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Aspects of Talent Management Conducted on Red Carnation

University: University of Liverpool

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 13 / Words 3263
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: THH2113
  • Downloads: 639
Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Identify project aims, objectives and time frames based on chosen theme.
  • Conduct small scale research, information disseminate and data collected to gain knowledge to support the project.
  • How this project will help in enhancing the organisational performance.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Red Carnation Hotel London


Talent management is a crucial and systematic process that includes identifying the vacant position together with hiring suitable person and developing desired skills and expertise in them along with retaining these employees for a longer term benefits and achieving goals. In an hospitality or service industry talent management is something that makes an organisation better and superior than its competitors (Stylos and Zwiegelaar, 2019). Thus, to evaluate various aspects and advantage of talent management a research project is conducted on Red carnation hotel which is situated in London, UK. The following assignment includes a project aim, objectives and times frame together with small scale research and evaluation of findings. Beside this for presentation of findings together with recommendation and reflection are also included in this research project.


1.1 Project title

The title of this research project is“To determine various effective talent management strategies within a hospitality organisation.” a study conducted on Red carnation hotel London.

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1.2 Project aims and objective

 The competition level in hospitality sector is increasing together with continuous changes in the business environment which has increased the emphasis of business organisation on talent management (Clark, 2019). Thus the main aim of this research is, “ To evaluate and determining the various strategies that are necessary for effective management of talent within an organisation.” a case study on Red carnation hotel.


The objectives of this research project conducted on Red carnation hotel are:

  • To study the concept of talent management.
  • To determine the various effective talent management strategies within a hospitality organisation.
  • To evaluate the different advantages lead by effective talent management within the working environment of Red carnation hotel (Zheng and Tsai, 2019). 

Question tag

  • What do you understand by concept of talent management?
  • What are the various effective talent management strategies within a hospitality organisation?
  • What possible advantages are lead by effective talent management within the working environment of Red carnation hotel?

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1.3 Project management plan

It is a written document that provides in depth knowledge and information about the whole planing made for conducting a research project thus provides a guidance and direction for achievement of research objectives on timer (Nieves and Osorio, 2019). Following are the important elements on which planning and emphasis is made while conducting this research:

  • Scope- The scope of this research is associated with developing a better understanding about talent management and investigate about the strategies that are effective in management of talents within an organisation. The scope of this investigation are high talent management is becoming a essential part of hospitality industry thus, knowledge about this concept yield better opportunity in future.
  • Risk- This factor of project management plan is related with all the possible threats and challenges that can be faced during the research and created obstacles and hindrance. The possible risk associated with research are associated with insufficient time and financial resources (Ozturk and Karatepe, 2019).
  • Duration- It represent the time period required for completion of a research to meet its target. The expected time duration required for this research project is 9 weeks.
  • Cost- This element is associated with the expenses made while conducting a research on procurement and use of various resources and aspects of research. The estimated budget for this research is provided below:

Forecasted Budget:



Technological expenses


Marketing expenses


Administration expenses


Other expenses



£ 450

Quality- This aspect is associated with the reliability and viability of gathered data (Volgger and Huang, 2019). Use of various effective research methodology together with statistical tools and data collection sources are made to maintain the authenticity and trustworthiness of opinion and data collected for this research.

Resources- It represent or indicate the range of assets that are to be used for conducting a research in an effective moaner to meet the desired objectives. The various resources, assets and techniques used for this research consists financial or monetary resources, human resources, technical resources and other statistical tools and techniques.

1.4 WBS and Gantt chart

Use of below stated project management tools are made to have effective planning about stages for completion and meets overall time frames:

WBS- Use of following work break down structure are made for this project to properly divide the work among various teams to reduce the chances of confusion and meet the objects of research on time (Newburry, Deephouse and Gardberg, 2019). B03839

Gantt chart- It is tool that provides a graphical or diagrammatic presentation of whole research work to have clarity in working (Karadas and Karatepe, 2019). Use of following Gantt chart are made for this research provides stages of completion of various task to ensure the achievement of targets and objectives of this research on time.











