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Working with and Leading People - United Parcel Services

University: Regent College of London

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Question :

The scenario of this report is based on United Parcel Services which is the leading parcel service organisation of the UK that facing numerous issues related to administrative, leadership and management. Thus, the firm appointed a new HR manager in order to improve and manage business standards effectively by considering:

  • Evaluation of recruitment, selection and employee retention practices within United Parcel Services.
  • Clearly discuss different leadership styles and their impact upon business practices.
  • Demonstrate team development practices as well as evaluate the effectiveness of working in a team.
  • Clearly discuss development needs and work-related requirements of individuals within United Parcel Services.
Answer :
Organization Selected : United Parcel Services


Human resource management forms integral part of any firm conducting its operations in today's dynamic environment. It is because it constitutes and undertake all important functions starting from recruitment and selection, to employees compensation, to formulating policies and procedures keeping its people both consumers as well employees in focus and as per government rules and legislations (Adamou and Adamou, 2017). Thus, to successfully and effectively conducting all these activities HRM requires to have a proficient and dedicated team who can help in attainment of per determined company's objectives and can give maximum return with higher profits. Thus mangers and leaders collectively plays a significant part in the growth and success of a firm by encouraging and motivating people to give best of their efforts.

This assignment will discuss about United Parcel Services which is UK's leading parcel services company which put immense focus and efforts for enhancing its overall management and performance (An, 2016). The report will discuss difference between manager and leader along with explaining hiring process, various motivational theories, skills and leadership traits required, importance and advantage of team work along with evaluating the assessment process.


1.1 Documentation required for recruiting and selecting new employee

For every organization to be figurehead and have and edge over its rivals requires a team of skilled and professional employees having innovative ideas and dedication towards their work commitment so that firm can yield higher profits. Therefore it becomes critically important for a firm to pay special attention during its hiring process to ensure that its has best and most suitable employees at right job profile (Boone, 2015). For recruitment a company requires some essential documents that helps it to avoid unlawful discrimination and provide a base for advertisement which support a firm to interview various candidates and select most suitable one .

United Parcel Services is currently facing major challenges in its hiring process due to company suffered proper checks and balances leading to higher employee turnover and reduction in customers retention. Thus, United Parcel Services is in requirement to hire competitive and skilled staff to carrying out its regular business functions. But prior to appointing any employee the company is in urgency to first and foremost hire a skilled HR Manger for conducting all responsibilities in a systematic manner for which United Parcel Services have to prepare following documentation related with recruitment and selection process of new staff members.

Approval of Recruitment: Prior to initiating recruitment and selection process the concerned department sends draft regarding vacant job position along with job description and documents for specifying the skills and knowledge that are requisite for job profile to higher authorities (CALIN, 2016). After the approval for top management, draft is transferred to HR department who then initiates hiring process.

Position Description: This documentation defines post's position in United Parcel Services for which recruitment has to be done. It includes a brief description of activities and tasks to be undertaken along with roles and responsibilities related to that particular job position. This document is also need to be approved by the higher authorities.

Advertising: It is the most significant yet critical task of hiring process. It involves selecting best and most effective advertising media such as print, electronic, digital etc. It also involves vacancy announcement, proficiency required, terms and conditions, salary structure etc. (Cenderello and et. al., 2015.).

Job Description: This document defines job vacancy in the particular organisation. It is a written statement that depicts the roles and responsibilities of job holder.


Job Title: HR Administrator

Department: Human Resource Administrative

Date: 29April, 2018

Age Range: 28 to 40 yea

Reporting to: Senior Authorities

Salary: 40,000- 45,000 (negotiable)

Job Purpose: Human Resource Administrator job support to HR Department for hiring procedure, preparing payroll and Maintaining HRMIS, conducting orientation programme of new joiners, employee welfare programmes.

Roles and Duties

Write up professional job advertisements clearly explaining role and duties of vacant position

New job profiles have to be assessed under Higher Education Role Analysis prior recruitment.

Record and maintain information related to employee’s transfers, promotion, exemption and resignation along with performance of payroll audits .

To verify employees attendance, hours worked, adjustment related to salary and post it into HRP records.

