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Human Resource Management - British Airways

University: Lancaster University

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3561
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BUS301
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Question :

Questions- This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • British airways is an airline company. Analyse the role and purpose of human resource management in a service industry.
  • Discuss how employment law affects the management of human resources in a British airway
  • Assess the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of a British airways business.
Answer :
Organization Selected : British Airways


Human resource management is the important approach to impressive administration of company that help to increase competitive advantages. It is created to enhanced workers' execution in services of employer's strategical goals. Human resource divisions are for sighted employee benefits design, recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal etc. Some of employment laws are involved in human resources practices(Oke, 2016). This study is based on British Airways. It is the flag carrier and largest airline in UK. This airway is based in Waterside near its main hub at London Heathrow Airport. This report will analysis of role and purpose of human resource management and creation of HR plan which is based on analysis of supply and demand. It will assess current state of employment relations and its effects on human resource management. It will discuss job description and personal specification from organization to complete task. Furthermore, report will assess contribution of training and development activities to effective operations.


1.1 Role and purpose of human resource management

Human resource management:

Human resource management is procedure of creating efficient and impressive utilize of human resource for achieving of goals and objectives. It is preparation, forming and guiding of acquisition growth compensation combination, maintenance and alteration of human resource to end that single person, company for achieving social gaols(Wehrmeyer, 2017). There are many concepts involves planning and forecasting, procedure of hiring, contract of employment etc.

Role of Human resource management:

HRM plays various role in such building commitment, capacity, addressing issues, working together etc. in the British Airways. Another roles involve staffing, development of workplace policies, compensation and benefits management, retention, training and development, dealing with laws affecting employment etc.

Training and development: It is important role that play by human resource to develop new skills and knowledge in their work. Training is key factor in motivation of workers. There are various training programs such as training on communication, team building actions, job skills training, policy and legal preparation.

Worker Protection: Employees safety is important thinking in British Airways. HR manager make sure that giving protection needs and meeting both federal and union standards in the workplace. There are many issues relating to employees safety that involve chemical hazards, heating and improvement needs, security of private information of workers.

Compensation and benefits management: HR manager of British Airways requires defining that compensation is fair, meets standards and high enough stimulate to perform for company(Baum, ed., 2016). It involves setting up pay scheme that take into thought same jobs are being paid. There are many examples includes in compensation of workers such as, pay, health benefits, leisure time, sick leaves, bonus etc.

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Purpose of human resource management:

The main purpose of human resource management is to effective planning of human resource, increasing level of workers, enhance capabilities and abilities to well perform for completing task. This main purpose of HRM is building relationship between employees and giving training as well as development, developing skills and experience of employees in the workplace.

Human resource planning: The major purpose of human resource management is to impressive planing of human resource in the British Airways. It determines capabilities company requirements to fulfil its objectives as well as acquires appropriate workers.

Increase productivity: The important purpose of human resource management is to enhance productiveness of British Airways as well as its workers. Therefore, HR manager make sure that effective planning human resource and workforce in the workplace.

Soft HRM: This type of human resource focus on concentrate on requirements of workers, their responsibilities, rewards and motivation etc. The strategic centralize on long term manpower planning and strong two way communication(Soft and Hard human resource management, 2017).

Hard HRM: The main direction of this HRM is to determine requirements of British Airways, so that on the basis of it, HR manager manage and hire workforce. In this, giving instruction to single person instead of empowering and delegating responsibility. The focus on short term workforce planing.

1.2 Creation of HR plan

British Airways required number of staff, analysis of demand and supply, working hours to deliver new flights services to Madeira. Therefore, HR manager creates human resource plan for service of organization.

Requirement of Human resource: HR manager of British Airways needs to forecast human resource to deliver new flight services to Madeira. It includes demand and supply forecasting for human resource for new service. Demand forecasting is procedure of defining requirements in terms of quality that means need of number of employees and quality that refers level of talent to meet needs of company(Wehrmeyer, 2017).

Staff roles and responsibilities: Human resource manager needs to workforce for delivering new flight services to Madeira. There are many roles and responsibilities of staff such as providing impressive customer services, their health and safety, food and beverage facilities in flight. For this, HR manager give appropriate training for completing their roles and responsibilities while delivering new flights to Madeira.

Working hours: Human resource manager make sure that decide working hours of staff for services. It is very important to decide effective working hours, because of, females are working in flights to deliver different service to customer who are travelling to Madeira. Longer working hours is difficult for female candidates. Therefore, HR manager decide working hours to staff.

Identify internal and external factors: HR manager of British Airways needs to identify internal and external factors that affects on new services. Internal factors includes workers, human resource, administration etc(Oke, 2016). On other hand, external elements includes customers, economy, competitors etc. These components are highly affected to deliver new flight services to Madeira.

Therefore, HR manager make sure that effective planning of human resource to deliver new flight service to Madeira. They should proper identification of different factors, staff requirement and analysis of demand and supply for new service. Impressive human resource planning changes in environment of British Airways.


