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Enterprise Leadership

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How to Manage the Employees ?

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Introduction to Enterprise Leadership

In the globalisation, to become an efficient company it becomes important to lead the employees towards the success of the organization. Further, enterprise leadership is determined as the latest method for managing the employees in a proper manner (George and Rodger,  2010). The leaders encourages the staff members to focus on the target and achieve them to benefit the company. Further, in this report a detailed study is made on Shangri-La hotel. The report will include the nature of organizational culture and cultural diversity are determined and the recommendations for adopting the leadership style to manage it efficiently.


1. Organizational culture refers to the shared assumptions, beliefs, values etc. of the people which highly determines how they will behave in the organization. Further, these shared values are the crucial factors which have a great influence on the employees in the company as they act, perform and dress according to these values. As, in an organization there are large number of employees which are of different religions and are having with different beliefs and values. So it is crucial for the company to adopt with the best organizational culture (Herman, 2011). Moreover, to give an importance to every individual's values, organization adopt with culture which satisfies the people to a greater extent. Further,Shangri-La practise with Person culture at there workplace. Under this, the managers ensure that all the employees are given with equal rights and opportunities so that no act of discrimination is followed in the company. This help to benefit all the staff members as there beliefs, religion etc. are valued and they are provided with greater assistance. It is also important for the firm to manage with the organizational culture in an efficient manner so as to reduce with the frequency of conflicts occurred at the workplace. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the company to adopt with the efficient leadership style which may assist in leading the employees towards the success of the firm (Wooten And, 2012).

Moreover, it becomes the duty of the leader to ensure that all the shared values of the person are considered and respect them so that they do not hurt there sentiments. Further, leadership style must be dynamic in nature as the company must adopt with the most suitable one which is appropriate for the current situation. This will give with the best results for the company. Thus, to manage or change the organizational culture in Shangri-La, they must adopt with the democratic leadership style to make the employees adopt the culture in an efficient manner. This style provides with the rights to the staff members to determine with there problems and take active participation in the activities of the company (Zhang and Liu, 2010). Further, an efficient leader must be flexible enough to fit with the specific situation in an efficient manner. Thus, for this, a leader must have a thorough knowledge about the leadership framework and styles so that they can manage the employees properly. It is evaluated that if the leader is friendly with the staff members, it will help to make the decisions more efficiently which benefit both the parties company as well as the employees. Moreover, the  sentiments of every person must be considered by the leaders so that they feel motivated and work with higher efficiency. Moreover, if the culture of the company is been changed than it becomes the duty of the leader to take it in a positive manner and adopt with the style which can assist in managing the employees in an efficient manner. They must lead them with proper assistance so that they can perform the task in the best possible manner (Weidenfeller, 2012). Thus the leader must listen to the problems and requests of the every employee and give the best solutions for it so that they can be satisfied to a greater extent. Moreover, the leader must mould with its activities as per the situations at the present time. Further, it is highly recommended that the organization must appoint with efficient leader which can lead the employees towards the goals of the firm. Moreover, they will also provide with greater assistance to manage or change the organizational culture by ensuring that every individuals beliefs and values are been considered.

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2.Cultural diversity refers to people working in a particular organization with different cultures and societies. Under the cultural diversity it mainly takes into account the religion, language, sexual orientation, race, age and ethnicity. As in the company there are people of different religion so the company must ensure with cultural diversity in the organization. It means that they musty not practise with any type of discrimination in terms of caste, creed, religion etc. for appointing the person in the organization (Shao, Feng and Liu, 2012). Thus, they must not take any biased decision in the company in respect to provide with the opportunities and rights to the employees. Thus, it been evaluated that the companies started with embracing with corporate diversity in 2000 so as to provide with equal chance to every individual. Thus, Shangri-La must ensure the leadership style which will promote the cultural diversity in the company. Further, the leaders must adopt with the following strategies to ensure that there is no barrier which may assist I dealing with the cultural diversity at the workplace:

Recognition- As its is evaluated that the people in the organization are all different from each other whether it is in terms of physical, generational and cultural. Thus it becomes the duty of the leader to celebrate with these differences rather than segregating them. This will encourage the people to show with there individualities and all other can enjoy with them. For example, the leader must organize to celebrate with all the festivals in the company so that all can take part an enjoy others festivals (Managing Diversity At Workplace. 2015).

Fairness- It is also important for the leader to provide with fair decisions and opportunities to all the employees irrespective of there religion, caste, creed etc. This will help to motivate the employees to stay in the company for longer period of time. Moreover, the leader must take care of the sentiments of the person to make them comfortable in the company. For example, the leader must not fix with the meeting on the day of festival of the person. This will make them happy and become more efficient towards completing there work.

Encourage interaction- An efficient leader must practise with forming teams so that it increases the interaction level among the employees which help to reduce the conflict situation in the company. Further, it will also help the people to know about each other culture and they will respect them (Rice, 2013). This will also reduce with the people working in isolation which mainly results in high employment turnover.

Promote teamwork- It is also important for the team leader to encourage teamwork workings as it will help them to connect all people with each other and perform the task with greater efficiency (Shao, Feng and Liu, 2012).


From the above report by essay writing experts concluded that Shangri-La must have an efficient leader which may help them to lead the employees in an efficient manner. Further, for adopting change or managing with the organizational culture the leader must adopt with efficient style which may  help to manage the employees in a proper manner. Moreover, leader must also promote cultural diversity in the organization by adopting with several strategies in an effective manner.


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