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How Customer Experience is Important? - D&D London Restaurant

Organization Selected : D&D London restaurant


Customer experience plays a vital role in the hospitality industry. It helps in deciding whether the guests will continue the services of the hospitality organisation or not (Peppers and Rogers, 2016). This assignment will discuss how customer experience is important for le pont de la tour London, UK. Additionally, the report will also cover various modes and methods that are adapted by the respective restaurant in order to maximise the customer experience. For example, one of the most popular and effective tool of managing customer experience is customer relationship management also known as CRM. Digital technology also plays an important role in managing the customers and enhancing the services provided to them by le pont de la tour restaurant. This respective restaurant company is a D&D London restaurant which is situated by Tower Bridge near Thames river in London. The respective restaurant serves food, bakery items, etc. including bar services.


P1: Explain the value and importance of understanding the needs, wants and preferences of target customer group for service sector industry.

Customer satisfaction is very important for le pont de la tour restaurant. The needs and wants of the customer are interrelated to each other. These rises on the basis of willingness, requirements and ability which can be evaluated on the basis of demographics, income levels and socio-culture of the customers (Lemon and Verhoef, 2016). Such data helps in measuring the influence and behaviour of the customers. Some of the examples of different customers needs and wants are given below:

Customer’s type

Needs and Wants

Disabled Customers

Ramp Access next to front steps.

Easy to eat Food

No rushing food meals

Sufficient space to pass between the tables

Nutritious Food

Menu written in Brail

Business Person


Charging points

Soft Music

Quick Service

Meeting rooms

Grab and go food menu

Mothers with Babies



Bottle warmer

Nappy changing


Smaller portions

  • Disabled Customers- The handicapped customers or guests with other disabilities have special needs (Homburg, Jozi and Kuehnl, 2017). They need extra attention and care. This is why it is important for le pont de la tour to make special arrangements in order for smooth access in the restaurant and consumption of services such as ramp access, sufficient pass between the furnitures to pass. Along with these services, the respective restaurant also needs to focus on the foods and beverages that are delivered. The food items should be nutritious and easy to consume. This will help the customers will disabilities to consume the food and beverages conveniently which enhances their experience resulting in repetitive business.
  • Business Person- These type of customers prefers quick services as time management is an important element for business men. These customer’s require different type of amenities such as Wi-Fi, charging points for laptops and mobiles and meeting room if available. Some of the business man may also prefer grab and go type of food items which they can consume while going to their office. By providing such versatile menu options and commercial facilities, le pont de la tour can maximise such type of customer’s engagement which can help in earning revenue for the organisation.
  • Mothers with babies- These customers have most variable needs and preferences. Mothers with toddlers require such arrangement which can help them ease out handling and managing the child such as nappy room for changing diapers, bottle warmer for accessing hot milk for toddlers, high chairs and strollers for easy sitting (Fatma, 2014). Along with this, arranging entertainment modes can help keeping them engage and calm which ease out the dining experience of mothers and babies. le pont de la tour can also provide small portion of meals for kids which minimises the wastage and becomes easy for the kids to consume food dishes.

P2: Explore the different factors that drive and influence customer engagement of different target customer groups within a service sector organisation.

As different factors influences the needs of different type of customers in le pont de la tour (Klaus, 2014). Though it is tough to fulfil the needs and wants of the customers individually, the needs can be targeted by considering demographics and other basis of customers to maximise their satisfaction. These needs can be understand by the discussion below:

  • Mothers with babies- Some of the factors that can help in maximising their service experience in le pont de la tour are entertainment for kids, comfortable high sitting for babies, nutritious food, quick services, safety measures, first aid kits, drawing books and other engaging activities for kids.
  • Business Person- Various elements that enhances the experience of business persons in le pont de la tour are Wi-Fi services, charging points, quick services, quick meals, quality service, fine dining, and many engaging materials like newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Disabled customers- These service users have different type of special needs such as ramp for easy entrance, wheelchair to move around in restaurant, disabled bathroom facilities and spacious interior space management. Along with this, these customers also require healthy food and easy to eat food dishes. As there are different type of health issues and disabilities, menu in brail language can also be a facility that can be provided by le pont de la tour for customers who cannot see.


P3: Create a customer experience map for a selected service sector organisation.