Submission of research proposal


Complete background information for research project


Collect secondary sources of information for research project


Complete research methodology and collect primary and secondary sources of information


Complete collecting data for study and present the result


Determining Budget


Data Interpretation and analysis


Evaluating results and findings


Complete the report and submit the final report


1.5 Research methodology

Use of research methodology is made for this research for making use of most appropriate methods for material resourcing, data collection and information. The various philosophy and methods included in Research methodology for identifying, selecting and analysing a set of data related with research topic are provided below:

Research Philosophy

This aspect of research methodology is associated with providing a belief and ways for data collection, gathering and analysis. Research philosophy is basically of two types i.e. Positivism and Interpretivism (Webb, 2019). For this research report, Positivism philosophy is being used by researcher to get scientific way or method of investigation that is not affected by researcher's behaviour and values.

Research approach

It is mainly associated with the plan and strategies made for conduction of research and provide information about various assumption and steps taken for collection of data and also includes methods for its analysis and interpretation (Aureli and Del Baldo, 2019). Research approach are mainly of two types i.e. Deductive and Inductive approach. To meet the objective of this research use of inductive approach is made by researcher that provides a more logical process and lead to a specific conclusion that is based on all outscoring and offshoring function.

Research method

It basically facilitates a systematic plan and effective procedure for conducting a research. The two types of research methods that are used for this research are as follows:

Qualitative research method- Use of this method is made to get a in-depth information about the perception and views of respondents for effective decision making.

Quantitative research method- It the method that is associated with collection of data in terms of numbers or statistical form that facilitates effective presentation of research findings (Harris, 2019).

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Source of data collection

It basically represent the areas and ways from where data is originated or collected. Mainly there are two main source of data i.e. primary and secondary sources. For the purpose of data collection for this research use of both primary and secondary data is made as primary data provided an authentic and first hand data where as facts evaluated through secondary resources provide a support to primary findings (Gorondutse and Hilman, 2019). Use of questionnaire is made which form a part of primary sources while use of various online sites and literature of authentic writers are made as a secondary source.

 Beside all these use of random sampling method is also made to remove the chances of favouritism in this research method. Sampling is a process that is associated with selection of pre determined number of observation from a huge group of population to complete the analysis and evaluation of facts in an effective and efficient way.

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2.1 Secondary research or Literature review

The secondary research or Literature review provides a comprehensive summery about the research topic with the help of different scholarly articles, books and journals to provide a description and critical evaluation of research work. Following secondary research are made for this research project based on Effective talent management strategies with in Red carnation hotel.

To study the concept of talent management

Concept of talent management is related with succession planning and management of every employees of organisation that includes career aspiration, readiness for promotion and other secession plan for motivating employees. As per the opinion of Derek Stockley, 2014, talent management is a conscious, deliberate approach undertaken to attract, develop and retain people with the aptitude and abilities to meet current and future organisational needs.

To determine the various effective talent management strategies within a hospitality organisation

The effective talent management strategies includes all those plans that are made by an organisation for recruitment, management and retaining of its talented employees. As per the opinion of Jay Tankersley, 2016, Companies wants to retain their best employees to create winning teams that are motivated and engaged that can be done through align talent and strategy through developing better communication and integration in the organisation. Apart from this regular benefits and perks also motivates employees to perform well along with strategies for effective training to enhance and maintain the skills and performance level of employees.

To evaluate the different advantages lead by effective talent management within the working environment of Red carnation hotel

Advantages of talent management includes enhancement in performance and competitive strength of an organisation with the help of maintaining and retaining its most talented and skilled employees. According to the view point of Elizabeth Quirk, 2018, the benefits and advantages of effective talent management strategies includes improvement in hiring technique which lead to recruitment of more educated and skilled employees in Red carnation hotel together with improvement in cultural connections and employee engagement.

2.2 Primary Empirical research

For conducting primary empirical research on given topic use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods are made. A questionnaire is prepared for this research that is a having a set of questions out of which 5 are close ended quantitative questions while 3 are open ended qualitative questions. A sample size of 30 individuals are selected from a big population that includes stakeholders of organisation, businesses and other related individuals with the help of random sampling to remove the biasness from researc

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