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Tesco, the global grocery and general merchandise retailer, was founded in 1919. This Cheshunt headquartered company is the third-largest retailer in the world as per the revenues and second-largest measured by profits.

This is one of the most popular topics for discussion and case study writing in schools and colleges. If you are also a student and need a Tesco case study help, you need to read this to know everything about it.

Tesco Case Study: An Insight into the Journey of the Company

When Tesco was introduced, it specialized only in food and drink but, with time, it diversified into services such as clothing, electronics, financial, and so on. Now it has stores across 14+ countries in the world and is the leading grocery market leader in the UK. If you are looking a Tesco case study Writing Service, here is some information about the company that can be helpful to you.

Tesco Fact sheet

This is some information on this company which you can include in your Tesco in USA case study. If you want to impress your professor, you can also explain the journey of Tesco in your case study. In case you have no idea about it, here is the timeline with Tesco case study writing help.

Tesco timeline

If you include the information provided above, you can add value to your Tesco supply chain case study. But this is the basic information about the company. If you want to know more about it, keep reading the below section.

Tesco Case Study Writing Service – Tesco as a Brand

Tesco is the first grocery store that took the initiative of a virtual grocery store. It was in the year 2011, and in South Korea, the company launched its first virtual store. And the success of this new experiment was way more than expected. So, this topic plays a crucial role in your Tesco e-commerce case study. Here are some points you need to consider about this company executing as an e-business:

1. What Are the Best Features of Tesco Online Stores?

Students working on Tesco e-business case study must understand the features of the company's website that are favorable to the customers such as:

  • Easy navigation
  • Full-screen displays
  • Visually appealing presentation
  • Minimalist approach
  • Identifiable logo
  • Sticky cart functionality
  • Filter variations
  • Purchase predictions
  • Time-limited notices
  • Detailed product information
  • Customer reviews
  • Range of delivery slots
  • Click + collect locations
  • Variant delivery plans

These are some of the features of the company's website that make it favorable to customers. You can include this information in your Tesco motivation case study and become your professor's favorite student.

2. What Are Tesco E-Store Features that Need Improvement?

Though the company has a strong customer base, some features need to be upgraded or improved for better results. Discussing these points in your case study Tesco supply chain management can help you gain some good grades. Here are a few you can shed light upon:

  • Customer feedback in home page
  • Always opening links in new tabs
  • Difficulty in filter navigation
  • Navigation between items of the same category
  • No search functionality for categories
  • The nondescript ‘Add to cart’ button 
  • Smaller product image size
  • Providing too much information
  • Sudden changes in click + collect hours

These are some areas where the website of the company can be improved. Including this section in your corporate governance case study Tesco can leave an impression on your professor.

Tesco Case Study Writing Help– Highs and Lows of the Company

To make sure you draft a perfect Tesco case study presentation, you need to know the company inside out. Here are the company's two major contributors, the strategies that made it everyone's favorite and the scandals that left a mark on the company.

1. Strategies That Improved Tesco’s Brand Image

Becoming the world's leading grocery retailer and everyone's favorite was not a miracle that happened in one-night. It took Tesco's entire team's dedication and hard work to reach this level. Tesco had a clear goal to deliver its best to the customers. This is why it is always known for the following features of its service, which you can explain in detail in your Tesco balanced scorecard case study:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Diversification of products
  • Loyalty towards customers
  • Fine-tuned logistics
  • Global expansion

These are a few reasons that make it clear that Tesco always believes in ‘customer is the king.’ If you are writing a Tesco loyalty card case study, this is your ace card to score your dream grade.

Scandals That Are Threatening to Tesco’s Image

Though Tesco never leaves a stone unturned in delivering the best to its customers, there are times when it has to face the consequences of some scandals. When you include these in your Tesco data mining case study, make sure you mention that the truth is still unclear. Here are some popular scandals that are related to Tesco:

Tesco Horsemeat Scandal

If you are planning to write a Tesco horse meat scandal case study, you should know that it was in February of the year 2011 when the Food Safety Authority of Ireland had tested frozen beef available in the stores. Then they found that horse meat was being sold as beef in some stores.

Tesco Accounting Scandal

Again in 2014, the company got in the news for another scandal. Yes! For students who are writing a Tesco accounting scandal case study, the company was found to fake profits of around 250 million pounds to which the company agreed. 

These are the two major scandals that caused a huge loss to the company’s public image. As a response to such scandals, the company promised to tighten up its supply chain. If you find this topic interesting, you can tske a Tesco case study Help and supply chain management that easily impress your professor.

Tesco Supply Chain Case Study | SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

The next important segment for students in writing Tesco case study is conducting a strategic analysis of the company. By doing this, you get to know about the company from the perspective of an insider. There are two popular models used for this purpose.