Hospitality industry is wide in nature and for them satisfaction of customers play important role. le pont de la tour London is the part of respective sector which is working for generating revenue and providing better services to their customers (Blázquez, 2014). Below mention are some tools and techniques through which same organisation can take customers experience :-

  • Website – It is that which include images related to the le pont de la tour London food, ambiance, environment and so on. Through Website of the company customers get knowledge about everything related to particular hotel. But in relation to this, it is the responsibility of respective hospitality enterprise to upload actual pictures so that customers will gain same services as shown. Apart from this, there is an option of writing reviews in which customers, employees and other person related to association can give their opinions. This attract large number of customers from market area.
  • Telephone – In hotels telephone are putted on the receptions through which employees can contact to their customers and provide them information as per their requirement. But the person who will take call should be professional and polite in talking (Spies, and et. al., 2014).
  • Review Sites – Every company have their review sites same as le pont de la tour London also have. In these customers get knowledge about hotel through feedback of other guest and employees. Thus, for good reviews it is responsibility of the company to provide good services and products.
  • Restaurant Staff – Employees within the enterprise gives positive as well as negative both image in front of these others eyes. Hospitality industry organisation have to make sure that staff members should provide better services because through this they can gain positive reviews of customers.
  • E-Mails – It is the best source through which company can provide information related to new offerings, discounts and so on. Most important is that With the assistance of E-Mails le Pont de la tour London take reviews or feedbacks of their customers. Moreover, time to time e-mails regarding respective hotel products and services attract customers and shows positive image in their eyes.
  • Restaurant Management – Hospitality industry is popular for its management and services provided to customers (Torres, Fu and Lehto, 2014). Proper Management of this gives positive impact on customers and grab more from market area. Although, management is responsible for offering by the le Pont de la tour to their customers.

P4: Discuss how the customer touch points throughout the customer experience create business opportunities for a selected service sector organisation.

Customer experience has a direct relation with creating business opportunities for le pont de la tour. As the respective restaurant belongs to hospitality sector which is a service oriented field. Hence, the most affective way to enhance the customer experience is by providing adequate attention and services at every touch point or point of contact with the customers. To understand the customers experience and how it is influenced by customer touch points in order to create business opportunities for le Pont de la tour, a conversation between a waiter of the respective hotel and a customer with disabilities is given below:

The moment customer reaches the front door, the staff member of le Pont de la tour provides wheel chair for the customer and Greets the customer.

Staff member- (smiling at the cutomer, gives a warm welcome) Good Evening sir, welcome to le Pont de la tour.

Customer- (Smiles back to the staff member) Good evening. Thank you

Staff member- Shall I provide a wheel chair for your comfort.

Customer- Sure that will help, thanks a lot.

(The staff member helps the customer with disabilities to sit on the wheel chair and escort him to the restaurant hall. The dining manager welcomes him to the restaurant)

Dining manager-(smiling) Good evening sir, how are you ?

Customer- I am good, thank you.

Dining manager- Will you be dining alone today or someone else will be joining you?

Customer- Yes, my wife will be joining me shortly, I would like to have a table near the window please.

Dining manager- Sure sir, I have a perfect table that will give you the best view of the city.

(The dining manager assist the customer towards the window side table)

Dining manger- John(waiter) will be at your assistance today. Enjoy your meal.

Customer- Thank you for your help.

Waiter-( smiling, making eye-contact with the customer) Good evening. What can I get you sir?

Customer- I would like to order mac and cheese with wine.

Waiter- Anything else I can get for you ?

Customer- A glass of water please.

(waiter pours the water in the glass and passes the order to the production department of the restaurant)

Waiter- It will take 15 mins to prepare your order. Till that, shall I get you some magazines to read or anything ?

Customer- No, thank you. Can you tell me which way is the restroom?

Waiter- We do have restrooms for people with special needs.

( The customer shows the way. After a while, Waiter gets the order to the customer)

Waiter- Here is your order sir, enjoy your meal. I'll be right here for your assistance.

(After consuming the meal, the waiter takes the feed back)

Waiter- How was your meal sir ?

Customer- I loved it. It was really good.

Waiter- Is there any suggestion for us ?

Customer- Not really, I loved the services that were provided by yoy all and really glad that the restaurant have paid special attention on disabled customer requirement. I would love to visit again.

Waiter- ( smiling) Thank you for coming. Do visit us again.

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P5: Examine how digital technology is employed in managing the customer experience within the service sector, providing specific examples of customer relationship management system.

In current time period, digital technology help in enhancing hospitality growth and development level by maintaining service records in proper manner (Cetin and Dincer, 2014). Le pont de la tour adopt latest digital techniques and methods which can be used for maintaining and managing their customers experience in higher way. In most of the hotels, Artificial intelligence is one of the most important thing in the hospitality industry since front desk came in the picture. This will assist in carry out voice and chat based solution in this industry. Now customers can easily converse along with this they can receive hyper personalised recommendations according to their choice and preferences. There are various digital technology which employed in managing customer experience that are explained as under:

Internet of Things – In order to increasing customers experience, Le pont de la tour are advancing in tech side which enable them in collecting and gathering valuable guest data in other to enhance their customers experience. This trends carry out the internet of things which directly affects the hotel accommodation and make their guest happy or comfortable. It will assist in providing proactive maintenance and location based interactions that asst in improving the existing customers experience (Garg, Rahman and Qureshi, 2014). This can send custom tailored recommendation to the guests according to their choice, preferences, demand.

Front desk robot – This is the another digital technology which can be used by hospitality sector which help them in enhancing their guest experience in proper manner. It is the jaw dropping experience if a talking robot welcomes a guest and follow their instructions. Front desk robots are the next generation things and some nations are used this techniques. For example, China has already executed it in the hotel and Japan is redefining their customer experience that will assist in gaining higher profitability effectively (Bilgihan, Kandampully and Zhang, 2016).

