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Key Challenges in Health Sector - NHS Hospital

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Question :

The scenario of this report discusses role of manager and leader in healthcare organisation. They both are working as a key player in an organisation as to setup business targets as well as develop a path to achieve them appropriately.

  • Determine the political, social and cultural factors that have potentially undermine the delivery of equitable healthcare of NHS.
  • Provide recommendation for the application of IS methodologies as well as techniques in NHS.
  • Determine reflection over the learning of this report.
Answer :
Organization Selected : NHS Hospital


In present scenario, customer want to avail quick services and they also concerned about the quality as well. The major problem faced by health and social care institution is related to the overcrowding in the emergency department. It considered to be as major problem , as due to the overcrowding the emergency department medical professional or staff face difficulty in proving the quick as well as proper treatment to the patient. This factors that is overcrowding in emergency department increases the chances of medical error. Overcrowding in the hospital especially in emergency department often results in the increase waiting time , high level of dissatisfaction in patients. This factors have deleterious domino impact on the entire health care organisation.

The present report is concerned with the development of understanding about the key challenges as well as problems faced by health and social care institution. It has focus on identifying the reason for NHS Accidents and Emergency departments are failing to meet the recommended four-hour waiting times. The study will highlight the strategies which can be used by manager in NHS in dealing with several business issues.


1) Assessment of social, political and cultural factors that have the capacity to potentially undermine the delivery of equitable healthcare.

The main characteristics of primary care are accessibility, longitudinal, patient orientates, comprehensivenesses and coordination. In addition to providing suitable care to patient and fulfilling their need health care organisation is consternating on addressing social determinants of health (Darragh and et. al., 2016)

During the last few decades , there has be great pressure on the NHS company due to continue rise in accidents with in health and social care institution. There are various factors which have direct influence on the medical services provided by health care institution. Some elements which affects services provided by health care organisation at macro level include public policies, like national social health insurance. Micro level impact has great influence on the interaction between people in the society and health care system. Accidents and emergencies situation within health care institution has reached to the critical level due which an organisation has to face many legal issues which has direct as well as significant impact on the reputation of firm. Continues growth in accidents and incidents within NHS has major influence on customer behaviour as well as perception of services users about the services provided by health and social care institution. The statistical report of has interpreted that emergency departments across England treated approximately 78.7 percent of patients within the four-hour target. An organisation low capability to serve customers have great as well as negative impact on the performance of firm. Low potential of delivering quick services to customer has lead to the high level of dissatisfaction among service user. Many patients who visit Nhs for availing treatment or care service has to wait long time in Queue.

It has been analysed after the depth investigation that the significant reason for increase in waiting time is due to the staffing problems. There are only few attendants in emergency department of NHS which has lead to increase in pressure on organisations and has restricted the potential of emergency department to manage the flow of patients. . Lack of sufficient human resource is the main reason which has created the big barriers for an organisation in delivering quick services to all the patient. In addition to this, ineffective management is another reason due to with the business entity in facing the difficulty in attending to the patients and providing them with suitable services or facilities. There is increase in , bed occupancy rates and public uncertainty regarding other out of hours services are some other reasons for increasing in waiting time by patients. The patient in Nhs has to wait for long time due to delay in services which occur because of overcrowding in emergency department (Grasso,2016)

It has also been analysed that In addition to above issues there are numerous other factors such as social, economic , cultural and political factor which has direct as well as significant influence on services provided by health and social care institutions. These constituents have the capacity to potentially undermine the delivery of equitable healthcare organisation. As per the several reports NHS has failed to meet the expectation of policy makers and administrator. As the Nhs has failed to comply with the national standards which defines the minimum as well as maximum time span according to which the medical facilities or services to be provided to patients. Due to delay in delivering the services to patient, an organisation has to face legal issues. It has been found from analysis that NHS has failed to comply with the provisions related to the health care services due to lack of proper planning and absence of effective managements skills , the Top level management in NHS e spending as per the ministry guidelines. Responsibility and transparency in the utilization of locally generated funds has lead to the controversies related to misuse of funds (Wiley, and Smith, 2014)

In addition to the above problem, the delay in services , increasing in the waiting time and failure to attend some patients has given rise to other issues. Many patients have complained that they are being discriminated by NHS , due to which an organisation has to face legal obligation which has further impact on business Performance as well as influence on growth of an enterprise.

The company also have to face increasing number of complaints by patients related to the fraud from the health facilities. There are some peoples in the society accusing NHS employees for serving their own interest rather than communities. Deteriorating condition of ,medical facilities, poorly maintenance of surgical equipment and lack of medical input has given rise to the high risk of accidents within a heath and social care institutions. These factors have direct as well as significant influence on the custom,er perception about the services provided by an enterprise.

In addition to the above problems, NHS has to face legal obligation as well as has to face customer or service user complained related Health care disparities. Health care disparities affiliated to race, ethnicity, socio-economic status and markers of social disadvantage consequence of a complex meeting of patient, clinician, and system levels factors. All the constituents has lead to the social disadvantage for firm. It has been analysed that such complaints related to the inequality or discrimination are mainly made by the Minority and people belonging to the low status people living in the society. Lack of health insurance is a major contributor to health care disparities. The increase in overcrowding has become the major issues of concern by management in health and social care institutions. There are several internals as well as external variables affecting crowding. Some of internal factors are Increased hospital occupancy, Inappropriate patient referral,Staff shortages , untrained medical staff etc. Some external factors medical practices in health and social care institution includes adequate access of the general population to primary care and specialists as an outpatient, Demographics with an ageing population, Influence of media and internet on patients etc. (Lennon and,. 2017)

Among the various issues increased Hospital Occupancy and shortage of bed is the main reason due to which NHS has failed to provide suitable facilities to patients. The potential to move admitted patients from the emergency department to hospital beds depends on the availableness of hospital beds, nursing staff, nursing ratios, ancillary service availability, local structure etc. Constituent or element which effects bed occupancy also include those patient lie who lie outside the hospital. Incompetent community services for proper transfer of care to service users back to the people leads to extended stays in the hospital and blocks acute hospital bed admittance.


Health information technology, including availability of electronic health records is one of the appropriate solutions which can be implemented by NHS. As this strategy or tactics will assist business entity in bringing improvement in medical practices and reducing the waiting time.

There are the several techniques has suggested by the government in a nation to health which has helped companies in dealing with overcrowding in emergency department or similar other issues . One of the recommendation provided to NHS is Primary Care Streaming’ where patients are diagnosed by a suitably experienced Emergency Department medical professional or Nurse and then referred to either the on-site GP or the emergency department, . This strategy has been proved to be very beneficial and useful health carte organisation .As it has helped firm top provide appropriate response to the overcrowding as well as delay in services problem. This is one of the long-term solutions proposed which has positive effect on the services by health and social care institutions. It is required by manager in NHS organisation to design as well as implement the advance technology or special system in an organisation (Paustenbach,2015)

Contemporary Leadership theories applicable to health care

In health care institution there are many medical professionals , departments etc. There are many leadership theories or models which can be applied in context of health care setting. Some of the leadership theories are:

Transformational leadership:This leadership theory is based on the assumption that t people work more effectively if they have a sense of mission. As per this leadership concept leaders should communicate their vision in a manner that is meaningful, exciting, and creates unity and collective goals.

Collaborative leadership-leaders with this type of leadership approach work min collaboration with employees .This strategy help manager in avoiding the risk of conflicts and ensuring the flow of information which is very much essential in health care setting for avoiding medical errors.

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