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Nature Of Managerial Work In Toyota

University: University of Manchester

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: SBLC4005
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Question :

This assessment will cover certain following areas like:

  1. Give relationship between structure, culture, people and organisational performance for Toyota
  2. What is essential nature of managerial work in Toyota also communicate role of leadership with effective management
  3. Manage different behavioural approach applied by Toyota with their factors that affect in individual behaviour.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Toyota


Organisation behaviour is the process of understanding behaviour of employees and apply multidisciplinary approach to make people positive towards brand. Managers are important player in firm as they are responsible for managing staff members and ensuring their workaplce performance (Pereira, 2017). Current study is based on Toyota, it is the multinational firm that serves automobile products and services to wide range of consumers globally. Company pays attention on developing healthy relations with employees so that they feel better and perform better in organisation. Present report will explain relationship between structure, culture and organisational performance. It will explain nature of managerial work and the extent to which managerial behaviour affect individual behaviour in Toyota.

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Effects of managerial behaviour on individual behaviour

Relationship between culture, structure, people and organisational performance

Organisational culture can be described as assumptions and values of firm. Culture of company helps in managing stress level of workers. Handy's culture model explains that there are four major kinds of cultures such as task, role, person, and power. Task culture means team is form to perform particular task and all these members are specialised in their zone. They contribute each other and take own decision to resolve issue. This kind of culture help organisation in making people feel valued and raising their retention in firm (Jain, 2018). Power culture means power is given to particular person who rule the firm and take all decision. Such kind of culture creates difficulties for employees as they feel over burden and irritating. Person culture means employees feel valued and work for own selves rather than firm. Role culture means responsibilities is given to every one and all perform their job only.

Toyota has task culture where company's managers analysing skills of particular person and ensure that they work as team and take justified decision for the growth of business unit. Toyota has flat structure where people have rights to discuss each issue with top management without any barriers (Ahmad and, 2017). This kind of culture and structure support in raising interaction which develops confidence of people in business unit. Company also takes care of needs of its workforce. This kind of culture and structure help in making them positive and influencing their behaviour in Toyota. By this way all staff members work together to meet organisational goal successfully. This influence behaviour of company to great extent. If there is power culture then people do not feel well as they feel in burden hence they do not make efforts to perform their job well which increases communication gap hence overall performance of Toyota may get affected badly (Andersson and Stage, 2018).

Hence managers of Toyota are required to ensure that it has adequate valued and it takes care of believers of employees so that they work better and contribute well in success of business unit.

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Management and their role

Every company hires managers those who have responsibility to guide and direct workforce so that they can manage their work better (Hasan and Aminudin, 2020). Leaders are another essential part of business unit those who lead team by providing them ideas to finish their work properly. Delegation

Manager of Toyota are responsible for delegating task to employees and ensure that they are able to finish it well. Effective manager ensures skill and capabilities of person and accordingly they allot them work which help workers in finishing work with quality. As employees are well aware with their work hence they do not find much difficulty in managing task that makes them feel fine in the firm (Basu, 2017). That is the reason that staff members of Toyota are able to work better which supports Toyota in gaining competitive advantage to great extent.

  • Motivation-Managers have responsibility to retain staff and this is only possible when workers get some motivation from their seniors. Manager of Toyota provides rewards such as incentives, bonuses etc. to its staff members that encourage them to do well. That is the reason that when there is workload then all employees support the firm in order to earn extra. This motivation makes them loyal and positive towards the brand and they work hard so that organisational performance can be improved (Marcus and van Dam, 2019).
  • Training-This is most important role played by managers of company, they have responsibility to train all its members so that no mistakes and accidents take place in business unit. Toyota provides on and off the job training to its workers. When new employee joins the firm then managers of company provides them boardroom training so that they ca understand company's polices and their work as well (Meyer Jr and, 2019). This develops their confidence and person works better in business unit. And also managers arrange on the job training session for each person so that they make less mistakes and use resources well. This training arrangements provided by management help the organisation in making employee feel comfortable in job and individual perform their duties well (Mitonga-Monga, 2018). That influence their behaviour towards the brand and individual like to retain in business unit.
  • Liaising-This is essential role of manager played in organisation, management has to ensure to discuss each activity of floor with top management. managers of Toyota always discuss issues with employees and convey messages to higher authorities. This aids in balancing the workplace environment and informing all involved people about essential details so that business decisions can be made properly and this helps managers in engaging workers that makes them positive towards the brand (Behavioural approach to management, 2019).
  • Negotiator-This is essential responsibility of managers of company where they have to negotiate with top management for wages of employees. If there is conflicts situation in workplace, then managers of Toyota negotiate with all involved people so that issue can be resolved ad for that they negotiate with people to reach to win-win situation for both.

