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Interview With Leader In Organization

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Transformational leadership


In an organization leadership offers in direction and vision for the growth and development and it helps in to successfully execute the changing requirements and formulates in efficient tools of a company for both strategy designing and implementation (Murphy, 2008). In order to manage in the changing business conditions companies needs to alter the ambiguity for strategic leaders who gives a sense of direction to develop ownership within the group to enforce in change.

Provide an overview of the concepts and practices in your readings and identify the relationship between them

Transformational leadership is a process that changes people as it is much more concerned with ethics, standards, values, emotions and long term organizational goals. It includes in assessment of subordinates motives and fulfills their requirements by giving them equal consideration (Adams, 2012).

Transformational leadership is a great approach to leadership because it shows a great way to encourage subordinates as well as mutual respect. It is a unique kind of leadership that changes subordinates towards a positive direction, with changes in mindset, social culture and work effectiveness (Mulki & et. al., 2011).

Identify a leader who has been successful in creating organizational growth and change using the concepts and practices you have read about

Leadership is a process in which one person impacts on the attitude, thoughts and behaviors of others. A prominent leader is one who sets in direction for the team members and aids in visualize what could be achieved as well as inspire and encourage them (Eacott, 2010).

In the absence of leader a group generally degenerates into conflict and arguments, in this condition leader helps in subordinates to point towards the same direction and manages the team. In this context one of the influencing leader to which I have met is the leader in my current job (Kouzes & Posner, 2012).

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Discuss why you selected this person and describe the leadership accomplishment that has supported your selection choice

I have selected the leader from my current job as I find him one of the most efficient leaders who show his real selves to his subordinates and is well aware about his own strengths and emotions.

In my job tenure I have vividly observed in the leadership traits followed by him and have seen that he offers guidance to all team members in order to ensure that they are accomplishing their roles (Adair, 2011).

Interview this leader using the questions below:

A.) What has been your leadership training and educational background?

In my educational background I have completed my Bachelors and Masters from University of London and have also undertook a one year course specialization on leadership and management program. Moreover, I can say that I have been able to learn and develop my leadership skills with time and diverse experiences from my previous jobs where I have managed in various contingency situations being a leader. However, in order to make my leadership and managerial skills more effective I have also attended in various national and international conferences and from time to time do attend training programs in the respective area to keep myself informed and revised.

B.) How did you learn to be a leader?

During my initial job tenure at many point of time I used get confused and panic whenever any new challenges arises or was not able to manage the team members effectively. In order to overcome this one of the most transitive factor was my own self motivation to manage the situations and rise in leadership. To be an efficient leader I have learnt in that certain optimum skills are required i.e. value and respect each of the team members, ethical working and think on achievement of group goals rather than individual. Finally, from my own experiences I can say that a leader need to follow the “We” approach rather than “I”.

C.) What were the circumstances that caused you to have to demonstrate leadership?

I believe that I need to demonstrate in the leadership approach from time to time to my team members especially when I see the team is not giving its 100 percent for the achievement of organizational goals. Other than this I also enforce prominent transformational or authentic leadership when I find that any kind of conflict is arising among the team members and the level of work to be accomplished is also higher.

D.) How did you engage others in the leadership effort you were engaged in?

Whenever, I finds in that work load is too high at that point of time I select in some experienced team members and delegate them higher responsibilities so that they can also get involved in the leadership efforts with me and through this they can also acquire in novel skills as well as enhance their existing skills. I engage them in leadership activities by delegating them increased work and provide them specific decision making power.

E.) Did you encounter obstacles? How did you overcome them?

Yes, at some point of time I do face in certain hindrances in my current as well as previous job. Obstacles mainly arise whenever there is any kind of communication barrier among the team members or with the superiors. Problems also occur when a group of member is asked in to work towards a common goal and obey others. But whenever any kind of obstacles arises I focus in to resolve it by acquiring views of each one and try to enforce a strong communication channel so that situations can be overcome.

F.) If you to look back at this experience what actions did you find particularly successful?

When I look back on my experience being a leader since so many years I believe in that certain skills of authentic and transformational leadership has helped me to develop my attributes and manage the team in one of the most efficient manner. These approach used by me were very much beneficial as well as helped me to attain a valuable position in the corporation and eradicating the communication barriers in team has assisted in acquiring success.

G.) If you to look back at this experience, what one thing might you have done differently to improve the results of your work?

From my own experience I believe in that there are certain aspects that if I would have undertaken differently then much better results could have been acquired. During my leadership I have not focused much on reward and recognition approach and due to this some of the best talent could not have been retained in the organization, this mainly acted as a loss for the group during accomplishment of work.

Describe how you are going to implement the results of your interview into your SDLP and other leadership growth plans.

After accomplishment of this study I have been able to acquire in much of information related to transformational and authentic leadership approach and traits of a suitable leader. This analysis has helped me to learn about potential growth plans and valuable skills that are required in a leader; these acquired programs will be helpful.


From the above report it can be concluded in that both the traits i.e. transformational and authentic are vast and through this approach a leader with charisma can make the team members feel associated and passionate about the success of an organization (Sadler, 2012). The benefits of both approaches can be observed in nearly every aspect of operations from planning to corporate training.

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