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Key Responsibilities of Leadership Role And Styles of Marriott

University: University of Wales

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 21 / Words 5189
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BMSW6101
  • Downloads: 302
Question :

Aim: To investigate leadership responsibilities within the workplace and the value of the objective analysis of personal capability and limitations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Measure personal ability to accomplish responsibilities of the leadership role in reference to established leadership styles;
  • Examine and measure plan of action for leadership in context to others;
  • Plan for the changed leadership of a proper level of complexity in the workplace.


With the help of practical activities and seminar presentations, appropriate theoretical models and methodological frameworks can be adopted to inform personal experiences and examples drawn from the workplace. Critical reflection will be integral to each formative assessment which will show knowledge in a several ways suitable to the workplace.

 The assessment should determine and agree a specific organisational context in which the importance of knowing emergent leadership skills for the workplace can be determined. Through the application of the knowledge gained the workplace issue of choice can be demonstrated of the importance of emergent leadership skills in the workplace.


  • Present the idea and importance of assessing your personal ability to fulfil responsibilities of the leadership role in respect to established leadership styles. The assessment should be discussed in detail representing both strengths and limitations with references to models and theories of leadership in context to organisation. (2500 words)
  • Examine the Whitbread Annual Report 2018, uploaded on Moodle. After the investigation, compare and contrast the styles and approaches of leadership of the CEO of Whitbread and yourself. (2500 words)

Ten references of books and Journal article in this article.

Answer :
Organization Selected : Marriott


In the global organization, all the companies want to have the proper level of development in understanding the demands of the customer along with the level of risk and uncertainness which the company have to keep in consideration for the level of development of company. Leaderships is something which is been considered beyond the appoints of manger which is considered as the factor which is influencing other. In business everybody at one point of time or another which is considered as the probably one who have witnessed the results of leadership which have the consideration of being poor (Uslu, 2019). This has the consistence is the listless along with confused employee who are not able to have proper motivation for there employees in leading towards the stagnating sales, excess costs, and crumbling profits. In this report there will be discussion on the understanding of the concept and importance of critically evaluating ability to fulfil key responsibilities of the leadership role within the context of established leadership styles. With addition to that the company have tends to gain the really powerful tents trust of employees in having proper level of gathering the respective data which will helps in developing the strategies of company along with motivation of skilful employees in more perspective manner. With next to that there will be Critically analysed the Whitbread Annual Report 2018 along with having the compare and contrast the leadership styles and approaches of the CEO of Whitbread and hotel Marriott.

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Emergent leadership is considered as the type of leadership in which the member of the group are not appointed with the respective elective role. Rather than they are responsible to have development of the leadership styles as per there interaction with groups. The company which is trying in order to have gain over competitive advantage in market are majorly focussed on the new types of leadership which turn to have the value addition to the company. There are consistency of many researchers that the gaining success over large number of employees is using majorly big data analytics which is in order to have determination over continuous learning along with collaboration and intellectual humility to have the specific characteristics of been successful employees in company (Rast, 2015). The company has to have proper evaluation of the work of the leadership is not just to have recruitment and management of the working culture of company. On other hand the company have tends to gain the really powerful tents trust of employees in having proper level of gathering the respective data which will helps in developing the strategies of company along with motivation of skilful employees in more perspective manner. In the organization such as Marriott there had been method to have recruitment of employee-as using various methods of recruitments having the linkage with future orientation of job. The company tends to have the adaption of the soft skills of leadership in order to have gain over predictive success which is tends to having the proper establishment of humility, collaboration and providing them love to learn and re learn for development of company in gaining more level of competitive advantage and further level of development.

