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Impact of Training on Employee Behaviour - Tesco Case Study

University: UK College of Business and computing

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  • Paper Type: Case Study
  • Course Code: D/508/2343
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Question :

The scenario of this report is based on analyzing the role of training in order to enhance the overall performance of the firm. In this regard, the primary method of data collection could be used in order to analyzing views of others.

  • Discuss how to formulate research specification in the given scenario of this research.
  • Provide an implementation of the research procedure and specification over the proposed research.
  • Discuss the results and outcomes of this research.
  • Determine the outcomes of this research in a structured format.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


The research project is a framework that outlines the entire research that has to be conducted. It describes research process, methods and techniques that will be used in research. In addition, there are various methods that can be applied in this (Polonsky and Waller, 2014) Thus, it is important for researcher to analyse methods before conducting research. It helps in smooth flow of research. This report will describe how the research project is formulated and in what ways it will help in achieving aims and objectives. For this report, organisation taken is tesco that belongs to retail sector and operates at global level.

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1.1 formulation of possible research project outline specifications


To analyse effective training and development programs which help in improving performance of business – A case study on Tesco.


  • To identify impact of training and development while performing business operations
  • To identify impact of training on employee behaviour and performance
  • To provide recommendations on how different training methods can be implemented to provide training

Resource Implications

For conducting research, some resources are required. It helps researcher to effectively conduct research. The resource required will be financial, human resource, etc. Funds will be allocated by using activity based costing method (Burton, Brundrett and Jones, 2014) It will help in proper allocation of resources. The researcher will develop Gantt chart in order to complete activities. In this, time and schedule will be made for conducting each activity. This will help in completing activity in specific time. Along with this, researcher will use thematic analysis to interpret primary data. It will help in analysing data so that precise information can be collected.

1.2 Factors that contribute to process of research project

There are many factors that can affect research outcomes. Therefore, it is important for researcher to analyse its impact that can be minimised (Flick, 2015) The first factor is researcher interest in topic that he is been involved for long time. With this he can get effective results on how training and development improve employee performance. Besides this, effective knowledge can be a reason that can influence topic. Therefore, research is conducted in order to get practical knowledge of this topic. These two factors can contribute in research project.

1.3 Critical review of key references

Improving the effective performance and improves the business operations so that the Tesco provides for their employees of effective training and development programs and methods. Training and development programs are improves the skills, knowledge and abilities to the employees. While performing business operations then to identify the capacities and capabilities of the employees in the Tesco. Tesco is adopting various methods of training of the new and existing employees working the company and also organised the development programs of the employees inside the company and outside the company. (Bell, Tannenbaum, and Kraiger, 2017. )

Tesco adopting the various seminars, conferences for the new employees who are entering the company. Training and development programs are help of the employees for better performance n the company. Training is important for Tesco for modify the values and attitudes for employees , training is also important for Tesco to balance the relation between the employees and their subordinates in the company. Training is the important for accepted the responsibility for the work. Training is the important to Tesco for their development .

Tesco provides and organised development programs of employee for effective skills, behaviour and effective leadership skills. Tesco is provides developments programs to identify and developed the skills and knowledge of the employees and developed the motivation as well. Tesco is provides development programs for employees to accepted the challenges and to teach with the challenges. Tesco is organised conferences and seminars for the managers, trainees and employees as well. Development programs is use of feedback for the employee from their performance by given their supervisor. From the development programs employees are ready for the learning of new methods and technologies. In Tesco development programs are useful for employees job satisfaction and job analysis in the company. From training and development programs are helping of achieving the organisational objectives and goals. Training and development programs helps for increasing the skills, abilities and knowledge of the employees in the company.(Khan, Abbasi, and Ijaz, 2016.) Training and development are helping the decision making in the Tesco. In the Tesco training and development is very important for communication , personal developments, planning , organising, managing performance, team building and team behaviour of the employees. Training and developments is helps in the to take responsibility to doing the tasks. Training and development is important part of success of Tesco because every employee is not working well in the company so that Tesco is provided training and development programs of the employees. Training and development is useful for preparing for the tasks and faced the difficult situations.

