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Different Business Leadership Skills by Pals Group

University: University of Sunderland in London

  • Unit No: 10
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 8 / Words 2010
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: PGBM68
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • PALS group is a chain of grocery items in the UK. What are the practices used in effectively leading, managing, and influencing others in an organization?
  • Identify the importance of various techniques and approaches in interpersonal relationship processes.
  • Examine the role of leaders in the effective functioning of the PALS group.
Answer :
Organization Selected : PALS Group


The current study focus on personal reflection, which evaluates different business leadership skills which I have developed by using Kolb’s learning theory and Sullivan's interpersonal theory. The report highlights personal development with the PALS group and even evaluates brief learning that I have learned by visiting the organization (PALS group). The proper recommendation is provided for improving my personal leadership skills for the betterment of my future career.


Reflecting on skills that are developed and its usage in a future career

Good leadership skill is essential for making team perform in an efficient manner and successfully move towards the goal. As influenced by the view of Burns (2016), I have developed passion within myself, which stands as an important leadership skill. Enthusiasm and passion have always helped me in inspiring others and even make them enthusiastic towards work. It is important to note that work done with passion have fruitful result in many cases. I want to set my future career as a manager of a large manufacturing organisation.

Passion can help me to motivate my employees towards their tasks and make them feel enthusiastic. It can help me as well as my staffs to develop believe in our performances, which can lead our organisation towards success. Inspired by the view of Robertson (2016), I have developed collaborative skills, which are helpful for collaborating with all team members within the group and make them work together towards a common goal. Collaboration among all the team members is important for making team more productive and complete tasks within time. Collaboration skill can help me to develop a cooperative environment within my future work as it stands as the core of the modern business.

The below provided PDP (Plan for Personal development) is helpful for analysing my shortcoming of business leadership skills and gain an idea for developing it:

What is required for me to learn?

What can help me to achieve it?

What support or resources I need?

What can be success criteria?

Target dates (completion and review)

Communicate effectively

· Developing my active Listening skills

· Enhancing my verbal and non-verbal skill

· Listening patiently to speaker attentively by maintaining eye contact (non-verbal and listening skills)

· Open Mind (listening skill)

· Asking questions for ensuring understanding (Listening skill)

· Engaging in group work (Verbal skill)

Communicating effectively with employees can help me in performing basic management function; such as organisation, motivating, planning and controlling

6-7 months


· Thinking creatively

· Creative activities; such as brainstorming games, creative arts

Creative thinking can help me to adjust myself and my employees to changing environment of workplace easily. I can resolve the challenges that come in new environment with my solid action plan

1 year


Personal development with PALS 

I am able to analyze my strengths and weaknesses of leadership skills by working with PALS group. According to Northouse (2017), concrete experience stands as the first component of Kolb’s learning theory. In my personal experience with the PALS group, I have set a team having 6 members, including me. We were provided with a task to complete a project, which was to sell (marketing activity) of 30 plastic gates within 1 week. I preliminary divided the gates within 6 members as I was made the leader of the group. It was my first experience as the team leader and I realised that I was able to feel all the team members with enthusiasm for performing the task. Dixon (2017) commented that Sullivan theory is helpful for conducting self-analysis. I realized that I have passion skill with the help of Interpersonal Sullivan theory. In addition to this, I discovered anxiety and frustration when the target of the first two days was not found to be satisfactory. Tomkins and Ulus (2016) stated that reflective observation of Kolb’s theory is helpful in providing reflection of experience. At the beginning of the project, I have made each member understand the importance of meeting and asked to meet after every 2 days.

I found that two of them did not turn up in the first meeting, which made me feel disappointed. Furthermore, during the meeting, I felt difficulty in speaking in front of group and realised my loopholes in communication skill. I ranged the two members for joining the meeting. I realized that my listening skill is very weak, as I directly asked them to join group, instead of asking the reason for their absence. The two members of the team, therefore, rejected to further participate in the team and the group was left with only four members.

Sullivan theory made me realize their distorted perception and I further made me realize that adaptability skill needs to be developed, which was very important at that time. Batista-Foguet et al. (2015) opined that abstract conceptualization is focused on learning that comes from experience. I learned that passion, communication, and adaptability skills are required for properly managing the group. I then focused on managing the group by helping the left team members with proper plan of marketing; which is to start selling product to target customers. I even made team members understand the importance of motivating customers for increasing sales. After 2 days of the meeting, I found that 25 of plastic gates were sold successfully. We were filled with happiness as success we were moving near success. Our success has made the two members who previously the group to come to me for re-joining. My collaborative skill has given the two members with an opportunity to re-join the group.

On the final day, we found that were have successfully sold all the plastic gates to the customers, which resulted in successful completion of project within the deadline. I, therefore, learned that collaboration skill is the most critical skill which is required for business leadership. I even learnt that unity was absent in my group, which was the result of failure at the beginning of project. Dixon (2017) noted that active experimentation of Kolb's theory is aimed towards making individual try out experience that is learned. I rectified my mistakes in my experience with Sportsmatch; UK, as in the preliminary stage, I was focused on developing unity and professional relationship among team members. It has helped me to gain success from the beginning of project. On the first day of task, I set a meeting and provide team members with marketing plan, which I failed to do in my earlier experience. Moreover, no team member has left the group in the middle of project due to my friendly behavior towards them (Refer to Appendix 1).

Brief review of learning that is learnt by visiting in organisation or speakers programme

I learned that I need to develop my communication skill for enhancing collaboration within team members. It is true that I have collaboration skills; such as tolerance, compromise, authenticity, and reliability, but my communication skills still need to be developed. Ahmed et al. (2017) noted that communication stands as an important skill of business leaders, which aids them to establish a healthy professional relationship with other members of organization. In my personal case, developing my listening, verbal as well as non-verbal skill can help me to achieve communication skill of leadership. I further learned that listening patiently to the speaker by maintaining proper eye contact can help in developing my non-verbal as well as listening skills (Wagner, 2016).

Asking questions based on the topic that the speaker was speaking is also beneficial for improving my listening skill as it can help in ensuring understanding. Furthermore, engaging in a group discussion or group work can help me in developing verbal communication skill, which is beneficial for me to conduct management functions effectively; like motivating, controlling. Lo et al. (2015) mentioned that adaptability skill is essential among business leaders as it helps them to adjust themselves with the changing needs of company. In my case, adaptability skill needs to be improved by indulging myself in creative activities, like playing brainstorming games. It can help me to easily adapt the changes, which is required for my future organization, so as to stay competitive in market.

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Understanding strengths and using them

In order to become an effective leader in an organization, it is preliminarily important to analyze oneself. It is important for the leaders to understand the skill and use them in the work. It is also equally recommended to understand weaknesses and try to eradicate it so that it does not stand as hindrance in the way of success.

Setting goals and executing them

It is essential for leaders to set proper plans and goals and invest proper time for clarifying it to team members. It is helpful for formulating right plan, besides setting the meaningful benchmarks. After taking such steps, the leaders need to execute plan passionately.

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It can be concluded that I need to develop my leadership skill for gaining successful outcome in my future business career. I need to enhance my communication (verbal, non-verbal and listening) skills and adaptability skill. Currently, my strengths are my passion skill and collaborative skill which has brought success to the group project of glass gates with PALS group. Creative activities and working in group can help me in eradicating my weaknesses in leadership skills.

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Reference List

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Appendix 1: Group log




Reflection on learning

Application of learning

18.09.2018- 25.09.2018



· Poor communication skill

· Poor adaptability skill

· Good passion

· Good collaborative skill

· Poor management skill

Learning is applied while having leadership experience with Sportsmatch; UK

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