With respect to that company tends to have the generation of ability of cognitive which tends to be primary research or attribute of success and the level of experimentation is considered to be less importation for development of company. There is discordance of veracious level of emergent leadership which have inclusion of desire to learn in order to have ability to process and integrate the disparate bits of uniformitarianism into the authenticated solution which is considered as the important parts for development of contents knowledge. The emergent leaders have the classification of employee which these qualities will be considered as someone who is above the learning of an expert. The expert have the consideration over the fixed knowledge and rigid thinking over the different aspects for developmental of company. On other hand the non expert will help in uncovering something which is hidden and turn to be miracle fort company tentativeness development (Ghasabeh, Soosay, and Reaiche, 2015). On next to that humility have the importances tends to layering as because humility one cannot have learning from there respective failure and mistakable in order to have success sharing with others. An individual who are considered as the emergent leader which not haver deprived for having power or position in the company. On the other hand they will try to have development of ability which can have encompassed of steering things into there respective directions along with having the competencies to develop the social situation. En the emergents leaders, there should be proper identification of appropriate timing and intensification of opportunity steer than just enjoying the official status of an leader. The leader should have the compromise nature in order to have letting someone to make the time and things perfect which will have relinquishing power. The important aspects for leadership traits as considered to be Consistency, fairness and predictability in decision-making. The employee have to have maintenance over understanding the landscape of management with unpredictably to have management limits in freedom and creativity. The company should have the proper evaluation of the employees in p4ovidingimprovemnt of the further managers and respective employee as the factor should have the consistency along with being respectful and training team in fairer manner. As per the big data providence for the importation have the developing of better understanding in quality of decision-making along with respective leadership. On the other hand the researcher have predicted that there still need for the various elements of human insights along with judgement and human inspiration. As these will helps in analysing the various direction is considered be correct or not. It has been believed that there are need for the fundamentals' information in order to have creation of employees overexcitement and level of happiness which have the providence to them in order to get extra mile happiness. The company should have the establishment of understanding theta every employee have contribution as well as feeling sense of responsibility to solve the occurrence of issues In order to have success in organizational collaborative foundation.

To be a leadership is about having a very well above rather than simply being appointed as manager. An effective leadership have the identification of the factor which can help in influencing and providing motivation the employees to wards the respective gaols and strategies of company. In having the proper evaluation of the leadership traits to have proper understanding of various level of traits (StorbergWalker and HaberCurran eds., 2017). There have been many attempts to define these qualities over the years, and perceptions of what distinguishes leaders have changed. The leader should have the basic availability of the traits in order t have succession in organization to be achieved as the global level of adversary which makes the company more level of understandable in different marketeers. As per the researcher have the indemnification of the following basic traits which is considerer to be necessary for development of company. The larder is having consideration of basic element in attracting attention by exercising the level of strong vision commitment for the accomplishment. The leaders are to be considered as the trustworthy and along with chasing the proper level of self-awareness which will help in providing the personal development by chasing the level of self objective for development. In discovering the traits which necessary to been emergent leader, I have founded that I was having the mostly attainment of these traits which will helps in developing the several individual gaols in longer perspective of decision-making. On the other hand the leader should have the proper level of development of communication skill along with understanding of negotiation skill. Unfortunately I am lacking is developing the communication skill which is creating the level of difficulty in having proper level of interaction with my follow mates and other team for development of organizational vision and mission with strategic impersonalization. 

There are various leadership style which is an important aspect for development of leader in this positive world (Gotsis and Grimani, 2016). Leadership styles vary according to organizational structure, people, environment, and task. Leaders promote loyalty among subordinates by keeping an open mind, being self-aware, and being inquisitive. No matter have key of responsibility you are entertaining , there is level of expectancy in making the exhibition of leadership skills in workplace which is having the major consideration over extension of personality which have speaker up in volume reminding the elective of credibility as the working professionals. Interlayering were all have the consideration of having piscicultural leaders inside ourself. There are occurrence of different situation and challenges in company which needs to have providence of better solution rather than consuming between management with leadership or vice versa. The difference leadership style on set of responsibility along with having the challenges in having distract level and styles of leadership as being the personality types and clarity in kind of leadership which have the level of retrogression of the different in wants turning out rt be more difficult. There are difference in the leadership style which have the mostly as autocratic, democratic and the transformational leadership are been considered as the important aspects of development of leadership style in the company.

The leader in the respective company have the major role in developing the vision and mission of company which can have providence of linkages in to organizational goal and objective for the further level of development (Murphy, Jansson and Hoyt., 2017). The next is having the consideration over making of collection of data which will helps the company leaders and manager to have proper evaluation's of current situation of company along to meetup the needs for respective future development. The leaders should have the capability to identify the level of prevailing gaps in company to make the proper utilization of opportunity which with effects of plan which is needed to be created in implementation of the strategy of leadership development In more perspective manner. The company tends to have the depend on capable leadership to guide them through unprecedented changes . In the current situation companies are failing to have the proper adaption of the change along with appropriated implementation of the strategic plan in more successful manner in order to have establishment of future which is considered to unpredictable. But many top executives bemoan the lack of leadership bench strength in their companies and wonder what will happen once the baby-boomer generation of leaders finally steps aside.

