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Human Resource Management Approach For Hilton Hotel

University: Princeton University

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 8 / Words 2042
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: HRM 3206
  • Downloads: 540
Organization Selected : Hilton Hotel


Human resource management (HRM) is an approach used by firms for the effective management of most valuable assets of organisation i.e. people. The basic necessity of any organisation operating in service industry is its human resources without whom to run business is not possible (Boella, 2017). Present study is based on Hilton hotel, UK which is one of the largest hotel brands across world. There will be discussion on job description and person specification for the HR manager in Hilton Hotel. Also, selection processes used by Hilton and British Airways will be compared. Contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of Hilton Hotel will be given as well.

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1.1 Job description and person specification for HR manager in Hilton Hotel


Company – Hilton Hotel, London

Department – Human Resource

Position – HR Manager

Reporting To – Head of Department

Job Brief

Hotel is looking for an HR Manager to look after the personnel and their related matters in organisation that starts from recruitment to providing compensation and training to staff with assessing their performance.

To get best fit on this job role, experience in hospitality industry on some higher position of HR is required with having knowledge regarding labour legislation especially with respect to flexible working hours.

Overall, you need to ensure that staff is engaged, motivated, well-trained and productive to render high quality customer services.


  • To make recruitment plans for front-house and back-house personnel
    • To give job ads regarding open roles using online and print media
    • To screen and take interviews of candidates with their evaluation
    • To provide job offers and employment contracts
    • To provide salary with calculating payroll based on overtime, leaves and holidays
    • To give benefits to retain employees
    • To arrange and provide job related training sessions
    • To keep a track on turnover rate and source of hire
    • To ensure that staff complies with all laws and regulations of hotel industry


  • At least 5-7 year’s work experience as an HR Manager in some reputed hotel
    • Hands-on experience in the hiring of all kinds of positions present in hotel
    • Should have knowledge regarding all kinds of employment flexibilities
    • Must be familiar with software related to payroll, resume database and ATS
    • Degree of BSc in HR or in some other related field like organisational psychology


HR Manager


First degree in Business Administration or related fields from a nationally recognised institution.


  • A PG (post graduate) degree in HRM (human resource management) or any other related fields or disciplines like employee relations, organisational behaviour, etc., relevant to the position of HR Manager.
  • Membership in CIPD, SHRM, etc. received through professional experience from a specialised human resource body which should be recognised at the national level.

Experience and knowledge

  • At least 5 to 7 years in HRM with special reference to compensation and benefits and contract administration
  • Experience in hiring people at all kinds of positions in hotel
  • Advisory experience; given to staff and managers in respect with hiring and selection with contractual provisions
  • Experience to work with diverse and cross cultural teams
  • Should have practice to work under pressure and bringing changes with a flexible approach


  • Experience of at least 1 year with an international organisation
  • Knowledge of using electronic HR systems like online selection tools

Evaluating aim of recruitment and the techniques used in its process through different HR theories

Resource Based Theory and Stakeholder or Collaborative Theory of HRM are those approaches which justify the aim of recruitment as well as techniques used in it. The resource based theory of HRM states that workforce is to be recruited with giving due consideration on their strategic value as well as issues of workplace learning (Bratton and Gold, 2017). If Hilton will use this theory, it has to consider its employees as a group of productive resources. Thus, at the time of hiring people, it uses techniques like online and print job ads with an aim to recruit the best suitable candidates who can render quality customer services and make firm able to gain competitive advantage (Nieves and Quintana, 2018).

Another theory of HRM is Stakeholder or Collaborative Theory in which for the recruitment, company uses appropriate communication methods like social media with an aim to approach highly skilled and capable candidates so that any organization like Hilton hotel could establish effective cooperation as well as coordination at workplace. This theory focuses on all stakeholders of company to achieve a common goal by making them work collaboratively for the betterment of business (Baum, 2016).

1.2 Comparing the selection process of different service industry’s businesses

In Thomas Cook which is one of the leading travel and tourism organisations of UK having highest customer base, it has been observed that in comparison to other firms like Hilton hotel, company is using somewhat different selection process to select a candidate on some vacant position. In case of hiring person on the position of HR manager, at first, company invites candidates through giving advertisement via their official websites or other social media (Hughes, 2018). After that, HR department of Thomas Cook does screening on the basis of which candidate chosen are invited for the interview that is taken by top management. In the next and last stage, the one being shortlisted by the higher authorities is being selected at the position of HR manager.