2.1 Description on the access of current state of employment relations.

Employee relations plays crucial role in order to manage the relation between employee and employers (Liu and, 2017). The enterprise with better and effective relation program work as provide the fair and consistent treatment to all employees. Furthermore, British Airways works hard to maintain the better relations between the employees so that organisational activities can be done in proficient manner. There are the following access of current state of employment relations as are-

  • Structure- The organisational structure determines that how entity conducts it operations in terms to maximise its profitability. Organisational structure is the reflection of roles and task of employees and scope of their contribution in terms to achieve the enterprise objectives. Moreover, British airways is a part of International Airline group.
  • Collective bargaining-This term can be derived as ongoing process of negotiation between the employers and employee in terms to establish conditions of employment. In addition to this, the agreement of collective bargaining will not cover only wages but it will also be inclusive of hiring practices, promotions, job function, worker discipline and termination and benefit program.
  • Employee participation- British airlines plays crucial role in terms to empower the working of the employees. The employee involvement is one on one approach that works as to completion of goal or project. Participation of workers results in greater employee involvement in the certain aspect of business and it leads to higher organisational efficiency (Zeffane and Bani Melhem, 2017).
  • Grievance procedure-It is the official process for dealing with the complaint raised by employees against the employer. The British airway takes various initiatives in terms to provide the fair treatment to employees as well employer. It provides employee safe working environment, adequate compensation, realistic job overview and respect.
  • Disciplinary procedures-The British airline uses this as a process for dealing with perceived employee misconduct (Jennings, McCarthy and Undy, 2017). Generally, it is used to cover the actions by an employer in relation yo n employee that is assistive in terms to correct the behaviour of the employees. Furthermore, it can be considered as the critical tool management to maintain harmony relationship between the workers.

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2.2 Discussion on how employment law affects the management of human resource within British Airways.

The British Airline takes various initiatives in order to frame the laws and legislation so it helps to bring the positive working to the enterprise. With help of it, things can be managed in the proper manner. There are number of employment law that are been framed in terms to conduct operation working effectively. Thus, these as are-

  1. Employee relations act 1999- This is the act that has been prepared in terms to regulates the effective relation between workers, employers and trade unions. This is the act that helps to provide employers and unions to negotiate and enter into the collective agreements for employers and employees.
  2. Equal opportunity act 2010-It is legal framework that works as to strengthens and harmonises current legislation in terms to protect the individuals from unfair treatment (Obushenkova, Plester and Haworth, 2018). It is one of the effective terms in order to promotes a fair and equal society.
  3. Employment rights act 1996-The employment rights act works as to put their major concerns over the rights given to employee and that should be inclusive of the terms as fair dismissal, redundancy and unfair dismissal. This all will be helpful in terms to protect the rights of the individuals. Thus, British airways works as to conduct the business activities in the effective and efficient manner.
  4. Maternity act - The British airline has taking various initiatives in terms to protect the employees against the unfavourable treatment due to pregnancy and maternity (Collings, Wood and Szamosi, 2018). Thus, pregnancy leave must be given to each employee in order to protect the things as pregnancy discrimination, time off fro the antenatal care etc. Furthermore, British airline takes various steps to provide the effective facilities to the employers.
  5. Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration service act - It is non departmental government body that aims to bring improvement in the business practices and organisational working in terms to develop positive employment relations (Kavanagh and Johnson, 2017). The British Airways is using this services in order to provide the better working facilities to the employees.


3.1 Discussion of job description and personal specification for cabin crew.

In British airways, there are some vacancies for the post of the cabin crews. For this, human resource management are taking various initiatives to hire the suitable candidates so that the activities can b conducted in the effective manner.

Job title- For cabin crew

Department- pilot and Co-pilot

Entry requirements-

· The candidates should be at at-least 18.

· He/she must have ability to swim

· The candidates should be qualified in English and maths

· Must have valid passport with no restriction for the countries to travel.

Skills required-

· The candidates should have ability to stay calm and under pressure.

· Team working skills

· The polite behaviour with others

· Excellent communication skills


Starting - £12,000 to £14,000

Experienced- £15,000 to £21,000

Highly experienced- £30,000

Woking hours, patterns and environment-

The work can be physically demanding and nights shits can be held at the nights and public holidays. It is essential to do the things in the well and proper manner. The airline will provide you with the uniform. The environment is depend on the seasonal working and it is must be in positive manner. Th working hours depends on the changes in the seasonal working conditions

Career path and progression-

The good and effective services will lead to have the future progress to cabin crew supervisor or senior air cabin crew role. In this person should work like cabin crew training, recruitment passenger service, marketing or sales.