Calculation of employees pay, issue pay checks and statements of earning and deductions and maintaining records


Name: XYZ

Contact Number: 43383656


Physical Attributes:

Good Health

Age : 25 to 35


  • High standard of education
  • Degree in Human Resource


  • Basic knowledge of IT application & system
  • Experience in systematically maintaining records


  • Excellent communication and team-management skills
  • Analytical abilities
  • Comfortable working in flexible shifts

1.2 Impact of regulatory, legal and ethical consideration to recruitment and selection process

HR Manager of UPS must be well versed with legislations and policies that are incorporated by government regarding recruitment and selection procedure. Information related to various laws like Minimum wage act, Equity Act etc. supports a firm in reducing the risk factor, in posting for job vacancy increasing employees, providing job satisfaction etc. Thus, it is mandatory for a firm to abide by these regulatory measure which make hiring process neutral providing every candidate to get equal opportunity for employment (Edge, 2016). Mentioned below is description of how these laws affect hiring process of United Parcel Services :

Impact of sex discriminatory act:

This act prohibits the employer to discriminate any candidate on the basis of gender. It propagates that a prospective individual should be judged according to his/her qualification and capabilities possessed rather than hiring on basis of whether candidate is male or female.

Impact of equality regulation:

The Equity Act, 2010 provided every eligible person as per job specification to apply for vacancy irrespective of gender, age, race, caste or background (Hartley-Bangs, 2016). It is the duty and responsibility of HR Manger United Parcel Services not to be biased and give privilege to any specific person on basis of any above mentioned attributes.

Impact of Employee Right:

According this act a employee who is not having legal work permit of UK is not considered eligible to work. Therefore United Parcel Services before selecting any candidate is abide to check his/her work permit besides doing a background check for any criminal record.

1.3 Part in Selection Process

Selection process includes below mentioned tasks:- .

  • Selecting a recruitment and selection board: For selecting most appropriate employee the HR department needs to first of all select an appropriate panel of selectors for choosing right candidate. This board is selected by HR Director of UPS which is responsible for deciding qualification criteria or skills on the basis a candidate is to be judges. Further the panel conducts interview of candidates that are been selected by HR department among the pool of applicants (Herring and Elton, 2016).
  • Short-listing: Here the role of board member is to short-list the candidate whom they think are most suitable or qualified as per the requirement of company. The short-listing process is done through different methods such as written exam, MCQ exam, IQ test, physical test etc. Once all the applicant go through these test, panel member select those who scored goods marks in these tests (Lev, 2013). After short-listing candidate, board member will take the interview of them which will arrange by the HR department and then lastly they select the most talented and suitable candidate for the given job vacancy.
  • Short-listing: In this step panel short list the most appropriate candidate as per set qualification criteria from among different applications that are received. For this board apply various methods such as written exam, aptitude test, MCQ test, physical test etc. The selected candidates scoring high in tests are then selected for interview rounds.
  • Interview: The short listed candidates are then call or message for face to face interview with board members for final selection (Hoover and O’Neil, 2015). In interview round a candidate is judged and analysed for skills and capabilities they possess and are inquired about their qualification, experience, background details etc. to see their suitability with job profile.
  • Appointment: Appointment forms the last stage of selection process in which best and most suitable candidate is selected and offered job by HR department.

1.4 Own Contribution in Selection Process

Been HR manager of UPS, I have given best efforts and has actively participate in recruitment and selection process. I have contributed by making the draft for job opening and approving it from higher authority. As soon as it gets approved by higher authority, I put up an advertisement for job vacancy in various media including print , social, electronic and digital media.

Once the advertisement is put up, a lot of candidates are expected to be applying for job. My role at this part will be to prepare a checklist of all job applicants and to short list the most suitable ones on the basis of qualifications and experience mentioned on their CV and resumes (Kızıl, 2017). Besides these roles I also participated in designing appropriate job offer for selected individuals and in conducting various test which are requisite for an effective short-listing process.


2.1 Skills and Attributes needed for leadership

  1. 1. Good communication Skills- A leader to be effective in influencing it subordinates to work in a prescribed way need to have an excellent communication and interpersonal skills. These skills are essential for leader as they helps him to convey its team about the goals and objectives and their role and responsibilities in achieving those so that there is no scope of any confusion among the members.
  2. 2. Confidence:

A leader is an idol for the team, one who is looked upon at the time of crisis. A leader needs to be confident enough to motivate and strengthen its members even when company is going through hard times because the success and failure of whole team depends on the shoulder of a leader (Mitchell, 2016). He should be positive about decisions he is taking and should keep its workforce steady full of high spirits.

