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Strategic Human Resource Management - Morrison

University: ICTM College London

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Diploma
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: D/508/0491
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Table of Content

  2. TASK
Question :

This project carries an analysis of Morrisons through focusing on the following themes which are mentioned below:

  • Conducting an analysis of HR policies and practices that are applicable to Morrisons.
  • Examination of some of the external factors that influence HR decisions formed within Morrisons.
  • Determine the manner through which HR functions are organized and how HR policies and practices are delivered.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Morrison


Strategic Human resources focuses on activities which makes sure that practices of human resources department are aligned with the goals and objectives of an organisation (Boselie, 2010). The link which has been formed between human resource functions and business strategies are intended to embed positive changes in the manner organisational operations are fulfilled. The additional features which are fostered by strategic human resource management are innovation, flexibility and competitive advantage to an organisation. This assignment focuses on the human resource practices which are undertaken by Morrison's along with influence on external factors upon organisational practices.



Morrisons have emerged to be 4th largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. The headquarters of this organisation is in Bradford, England. This organisation was formed by William Morrison in 1899 and provides its services through 498 stores in the United Kingdom exclusively. This organisation has been known to form strategic human resource policies so that they are able to compete effectively with its rival organisation.

Analysis of HR practices and policies at Morrison

The Human resources policies and practices stands crucial to an organisation as they assists in delivering the framework through which people working for an organisation could be managed along with fulfilment of objectives (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). They are known to undertakes practices which began with recruitment of workforce along with setting up of expectations and goes until their retention of people in an organisation. The numerous human resource policies which are considered in an organisation are mentioned briefly.

Compensation and benefits: This organisation is known to be providing comparable salary to its employee base and set higher enough that they are able to fulfil basic requirement of people in the right manner. However there were claims that this supermarket retailer failed to compensate women worker similar to that of male counterparts. This organisation have been fined by 100 million euros by the government as they compensated women workers less by 2 euros per hour.

Labour management relations: This organisation is known to posses advisory board which is known to form and later workplace rules along with identifying solution to the various problems which have been encountered by employees while working with the organisation. The counselling on crucial grounds such as training, investigation and resolution so that suitable approach could be identified and implemented. The policies which are formulated in accordance to the employment which have been formulated by the government (Armstrong, 2011).

Workplace diversity: Diversity stands crucial in an organisation and the distinct culture and values of individuals are supported. Diversity policies helps in creating opportunities for advancement of an organisation which could be fulfilled through removing and barriers in hiring people ranging from different culture and ethnicities.

Occupational health and safety: it has been identified that most of supermarket organisation possess a clear health and safety policies which relates to their practices within stores (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). The people who have still encountered with an accident on injury can make the claim and receive compensation for the same. The risks which are preventable are eliminated so that there are minimal reporting of accidental claims relates to workforce of an organisation. Morrison is making every possible effort to protect its workforce against accidents through forming and maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

There are numerous human resource practices which are carried out in Morrison will be stated below as follows:

  • This organisation is known to take assistance from competency mapping measures while recruiting talent for the organisation so that there are increased chances of hiring a suitable candidate.
  • This organisation is known to organise tailored training and development activities so that workforce is made expert in fulfilling their roles.
  • To retain talent in the organisation, this organisation is known to form best performance work practices by formulating career progression programmes so that they are able to fulfil their need for growth.
  • The diversity in the workforce makes sure that comprehensive approach related to employees is formed. There are numerous programmes are formed so that a diverse workforce of an organisation is nurtured.

The organisation while consideration of policies and practices focuses on the best fit HRM practices. Morrison does not believe in opting for practices which are acceptable universally but tends to form policies and practices which are relevant to the environment. The best fit model which has been undertaken by the organisation persuades management to align their human resource functions with the strategies adopted by the organisation. This approach is emphasized so to make sure that human resource practices are suitable to organisational culture and are able to fulfil its objectives of enhancement of market share (Bratton and Gold, 2012).

External factors influence HRM policies and practices

It can be said that there are numerous factors which tend to affect human resources policies and practices which are undertaken in an organisation. There are variety of factors in the external environment which carries direct impact upon the business operations are largely beyond control of an enterprise (Buller and McEvoy, 2012). Therefore it is essential for professional in human resources domain to consider external factors as they tend to influence formed human resource strategies. A brief mention of the factors in the external environment factors are as follows:

Government Regulation: The government is known to form and modify compliances which relates to workplace in a frequent manner. These alternation pressurise human resource department to comply with the legislation reflected through their policies and practices. The influence can be seen on the approach in which an organisation recruits, develops, compensates and terminates and so on. The organisation who have been failed to comply with altered legislation invites legal trouble and fined extensively.

Economic Conditions: The another major influence which can be identified is that current shape of the economy determines human resource practices and policies. The economy directly impacts the ability of an organisation to hire talent and retain talent with the business. Therefore it has become very important for human resource team to ascertain economic circumstances in which this supermarket retailer is operating so that contingency plan could be developed (4 External Factors that Affect Human Resource Management, 2013). The preparation for economic downturn should be carried so that right strategies relating to human resource management and development could be carried out and unfavourable environment could be countered in the ideal manner.

Technological Advancement: Technology plays a crucial role in the in influential human resource practices in an organisation. In this contemporary business environment, new machineries and technologies are introduced on the regular basis. The incorporation of technology such as home delivery, customers analytics and smart appliances and up-gradation of supply chain assures that downsizing activities are carried out. The upgraded technology makes sure that less number of people are required to accomplish the same task (Storey, 2014). The introduction of cost-saving measures make sure that required level of workforce is retained.

Workforce Demographics: Demographics undertake study of population in an organisation. This study is carried out so that changes in terms of age, death and termination could be identified. It can be said that it is one of crucial element which influences human resources practices and policies in an organisation. In an organisation, old employees retire and new ones enters the business human resource department makes sure that best pool of talent is attracted and employed in the business. The attraction of people can be carried out through alteration of policies and practices which relates to rate of payment which can be altered so that more people could be attracted to the business along with offering a suitable work environment (CHUANG and Liao, 2010).

Workforce supply: This is referred to be a significant forces which tends to influence policies and practices which are formed by the organisation. Morrison is supermarket chain therefore employees which are required are mostly non-skilled as it does not require any expertise to complete given tasks and activities. The policies and practices which are formed in such situationist does not focus on training and development of employees as they can be availed with minimal efforts by an organisation. On the contrary skilled labour in an organisation is provided with attention and recognition so that they could be retained with an organisation as they are comparatively difficult to replace.

Presence of labour Union: The semi-skilled labour has been focus for the recruitment team as 70% of the workforce works as a sales support in this organisation. In a supermarket, there is a requirement of skill to a certain extent but very less compared to the people who are entitled to perform complex tasks. However the manager and operational workforce needs to be highly skilled so that profitability of the organisation could be maintained. There is an union formed for the people who are working with Morrisons known as USDAW (The Union for Morrisons: food, manufacturing and distribution). The union is known to resolve any problem which are encountered by the worker through provision of professional advice. The efforts of this union are directed to make sure that Morrison comes amongst one of the safest place to work and employees are valued and rewarded in the right manner. The members in this union stands approximately 45,000 and are growing. The presence of union is another factor which influence policies and practices of human resource in an organisation. It is made sure that best of employees are considered when an organisation is forming decisions relating to policy formation.

The assessment of critical factors in the external environment persuades a business to form right policies are developed. If right consideration is paid to the external factors there are strong chances that a business is able to maintain stability in an organisation and there are minimum hindrances (Daley, 2012).

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