basic for them to complete the work in picked time allotment. Under this, the objectives of research are elaborated in an effective, efficient and a detailed manner (Chaffey and Smith, 2013). Thus it can be said that it is the heart of research and is very essential to accomplish the overall objective of the whole research.

To analyse the Impact of Software Systems on Tesco and its Internal Factors

For the purpose of doing business effectively, it is quite essential that right kind of technological tools are being used by the company to deliver its services in an efficient manner. As per the views of Suchi moorthy, This will also make sure that Customer satisfaction is achieved and there is no lack of productivity or efficiency within the organisation. Tesco has been working in around 12 nations of the world. Tesco is the primary Retail Store in UK having excess of 2000 stores in the UK. It has practical experience in numerous things including , drinks, dress, hardware, home appliances, human services, protection, dental care, music and media transmission administrations etc.

Tesco is a huge company in UK, and there are around 11 million visitors in their stores every year. The company is having more than 75,000 clients all over the world which provide their supplies to the stores of the organisation. The company is quite dynamic and is having diverse operations around the world. Therefore, need of such software is more for effectively leading the competition (UHl, Born and ToMAszJAnAsz, 2016). The diverse operating systems can help company and its business to deal with customers as well as big clients.

Tesco has been able to put extra efforts into the business of Oracle and SAP Business, The company has been discovering various kinds of ideas for using these applications in an effective manner.

Tesco, Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System, Oracle Marketing stage, Oracle bookkeeping Hub, Oracle HR, Oracle BI, and SAP Business Objects Polestar has furnished Tesco with an answer that is presently a reason for regular procedures and activities locally and universally (Cadden, Marshall and Cao, 2013). The different types of system used by the company for the purpose of enhancing its business performance are Management information System, Decision Support system, Executive support system etc. These system help company in effectively building a team of employees, it allows workers as well as employees to perform their task in an effective as well as efficient manner. It also reduces the overall time that a people will take to perform their respective jobs. It also helps company in reducing its cost of operations and brings efficiency in its production and service delivery process. Thus, it is quite clear that system software plays a gigantic role in making business prosper and more efficient.

To Evaluate the effects of Software Systems on overall Revenue as well as profitability of Tesco.

System software allows a company to make its business process easier and effective therefore business shall improve their workings from time to time in order to realise the fruitful impact of technology on business. Tesco benefits from both exchange handling frameworks as well as management data frameworks. These frameworks causes Tesco for stock recharging this also helps Tesco in earning billions of pounds in the longer run. Right kind of systems software in place would ensure proper cash flow along with bringing right kind of efficiency within the company. These software systems are interlinked with each other within the organisation and allows company to do business by effectively. Businesses in current scenario is evolving and they would want to provide services to customers on time and as per their expectation. The revenue of Tesco has surged due to application of these System software within the company and this has led to overall growth and success of company. The company's profitability has seen an increase of around 12% within previous few years. When asked from management in this regard, their replies was quite categorical and they regarded this spike in profits was primarily due to low cost and cost efficiency that are being obtained by the company with implementation of these System software effectively (Gereffi and Lee, 2012).

To Determine the various tools of software system adopted by Tesco for the purpose of Enhancing its Performance.

Tesco uses various types of software system that Tesco uses for the purpose of effectively delivering its services to consumers. These tools include transaction processing system, executive information system, Operating information system, Management information system etc. These systems are discussed in detail as follows:

  • Transaction process System: The exchange preparing framework is an important type of MIS. By using this a company can record as report the greater part of its business exchanges. These are exchanges, for example, requests of raw materials, stocks, client exchanges and deals. This system helps in effectively managing all the data related to transactions like collection, modification as well as retrieval of transactions. Tesco uses same for effectively recording the millions of transactions that takes place in its several stores over period of time.
  • Operation Information System: Utilizing these instruments, a director can choose what the inventory level as well as the raw materials that needs to be hold, and how to succession creation capacities. The kind of segment which has to be created after which and how the last item will be collected is the element of activities data administration. These systems helps in effective management of business operations of the organisation and it aids in overall management of them in the longer run.
  • Executive information System: This system allows management of company to enhance the overall business and its effectiveness through effective decision making in some of the departments as well as functions of company. Thus, it is quite important that right kind of information systems will be used for the purpose of effectively managing the business activities (Holland and Mandry, 2012).
  • Decision Support System: DSS (choice emotionally supportive networks) are utilized by top administration for administrative basic leadership. This apparatus widely makes utilization of PCs, processing devices, numerical and logical models for its examination. This decision support system helps in effectively managing the whole data of the organisation and present the same in a manner to the users that it can be unbderstandable to them in an effective manner. It is a kind of informational application instead of Operational application. The use of this data is being made by the managers of the organisation for the purpose of making the assessment of the performance of the organisation. For example, A weekly or monthly comparison of sales figures.

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