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Lead and manage a team within a health and social care

Introduction to lead and manage a team within a health and social care

Effective team within an organization helps in improving quality, completion of projects and bringing out change in processes. A team is a combination of individual who ensures about the success of an organization in its projects and activities. Each member have to equally participate and bring out it skill for the development of business. This helps them to contribute towards overall success of the group. The present study focuses on effective team working in a care home with elderly residents who have been diagnosed with dementia.

The Features Of Effective Team Performance Within a Health And Social Care

In order to deal with care home staff, there is a need of positive leadership that is something that a leader must develop and nurture (Reis, Xiao and Savage, 2007). Organization will be requiring effective team functioning for taking proper care of elderly residents who are suffering from dementia (Nichols, 2007). Company need to identify the skills or weakness of each team member. This will help them to provide proper support to each other and utilize their strength.  If members of business will work together then they will be able to achieve the target and organization goals. Furthermore, roles and responsibilities of employees are defined in advance which enables them to carry out business activities in an effectual manner. Under this, skills and abilities of workforce are assessed in advance and accordingly their duties are explained. Apart from this, role of initiator, coordinator and implementer are performed by member of team. Here, at first goals and objectives of team is defined after that role of each member is defined in advance. Then, all employees will come to know about their work areas as well as resources for the same. Thus, at the end task will be performed by all members and accordingly set objectives will be achieved. In addition to this, effective team performance is denoted through free flow of communication among team members. It facilitate to complete the allocated task on right time so as to achieve specified objectives in an effectual manner. For example SMART objectives are set to achieve objectives performance on right time. With the help of SMART objectives each member of team come to know regarding job to be performed. This method makes it possible to make all workforce understand related to their work areas and support them to perform their job in an effectual manner.

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Identify the challenges experienced by developing teams

The challenges in multidisciplinary team of doctors, social services physiotherapy in case of developing stage will be with respect to communication and relationship issues. The team of care home may suffer from lack of diverse skills and interest, poor communication, Lack of leadership, role confusion, conflict and poor work environment (Mullane, 2013). These challenges are experienced by one-team leader while developing a team in its initial stage. Furthermore, difference in value, culture and belief of employees also create  barriers in meeting organizational objectives. However, corporation ensure diversity of culture at workplace which in turn assists corporation to deliver good quality of services to large number of buyers. Apart from this, team performance is affected due to poor leadership style and lack of communication. Under this, lack of communication take place just because of diverse culture of employees working in team. In addition to this, lack of proper resource is another barrier that may hamper performance of firm to a great extent. This problem may be occur just because improper planning of team. These aforementioned issues are faced by team if it is made new. It is because it might be possible that leadership style is not effective. Leadership style affect performance of corporation to a great extent. However, because of learning process workforce can have issues managing their work. For example, when team of employees are provided on the job training long with targets on time basis. Owing to this, employees face issues in managing task. In addition to this, all team members know their roles very well and accordingly perform their functions in an effectual manner.

1.3 Identify the challenges experienced by established teams

  • The established team within the care home may face challenges among the team with respect to:
  • Interpersonal differences among the doctors and social services physiotherapy may lead to misunderstanding (Beck, 2013).
  • Lack of support from each member of the team in order to take proper care of residents elderly diagnosed with dementia (Baer, 2004).
  • Adequate resources within the organization leading to poor treatment for dementia patient.
  • There may be some participants in the team that are resisting new changes deployed in care home.
  • Ineffective leadership leading to decrease in team performance.

The above mentioned factor reflect the leadership, resources constraint and other related factors affect the performance of team to a great extent. Similarly, lack of experience among employees is another critical factor through which an organization cannot cope up with changing scenario. This has direct impact on the overall service quality of care home and health and social care. Furthermore, ineffective leadership style do not allow employees to cater need of patients effective. This is because staff members cannot render service with quality standard as they find lack of guidance. Another reason might be that poor leadership style reduce the level of confidence among workforce. Owing to this, it might be possible that need of services users are not satisfied effectively. Furthermore, management must find those issues by setting suitable style of leadership. It aids to provide immense support to employees and accordingly provide them guidance in achieving specified objectives on right time. Apart from this, lack of authority along with given task is also serious issues by which personnel cannot be motivated to complete their task on right time. In this regards, it is very important for management to resolve those issues with clear communication among team members. Apart from this, lack of enough resources makes it impossible for corporation to achieve long as well as short term objectives.