Behavioural approach to management and factors that affect individual behaviour

Behavioural approach can be defined as psychological aspect that affect human behaviour. There are various factors that affect individual behaviour in organisation. One of the major factor is leadership. If leaders are not paying attention on employees, then they may feel dishearten and this makes them negative as well. Hence leaders are required to develop bond with workers so that people can get correct guidance every time (Marcus and van Dam, 2019). Managers adopts informal leadership approach where authorities develop close relationship with staff members and ask their issues every time. They accept ideas of subordinates and lower level workers which makes the person feel valued. Such kind of democratic leadership encourage workers and affect their behaviour as well. Toyota's managers implement this kind of leadership style so that employees do not feel alone and they make more efforts to meet organisational goal successfully.

Human relation approach states that managers are required to make connection with subordinates. As employees have unbalanced behaviour pattern hence managers have to be predetermined and have to ensure to build healthy bonding with human resource of business so that people feel happy and they remain positive towards the brand. Mangers of organisation always have to pay attention on specific needs of staff members and have to meet their these requirements (Hasan and Aminudin, 2020). Toyota's managers give recognition to its employees that make them feel good. Management always bring positive forces that raises productivity of workers. As they are able to build relationship with employees hence workers are very open with manager of Toyota and share their problems openly with them. This aids managers in resolving issues soon and again make them positive towards the brand.

Behavioural science approach is another great approach that gives value to performance, attitude of employees in organisation. Managers of firm have to understand nature of work of person and have to treat them well by allotting the work as per their capabilities. Managers of Toyota always ensure that to make effective communication with staff members and motivate workers (Jain, 2018). They enhance participation of staff members by conducting frequent meetings. This kind of integrating approach is beneficial to encourage workers and make them feel positive towards the organisation. This kind of approach always focus on group relationship that is helpful for business and manager to influence behaviour of employees. If they are not being motivated and if there are less participation of them then it may make them negative which will affect their performance in business unit to great extent.

Task oriented approach states that employees are given task by proper planning and coordination. There should be adequate plan and coordination before allotting work to any person (Pereira, 2017). This task allocation needs to be done on the bases of skill set of staff members. Managers of Toyota assign task to workers by looking at their strength and work on their lacking areas so that people can work better and can contribute well in gaining success to the organisation. This is the best behaviour approach that prevents employees to avoid work that individual is unable to do it. Behaviour approach to management is helpful for the company to develop effectiveness in team performance and raising coordination among all staff members. Mangers give training to workers those who are unable to manage their work well which may help business in improving skills of workers so that they can do well and can perform their duties in effective manner. Proper training provided by managers encourage the person and this make them feel important in business unit (Behavioural approach to management, 2019). This is the best way through which Toyota can retain staff and make them positive towards the brand. If managers are showing respect towards the people and if they empower employees, then it will be beneficial for organisation in making them feel happy that influence their behaviour positively.

Managers are responsible for observing working of people and monitor their work progress. Managers have to behave clam with workers. They have to understand demand of situation and accordingly they have to react (Marcus and van Dam, 2019). This kind of behaviour of them may help company in influencing behaviour of workers to great extent. Attitude of managers is essential factor that impact on people's behaviour. Managers are the motivating factor for employees, their support and recognition always encourage people to do their job well and retain in business unit. If managers are reacting in a positive manner, then it will give better result to Toyota as employees performance will be improved and they will be positive towards their work. Managers are the responsible person to control over behaviour of people in workplace, if managers are paying attention on staff and working hard to analyses their needs then people will be positive and it would be better in making them positive but if managers are not paying attention on individual needs then people will be negative which will affect overall performance of Toyota badly (Hasan and Aminudin, 2020).

Managers promote positive culture through providing support to staff that prepare employees mentally and they work better with full energy. Performance of employees are measured every time which is helpful in giving promotions to right person and when individual gets promotions for their hard work by management then it makes them positive and they become loyal towards the brand (Ahmad and, 2017). If someone is negative in business unit then managers of Toyota need to talk to them and try to find out rout cause of their problem. This helps managers in taking right action to resolve issues of people in business unit. That is the reason that positive behaviour of managers encourages employees and they also become positive towards the brand. That improves organisational performance of Toyota to great extent.

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From the above report it can be concluded that managers are the important stakeholder of company, their reaction matters a lot. If they are behaving positive with employees and supporting them to finish their work properly then workers become happy and also become comfortable in the business which improves their workplace performance to great extent. Positive culture created by managers, proving rewards to workers help in influencing behaviour of staff members and raising their performance in company.


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