In today's era digital marketing is acquiring the abilities to create interaction between the customer and the organisation. A successful business marketing leads to focus on their customer to add value addition to act effectively in the market. Digital marketing strategy is strongly focusing on the taste of the consumer which help the hospitality industry to manage a suitable approach so that they can meet the consumer demands.

Digital technology services provided by the le pont da la tour UK Landon are as follows:

Wi-Fi infrastructure: Nowadays Wi-Fi is becoming a perk, customer demand for it when the check in the hotel. Le pont da la tour is providing great Wi-Fi facilitates to their customer. So that the customer can do their business and make use of the technologies with ease.

Smart room key services: Le pont da la tour providing services of smart room key that allow their customer to unlock their doors by simply swiping up their room cards or phones as keyless pad on the doors.

Feedback on social media: By the feedback and reviews of the customers towards the stay and the facilities provided by the le pont da la tours attract more customer and also help to build strong relationship between the customer and the organisation.

Example Customer Relationship management of le pont da la tours:

Customer relationship management of le pont da la tours build strong relationship with their existing and with the new customer by providing superior quality of services and various technology facilitates such as free Wi-Fi services, smart room keys and synchronize with every facet of the consumer interaction. And also improving the customer acquisition process for future (Shah, Kumar and Kim, 2014).

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P6: Illustrate customer service strategies in specific service sector context.

While visiting a restaurant, all the customers have some pre conceived conceptions and expectations of the restaurant. Therefore, it is important to meet these expectations of the customers in order to enhance their service using experience and ensuring repetitive business. For this, le pont de la tour planned certain customer service strategies to meet the needs of the service users. These are mentioned below:

  • Employee Training- The services are provided by the employees in le pont de la tour restaurant. Hence, it is important to provide certain training which can help the employees learn new skills of serving, update their menus by new cuisines which will attract more customers in the respective restaurant (Yang, Liu and Li, 2015). The staff member should also have a good knowledge about the foods and beverages that they are offering in order to recommend these food products to the customers. This will also help in promoting the menu and increase the sales of the respective restaurant. Also, training of professional behaviour and body language can also be provided as it plays a very important role in providing quality services.
  • Handling customers complaints and concerns- In order to provide efficient services, it is important to handle the complaints and queries of the customers. This can be done by le pont de la tour by acknowledging the issue that the customer is facing at the very first place. After that immediate action should be taken by the managers or staff members of the respective restaurant. Faster the problem is resolved, better the service quality of the concerned restaurant company. In order to retain the customers, various freebies can be offered which can help in improving their experiences and have a good image about the respective restaurant. Last but not the least, it is advised to take feedback from the customers which can help in figuring out the areas where the restaurant need to work in order to maximise its sales and customer’s satisfaction.
  • Adapting technology- Technology has become an essential element to cop up with the market trends. There are many technical ways to modify the services of the restaurant company. le pont de la tour can provide online reservations which will promote the convenience of the customers and smooth out the process of le pont de la tour. Additionally, other tools like tablet ordering system can be adapted by the restaurant company. This will help in providing more accurate orders and enhance the service experience of the customers.

P7: Demonstrate how customer service strategies create and develop the customer experience in a way that meets the needs of the customer and required business standards.

Customer service strategies also helps in fulfilling the needs of the customers and managing business standards of le pont de la tour. It can be justified by the points mentioned below.

  • Technology- Technology helps the restaurant company in modifying their existing services and stay up to the market trend (Yang, Liu and Li, 2015). Additionally, it also helps in maintaining the standards of the company by providing updated quality services. By providing online reservations, helps the customer to get a certain assurance about their booking and waiting time. This is one of the luxury service which the customer can consume being at any place. By providing these modes, the range of services also increase.
  • Handling Customer complaints- Handling the customers complaint has become one of the necessity for le pont de la tour. By proper management of the complaints and queries, the respective restaurant can enhance the customer experience and learn about various elements that the restaurant needs to implement which can help them in providing more satisfactory services to the customer along with modifying the standards of the organisation.
  • Employee training- By providing efficient training , the employees can enhance their skills. This can further lead to improving the services of the restaurant company and improving the quality of business standards of le pont de la tour.

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From the above assignment, it can be concluded that customer experience plays a very important role in creating business opportunities for the restaurant. Hence, it is important to understand the needs, wants and preferences of different type customers. Additionally, there are various modes which helps in creating customer experience map such as websites, telephones, emails, etc. Digital technology also plays an important role in enhancing the customer experience and maintains the service standards of the company. Some of the digital modes are CRM, also known as customer relationship management which helps in maintaining a healthy communication with the customers and maintains data. Additionally, there are various strategies of customer service that are adapted by the respective restaurant in order to maintain the quality of services provided by the company and helps in improving the customer experience.

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