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Compare and contrast the concepts and practices of traditional Personnel Management with Human Resource Management


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 Personnel plays a vital role in the organization as they contribute their efforts within the firm that directly in enhance its profitability and productivity. For this reason, it is essential to hire a highly skilled, talent and qualified staff workers which induce the new ideas and bringing fresh talent that enhance firm's value. The research project is context to the Mariott hotel as they hire a highly qualified talent in the workforce to deliver a high quality of services to its customers. The main discussion are based upon the personnel human resources management and strategic HRM (Tomé,2011). Therefore, company needs to increase confidence motivation due to which they conduct training programs and restructure a compensation plans. It includes mainly a incentive pay, increment pay, bonus, pension schemes and retirement plans due to which manpower retain in the workforce for a longer time period.


Compare and contrast personal management and Human resource management

The personnel management can be define as in which they are mainly concern regard to the workforce and it is a relationship with the business entity. On the other hand side, Human resource management is that in which it mainly focuses on the usages of effective manpower of the business entity. It able them to attain the objectives of the organisation that are majorly known as human resource management. Thus, they hire the workforce due to which they need to manage them by satisfy them in effective manner. The Hilton hotel adopt the personnel management is that they include various functions are the compensation, development, employment. Thus, these function are need to be perform at the primary stage in the consultation with the another departments. Whereas, the Mariott hotel adopt modern approach that is a  human resource management needs to conduct the training programs, development, compensation plans, recruitment and selection procedure etc.

The main function of personnel management is a routine functions in which they are mainly concerned with the compensating, managing the efficient workforce, procuring etc. Thus, the Hilton hotel adopt procurement that can be define as a selecting the required number of employees who are highly qualified as well as experience worker that able to attain the company's objectives (Shackleton ,2015 ). The another function are to carried out by the cited company is that development in which the main activities is that enhance the efficiency of workers by conducting training and development in which they learn new things. It includes mainly seminars, training, education and training etc. Beside this the Mariott hotel adopt the modern approach in which it perform function that are staffing in which they hire or select the manpower from the outside sources within the organisation (Shackleton, 2015). They select the qualified applicants to fill the vacant position to attract them form various place to bring the fresh talent and qualified workforce due to which firm effectively enhance their brand image. The another function that are to be carried out is the performance appraisal in which they monitor the workers performance to make sure that they are generally responsible. The main aim is to give the effective rewards, incentive plans, bonus and increment in the salary to the high performer.

Human resource management is the essential activity of business operations that  supports in managing people well in the organization. There is huge difference between HRM and Personal management. In the modern business world companies are taking support of human resource practices in order to enhance satisfaction level of its workers. So that they stay in the workplace for longer duration and company can accomplish its objective soon. Marriott hotel is managing its labour by making individual contract (Iglesias and Saleem,  2015). Cited firm treats its workers well whereas Hilton hotel adopts PM approach in which management of labour is done through collective bargaining contracts. In the personal management Hilton takes support of negotiation method to resolve conflicts of workers, in this union leader takes initiatives to discuss about the issues with the management of company. On other hand Marriott hotel believes that individual contracts are more than enough to resolve any critical issue related to staff members (An and et. al, 2015).

Human resource management is the approach in which management of Hilton hotel takes fast and speedy decisions whereas in the PM decision making process is very slow. Hilton believes that  team or group working can support in enhancing morale of workers and they can utilize their skills well.  On other hand PM believes that  decision making power should be in the hand of higher authorities thus, they discuss on the topic and after in depth discussion high authorities take final decisions (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Thus, PM is time consuming process whereas in the HRM decision are taken by the entity soon. Human resource management is the process in which people work in unity and managers divide the responsibility of each worker. By this way they communicate well and that improves efficiency level of workers to great extent.

 Marriott hotel follows HRM practices in the workplace, it treats its workers like assets so that  they feel valued and like the workplace environment. By this way they be loyal towards the brand and stay in the organization for longer duration. On other hand PM focuses on recruitment, remuneration, training and harmony etc (An and et. al, 2015). So that people can enhance their skills and perform their responsibilities well. It will help in increases performance and efficiency of staff members that would give optimistic results to the cit ed firm. In the personnel management, higher authorities pay attention on rules and regulations. They believe that by following regulation strictly company can reduce mistakes. Thus, Hilton focuses on making effective norms and making such environment where all people follow the regulations and do not break it. Whereas in the Human resource management company focuses on effective participation of it s workers. Marriott hotel involves its staff members in the decision making process so that people share their innovative ideas with the management level persons (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). That supports in making people loyal towards the brand and they share their feelings with the higher authorities. It is beneficial tool that helps in making effective strategies that can help in accomplishing goal of the company. By knowing needs of the employees cited firm will be able to create such environment in which they feel satisfy and perform their duties well. On other hand in the Hilton hotel company circulate the information among workers and guide them what to do and how to do. Hilton does not involve them in any discussion because it thinks that participation of staff may create confusion and misunderstanding in the workplace (An and et. al, 2015).