I. SWOT Analysis of Tesco

SWOT is one of the most common models used to conduct a situational analysis of the company. It includes looking into both the internal and external factors that affect the company. Here is how it can be explained in detail such that you can include it in your Tesco case study writing:


You can mention the below points as strengths in your Tesco club card case study:

  • Global recognition as the biggest grocery retailer
  • Leading market share of the US by 26.9%
  • Geographical diversification of 6800+ stores across 14 countries
  • Technological advancements with the latest RFID-enabled barcode system
  • Europe’s largest private owner is providing livelihood to 450,000 employees.


You can mention the below points as weaknesses in your Tesco case study:

  • The accounting fraud scandal hit the company drastically.
  • There was an adverse fall in sales due to scandals.
  • Poor supply chain management leads to the fall of the company.
  • Poor operational performance at some outlets had a major impact too.
  • High debts and credit card liability affected the financial profits of the company.


You can mention the below points as opportunities in your Tesco TNC case study:

  • The new store, Jack's is performing well and can be expanded to increase sales.
  • Upgradation in the online store and services can also prove fruitful for the company.
  • Developing partnerships with reputed companies is a successful strategic step.
  • There are more developing countries where the company can expand its stores.
  • The company can try joint ventures with local brands in the places where its performance is low.


You can mention the below points as a threat factor in your Tesco horse meat scandal case study:

  • When an ad was released for Christmas in the year 2017, it was boycotted by people.
  • The fake farm legit by the government for the company using its products under the name of a fake farm.
  • With a rapid rise and gradual growth in stores like Walmart, Aldi, etc., competition becomes tough.
  • The fluctuation and fall in the economy of the country can affect the operational efficiency and performance of the company.
  • Trade deals, taxation, and costs are imposed to threat as Britain is no longer in the European Union.

This is all about the SWOT analysis performed on the company. You can include this or seek a Tesco case study writing service from our expert writers' help for the same.

II. PESTLE Analysis of Tesco

PESTLE is another commonly used model for statistical analysis. If you are writing Tesco case study answers, then this is a must-use model. This helps you to take an insight into all the external factors that are impacting the company. 

Political Factors

Here are a few political factors to include in your Tesco e-commerce case study:

  1. Tax rates in various countries
  2. Acts of legislation across the globe
  • Stability of the country

Economic Factors

Here are a few economic factors to include in your Tesco supply chain case study:

  1. Leverage costs, demand, profit, and prices
  2. The financial growth of a country
  • The employment rate of the country

Social Factors

Here are a few social factors to include in your Tesco in USA case study:

  1. Customer choices
  2. People’s belief and attitude
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle

Technical Factors

Here are a few technical factors to include in your Tesco motivation case study:

  1. Introduction to online shopping
  2. Facilities for home delivery
  • Self-service checkouts

Legal Factors

Here are a few legal factors to include in your Tesco balanced scorecard case study:

  1. Changing prices without notice
  2. Fuel rewards for purchased grocery
  • Demanding payments from suppliers

Environmental Factors 

Here are a few environmental factors to include in your Tesco supply chain management case study:

  1. Reducing carbon print
  2. Minimizing waste production
  • Increasing social awareness in customers

This is all about PESTLE analysis. You can include this in your Tesco accounting scandal case study. However, if you get stuck with this, you can seek help from subject experts.

“Who Can Help Me with Tesco Case Study Writing?” | We Can

Writing a flawless case study and impressing your professor to score your dream grades is not an easy task. For this, you need to be focused and attentive, failing to do, which can lead to poor grades. This is why many students look for Tesco case study help from our experts. Want to know more? Keep reading…

i. What Are the Troubles Students Face?

There are various troubles that a student faces when it comes to writing a Tesco case study. Here are a few common ones:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of interest
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Lack of writing skills
  • Lack of ideas on guidelines.

ii. Why Students Face Troubles in Writing?

Students face the problems mentioned above while writing a Tesco e-commerce case study only because of the following reasons:

  • Due to procrastination, they always run out of time.
  • Due to considering this task as complex and boring, they lack in developing interest.
  • Due to not paying attention in classes, they lack subject knowledge.
  • Due to the lack of practice, their writing skills are not up to the mark.
  • Due to carelessness or overconfidence, they do not go through the guidelines well and miss them.

iii. Who Can Help Students Deal with These Troubles?

Are you wondering who can help you tackle this situation? If yes, then put all your worries aside. Seek Tesco case study writing help from Global Assignment Help and get subject experts to draft your document. With us:

  • You can score your dream grades.
  • You can submit your work on time.
  • You get a flawless and error-free work.
  • You can be assured of top-quality work.
  • You get a plagiarism-free work along with a free Plagiarism report.

With so much waiting for you, what are you still wondering about? Need such more case studies? If yes, then go through the mentioned list:

Now, you know why without a second thought you can seek our Tesco case study writing services, that too @ 50% off!

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