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Reflection on Personal and Professional Skills

University: University of Chester

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1266
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: R/508/0521
  • Downloads: 982
Question :

This unit is related to research skill to formulate a personal development plan.

  • Reflect on personal skill and formulate SMART objective.
  • Develop key points of information using sources from active learning skill and reading strategies.
  • Formulate research plan.
  • Demonstrate PDP  for analyzing areas of improvement.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Furniture Shop


In order to grow and increase own skills, it is important that individual works towards self-auditing as through this the areas of own strength and weaknesses are identified. It helps in developing a development plan through which the own skills can be developed and hence the targets are achieved. The following report will talk about what personal and professional skills are required so that learning can be done. There is a range of different ways through which it can be done and will be discussed in detail in the given study.


The First Rule of every research is to assess our own strength and weakness. It becomes necessary to reflect our work with positive aspects. Even if someone posses weak points, one should know how to manipulate it into their strength. For instance, doing this analysis is not going to help in increasing productivity of my work also it is irrelevant to work on such project of which a researcher lacks knowledge or not a part of his field. But still performing this analysis improve a scholar's decision making on choosing right place top deliver their energy.

For performing a research one should know their personal skill and divert it on developing themselves. Lets take an example of a Legal Researcher, in order to perform law research one should know be able to understand the provisions of statutes and they must know the source of their research. It becomes easy when a scholar knows where to find such sources. It is essential to work in context of sources that are available. These things comes under academic skills, it may also include rephrasing of contents, understanding the motive of research and note taking.

No one is completely perfect but one can try to achieve perfection. To do so they must asses their weakness and work in such a way that they can overcome their them. But firstly an assessment of weakness should be made. These are as follow (in the context of legal researcher):-

  • Access to legal sources.
  • Rephrasing sections and articles.
  • Drafting.
  • Use of relevant cases.
  • Basic knowledge of law.
  • Understanding Precedents of the Courts.
  • Relevant Advice.

These weakness are more like necessities of perfecting research related to. It becomes hard to have an appropriate legal source for research. Without the relevant source it becomes difficult to solve any problem. Also legal cases are serious nature so it has to be handled in an effective way. In order to attain sources one must have an information about various types of sources and how to use them in research. There are two types of sources primary and secondary. A primary source is consist of constitution, international conventions, customs and usages. So it is evident to set up a target for improving weaknesses. These drawbacks can be covered in a reasonable period.


The set target is certainly not so easy to be achieved. Proper strategy has to be made in order to attain such goal. Note making is one of the suitable method to enhance skills. Legal research needs various presentations, lectures, discussion and debates. For understanding them method of note making can be used. It includes keeping check of those points which is essential to promulgate during any discussion (Whittaker, 2012). This method is helpful in Moot Courts. Principles regarding enriching knowledge are also used to keep intact with strengthening weaknesses.

Apart from taking notes from hearing lectures and discussions, key points can also be taken from reading several books, journals and articles. These are the main source of performing any research. Written texts are usually used for gaining information related to the topic on which a research is made. Legal research is basically related to interpreting laws and cases. These interpretations are used to know whether the policies made by governing bodies are effective or not. There are many issues whose core problem can be find out by using reference books and also authorised texts. Journals and articles written by various jurist are also an essential source of legal research. These jurists are intellectuals and has knowledge of law in depth. For strengthening and achieving the target their written texts would be an asset because content published by them is more convenient to understand the enigmatic provisions of law.

After gaining information regarding the decided topic through note making method, it becomes convenient to work according to the weaknesses that has been targeted at initial stage. The information or knowledge that has been extracted from sources can be used in formation of drafts and other legal documents (DiGirolamo and et. al.,2012). Moreover, it provides a basic knowledge of law and how they can be interpreted. The process of making notes eventually supports in identifying actual context on which a person should emphasis more to achieve perfection.


Research is important for because it is detail and careful study of specific issues, concern and problem which can be solved by used several scientific methods. In simple term we can said that it is the systematic inquire which is conducted for describe, explain, control and predict the observed phenomena (Adedokun And et. al., 2013). It includes both inductive and deductive methods. Where deductive is utilised to the same observed phenomena and on the other hand, inductive is required for examining the observed phenomena. There are two method of gathering of data collecting explanation of these are given below:-

  • Primary Data – This is first hand data which was never been published before as well gathered by the researcher only. There are several sources of collecting primary data such as constitution, international conventions, treaties, customs and usages etc. these are generally use to interpret laws and also to form the new ones. Most of the legislation are interpreted through these sources (Soria, Fransen and Nackerud,2013). Every legal research has its own way of considering primary data. This is the expensive process as well time consuming also.
  • Secondary Data - It is second hand data which was already published in any other journals, blogs, news paper, books and several other. These are such sources which includes journals, researches, articles, opinion, etc. Basically, it is a re-write able source or data. These are generally used as supporting information to explain facts of research. In simple term it can be said that already used data or can past information of organisation itself. It don't require much time and not expensive also.

While conducting a research it is essential to prepare plan that can execute a research effectively, the research should be process in an proper manner with strategies. The above research methods will help to get the information that is required to conduct a research through the quantity of the gathered data. The entire information is collected the measurable amount of information that derives the quality of the information. The research plan must include the following

  • A research must has a particular aim that is the main reason to conduct a research.
  • Research strategies that follows a procedure to meet the desired target.
  • Resources must be there that can be support to the goal.
  • Research support is essential that can give an overview.
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