Identify impact of training on employee behaviour and performance.

There are many impacts of training on behaviour and performance of the employees in the Tesco. Training and development programs are important for employees behaviour and performance in the company. Through training and developments, employees can changes in their behaviour and attitudes to deals with the other employees. Training and development programs helps to improve skills, knowledge, abilities and capacities for performance of employees in the company. Training is to developed the behaviour and skills of the employees in Tesco. Training and development programs can help to faced the difficult situations in their work or in the company. Training and development can help improve the performance so that employee performing better to other employees. (Cancedda, Farmer, and Binagwaho, 2015. )Training and development helps to identify the strength and weakness and giving the opportunities to better performance and to better behaviour in the company. By the training and development, performance of employees is to affected the factors such as social, cultural, political and also affected of structures of the organization. Though training and development increasing the productivity and profitability of the company. Through Training and development programs increasing the customer satisfaction and increasing new idea's creation. Through training and development manager are saved the time and money. Better performance increasing expectation and satisfaction of employees in the company. Training also increasing and filling the needs of the employees in the company. Trained employees improves the time management. Trained employees reduce and break down the customer complaints. Training and development using as a tool for problem solving in the company. Training and development programs reduce stress and work load of the new employees in the company. Training and development programs in many ways like coaching, management games, seminars ,conferences etc. adopted by the Tesco for their employees for better performance and behaviour . (Ford, 2014.)

Training and development programs can be determined the productivity, and turnover of the employees in the company. Training is the systematic planning of the employee' skills, knowledge ,behaviour and performance in the company. Training programs depends on the organization's ability and to identify the training needs. Training is the process to identify the expectation and experiences of employees in the company. Training is the process of alteration and modification of employee's behaviour and attitude. Training is to improve quality of employees in the company. Well trained employees reduces time, money and production cost. Training is the important to makes the good leaders and motivators. Training and development is the important for the employee's performance and behaviour in the company. Through training increasing learning habits and increasing the experiences of the work in the company. Training and development programs are useful not only present but also in futures. Training and development efforts to improving the employee's satisfaction so that employees can efforts for the contribution in the economic growth. Training and development is to helps to understand the policies, rules and regulation of the Tesco company. Understanding the policies after that how to adopted to policies in the organization it is identify thorough training and development.

1.4 Research project specification

Research methodology is designed to provide a brief outline on what methods or procedures will be used by researcher. It helps in conducting research in smooth way. Also, by this researcher is able to conduct research in systematic way (Smith, 2015) For present research methodology used is described below :-

Research philosophy- It is a technique that allows researcher to conduct research in appropriate manner. There are two research philosophies that is positivism and interpretivism. For present study positivism approach is used. It will allow researcher to focus on aims and objectives that has been determined.

Research approach- It contains theories and hypotheses that is used while conducting research. Inductive and deductive research approaches are there. For present study researcher will use inductive approach (Bell, 2014) It is because entire research is based on questions that will help in collecting specific data and information. Through this researcher will be able to achieve aims and objectives.

Research technique- Generally, there are two types of research techniques used in research that are quantitative and qualitative. In context to above research, qualitative technique will be used by researcher. By this it will be easy to evaluate data and getting specific results. Moreover, in the end it will help in getting valid conclusion of research.

Data collection - Data collection technique plays a crucial role in research. It is because the entire outcomes are based on data collection (Lutz, 2016) There are two ways of collecting data that is primary and secondary. In primary data is for first time from sources like surveys, questionnaire, etc. while in secondary research data is collected by from previous research such as books, journals, newspapers, etc. In context to present research questionnaire method is used by researcher to collect data. Questionnaire will contain only open ended questions. With this help effective and proper data will be collected.

Sampling- It also plays vital role in getting results. It refers to selecting audience from which data questionnaire will be filled. In present study research will use random sampling method in which he or she will select 20 employees working in Tesco. With this researcher will be able to get precise data (McMahon and McMahon, 2016)

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