In order to have the evaluating the style of leadership in myself as been introduced as the being autocratic, as per the Reichenpfader, Carlfjord and Nilsen, 2015.autocracy is been co0nisdered as re one dimensional style of leadership style which have handling of full power along with authority to the respective leader and manager. In this respective style of leadership, leaders are able to make the all level of decision without having in level of consultation in respective to their subordinates or team members. In this leadership style, the leader is having the responsibility to make decision and communicate to team members in order to have followed up on immediate basis. As considered into the net shell the leaders have the inconsideration to be ultimate decision makers which is favouring the autocratic leadership style. I have identified as the one in myself having strong level of profile along with follow-up of very strong on schedule and

 have a quick decision-making process. In the other hand this leadership style in also highlight the major level of weakness in me which is impacting the level of decision-making I am trying to proclaim in my personality for development. As there leadership style have the taken the full level of responsibility in all the decision-making in teams handling with taking the respective review this process in turning out to be very busy which can have leading to stress and health problem. The Fenner, and Piotrowski, 2018. also stated that I can be turning out bad to the employee who are considered the highly skill ans motivated workers as this will provisional dampen morales along with resurrection in creativity and productivity of company team members. This style in considered as good one in taking best decisions there is lack of team input from team members who have experience and skills. On the other hand just unlike to professional or transformational leadership the company have the tendency to be more self evaluated and motivated which makes positive impacts in teams members in order to have completion of task as per the respective requirement and creativity. The company have consideration that in absence of authoritative leadership there is no consideration of team members in making them to work. However, the main weaknesses of this approach, are lack of creativity, creation of hostility within a group and no allowance of collaboration.

The further relevance I have identified in my understanding about the implementation of leadership model in my personality along with context of organization role and values, there is maximum level of relevance in making the implementation of the authentic leadership model which is dealing about sincerity. In am aware of the side effect in holding which is having the refection of values in the respective way of speak, act, and lead. Staying true to those values use to express a sense of authenticity and genuineness (Debnath,. and Mishra, 2017). This also helps in developing the credibility of leaders which is try to make them more trust worthy. This model has identification of the respective characterization which is tailoring all about the self-awareness, relational transparency, balanced processing, and internalized moral perspective. There is major weakness of this authentic leadership model is that most of the leaders who are considered to be real will in moments and genuine as competitive to phony who is hard to read and figure out. In addition to that having the lack in authenticity as considered to be right things in which I am not feeling to have the best interest in yourself along with team and organization. The proper dealing of authentic leadership would have the level of requirement ion order to have communication with daily purpose of life. In having the emotional leadership roller-coaster there is lack of focus is the thing which is actually I am experiencing. The authentic leadership model can be turning out to be bad model as the there are existence of leaders who are having the value in acting truthful, candid, and connected to who you really are is important, and is a leadership quality worth aspiring to. I am not an easy person who can be turning out to change my perception and behaviour that can be had the feeling of everything to be naturals and change can be considered in good and prosperous aspects for development of company in order ton the competitive advantage for development in marketing environment.

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Whitbread plc is the British multinational hotel and restaurant company which had become the largest brewery in the world. The company is been considered as the UK leading hospitality company (Najmaei, Quazi,and Behnia, 2017). The company is identified as the aim to be the best budget hotel business in world by providing the best services or value for the money. The company having the delight for customers so that they can come back again and again along with having proper focus on efficiency of every day which will drives towards the long term growth which s considered to be profitable. Whit bread's plan is to deliver long-term growth in earnings and dividends, combined with a strong return on capital. The company have the development of the and execution in more of disciplined way as with the consideration of strategic priorities. The company tends to have the development of the priorities which will helps in developing of the company in order to have gain over the profitably of company as having innovative growth of UK core business with next on focusing on the major strength of company in order to have the development and growth at international level. 

The last one is about the enhancing of captaincies to have support over long term which means as the winning teams of the company having the delight for customers so that they can come back again and again along with having proper focus on efficiency of every day which will drives towards the long term growth which s considered to be profitable ( Kiersch and Peters,, 2017). In inlays of the annuals repost it has been identified that the operation team retention in the company have the constants recension as comparative to last years that is 88.88 %. The team retention have the consideration to be important in order to have providence of better services to customer along with having reduction in cost of training and development. With next to have talk on brand performance which is being evaluated in thee different area that is premier inn, restaurants and the costa. With respect to the restaurant, the premier inn and costa has experienced the level of downfall as competitive to previous years. The company have the experiencing the excellent ways of customers have evaluation of performance along with preferences over the respective other competitors. . The last one is about branded expansion s absolute growing of company in UK and overseas which is considered as important part to the company strategic performance and priorities in order measure the progress. The company have sleek a downfall in growth in number of premier inn rooms in UK as comparative to year 2017.

