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Global Business Environment - SASOL

University: The London college

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BM461
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Question :

This Essay will access the role of leader in shaping the corporate behaviour with the critical analysis of following questions:

  • To analyse the role of leader in practice of good government & social accountable behaviour.
  • To access the influence of governance and corporate behaviour on culture.
  • What are the strategic implications of the company for working towards CSR and business ethics.
  • Examples of ethical business dilemmas and the response of an organisation.
Answer :
Organization Selected : SASOL limited


The global business environment refers to the environment in different countries which influence the decision making process and capability of an organisation. It can be divided into two parts: internal and external environment. Global business environment mainly focus on external environment which includes political, technological, social, cultural and regulatory factor (Barnwell and et. al., 2014). This report is based on SASOL Limited which is a type of public company. It was founded in 1950 and its headquarter is located in Sandton, South Africa. This company is based on oil and gas chemical. In this report there will be a discussion about concept and factors of globalisation. Impact of digital technology on globalisation is also included in this report. PEST analysis and strategic challenges will discuss. Apart from this, McKinsey's 7S model and Hofstede's dimensions culture model will discuss. At last, ethical and sustainable factors and its impact on decision making in global market will discuss.

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1. Structure, Culture, and Governance of Organisation by Applying of McKinsey's 7S Model

SASOL Limited apply corporate governance structure which considers to delivering of sustainable growth. Board of directors set the direction for the group and take effective judgement and ensure that risk and sustainable development which are appropriately balanced.

SASOL Limited is focuses on health and safety of social culture. They involve productive employees with required knowledge and skills in their organisation.

Mckinsey's 7S Model

This model was formulated by McKinsey in 1970 which is the well famous consultancy firm in US. It is based on effective organisational changes to interpret the complex relation between difficult components. 7S are describe as follows:-

  • Shared Value- It is an interconnecting center of sharing values. This model describe that SASOL Limited is stand for what and what are their values, beliefs and attitudes. They focus on their social culture and decide their goals and objectives (Belás and et. al., 2014).
  • Strategy- It represent the plan of allocating scarce resources to identified objectives. Demand of products in SASOL Limited are increases or decreases and there is also pressure from competitors in global market. So, company have to make policy as per beat competition and gain more profit.
  • Structure- It refers to the different ways which are interrelated with each other. They focuses on organisation structure of SASOL Limited it may be centralised or decentralised and the way of communication which is depends on their structure.
  • System- Every organisation follow a particular system or procedure to execute their task and different activities. A system followed by SASOL to globalised their firm is that arrangement of finance, recruiting and selecting of applicants, providing training and development, assigning task, evaluation, promotion and many more.
  • Staff- It refers to the types and number of employees exist in an organisation. Structure of SASOL Limited is based on the types of human resource. They identify the need of employees to fill vacant positions (Blodgett, Hoitash and Markelevich, 2014).
  • Style- It deals with different style of leadership used by a leader to achieve organisational objectives. Culture of SASOL Limited is different as per their employees. It is a responsibility of a leader to identify needs of employees and motivate them as per their needs by which they perform better task in global market.
  • Skills- There are different types of skills and capabilities which employees have in an organisation. SASOL Limited have different employees with various set of skills. Manager have to analyse their skills and conduct training program for improve their knowledge and skills.

2. Hofstede's Dimensions of Culture


McKinsey's 7S are applied in organisation to interpret the complex situation. This model is useful for SASOL Limited when they want to expand their business in global market. It focuses on shared values, skills, staff, style, strategy, system and structure of an organisation. When company follow all these components carefully in their business activity they can definitely sustain long run in international market and earn huge profit.

