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Characteristics of World Cuisine

University: Icon College of Management and Technology

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

The scenario of this report discusses multicultural influences and key determinants that has a direct contribution in international cuisine, preparing and cooking dishes and so on. The requirements of this unit is based on aspects of world cuisine with the discussion of:

  • Identify the impact and characteristics of world cuisine.
  • Analyse multicultural nature of food as well as drink society.
  • Evaluate required cooking knowledge and skills to prepare dishes from different world region.
  • Discuss techniques and criteria to a range of different dishes.
Answer :


Throwing light in relation with food, it is defined as any substance that contains nutrients like proteins, fats, carbohydrates that can be ingested by a living organism and metabolized into energy and body tissue. It is considered as the vital thing for human body. UK is a nation which has diverse culture having people from all around the globe. Thus, multi-cultural nature of food and drinks can be found there (Stitt, 1996). The eating as well as drinking habit of people is being impacted by numerous factors like geographical, historical and cultural. Pertaining to this, the main aim of the research report is to understand the multicultural influences and the key determinates that contributed to international cuisines. Furthermore, the report will also give insight on various aspects of world cuisine and wider issues of food in society. The later part of the report will offer various opportunities to learners to practice as well as develop their skills cooking world dishes considering safe, professional and hygienic practices.

TASK – 1

Characteristics of different world region cuisine

Chinese cuisine

The culture of Chinese people is centered in North-China Plain at the initiate level. The domestic crops seem to have been foxtail and Broomcorn varieties of millet. Wheat had also arrived by 200 BC from Western Asia. All these grains were typically served as a warm noodle soups. Talking about the features of Chinese food, it is quite rich and colorful, excellent taste and aromatic flavor. The food is not only tasty; however it is the art work for people, which can be appreciated significantly (Features of Chinese Food, 2018). There are many styles that contributed to the Chinese cuisine but the most influential are Shandong cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and Sichuan cuisine. They are unique from each other because of many factors like geography, climate, lifestyle as well as history. Chinese cuisine includes rice, noodles, Tofu, meat and poultry and eggs.

Indian cuisine

Talking in relation with the Indian Cuisine, it has an 8000 year history of various cultures. Earlier days in India the diet incudes of legumes, fruits, dairy products, honey and vegetables. Today staple food eaten today includes whole wheat flour, pearl millet and rice. In the Indian cuisine lentils are staple ingredients and they are either used whole and half such as moong, udad, dhuli moong etc. Indian food is quite different from the other areas or regions in terms taste and cooking methods (Short, 2003). The food reflects the perfect blend of different culture and ages. The most significant spice being used in Indian cuisine is powdered chili pepper, mustard, cumin and garlic and coriander. Meat is used in many parts of Indian but chicken is used widely. In addition to this, fish and beef are prevalent in many parts of India; however they are not consumed widely except in the coastal areas.

Influences in regional or world cuisine

Throwing light in relation with the cuisine of China, it originates from the diverse region of China and also from the Chinese people in other parts of the world. This is because of the fact that cuisine is very much important for Chinese culture. Due to the historical power of the nation and Chinese Diaspora, this cuisine has impacted many other cuisines in Asia. Numerous dishes are being prepared in different regions of the nation on the basis of raw materials and ingredient used (Groves, 2002). Further, the method of preparation and cultural differences can be seen in food of different flavors. Additionally, there are traditional regional cuisines which are prepared adopting the basic methods of salting, drying, fermentation and pickling.

On contrary to this, India is a place of large number of religions and thus, cultural and religious influence is more on Indian Cuisine. Pertaining to these impacts, the perception of vegetarians and non-vegetarian has been introduced. Most of the Hindus take into consideration the cuisine being laid down by Aryans. However, as Mughals steps towards the nations, they have started preparing food with their techniques. Furthermore, Christians came as missionaries and they have also added unique flavor in Indian food. Other than this, Jainism is a religion in India that follows non-violence and thus, they are against of eating any kind of root vegetable and meat. Thus, it can be said that Hindu and Muslim traditions are the two major religions that has contributed a lot in the Indian Cooking (Hsieh, 2004).

TASK – 2

Historical and Geographic influence defining the multi-cultural nature of food and drink in the UK

United Kingdom is a place where people from all over the world can be found and thus, there is multi-cultural nature of food and drinking habits. There are many influences such as geographic and historical on the multi-cultural nature of food and drink. Talking in reference with Britain, it is an island nation and is surrounded with sea. Due to the close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and warming of waters around the land by the Gulf Stream, the climate is impacted a lot (Wertz, 2016). Further, the weather of Britain is very cold in winter ad mild in summer. Thus, people of UK tend to eat hot food more like soups and drinks such as coffees and teas. In addition to this, the nation has also long historical background for food and drink. In the ancient and medieval times it is being influenced by Romans and French. When there is an attack of Frankish Normans, they brought various species of east such as mace, saffron, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and ginger. In England, sugar came from that time and was considered very rare and expensive as well. The food of British was inspired by French and Romans. Additionally, some traditional Indian Cuisine was also brought up by the East Indian Company, which is renowned in UK as curry.