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Explain how challenges to effective team performance can be overcome

In care home, these challenges can be overcome through developing proper understanding between doctors and other staff (Allinson, Armstrong, S. and  Hayes, J., 2011). It can be done by increasing their regular interaction and by organizing some internal activities within the enterprise. Meetings must be undertaken by management that how necessary is team support in home care, for undertaking proper care of dementia patients. Before going for any change, leader must entail all the benefits associated with the change process among the team members (Armstrong and Stephens, 2005). Leader must adopt democratic leadership style where he can allow team members to participate in decision making process, for enhancing the overall performance of team associates.

For resolving challenges a team has, management of care home can provide training to staff members. This aids to enhance the level of knowledge and skills members have currently. Similarly, employees of corporation need to understand the need of effective leadership style. With this,management will be able to adopt appropriate style of leadership for providing right guidance to staff members. In addition to this, corporate culture must be improved for providing respect to staff members who have different set of values, culture. Apart from this, employees must be motivated with monetary and non-monetary reward to enhance the level of confidence among employees and improve the service quality.

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Analyze how different management styles may influence outcomes of team performance

The different management styles that can be adopted by a leader of home care can be autocratic, democratic, bureaucratic etc. Autocratic style is one in which entire decision of organization is taken by its leader (Adair, 2009). However, in case of democratic style, leaders allow staff to participate in decision-making process. Bureaucratic management style totally depends upon clear hierarchical levels. This is somewhat a formal system specifies individual with its responsibility. In the present scenario, home care patients are suffering from dementia. Therefore, there is a need for bureaucratic style, as every member of a team must realize his responsibility towards elderly residents (Hofstede and Hofstede, 2005).


It is another kind of style of management which facilitates employees to work in the direction of growth. Under this, staff members are forced to follow the rules and regulations imposed by management. This in turn corporation can be able to bring sudden changes at workplace and accordingly provide motivation to workforce so as to achieve long as well as short term objectives. On the other hand, employees are not provided chance to incorporate their views and idea in the managerial decision. Thus, such kind of leadership style proves to be effective for high level of work efficiency and high productivity along with increased rate of return. Also, the negative aspect of such kind of management style is high attrition rate, demotivated employees and low productivity.


It is another style of leadership style wherein leaders adopt relatively liberal approach so as to enhance the level of motivation among workforce. Under this, management communicate the roles and responsibilities of staff members and accordingly delegate the authority among them. It contributes towards giving upward direction to business so as to achieve long as well as short term objectives of company. This kind of leadership style aids to make employees highly satisfied and dedicated. This is because management communicate among them regarding work to be done. On the other hand, by adopting leadership style, it might be possible that workforce are not able to meet the targets on right time.


This is another style of leadership under which workforce come with set pattern of experience and skills which leads to achieve their targets effectively. It is also very important that all employees are experienced enough. It is also known as loosely translated means all employees are allowed to work at their own. This is because management give authorities to apply their own concept in completing the task in an  effectual manner. Here, employees become over confident and they may not achieve their deadlines. On the other hand, laissez faire enhances the level of motivation among staff members working in care home.

Analyze methods of developing and maintaining:

There are several methods used for development and maintenance of trust among teams. In this regard role of personnel are defined in clear manner so that their accountability for particular task can be determined. Further, supervision is also done of team according to define criteria which in turn personnel can perform their task in an effectual manner. Similarly, job description is given to nurture staff so they can effectively carry out task allocated among them. This in turn company or care home facilitates to provide good quality of services to large number of service users. In case of non-compliance of given task there must be provision in term of punishment. This create fear among workforce to ensure compliance of set standard. Apart from this, sense of achievement must be generated among workforce if they comply the set standard with regards to accountability, trust.

Trust-Members of home care must trust each other, as this is an important component that keeps individual together for uplifment in a team performance. For building of trust among the members there is a need of open communication. Doctors, social services physiotherapy etc. must be honest in talking and sharing meaningful information among the team for increasing trust.  The trust can be developed and maintained by adopting liberal approach with workforce wherein they get motivation to complete the target on right time. It can be done by allowing staff members to incorporate in the decision making process. Also, team work can be provided by setting common goal for group members so they all work in the same direction in order to achieve  collective success.