Hofstede's Dimensions Model

It was formulated by Hofstede which provide values to various cultures. It make impact on both area of workplace and cultural behaviour of society. There are mainly six cultural dimensions in Hofstede's model which are as follows:-

  • Power Distance- It refers to the difference between member of society as per power. Some people are more powerful and some are less (Brannen, Piekkari and Tietze, 2017). There is an unequal distribution of power in society which make effect on business activities of SASOL Limited.
  • Uncertainty Avoidance- It refers that people of society are avoid to uncertainty. They want to live in a comfort zone. There are many types of challenges faced by SASOL Limited at the time of expansion of business in international market.
  • Individualism vs. Collectivism- It refers that some people want to live alone and some give prefer to live with society or in a group. They make close network with different cultural societies (Cavusgil and Knight, 2015).
  • Masculinity vs. Femininity- Masculinity refers to society's preference in order to get rewards, achievements etc. While, femininity refers to preference of society for corporation and better life etc. SASOL Limited have to focus on both type of people in business expansion.
  • Long term vs. short term orientation- Long term orientation refers to that culture who strongly works to developing absolute truth. Whereas, short term orientation refers that societies are searching for moral excellence.
  • Indulgence vs. Restraint- It indicates that societies give preference to their social culture and norms. For this, they can control their needs and desires.

3. Evaluation of Ethical and Sustainable Factors

Ethical Factors

Ethics implies that behave ethically and performing good work in an organisation. It is important for every firm to make ethical environment in company which encourage employees for better performance. In SASOL Limited, ethical factors are as follows:-

  • Customer Ethics- It is focus on employees relation with customers. When employees of SASOL Limited are perform their task effectively and efficiently in organisation then it enhance the brand image of company. Company should have to focus on customers demand and make product as per their needs (Deasy and et. al., VMware Inc, 2016). They also make better relation with customers because customers are helps an organisation for better growth and development.
  • Ethical Climate- This factor deals with external and internal environment of an organisation which make impact on their business activities. It is a responsibility of SASOL Limited to make ethical climate and environment which helps to increase coordination among employees for better performance.

Sustainable Factors

Sustainable factors are helps an organisation to retain long run in market. It include following factors:-

  • Adaptability- This factor states that SASOL Limited have to adopt new things and different cultures. When firm adopt new things then they can expand their business in foreign countries. When a company think to enhance their firm in global market then different types of policies and culture need to adapt for long term sustain.
  • Focus on Strategy- Companies have to focus on their plans and strategies to retain long term in market. It is necessary for SASOL Limited to make strategy in order to gain more profit, expansion of business and cope up with different situations arises in business environment. When is focuses on all these strategies then they can easily sustain long run in future.

4. Factors Affecting Decision Making in Global Context

Ethical and Sustainable factors are affect the decision making power of managers and leaders in context of global business environment. In ethical factors, company have to make decision regarding to create an ethical environment which encourage employees to work in a team and contribute their efforts to expand the business in global market and achieve organisational goals and objectives (Kolk, 2016). Sustainability factor also affect the decision making of manager of SASOL Limited. Government policies are changes and differences occur in culture of global market. So, company have change their decisions as per the rules and regulations made by government.

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5. Strategic Expansion Routes with Advantages and Disadvantages

Strategic expansion routes means there are mainly two paths SASOL Limited have at time of making strategy of expansion of business in global market i.e. exit and succession. Here, company want to select the path of succession. For succession planning company can merger and acquisition. It is describe as under:-

Merger and Acquisition

Merger refers to the combination of two or more firms whereas acquisition refers to purchasing of one company by other firm. Main objective of merger and acquisition is to maximisation of profit and wealth. When company want to expand their business they they use the technique of merger but when an organisation want to continue their business activities through others then they sell their firm to other. SASOL Limited want to use the technique of acquisition for succession.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Acquisition



It is a quick and easy way to growth and succession of a firm.

It can be more expensive and clashes the social culture.

It enhance the reputation of SASOL Limited.

Acquisition of firm in foreign country is a difficult task.

It helps to overcome the barriers of entrance in global market.

There is a high risk available in acquisition.

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From the above discussion it can be concluded that globalisation is an important concept to expand the business in international market. Digital technology is important for an organisation for expansion. PEST analysis is necessary to analyse the global market condition. McKinsey's model and Hofstede's model are influence the organisation to expand their business in global market. Ethical and sustainable factors affect decision making in global context. Firm can expand their business in global market for better growth and success.

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