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Hospitality Industry Management - Hilton Hotels

University: University of Chester

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Organization Selected : Hilton Hotel


Hospitality refers to includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, travelling and additional areas of tourism industry. Hospitality management can be described as overall those strategies and techniques to manage such business in order to provide desired services to people for completing their actual requirements appropriately. The present report is based on Hilton Hotels which is known as global brand of full service hotels, resorts and flagship brand of American multinational hospitality company Hilton. This assignment will focus on different types of sectors in hospitality and their contribution local, national and global economies.

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1. Different sectors and businesses of hospitality

The hospitality industry refers to several areas of business including, tourism, hotels, them parks, cruise line and many more. They have their own concept to conduct production procedures in order to provide required services, product and facilities to people in appropriate manner. However, analyse actual needs of citizens and put efforts to fulfil them at reasonable price along with attracting new customers with retaining the current ones in respect of grabbing more profit share of market. Some of different sectors of hospitality industry are given below –

Travel and tourism – This can be described as business with deals with services related with moving of people from one place to another. It includes services of providing buses, cabs, planes, ships, trains and many more.

Food and beverages – The food and beverages refers to business which provide various relevant products such as meals, snacks and beverages. Moreover, theses products are manufactured according to desires of customers and modify them respectively to fulfil changed demands of people to attain their satisfaction.

Lodging – This involves staying facilities which are usually provided by different types of places like fancy hotels, youth & elder hostels, camp grounds, motels and so on. For example, Hilton hotel is prefer by many of visitors to stay there due to its effective facilities.

2. Contribution of hospitality to the local, national, and global economy

The hospitality industry includes travel & tourism, hotels including Hilton, restaurants etc., which facilitates to provide required facilities to visitors. It includes to render products and services to tourist who visit particular country due to visiting attractive tourist places of the same. It is helpful to generate better income in hospitality industry which provide support to increase annual income of the county. The contribution of hospitality on economy is explained further –

Local economy – The hospitality businesses like 'Hilton hotel' are responsible for generating various employment opportunities which facilitate to reduce unemployment rate on local area. However, it is helpful to improve the standards of living of citizens living in particular place.

National economy – This includes about increased annual income of particular nations through improve income of overall hospitality industry. Increase in annual income of the nation become capable conduct more developmental activities and remain economically stable.

Global economy – The increase in hospitality businesses facilitates globalisation of which is helpful for increasing access to technology, media, education, health care, consumer goods and resources.

3. Impact of using of franchising and licensing agreements on development of hospitality industry

There are different types of hospitality companies which adopt various effective as well as efficient techniques and practices in respect of boosting up productivity. It includes their different strategies or tactics which aimed to increase profitability of overall business in order to achieve better growth of the same. However, it includes to enhance business at wide level in terms of increasing customer along with grabbing more profit share of different market places and contribute to overall economic worth successfully.

Franchising – This can be described as a legal process in which one party (franchiser) provide right to another person (franchisee) in terms of utilising trademark along with it systems or processes. It is helpful or Hilton Hotel to grab market share of of other countries which facilitate to develop hospitality industry.

Licensing agreements – This includes a legal contract between two parties such as licensor and licensee. However, the licensor grants right to licensee for producing and selling desired goods in order to make better profits along with achieving growth of business at global level.


1. Different operational and functional departments

The different operational and functional department to an organisation consists of marketing, HR, production, sale & distribution and research & development. It involves the criteria of conducting better output of company through attaining desired goals and objectives of the same. In context of Hilton Hotel, several operational and functional departments are as follows –

Production Department – This can be described as to the manufacturing section of Hilton Hotel where require amount and variety of food product with services are produced. However, production in specific duration of time is essential to fulfil actual needs of clients on time.

HR Department – The HR department plays an important role to hire better skilled employees for company who are effectively capable to fulfil the same. In context of Hilton Hotel, they should hire well skilled chefs, housekeeping workers, waiters, receptionists managers and many more so that they can achieve satisfaction of customers.

Marketing Department – This can be explained as section which conducts effective promotional activities and market analysis to determine actual trends along with making people aware about the brand.

2. Different employment roles along with skills required for them

There are various kinds of employment roles are required in hospitality industry in order to complete various operational procedures and targets which facilitate to gain better profitability of organisation. In context of Hilton Hotel, they have several employment roles such as chefs, managers, waiters and receptionists whose required skills are given below –

Chef – The chef is required to have perfect knowledge about making different varieties of dishes, remain motivated, multitasking, attention to detail and culinary expertise so that taste demands of people can be fulfilled appropriately.

Waiters – The waiters have certain skills like basic maths, verbal communication, customer services, resolve conflicts, teamwork, persistent high energy etc.

Receptionist – The skills required receptionists are communication, receptionist, prioritizing, interpersonal skills, initiative and problem solving.

3. A review of skill gaps and shortages in roles

The skill gaps refers to different between desired standards of abilities and actual capabilities of an individual which is needed for particular designation like chef, waiter or receptionist. It will impact on their performance in Hilton Hotel as they are unable to fulfil requirements of customers properly. Skill gaps may involve ineffective communication, unable to take quick actions and null convincing power. However, this will facilitate reduce in profitability of the organisation and decrease opportunities of growth of the business.

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4. Skill gaps impact of hospitality businesses and how to solve them

The skill gaps reduce performance and productivity of staff members which results into loss of business. In addition to this, such skill gaps and shortages in roles can be overcome by conducting effective training and learning programs which are helpful to maintain the profitability of the organization. At the other hand, it is necessary for Hilton Hotel to provide training to remove threat so business for achieving better profit share in market.


The above report is conclude that hospitality industry can be described as lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, travelling and additional areas of business. It involves different sector like travel & tourism, hotels, restaurants and many more which are helpful to improve economic growth at local, national & global level.

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