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Support a Positive Culture Within The Team For a Health And Social Care

Identify the components of a positive culture within own team:

There are important components that home care staff must maintain to create a positive culture within their team. These are relating to teamwork, reliability, effective communication and attendance (Lukic, Margaryan and Littlejohn, 2010). These all components are needed within the team, as it will help members to take proper care of elderly residents suffering from dementia. Even these factors will help leader to retain their staff within the team for a longer period. It will also help the organization management to increase job satisfaction among employees.

Furthermore, positive work culture is very important for the success and growth of business. Here, health and safety is ensured at workplace so that workforce can work with integrity. Also, all team members are allowed to share their problem with management. It leads to reduce their barriers in process of effective care of patients. Furthermore, continuous training should be provided to employees so they can easily complete their targets on right time. Thus, positive culture is achieved with good work environment and support of employees as well as management in same direction.

Demonstrate how own practice supports a positive culture in the team

The qualities that are needed to be practiced by leader to enhance positive culture in his care home team are as follows;

Honesty- Leader of home care must be honest enough in his functioning; if he will be honest and ethical in his behavior then his team will be following the same (Nichols, 2007).

Ability to delegate- It is very important for a leader to identify the team members strength and accordingly delegate the work in a care home.
Communication- Proper communication will help leader to practice healthy working environment among the team members.

Communication- Proper communication will help leader to practice healthy working environment among the team members.

Commitment- Leader of care home must be committed in its work as there is a need of proper care of elderly residents suffering from dementia. Even it will set an example for other members within a team (Reis, Xiao and Savage, 2007).

Use systems and processes to support a positive culture in the team

In order to create positive culture in the team, various systems and process can be:

Flexible work schedule- Management must plan flexible work schedule for their doctors, nurses, social services physiotherapy etc. This will help team members to devote proper commitment to their activities.

Freedom to create- If leader will be providing proper support with some direction and trust then it will lead to achieve all objectives of care home (Beck, 2013).

No micromanaging- Leader must not over delegate the work to its team members. They must only be given with work for which they are hired in the home care (Mullane, 2013).

Thus, above mentioned processes are used to support positive work culture in team. It assists organization to carry out all the task and complete the specific objectives in an effectual manner. For example, flexible work schedule generate positive attitude among staff workers because they can easily manage their personal as well as professional life. Apart from this, freedom provided to service providers is also the imperative by which company can maintain positive corporate culture where employees with high level of motivation and confidence.

Encourage creative and innovative ways of working within the team

  • Leader must ask for ideas from each member of the care home team.
  • Being accessible as it encourages team members to share their innovative ideas.
  • Organization must welcome diversity of thoughts and opinions.
  • Sometime creative and innovative ways must be initiated in the working hours, so that team can stay together and have some fun.
  • Team must carry out some brainstorming session on daily basis with some open-ended questions (Barling, Slater and Kelloway, 2010).
  • Leader must reward those members who entail different ideas and thoughts.

Leader must ask for ideas from each member of the care home team.
Being accessible as it encourages team members to share their innovative ideas.
Organization must welcome diversity of thoughts and opinions.
Sometime creative and innovative ways must be initiated in the working hours, so that team can stay together and have some fun.
Team must carry out some brainstorming session on daily basis with some open-ended questions (Barling, Slater and Kelloway, 2010).
Leader must reward those members who entail different ideas and thoughts.

Thus, liberal approach and positive attitude of management towards employees prove to be effective to encourage creative and innovative ways of working in a team. In this regard, work pressure is reduced at level in certain time span. This helps to feel workforce relaxed and accordingly they can implement creative ideas at workplace. Apart from this, innovative idea can come out from team by conducting different types of activities. This is because extra activities not only fresh mind of staff workers but also bring innovation in their work and make them feel good.


From the report it can be concluded that performance appraisal is the best way to improve productivity and providing good quality of services to patients. It facilitates to bring improvement in the working of nursing staff. It can also be said that team work promotes positive environment in the organization and fulfill its long as well as short term objectives in an effective way.


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