As per the annual repost the company tends to have the measurement of robust performances as being in year along with challenging in costa sale and trading. On the other hand company tends to have intensification of slow level of growth in market of hotel development (Antonakis and Day eds., 2017). But on other hand the company have the tendency top have productions of solid level of performance in financial terms as the Revenues for the continuing business were up by 2.1% to £2,049 million and underlying operating profit was up by 0.6% to £466 million. Statutory profit was down by 39.1% to £260 million.

The next is that company is majorly focusing in developing the as company is trying to have focus on strength along with 23 important innovation properties of company for further level of development which will helps in enacting the capabilities to support the long term growth development. White breads have the tendency to have proper evaluation of services which is making customer more reliable to the working with having over all development to make the services more appropriates and make them have returning of services to extreme level. The company despite having short term challenges, the competitive position of Whitbread. There is ongoing level of disciplined way of allocation's of capital along with focusing on the proper execution of in making development of strategic plan. The market development of the company have proper grabbing of market share from the declining independent hotel sector in the UK and Germany. There is level of deliveries the ability to have proper earning in growth along with dividends as combined in straining return of capitals which ensured over the long term.

There is composition level of development on company operation's which delivery the robust level of financial operations dining the respective years of 2018. Whitbread plc company tends top have group revenue up 2.1% to £2,049 million and underlying profit before tax increased by 1.2% to £438 million (Tirmizi, Williams and Tirmizi, 2019). With addition to that company have makes the level of makes to new hotels as which helps in offsetting the inflation along with lowering the net finance costs which benefited from deposit of the Costa sale proceeds. As last company has level of experience the UK forth quarter which is consisting of major uncertainness which have impacted the business in terms of appropriates planning and spending leisure. The firm favour premier inn was majorly affected which having the reflection of high regionalize presences and higher level of proposition of domestic customers rather than the competitors. The London market have the consideration of stranger market as comparative to nearby is heavily impacts in international travelling which tends the premier in to have gain limitedly benefit. However, despite the short-term weakness in the UK regional market, the long-term structural opportunity remains attractive and Whitbread's strong balance sheet ensures resilience.

Compare and contrast leadership styles and approaches

Leadership requires for each and every organization to develop and innovate their business at a large scale and help companies to improve their effectiveness and develop their business at a large scale. Require at each and every level in an organization. Leadership makes work easy and develop working in an organization. Help to motivate employees effectively towards achievement of goals and tasks in an organization. Require to make effective use of resources and to develop and innovate business of an organization(Amanchukwu, Stanley and Ololube, 2015.) . Whitbread is an British multinational hotel in united kingdom that provide their services to their customer to motivate them and to develop their effectiveness at a large scale. Whitbread uses transformational leadership in which team members are obey the rules and regulation set by their leader that also help to develop and innovate effective utilization of their products and services. It help leader to bring efforts of their employees towards development and achievement of goals. Leaders also have a right to punish ineffective employees. Theory help to develop job satisfaction in their employees so they work according to their requirement. This style help leaders of whitbread to inspire their employees it provide employees vision of their company that they want to achieve in future in this leaders spend their time to communicate with their employees and help them to achieve goals and objectives of their business. Hotel Marriott uses transformational leadership style to guide their employees and make them to complete effective work in their organization and help them in overall development of their business at an extreme level. In hotel leader use power to motivate their employees to work in their organization according to requirement which help them in overall development and to improve effectiveness of their services. In this style hotel leaders provide opportunities to their members to give their suggestion that help organization to develop their business. Due to this style of leadership employees of Whitbread are demotivated and it increases their staff turnover. Which overall effects their profitability in an organization. Team members are not able to develop creativity and help organization to develop their business. 

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Decision making

In hotel Whitbread they give opportunities to their employees to show their views and points to develop strategies for their business and require to develop overall organization(Armstrong, 2016.) . It help to increase employees participation and develop strategies require for overall development and effectiveness of organization. Skilled employees comes with effective plans and policies that help organization to develop and make effective use of resources available to them. Leadership style help hotel Whitbread to get innovative ideas that have ability to develop and creativity in their products and services.

Whereas in hotel Marriott they use autocratic leadership which help them to take decision effectively and quickly according to their requirement but it demotivate their employees and have low participation of the members due to power of leader it reduce morale and de-motivates their employees and effects their overall creativity that help business to develop.


