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D/601/0578 Unit 6 Bachelor business HND Business Level 5

 Summary of Core article

The article is on the topic Collaborative overload. In present scenario , due to the increase in competition and changing business environment collaborations is taking place. There has been increase in work pressure on employees , they have to work extra  for an origination in order to train their jobs as well as improve their performance at workplace. During the workload employees seek supports of their leaders, superior and colleagues in order to complete their task on time. Increase in globalisation and cross functional activities has contributed towards promotion of team work. During last few years he time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has increased a lot. This is considered to be as positive development at workplace which has provided managers as well as  employees a chance to built and maintain strong relationship with each other. An organisation should utilise their resources in effective as well as efficient manner. In many organisations  the ratio is however around approximately  around 70 percent  employees are leaving their job because  of little time for all the critical work which they  required to complete on their own. The work load as well as pressure has negative effect on the quality of work as well as performance of worker at workplace. During the workload  workers  employees are requested or forced for providing their input or advice, access to resources, or attendance at a meeting. But some organisation management team allows their workers to take assignments home during the time of workload. This strategy adopted by management team in an enterprise helps employees in making balance work and life. It also enables workers to get high level of job satisfaction. Work flexibility plan orb plan also assist business entity in developing the strong relationship with workers and retaining highly skilled employees for long time (Connolly, Ung and Gidwani, 2017)

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The article has highlighted the three types of resources which assist in building value through collaboration. These crucial resources are informational, personal as well as social. The article is based on analysing the significance of collaboration within an organisation during the workload. In article author has demonstrated the factors or activities which helps employees in improving their performance at workplace. Authors of the article have focused on influencing the companies to identify the strongest collaborators  in an enterprise.

In article author has also highlighted the issues faced by the employees when  working in a group in which people belongs to different cultural background and have different values ,. opinions as well as beliefs.

In the article case study of Blue chip professional service organisation has been included by author. This case scenario , has been included in the report with the intention to show the use of three important resources there are personal , information and social. The another purpose of providing the example of  Blue chip professional service organisation is to demonstrate the way these resources assists individual in aligning their personal objectives with the business goals (Kvamme and Bracht, 2018)

Recognising keywords in the article

Some keywords are  :

Collaborative overload: It is refers to as the point when a person spend their time in working or requesting their co-workers to support them in completing the task on time.

Globalization: it is defined as a procedure by which organizations develop international influence or start operating on a global  scale.

Informational resource: these are the resources which is utilised by management team in an enterprise. For instance :information resources are databases with customer purchase data.

Personal resource: It includes an individual capability , skills, optimism and resilience. Collectively, all these qualities  are unique as well as  valuable, yet underutilized. It is  source utilising which an individual can gain  competitive advantage for a company.

Social resource:These are considered to be as resources hat can be accessed and used in social actions. It is considered to be as crucial as well as valuable. Social resources are utilised by as person  for maintaining and improving possibilities of survival as they interact with the external environment.

Virtuous cycle:It is defined as the complex chain of circumstances that re-enforce themselves through a feedback loop (Gill, 2018)

Identifying the one article relevant to each of four questions

Ques 1. What leaders can do to reduce the stress of work on employees?

Leaders in an organisation can fulfil the demand of their subordinates in number of ways such as by mapping the supply as well as demand in an enterprise. The other method is redistributing the work more evenly among employees. The last techniques is by providing people  an incentive to collaborate more efficiently. As This will help management team in promoting team work and developing the effective working environment in an enterprise. It is required by manager or leader in an organisation to adopt the mapping to or stakeholders analysis. As this strategy will assist leaders in identifying the important stakeholders whose demands are to be met considering the benefit of a company. The another strategy which can be utilised by leaders is to rank the demands of subordinates  on the basis of priority .As per the maslow hierarchy theory, the most basic demand of the workers should be given the priority. As this will enable worker to gain high level of satisfaction. As per the view of  (O'Neill and Salas  2017)leaders in an organisation an effective leader, lead the subordinates to the common goals or targets of the company. In addition to this it is required by leader in an enterprise to develop technical abilities. As this skill will assist leaders or manager in resolving the technical difficulties which are required to inspire employees. In context of articles ,As per the opinion of (Meakins, 2017) leaders or managers in an enterprise is required to make proper training arrangement for employees. As this will assist workers in gaining the skills as well as core competencies which will helpful in completing their task in efficient as well as effective manner. This suggestion has been provided on the basis of the fact that managers or leaders face difficulty in providing the detail guidance of work to each and every employee during the workload. According to the view of (Lynch,2017) leaders are required to develop additional core competencies as well as abilities in context of managing or leading people in diverse organisation. As per the opinion of (Marek,Schaufeli and Maslach, 2017)There would be a strong relationship between styles of leadership and satisfaction of different need-areas in the public sector. According to the thinking of (Wang,  LaPlaca and Bao, 2017) leaders  are need to adopt the person centred approach. As this approach will help leaders in providing satisfaction to workers and motivating employees to improver their performance work place. According to the opinion of (Andrews, 2018) manager or leader in an enterprise should enable workers some flexibility in when and where they work can go a long way toward reducing stress.

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