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Effective Communication in Management

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1809
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: M/508/9860
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Table of Content

Question :

The scenario of this report discusses requirement of effective communication within a business organisation. Thus, this assignment will help in developing understanding of student towards different approaches used for effective communication at workplace. The criteria of this report will include:

  • Discuss different learning styles and factors that that may influence communication as well as learning.
  • Identify different theories of communication.
  • Evaluate the role of effective communication in management.
  • Analyse the influence of different methods of communication over business and managerial context.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Wiser


Effective communication is very essential for development of a business entity. This support manager in perform primary functions of management such as planning, organising, controlling, motivating and directing (Vernuccio, 2014). Mainly communication is known as the process of exchange or transfer information by writing, speaking or with help of another medium. Communication is not only essential is business but also important in personal life. One of the main benefit of communication is that it brings transparency among all staff members and enhance their understanding. Role of effective communication in management is given in this report. Further various methods which can be use by business for communication is all given in this report.


Research tool is important part for me to maximise my skills on knowledge about business functions and activities. In during the research I am able to deal with hard situation in easy manner. Further, it support me to analysis basic needs and wants of the clients. It develop my academic skills in different ways such as solving critical issues, better thinking, effective communication. All these are important part for me to improve my motivation and performance level. Therefore, research tools such as primary, secondary, qualitative and quantitative highly essential for me to develop better image as well as deals with difficult situation easily.

According to research I have been found that there are different research tools and techniques which has been used by me in order to carry out various conclusion which has been used to carry out all the operations of business. Further, I also take the assistance of both qualitative and quantitative methods in order to draw the different ways through which ranges of projects various methodological research skills are used in order to develop to maximise your research abilities. Further there are different kinds of methods and tools which has been used by me at the conducting research which are describe below:-

Project management:- Under this I need to research regarding all the expenditure which has been incurred at the time of implementing project so that better outcomes can be obtained.

Quantitative methods:- At the time of conducting research I also take the assistance of both primary and secondary tools in which opinion regarding customer perception has been taken by asking various questions from respondent and on the basis of feedback given by respondent further improvements has been made at the time of conducting research by me that also help in attaining goals and objectives.

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In business's world, communication is more than just transform the message to employees. Communication include every thing from ensure that employees are performing their job roles in adequate manner and motivate them to be more productive. One of the main benefit of communication is that it help in solve the problems and support in identify better solution. For solve a business issue in effective manner, it is very essential for an individual to first outline the problem. Effective communication support an individual to enhance his problem solving skills, help in solve differences, determine all the available solution and provide an opportunity to communicate and collaborate challenges to address the same. I analysed that effective communication help manager in create and maintain good relations with employees. This also provide basis to guide them so they can perform their job roles in effective manner. I examined that communication is very essential in an organisation as this help in break down barriers. When managers communicate with employees in effective manner then it encourage them and at the same time help in create a healthy and collaborative environment at workplace which is very essential for a business enterprise to survive. One of the main benefit of communication is that it make the employees clear about their roles and responsibilities. This decrease the chances of rise conflicts at workplace and increase effectiveness of business process as well. Effective communication skills are very necessary for lead others. Good communication skills help manager in be a good problem solver. It is very important that there should be effective communication among employees and managers as this ensure proper functioning of business entity. Effective communication play a influencing role in achieve organisation objectives. With proper communication channels, HR manager make the employees able about job roles which guide them in perform accordingly. Communication is significant at all level of entity. Without effective communication a business organisation cannot attain its set goals and objectives. Even a business entity cannot exist without communication. This bring transparency and cooperation among different business department and also influence the behaviour of others. Effective communication encourage job satisfaction and better performance. Communication provide an opportunity to manager to encourage employees to work well as behaviour of worker is modified in a a way so entity can achieve its set goals and objectives. It is known as a force that binds employees of an enterprise together. It support in get a mutual viewpoint and cooperate to attain organisational objectives. Communication is known as a link between knowledge and innovation. Knowledge is of no use for business firms until it is transform into information. Further, it largely affect the relationship between employer and employee. For get support of workers, it is is very essential for manager to maintain good relations with them and this can be achieve by communication. It is very important that communication should be effective at workplace because ineffective communication is known as cause of many problems. Relevant information should be transform to workers so they can be aware about what is going in enterprise and they can take decisions accordingly. So appropriate information should be supply to workers at right time with appropriate media. Management must require to properly communication with its owners, customers, suppliers, employees and community as well.

I believe that effective communication is inseparable part of successful firms. Better skills of communication enable both employers and employees at workplace to perform their job roles in effective manner. All this results in higher productivity and performance at workplace. Ineffective communication leads an enterprise to face complex situations such as decrease productivity, increase cost of business process, delays in delivery, wastage of resources and arise conflicts at workplace. Communication gap is known as one of the major factor that negatively impact on profits and creativity at workplace. Open and effective communication among employees and managers provide job satisfaction to them which is very essential for success of an entity. Further this help in build trust and loyalty within the enterprise. Further effective communication help in utilise all business resources to an optimum level which enhance efficiency of business operation. With this organisation can offer featured and quality products to its customers at affordable prices. Effective communication support manager monitor various business activities. I believe that effective communication increase the effectiveness of management. As this help manager in make the workers aware about their roles and responsibilities which help organisation in achieve its set goals and objectives. Effective communication help manager in take right decision. Further this help in utilise all resources at an optimum level and help in complete all business activities in given time.

There are numerous strategies for correspondence are ready to go settings- - whether those organizations are vast or little. Understanding the accessibility and advantages, and downsides of the different alternatives can enable business to individuals pick the specialized devices well on the way to reverberate with their groups of onlookers. Today correspondence can happen in an assortment of ways - face to face, through print reports, through communicate messages or, progressively, on the web. Below described are the methods which are elaborated effectively:

  • Face to Face: While the technology is much more rampant, I believe that the face to face communication plays effective role in communicating with business environment. A survey is mainly being conducted in which it has been shown that the 56% of the responding mainly prefers for the face to face communication with the colleagues. Next one was the e-mail which was selected as 35% of the respondents. I personally opt out for this kind of method as face to face conversation mainly helps out in dealing with situations in effectual manner and thus emotions and feelings are mainly shared in better and effective manner. Moreover, face to face conversation helps in getting on solution or the conclusion in better way and fast as well.
  • E-Mail: This is one of the effective and common method of communication within many kind of companies and even I use this kind of method. This is majorly being used within the office premises or the cubicles next to each other. This kind of technology is mainly being used by me specially to share the crucial data and many more. As per my point of view, this kind of method is highly utilised and have mainly given positive kind of impact upon the business communication. Along with this, communication of this type is quick in nature and thus has mainly given variety of locations and thus has mainly offered flexibility, convenient and low cost.

Meetings: This kind of factor is being mainly utilised by manager of company with the motive of sharing up of crucial data among the employees. There are various kind of purposes due to which meeting is being conducted like sharing up of crucial data, issues solution, project details and many more.

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