Leaders in Whitbread works to influence their employees to motivate them to work effectively in their organization an help towards development of organization goals. Influence them to work hard to achieve their personal goal which help in overall development of organization(Bolden, 2016.) . Leaders are role model for employees and they follow their leaders. Members in a team of hotel respect their leader and work according to guidelines set by leaders.

Whereas leaders of hotel Marriott will use power to get work done from their employees this de motivates and decrease their effectiveness while working for organization. Leader pay less attention to influence their employees and more emphasize to complete work.


Leaders of Whitbread have clear goals and objectives that their organization wants to achieve and provide clear specification and guide their employees towards achievement of those goals. Motivation help to get effective work from employees and help organization to develop and innovate new products and policies and help organization to achieve their goals and objectives. Leaders help follower to achieve their personal goals to motivate them make them understand use of new technologies and trends in an organization.

Hotel Marriott leaders are put less attention towards innovation and development of employees and more emphasize to develop organization and to achieve goals and objectives of business. They will not build positive relation with their employees which de-motivates them and reduces their efforts towards development of organization and make them ineffective for organization.


Hotel Whitbread is able to motivate their employees and get effective work done from their employees(Bush, Bell and Middlewood, 2019.). Motivation help them to develop smooth working in their organization and require to develop and bring innovation in overall effectiveness of their services. When employees or members are motivated them they help organization to increase their productivity by providing them quality services. Leaders in hotel guide employees to work in a team and they resolve conflicts between employees which help organization in developing positive environment in their organization.

Employees in Hotel Marriott are ineffective due to inefficiency of their leaders which effects overall development of their organization. Leaders are not able to increase participation and not able to satisfy them by providing services that help to engage their customers effectively towards achievement of organizational goals. Due to less interaction and negative relation between leaders and members effects growth of an organization. Help organization to motivate and develop their business.

Work environment

In hotel Whitbread they are able to develop work environment which help them in overall effectiveness and achievement of their goals and objectives. Because each and every employees get equal respect and clear and easy understanding of working in organization(Diamond and Spillane, 2016.). Helping nature of leaders help to build positive relation in an organization and develop effectiveness towards achievement of goals and objectives in an organization. Everyone in organization is on same page and help in development of organization at a large scale.

Employees in hotel Marriott are not able to work in negative environment. Because leaders use power to influence their employees which effects their overall development in an organization and make them ineffective towards achievement of their goals and objectives. Work environment make employees unable to work and cope up with changes.

Working in different environment

Hotel Whitbread uses transactional leadership that make their employees to work effectively by motivation and leaders also build an positive image in mid of their employees that help them to achieve goals and objectives of organization. But due to changes in work policies and develop business to improve effectiveness of their products and services. Changes make employees ineffective and development of their business at a large scale.

Whereas Hotel Marriott leaders use power to influence their customers and make them effective towards achievement of goals and objectives. Leaders are able to make their employees work in an changing environment with effective utilization of their services. Leaders are to make their cope up with new trends and technologies.


Leaders of Whitbread tries to develop their employees to work in changing environment to increase effectiveness of their products and services(Gopee and Galloway, 2017.) . They help to provide opportunities to their employees to bring out their creativity and they are to develop innovation in their organization and make effective use of resources that help hotel to reduce wastage of their products and services.

Whereas People in Hotel Marriott trying to develop and innovate their products and services and require to develop and effective utilization of their products and services. Leaders will not provide opportunities to develop creativity in their employees that effect overall development of their organization at a large scale.

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Leadership requires at each and every level of organization and help to develop and improve effectiveness of their products and services and require to develop and innovate their products and services. Leadership help to expand business and achieve goals and objectives of an organization at a large scale and help in overall development and improving effectiveness of their products and services. Leaders help to attract large number of customers towards organization products and services. Require to develop and innovate organization objectives and help to motivate employees. Make an effective utilization of organization products and services. In this report Whitbread uses transformational leadership that help them to attract and innovate their products and services and require to develop their business at a large scale. Leaders of hotel are able to make their employees effective towards organization by satisfying their wants and desires and help them in achieving their personal goals and objectives. Whereas Hotel Marriott uses autocratic leadership that make them ineffective because leaders use power to influence their customers and build an negative image in minds of their people and employees that effect their overall development and innovation. Due to power employees are not able to engage with organizations working and get de-motivates due to their ineffective leaders. Leaders need to effective that help them in achievement of goals and objectives of organization at a large scale. Hotel uses transformational leadership that help them to motivate their employees.


  • Amanchukwu, R.N., Stanley, G.J. and Ololube, N.P., 2015. A review of leadership theories, principles and styles and their relevance to educational management. Management. 5(1). pp.6-14.
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