 Personal management is the type of routine function in which management of the company has to keep eye on the activities regularly so that no mistakes take place. On other hand human resource management is the type of strategic function in which Marriott make effective strategies to improve efficiency of the working performance of the organization. Hilton hotel pay wages to workers on the bases of job evaluation whereas Marriott hotel evaluate the performance of workers and on the bases of individual performance cited firm gives them promotion and salary promotions (Alfes and et. al, 2013).  That supports in retaining the skilled person s in the workplace for longer duration.

Human resource management has been catering the needs of the employees from many years and also it is used to make workplace environment more friendly and keeping a nice atmosphere is the key always in an organization. As far as implications of human resource management is concerned it has catered the needs of employees in different prospects with the use of various techniques which have managed to gain a competitive advantage among the competitors in the industry. Further the use of different innovative techniques by HR professionals have helped them to maintain and increase the operational efficiency in the Marriott hotels. The different tools and techniques adopted by HR professionals to maintain a superiority and also at the same time has also build a nice relationship with employees in order to make the workforce motivated towards the brand and its attributes. These practices which are adopted by HR professionals of Marriott Hotels are:

  • Psychological Contract: Marriott Hotels are in a practice of making their contracts in such a way that employee does not feel psychologically dis-satisfied with the scenarios of hotels (Shackleton, 2015). There contracts are build up off no loss of pay which makes the employees perception towards the Hotel more positive and motivating. The other hotels like Hilton and other one's are not of the practice of making things clear to employees at the time of the contract signing.  
  • Pay & Rewards : In addition to the first trait or practice the main tool to encourage the workers to make more efforts in their work to enhance the performance of the activities they are performing, is rewards. The HR department of Marriott Hotels has been in practice of giving the monetary and non-monetary incentives to the people form many years, which has helped them in making their presence in the list of best hotel chains in the world (Abdullah, 2016).    
  • Training: Training is an essential part of making the workers eligible and competent enough to address the guest of the hotel and through proper set of training's to its new workers and also for the old one's to introduce new things training are being scheduled in order to make them perform there best in order to maintain standards of the hotel and maintain the brand image. Further Marriott hotels have able to always conduct successful training's sessions in the past and continues to do so, but on the other hand, if talked about Hilton hotels it is quite disturbing st of things for them in this context (Ahmed  and Sattar,  2014).  
  • Induction: As a new employee comes to an organization it is important for the firm to introduce him to a better set of activities and how things goes in an organization and how lucky he is that he/she has got a chance to work with them, by facilitating all these things in an induction program Marriott hotel can build the positive attitude of employee towards organization which strives him to perform well in the future. In contrast Hilton hotel does not have the process of conducting the induction for its fresh candidates which has caused their profit to decrease in recent times. 
  • Performance Appraisals:  Marriott hotels have been always in the process of making the employees happy through the distribution of different appraisals schemes (Baker and Saren,  2016). In order to make their employees feel awesome at the workplace they give them the appraisals at every 4 months which makes them to attain extra mile in their work and thus which has increased the productivity and CRM of Marriott Hotel up to a great extent. 
  • Off-Sites: In addition to all the above traits and practices the HRM of Marriott hotel has been making difference with taking their employees on amazing vacations which not only give them a break from routine work but also allow them to interact with their superiors as well as subordinates (Brewster, Mayrhofer and Morley, 2016). Thus, these practices have always been helpful in making the HRM distinctive from the Personnel management and lift the image of HR professionals.


            Summarizing the whole report it has been concluded that the Marriot hotel conduct regular training due to which it enhance skills, knowledge and capability in the human resources. It able them to perform their day to day task in effective manner within the time frame work which increase goodwill of a firm. Therefore, it has been also analysed that the cited hotel offer employment benefits to its workers by adopting performance appraisal methods. It facilitate them to review and analyse the performance of workers in which the best staff workers are to be rewarded and appraised that will increase the confidence. It has been also analysed that  approach in which it perform function that are staffing in which they hire or select the manpower from the outside sources within the organisation.


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