  1. 3. Commitment: A leader to influence its workforce for working hard and perform well has to first set an example by been dedicated towards his work. If a leader is hard working,punctual and committed employees too get inspired and motivated to be dedicated towards work assigned to them and give results.

2.2 Difference between leadership and management



Managers role is to communicate the policies and procedures formulated by top management to leaders.

Leader is responsible for enforcing those policies and procedures by applying various strategies and motivational theories to encourage its people to follow them.

Management emphasis on controlling business and its various operations .

Leader on other hand emphasis on building mutual trust and confidence with its workforce to inspire them to work .

Managers plan out various activities and functions concerning the firm

Leader's task is to encourage its subordinates to increase their performance level by working with best of their abilities to complete their assigned task.

2.3 Compare leadership style for different situation

There are various leadership style that could be adopted by a leader by analysing pros and cons of each one and applying the most appropriate style depending upon the environment and situation business is dealing with. Mentioned below are some leadership style:

Autocratic: An autocratic leader is the one who takes all the decision himself without involving or taking inputs from its team members (Mohelska and Sokolova, 2015). The employees are to follow the instruction blindly without challenging it or asking questions related to it.

Laissez-Fair: In this leadership style, leader delegates the whole responsibility of completing the task and just supervise the team and ask for regular feedback. This style is generally adopted when the team members are highly skilled , experts of their fields who requires very less guidance.

Participative: In this style of leadership, leader involves its workforce in the process of decision making. The members are encouraged to give their inputs, ideas and feedbacks. This help management to motive its employee to be confident and feel associated with company (NORMAND and et. al., 2016).

Comparison: Among From various leadership styles mentioned above the most suitable and appropriate style that is compatible with almost every organization is democratic style or participative style of leadership. It is because autocracy is not acceptable and approved by everyone. It also makes the scope of business and its growth limited as decisions are taken solely by one person who cannot be perfect in every field. Moreover Laissez-Fair style of leadership is only suitable in scenario where the organization is well quipped with high skilled and proficient employees which cant be the case in every organization. Therefore, it concludes that participative style is best and most appropriate leadership style that suits and can be used by every organisation yielding higher results. That's the reason why UPS adopts and implement this leadership style (Peterson, 2016).

2.4 States ways to motivate staff to achieve objective

Good Salary and Reward: An organization to maintain good employer-employee relationship and to motivate its employees need to recognize their efforts for providing their services to company by providing them with good salary as per their job profile and by rewarding them. For example: UPS provides various monetary or non-monetary reward to their employees in accordance to their performance.

Involving employee in decision-making: Although in UPS the major decision are taken by higher authorities however in decisions that are taken at middle and lower level employees are involved by mangers to give their inputs so that they feel motivated, valued and associated with company.

Offer training and development: In this era where of dynamic environment employees serves as a source of biggest competency over its rivals (Thompson, 2016). Thus, its is critical for USP firm to provide necessary training to its employees to induce knowledge and skills that are required for them to complete their current as well future job requirements.

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3.1 Benefits of team working

The greatest advantage of team work is that it helps a firms like UPS to attain its specified targets in most efficient and effective manner within specific time limits which increase the chances of getting maximum returns. In addition to its it helps in developing mutual trust and respect among its employees (Vartiainen, 2015). Mentioned below are some advantages of team working:

  1. 1. High Efficiency: When employees having different skills and knowledge work together as one team chances of achieving task with efficiency and minimum errors increases, Thus it add on to the generating qualitative output increasing firms efficiency and profitability.
  2. 2. Faster Speed: As proficient people works together chances of completing a task within specific time frame increases leading to reducing efforts and time taken to finish each activity (Adamou and Adamou2017).
  3. 3. Innovative Idea: When people work in a team it brings best of them leading to generation of new and innovative ideas which makes it easy to accomplish objectives.
  4. 4. Mutual Support: Team work encourages and lead to development of rapport, mutual respect and coordination for each other leading to promoting a positive working atmosphere where people avoid each other flaws and conflicts.
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