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Business Management

University: University of Chester

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Table of Content

  1. Task 3


Present study will discuss communication models for successfully implementing change management in the organisation. Furthermore, it will compare traditional and modern models of team. In addition, it will describe how team models fit with high performance work teams.


Task 3

Models of communication are important for explain the human communication process. It helps to sending and receiving information between tow or more people. The information can include facts, ideas, concepts, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, instruction and even emotions. Communication models are systematic representations and helps in understanding how communication work can be done. The purpose of communication choosing a particular model and company foster to improve their communication, explore their business and evaluate their situations.

Linear model of communication  it is very simple and easy to understand message flow in a straight line from sender to the receiver. There is no concept of feedback this is only the task a receiver does here is to receive the information.  Toyota also used this model for receiving and sending information of the company. There are different types of  model that follow linear model of communication are Lasswell's  model. This model  is known as action model or one way model of communication. Toyota also follow this model it is related  the communicators or sender or source of message. This model help to sender to have all the power and representations of different groups  of the organisation.  This Company  send their information through message use the channel of medium or media for receiver with feedback. It is very effective process. Manager talked easily with their employees and explaining all the work through this model. It is very helpful for this company find out the actual problem and easily find out the right solutions through this communications model.

The effect of this model on change management improving their organisation relationship with other like customers, clients, different nations. Through use this model organisation focus on work efficiency. It help to understand employees work, business changes, and help to making new  organisation polices establishing. According  to this model organisation also improve their relationship between among employees and increasing their business sale and expand their business through communication. The success of organisational change lies in the reactions of those people  who have emotions, feeling and personal connection. So communicating the change , the goal and giving many benefits of change and the roles of staff are expected to lay in that change become critical, because it is the key  to success during time of change, and manager also play a important roles in linear communication.

Aristotle model of communication Toyota used this model foe delivering their speech in a manner that the listeners convinced with their favour , or in other word respond in same manner the speaker wanted to.  This model is very effective for this organisation according to this model the speaker play a vital role in communication. For example this company manager take complete charge of the communication. Firstly top management prepare a content they express their thoughts, ideas in words very carefully with an objective of influencing the other team member it is necessary for the team listen carefully and do work accordingly top manager decision. The speaker of this firm must be very careful about their selection of words and content in this model of communication. They should understand their target and prepare their speech. Making eye contact with their employees is again a must to create an impact  among their listeners. This industry maintain their relationship with different countries peoples, customers and other competitors in market through this communication model. With out clarity of thought no any employees maintain their relation build-up  whole team. So communication is very important part of every business.

The Aristotle model of communication is the widely and the most common model of information where sender send the details or message to the receivers to influence them and made them act accordantly. This model is the golden rule to excel in public speaking, seminar, lectures where the sender makes some main point  to clear. According to this model company change their management system like business process , system , organisation structure and changes in employees job roles. This model help to improve  Toyota company management working system. It is very help to improving their communication process. Through this model they easily communicate with their employees and helps to increasing the sale of the firm through effective communicate. This model can change giving a motivation to their worker and help  identified to specific problems  or coming  opportunities  the their  business. This model help to improve employees  skills,  knowledge and communication process. If  any organisation use these model , company earn more profit and establish their connect lot of nations through effective communication model.

The ultimate goal of change management is to drive the business result and outcome bt engaging employees and inspiring their effective compunction of a new way of working. Through these model change employees behaviours they work in doing proper manner with new  innovative ideas. The whole system of Toyota  organisation support their team  in making transition through  Aristotle model of communication. They develop change management strategy and business plan and an integral part of enabling project success while using this model. They raise their funds and providing accurate information through this model.  They directly communicate with their employees and they hear their business problem and solve all the problems. The most effective practice  this organisational change management is effective communication plan, and executions of the communication plans. This model help to giving a direction of the Toyota company employees. It is necessary for people need to be bale to explore what this change mean for them, personally and they easily understand how their roles will be changing in company. It is extremely important for employees are exploring their new reality on and learning possible new skills, increasing their business  productivity.

Aristotle model play an important role in Toyota corporation. Leader must prepare their speech and analysis giving a important  details in front of other team member and they build their speech for different audience on different time .These model of  communication is very useful for every organisation and giving a time to time real encourage and motivate employees with positive information about the company and these model help the organisation reach its goals. With help of these model employee work in efficient manner and giving a best result to the firm. Top management  must be very careful about their words and content of their models of communication. They main their eyes contact with their whole staff member and understand their people need requirements. Toyota concrete  on these model they provide better services to their customer.

Communication models have greater effect in management change on both team and organisation. It includes representing methods which gives the complete idea, representing objectives which means it gives the purpose for which the message is sent, determining success of communication in which models help to check the efficiency. They basically help in decision making.

For the effective change in management the communication must be consistent, frequent through various sources including speaking, writing, etc. Communication is must when the new information is available. A leader must develop trust within employees so they can directly communicate without any hesitation (Lederer and Heider, 2016). Management must give enough time for people to clarify doubts, ask questions, interact properly. The basic purpose of change management is to create Awareness, Understanding, Acceptance, Commitment (Warrick, 2016)

When people involve themselves totally, it means they are committed to work. So the leader has to create this type of ambience to make people understand the worth of change themselves. To make them getting into one to one conversation with leaders for letting the change happen. Leaders need to listen to people to get them into good communication. Changing day to day activities of people will grow their interest in every field and this will be beneficial for the organisation (Koerner and Schoop, 2014).

Shannon and Weaver's model

It is basically the simplest model which contains sender, encoder, channel, decoder, receiver, noise.

Information created by sender goes from sender via encoder and decoder to receiver with the physical disturbances that comes in between. When the message is received, receiver sends the feedback.This is a type of non linear communication in which identity of sender and receiver is not clear (Chen, 2014).

So it has great effect on team and organisation. It contains noise option which is very helpful. If the noise disturbance is removed the communication gets better and then it is the simplest source of communication. Communication is always better when it is two way and this a two way communication model and in an organisation communication is must. So it helps the organisation to develop by better communication power and good skills .Same applies with management-employee communication (Assadi and, 2016). If they connect with each and id their work is appreciated then team can work with full energy and motivation. If interpersonal communication is needed then this model is used (Kumar and Bhatia, 2014).

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