Related careers-

· Airline customer service agent

· Airline pilot

· Airport information assistant

· Resort representative

· Travel agent

2. Comparison of selection processes of transport for London and British Airways (Cabin Crew)

Recruitment and selection processes

Transport for London

British Airways (Cabin crew)

  • This selection process is different to other processes. It can be run through using application process which helps to provide better employee at the place of customer service assistant. It is very shot term process than the other department of company (Humburg, and Van der Velden, 2015). For the recruitment process they have 8 steps in interview.
  • In Step 1, Selecting people for the job of Victoria coach station and customer services assistant, they placed vacancy at their own website and also using another recruitment process by the agency this is the first step of there selection activity.
  • Step 2, Person create their own login and password at the website page of TFL and mention some general information about their education which are highly required for the post in Airways.
  • Step 3, in this step if the person get selected according to their education level for vacancy they need to fill an online application process, at there they need to mention details about their high qualification.
  • Step 4, after these process, person meet the requirement which is basic, than they complete online situational judgement test.
  • Step 5, after passing 4 levels of recruitment and selection process of transport of London vacancy for the job role as an CSA, applicants are invited in organisation to attend another activity by industry that are written assessment term or test. This process get to know more about the candidate.
  • Step 6, after get succeeding at overall process of selection, applicant get selected for playing the role of customer services assistant position. They are invited for the final interview session which are plained by two or more people in company.
  • Step 7, this is the second last level of all the steps which are mention above this processing. Human resource management take this session and ask some questions about to selected candidates, personal reference or some medical as well.
  • Step 8, at the last HRM offer position which they need to fill in transport for London.
  • For filling the position of Cabin crew British Airways need to apply recruitment and selection process to find the perfect candidate for this job place (Åšlusarczyk, and Golnik, 2014). They mention 9 steps in this processing. It takes a lot of time because this is a long process.
  • 1 step, like other companies they also placed vacancy's on British Airways webpage.
  • 2 step, After searching position for cabin crew, person need to complete some online questions such as I am able to comply with above requirement etc. in this form organisation mention many questions which takes a lot of time.
  • 3 Step, person reply 'Yes' in every question they need to complete interview form, in this form they write some basic information about themselves like their personal mail and name.
  • 4 Step, is an online process. In that candidate need to fill application form.
  • 5 step, in this level person should enter with login to finish online tests like numeracy, spatial reasoning etc.
  • 6 step, after passing step 5 applicants are invited to attend assessment day, which are mention with few questions by HR of company.
  • 7 Step, in this step firm check candidates back ground and ask questions about health issues.
  • 8 step and 9, both work for selecting person at last. In these levels they give training to person who are selected of the post of Cabin crew at 6 weeks. And for last candidates now ready to perform role their job role at the right place.


As the trainee managers in British Airways they need to play an important role for developing and give training session to employee. It helps them to increase their efficiency of work. Development of workers also raise the growth of organisation. Thus, for this process trainee manager need to plan some points according to it.

1. Different types of training: employees need to be perfect for playing their job role in British Airways, thus for it they should be good in very step by take training session through trainee manager (AlemdaroÄŸlu, and, 2015). There are some different types of training which are given for their development such as Skills training and safety training.

  • Skills training: it helps to perform job role perfectly. This training session increase the skills of employee which attract the customers towards British Airways. Taking skills training workers get improved their communication skills better to attend people and also guide them in their decision making.
  • Safety training: In British airways safety of employee and customers is very important for them. Thus, organisation provide safety training to workers to safe their life in any difficult situations as for customers as well.

2. Difference between training and development:


It is a process of learning for employees in organisation. It helps to know about the skills of workers and also help to get improvement in it. Training is very short time process like 3 to 5 months.


This is a continuous process which runs in a long term period on company. It increases performance activity of workers in group and individually. Development training is used to improve future performance. It is a self study process.

3. Benefits and effectiveness of training:

Training is very beneficial for employee in British Airways. It impacts on business growth and performance. Workers should be train in their work for making profit in business (Spencer-Smith, and Klingberg, 2015). It develops staff moral. Training is good for employee and organisation. It is very effective for the purpose of making improvement of employee and businesses.

4. Role and need of training:

Role of training is to improve workers efficiency and skills of their work. It allows workers to give strength for the motive of improving employees skills which they need to grow more than others (Jaeggi, and, 2014). Training increase worker capability for giving high performance work, so for that they need this training session.

Summary of over all contribution of development and training:

Training and development increase employee and overall department activity and growth at workplace in their work performance. Through this process British Airways run their business effectively. All the training given by manager improve workers skills, which also help to grow company successfully. Training and development is very important for operating organisation within in manageable way. Industry growth is depended upon their employee growth by giving high work performance.

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It has been concluded in above study that human resource management is very important to mange overall work performance of their employee and staff members. There purpose is to motivate workers and build strong relation among them. Thus, this study has also explained the effect between employment law and employee relations in company. For recruiting and selecting new employee in company manager need to make process by using online website, and also provide training and development session to make improve in their skills.

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Books and Journals

Obushenkova, E., Plester, B. and Haworth, N., 2018. Manager-employee psychological contracts: enter the smartphone. Employee Relations. 40(2). pp.193-207.

Jennings, C., McCarthy, W.E.J. and Undy, R., 2017. Employee Relations Audits. Routledge.

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