Developing trends in Food and Drink

From the past few years, the food and drink consumption in UK is changing at as fast speed. People are now diverting towards organic food and the genetically modified food. Now, each and every individual is becoming more aware about what they are eating. The trend of ready to eat products, energy drinks, smoothies and organic food is increasing in recent times (Raine, 2005). Nowadays, food and meat which are grown at local level, nutritionally balanced food from the ethnic background, cocktails, mocktails, branded food, wine and beer made locally etc. are gaining attention of people. Taste is now becoming a major factor for people to eat. Food with good appearance and texture are more preferred by people these days. Other than this, online shopping aps, delivery services and internet are also transforming the landscape of shopping and food and drinking habits. Because of the rising food centric social media, the spark of interest in cooking is rising at a fast pace.


Skills in the preparation and cooking of range of dishes

For planning and preparing for a food service event for the college, a team is required to prepare different dishes of world cuisine and present it together on site. Preparation of dish requires numerous skills, equipments, techniques and professional attitude that should be considered while cooking any kind of dish (Lang and Caraher, 2001). There are many skills such as time planning, coordination, active listening, judgment and decision making which needs to be possessed by an individual while cooking food. In addition to this, it is also vital to select the equipments that need to be adopted. In addition to this, it is also vital to select the cooking technique. For instance, most of the western and European cuisine makes use of French cooking techniques such as beating, de-seeding, roasting, chopping, tenderizing and grating. Other than this, the broad categories of techniques include boiling, steaming, frying, grilling, poaching, stewing and many more. For example, for preparing roast beef, there are few significant considerations that should be kept in intellect for good results i.e. the size of the beef, type of beef roast, cooking times and the temperature at which it should be roasted (Cooking Techniques, 2018). The cooking technique involved here in this is majorly roasting by using microwave oven. The size of the beef is the determining factor of the time being required for cooking.

Safe and hygienic work practices while preparing food

While preparing food, it is important to take into consideration various factors. It is not just cooking and serving to the customers; however several hygienic factors, ethical issues, professional attitude, proper utilization of resources and quality should be maintained. It is the duty of the chef and its assistance to clean and sanitize the area of work and all the equipments that needs to be used while cooking. Measuring and weighing ingredients is also necessary for effective results. Areas where food is prepared in kitchen is often have safety hazard like hotel ovens and slippery floors (Food Preparation Workers, 2018). Because of this, the employees are prone to highest rate of injuries. Some of the hazard which is common in kitchen areas includes falls, cuts, burns, slips and seldom injuries. Thus, for reducing these types of risks, workers often wear gloves, nonslip shoes and aprons. In addition to this, there are also ethical issues in the food industry that needs to be considered such as killing of animals for fulfilling the wants of human, catching of fish which are rare species etc.

TASK – 4

Evaluating range of dishes from different world cuisine

For evaluating the range of dishes from different world cuisine, there are various quantitative as well as qualitative techniques that can be adopted. The most important thing is to accumulate the data or feedback about the range of dishes from different world cuisine (Larson and, 2006). This data can be gathered from customers, colleagues, peer group and other workers. Further, qualitative as well as quantitative feedback can be used as a method for accumulating the required information about the dishes. In this current research, the team of college has prepared roasted beef, which is presented to the judges. The dish was judged from various considering various criteria such as quality, presentation, color, taste, texture and specialized equipment and techniques being used while cooking the food. Another dish from the world cuisine is Chinese spring rolls. Simple all-purpose flour roll is prepared by filling of fried vegetables. Major technique being used in this dish is frying, roasting and steaming. Both these dishes are unique and different in its own way. Roasted beef involves roasting of chicken and spring rolls involves frying of vegetables. Both the dishes are presented and compared. The feedback from the judges was collected and evaluated. It was found out that the taste of both the dishes was good, but the beef was little chewing and rolls were uncooked. Overall, it was good dishes but lacks few things to get higher grades (Morgan, 2007).

Making recommendation for improvement

Thus, after evaluating the feedback about the dishes, it can be concluded that the taste of the dishes was good but it lacks few things. It is highly recommended that it is important to present the dishes with color so as to make it mouth-watering. Further, the texture should be considered, more roasting as well as frying was required to make it crunchy and soft. In addition to this, while cooking various things needs to be taken care such as utensils should be clean as well as equipment should be safe. In addition to this, it is also vital that before putting it directly into the oven, it should be tenderized for better results (Albala, 2012).


Consequently, it can be said that in UK one can find people from all over the world and this is reflected by the variety of world cuisine being available. There are numerous factors which influences the nature of food and drink in United Kingdom. They are geographical, historical, cultural and religious. The food being consumed by one group of people might be a taboo for other religion. Thus, there are more chances of getting offended because of such food and drink. It was also found that the eating and drinking habits of the people is impacted by various factors. Such factors are budget, hectic lifestyle, age groups, health awareness and food round of the year. In addition to this, people are now also adopting the recent trends in food and drink like ready to eat meals, organic food, sport drinks, smoothies etc. therefore, it can be well attributed that the expectation of having quality food and awareness of people has increased in past several years.

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