On the other hand, in Hotel Hilton, people are invited for the vacant position like in case of HR manager through giving job ads via online or print media. After that, in the next phase, a written test is taken by the candidates based on their knowledge regarding department to which they applied for (Mahal, 2018). Those who pass this test are shortlisted and referred for the next step i.e. personal interview (PI) in which higher authorities test the candidates in terms of their knowledge, skills and abilities. Finally, the one who is selected in this round is brief out with all terms and conditions of Hilton hotel and if he/she gets satisfied with same, company provides joining letter (Baum, 2016). So, it can be said that if both the organizations have their own selection processes that are somewhat different from each other but, judges the candidates through a systematic structure of steps. Getting sick of finding resource material for your Law assignments? Opt for our Law Assignment Help UK service and save yourself from all this trouble.


2.1 Contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of Hilton Hotel

In the present scenario, companies give due emphasis on training and development of employees for making employees and business grow attain success for longer span of time. In Hotel Hilton, seniors give direction and guidance to the staff so that set targets can be achieved by them effectually. However, to gain excellent results, Hilton hotel is providing effective training and development sessions to employees which ultimately leads to enhance their productivity and minimize the costs of company (Sheehan, Grant and Garavan, 2018). It can be said that there is high contribution of training and development activities in the effective operations of Hilton hotel. This can be justified by the below mentioned points:

  • Increases productivity of employees: Hotel Hilton employs people who can perform their roles and responsibilities efficiently. After providing training, they all become capable enough to fulfil their long term goals and make company gain competitive advantage over others. Further, this provides chance to employees to have future development with lots of career opportunities (Baum, 2018).
  • Leads to high quality of products and services:When employees are provided with proper training and development sessions based on their roles and requirements that may be on-the-job or off-the-job, their work gets improved which results in increasing the quality of services that customers of Hilton hotel. Thus, it can be said that training contributes in improving image of organisation in the eyes of public.
  • Enhances profitability:Training and development of employees increases their existing skills, knowledge and abilities with which they perform their allotted tasks in a better way which leads to increase the profits of organisation (Qureshi, 2016).
  • Motivates employees: As training enhances the skills, abilities and knowledge of employees, they get highly motivated with which their performance gets improved. Therefore, with increased proficiencies, quality work is done that contributes in effective operations of hotel
  • Improved working culture of the organisation:It can be said that training and development programs prove to be highly helpful in promoting a positive work culture at workplace with the help of which Hilton hotel establishes a learning culture that results in running operations effectually (Nieves and Quintana, 2018).

Barriers and attitudes to training in Hilton hotel

  • Employee resistance to change – Major barriers to training in Hilton hotel is resistance of employees to change. Being in such a competitive industry, firm needs to keep on bringing changes but, many a times, it happens that employees resist in accepting the same for which training is to be provided (7 Barriers to Organisational Learning, 2017).
  • Disrespect of team success – Sometimes, employees show negative attitude towards training because they are not happy with the team they are working for and so, they disregard its success and are not willing to learn anything.
  • Complexity – In the modern world, Hilton hotel to keep pace with changes occurring in environment is using multiple systems and platforms for which training is given to employees but sometimes, to learn the same becomes difficult for staff and so, they become negative and disinterested (Hughes, 2018).

Overall objectives of Hilton hotel

  • To provide high quality customer serviceMajor aim of Hilton hotel is to render high quality services to customers so that they can be retained for longer span of time. For the same, training and development of employees plays a significant role as they are human resources only who are the front face of company.
  • To increase goodwill and market shareAnother objective of Hilton hotel is to increase the goodwill as well as market share of company to gain a strong and competitive position in market over other rivalry firms. For the same, employee’s training contributes a lot as with enhanced proficiencies, they perform their tasks effectually which ultimately leads to improve the quality of operations and services and so, reputation of hotel in the eyes of customers increases (Qureshi, 2016).

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From the above report, it can be concluded that without effective management of human resources, to survive in such a dynamic and highly competitive market is not possible for Hilton hotel being in hospitality industry. It has also been assessed that with the help of training and development activities, operations in organisation can be effectually run as it increases the existing skills, knowledge and abilities of employees which ultimately results in increased productivity and profits of business.

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