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Qantas Marketing Strategies: Case Study

University: Australian National University

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 4 / Words 878
  • Paper Type: Case Study
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  • Downloads: 736
Question :

Marketing is about the activities which the company undertakes for promoting for attracting customers to buying its goods, services (Qantas marketing, 2021). It is about advertising, selling, attracting customers for the company. It is the process for attracting customers who are interested in the companys goods, services. The case study is about marketing for Qantas Airways. Qantas Airways Limited has a career for Australia which is based for an international flight. It was founded in 1920, headquarter situated in Australia. It has proven as the Australias higher domestic & international airline which known as “Queensland & Nothern territory Ariel services”. Qantas group includes various brands which include 33000 people over 38% which are based in Australia. This study is about the Qantas marketing strategy. Qantas strategy for growth which using CRM & apply data at the recent Teradata connect conference.

  • Marketing strategies to accomplish its objectives.
  • Marketing strategies are very comprehensive.
  • How Qantas using the strategy of data & innovation in order to understand its customers which drives loyalty which helps for increase ROI.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Qantas Limited


Marketing is the function which helps organisations for communicating customers about company's goods, services. Qantas limited deals in Airways which provides airways services to customers. Qantas in order to serve its customers, airlines uses mix for Geographic, Demographic, Phychotgraphic variables. Segmentation helps company for understanding various customers which is based for the population variables. The targeting strategy for the company is what the brand uses in order to fulfil the growing needs for the customers. Qantas positions views the way how their image relates with its competitors. The company uses various positioning strategy for market its brand. Qantas airlines launches the brand Jetstar for competitive positioning for the company.

Qantas Loyalty
(Illustration 1: Qantas marketing 2021)

Vaughan Chandler, Head of customers view for the Qantas limited shared their successful growth strategy by using CRM & applying data. Qantas are the higher brand for airline for various sub brand as Jet airline which includes Qantas loyalty. The company understanding their customers needs for using data intelligence which is available to customers, they makes solutions as the company enter the credit card market which helps company for increasing 300m cash for the company for the 9% growth. The company has partnered for companies Woolworths in order to offer value added benefits which leads for attracting more customers. The Qantas limited using innovation available by providing Iphone apps, pre-paid cards, acquire online retail businesses. The company using more customers initiatives for using technology, data has improved for job satisfaction for the customers service managers in order to improve customer engagement by providing introduction of the IPAD for CSM for the aeroplanes. The Qantas using technology for retaining customers which leads to higher profitability. The company providing these benefits to its customers which helps it for improving customers satisfaction. Qantas limited viewing customers for the online sites by using data information which increases its sales by approaching customers as it knowing customers preferences etc. The company makes marketing strategy as maintaining customers relations which gives it chance for attracting them, increasing its profitability.

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Qantas Marketing
(Illustration 2: Qantas Marketing 2021)

The Qantas has approaches for success which includes it has customers strategy, focuses on customers services, takes data driven marketing approach, it manages customers interactions, uses customers insight, analytics which views as using data predict how to respond to customers, the marketplace which helps company for higher profitability, it takes pervasive management approach, it has learn environments for the businesses. The company using & understanding data which helps it for building relationships which helps it for expand business activities. The company has knowledge which helps it for focusing on analytics, loyalty management. The company using CRM strategy for attracting customers which helps it for higher profitability. It uses customers data collection strategy for the fulfilling their needs. It uses customers relationship management approach in order to retaining customers, increases its bookings. It provides credit card facility for its customers which leads to increase in bookings. This approach provides various customers solution which makes easy for it for collecting customers data which helps it for attracting customers. Qantas provides customers solution for booking it by using credit cards. It uses technology for attracting customers by providing better solutions for bookings for their choice which helps it for attaining customers for higher level. The Qantas using technology for retaining customers which leads to higher profitability. The company providing these benefits to its customers which helps it for improving customers satisfaction. CEO manages the innovations department which includes analytics. It also includes their management team using systems, innovation, understanding how to use systems, they taking data as the parts for decision making. The Qantas has views for analytics, customer views, loyalty management which gives it benefits for attracting more customers (Qantas marketing, 2021).

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(Illustration 3: Qantas Marketing 2021)

As per my views company should use more digital technology for attracting customers it should use feedback system which helps its for maintaining relations with the customers. Qantas limited should use more marketing campaigns which attracts customers for its services. It should keeps views for rewards system for their customers which helps it for attracting more customers for the company which gives it higher profitability. The company should makes competitive advantages for its pricing strategy by providing offers to its customers which helps it for increase in bookings. It uses customers relationship management strategy for attracting customers which helps it for higher profitability. The company using innovation strategy for data analytics which helps it for more bookings which leads to higher profitability (Qantas marketing, 2021).

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