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Case study is a research tool for understanding a problem from the real life perspective using the grounds of theories and sound reasoning. There is no wrong and right solution for a case study and decision given is totally subjective of the understanding of the resolver. A number of subjects require students to do case studies so that they can understand how to implicate theories for solving the issue addressed in the form of a case.

Types of case study

We can divide case studies on two parameters:

  1. Structure
  2. Process

On the basis of structure, the case study can be divided as follows according to our case study format experts:

  1. Single Case Study: The whole premise of case study is based upon a single incident and it is linked directly to a corresponding theory too.
  2. Multiple case study: The case study can be easily demarcated into various cases that have a unique corresponding theory base and context of that reasoning is also easily understood.

Sometimes, the structure is chosen to make the case study complex so that the analytical capability of student can be assessed with great ease.

Similarly, depending upon the process involved, our assignment writers divide case study types as follows:

  1. Descriptive: theory is described at the very start of the case study solution. The incident is then analysed to find out how it corresponds to the theory mentioned and then proper inferences are drawn.
  2. Explanatory: This type of case study is the simplest one. You are given a situation and there is corresponding theory that you can use to base upon the situation. Both work in a cause-effect relationship.
  3. Investigative: You are given an incident or a group of inter-woven incidents. You first analyse the case and then conduct a research upon it using relevant methodology. Then, you arrive upon the solution which is backed by evidences as well as inferences from the data collected. Dividing the case into sub-cases is also a catchy situation and our writers can help you in doing the required bifurcation without many efforts.

Case study format

Case study is solved using a method with a logical approach. Research methods for solving case studies vary depending upon the type of case study you are given to solve. According to our experts of case studies, you can outline the elements of case study as follows:

  1. Content : You are given a written document stating facts pertaining to the case. This can be a snippet from any magazine article, a news item, or a promotional material derived from the company.
  2. Additional Resources: PDF documents, journals, images, videos etc.
  3. Report structure: How you solved case study
  4. Final document: Solutions, risks & challenges, goals, suggested process, results and findings.

Case study subjects

  1. Marketing case study: You can reach our case study help for doing problem identification, SWOT analysis, defining strategy and its application, challenges/risks involved, final solution.
  2. Finance case study: Our experts can help you in writing finance case study that comprises of well-defined heads like problem definition, suggestion, premise for suggestion, other possibilities and report.
  3. Information Systems Cases for Study: IT system study, understanding its strengths and weaknesses, assessing its utility and scope for improvement, final conclusion. You can seek the help of our case study writers who can give you better insight on how you can manage writing the solution for case related to Information Systems.
  4. Management Case Study: You can take help of our assignment experts who can do analysis of the management problem and also assist you in establishing causes of the problem, explaining theories revolving around the issue and submitting solution for the problem amply backed by the evidences.
  5. Psychology case study: Analyze the present mental situation of the patient, explanation of past symptoms, corrective measures for solving the behavioural issue and maintenance advice for keeping the behaviour in control. All these features are well-handled by the assignment experts at Global Assignment Help.
  6. Nursing case study: Nursing case is mostly a patient. So, to explain the case study better, you need to record the important characteristics of the patient, suggest treatment and healthcare advice, important precautions required for maintaining the effectiveness of healthcare regime and explaining related challenges. Seek help of our assignment writing specialists who can help you in cracking study on nursing cases.
  7. HRM case study: You can seek help in solving case studies pertaining to issues like recruitment, training and development, induction, appraisal etc for gaining better perspective on managing human resource issues.

Why Global Assignment Help for writing case study

We provide a plethora of reasons for helping you in writing case studies in the shortest possible time-frame. Here is why:

  • Our case study experts can solve cases for you using minimal inputs
  • We provide timely submission of case studies
  • Our experts conduct extensive research for writing your case studies
  • Our assignment helpers are highly qualified professionals who have deep knowledge of their subjects and they can handle all kinds of case studies with unmatchable ease
  • We offer case study support at the most competitive price
  • We can take urgent orders of case study writing and deliver them with impeccable finesse.

Our guarantees speak for our credibility in case study services

  1. Guaranteed original content
  2. Money back guarantee
  3. Error-free document
  4. Timely delivery of case study assignments
  5. Complete and detailed case analysis

Contact us for the most reliable case study help and push aside your worries of writing case studies. If you are falling short of time and resources for writing the case study assignments, please make a call to us, chat with us or write an e-mail to us and just share your case study topic, rest everything s our responsibility.

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