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Case Study is the application of concepts studied in the classroom session into a real life scenario. Whatever we study in the classroom has practical relevance and so, you can make use of concepts to solve a situation that may be witnessed on-site. Case study helps in understanding the applicability of a concept in actual situation.

Various areas of study and case studies specific to those areas

Case studies are relevant for research-focussed subjects. There are a variety of areas of study that you can explore with the help of case studies. Research forms the backbone for solving case studies as learners need to have a sound base of past work and applicable theories to offer explanation for the suggestion provided for the situation mentioned in case study.

Case studies have found the best relevance in three important fields of study such as:

  • Nursing
  • Law
  • Management

Nursing: This field is dedicated to providing medical attention to the patients suffering from various health conditions. Case studies in this field are relevant when patients suffering from rare diseases and chronic ailments are provided the medical attention.

What does a typical nursing case study look like?

A case in nursing care is basically a patient. Thus, in a nursing assignment, the student is ideally explaining the medical care plan for a patient. Writing of a nursing case study involves:

  1. Recording the basic information of the patient: Name, weight, other vital statistics and past medical history, if available
  2. Medical Diagnosis: Medical problem experienced by the patient, severity of symptoms and duration of occurrence of these symptoms
  3. Treatment Advice: Name of medicines and injectibles, use of intravenous treatments and confirmation of any doubtful medical condition through tests
  4. Precautions to be taken: Use of masks and application of quarantine if the disease is contagious
  5. Post-discharge summary: If the patient has recovered considerably, and can be sent back to home, post-discharge advice is handed over to the attendants of the patient so that they can take medical care further at home too.

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Law: The function of Law is to provide justice to the victims. Thus, legal case studies are basically situations where a party has suffered in the hands of the wrong givings of the other party. There can be a loss of property or loss of physical asset or even life. Depending upon the severity of the loss, the victim is given applicable verdict which has to be in consonance with the existing laws and regulations.

A typical legal case study has following salient features:

  • A plaintiff
  • A defendent
  • An incident
  • Sections under which the culprit is prosecuted
  • Explanation of legal coverage of the actions performed by the parties and ascertaining whether it conveyed any breakage of law
  • Decision of the court

How to write a legal Case Study?

  1. Writing a legal case study starts with thorough reading.
  2. While reading important points of the events and turning points of the incident, one must underline the cause and result of the actions performed by the parties in dispute.
  3. Then, there should be the explanation of legal rationale and the mention and explanation of legal sections which cover the actions having taken place in the incident.
  4. Lastly, there should be the mention of court’s ruling explained on the basis of sections.

Lega case study sample:

Management: Management is more of practical study than cramming of lengthy theories. There is constant change in the outlook of human beings and so the rules for managing the workforce need to change accordingly.

Management has four typical areas that provide ample scope for carrying out case studies:

  1. Finance and Accounting
  2. Marketing
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Corporate ethics

Finance and Accounting Case studies

Finance and Accounting form the core of an organization. Money is needed to make dreams come true and when the issue is that of bringing revolution in the economy, the importance of finance increaes manifold. A vigilant finance manager has to keep a sharp eye on important financial issues pertaining to the seamless working of an organization. Thus, following core areas of finance and accounting can make the concrete base for case studies:

Revenue vs Expenditure: How various activities are translating into the generation of margins. Example of case study pertaining to Revenue Vs Expenditure is: Success of a cola drink and role of advertising expenditure.

Accounting statements and trial balance: Balance sheets show the finacial health of an organization. Financial health is total outcome of equity statement, profit and loss statement and all income receipts. Important example of case study on accounting statements is Audit of Provident Fund of employees of XYZ company

Performance of company’s IPO: XYZ company collected huge funds for the electricity line project but people suffered loss

Future financial development: How expansion to newer markets opened avenues for financial growth of a TV brand

Human resource management case studies

Human resource is the most essential aspect of management as professionals are needed to translate the vision into a process. So, there is an urgent need to understand the dynamics of human behaviour and use these for getting things done keeping the interests of both the employees and that of organization in mind.

  • Recruitment: Case studies on implying various recruitment procedures for head-hunting a variety of professional experts.
  • Training: Case studies on innovative training procedures
  • Appraisal: Case studies on appraisal methods
  • Organizational Behaviour: Interpersonal conflicts, team environment, hierarchial set-up
  • Attrition: Employee retention strategy based case studies

Marketing Case Studies

Marketing is the process of connecting consumers to the goods and services offered by an organization. How marketing makes or breaks an organization’s fate can be made clear with the help of case studies:

  1. Branding: Use of regional beliefs in creating affinity for a global brand
  2. Sales and Promotions: Sales strategy based case studies
  3. Segmentation: Target segment identification of a high end power dressing
  4. Advertising: Advertising campaign of Global Mobile Phone Brand

Corporate Ethics Case Studies

Corprate Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility are the core aspects of making an organization society-focussed. Corporates understand the importance of giving back to the society and come up with human welfare programs for ensuring better quality of life to the needy people.

  • Control of functional aspects for better environmental health
  • Setting up of manufacturing unit away from populated city
  • Implications on ground water due to excessive industrial activity

Apart from above, psychology is another important field where case studies offer amazing avenue for improving the knowledge.

Challenges case studies pose to students

  1. Information to put in case studies is not so easily available. Real life incidents need evidences and these are very hard to find
  2. Complying to a definite structure is challenging
  3. Fluency in language and syntax of write-ups is hard to attain
  4. Making case study engaging is a daunting task

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