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Ways to Improve Work Motivation - Austin Fraser

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Question :

The scenario of this report is based on Human resource practices in order to analyze its working practices and different approaches that can assist in attaining desired profitability and growth. The analysis of this report includes:

  • Identify the organizational behaviour and evaluating changing external environment of Austin Fraser.  
  • Critically examine human resource approaches by considering contemporary theory over current practices of Austin Fraser.
  • Discuss core theories in order to developing understanding over people and their role in an organisation.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Austin Fraser


The human resource domain in an organisation plays a crucial role as it helps employees in making sure that well being of employees in considered within the institution. The people and staff who operates in an organisation are held responsible for all the growth and profitability which have been entertained by an organisation. Therefore it is very important to provide them with a suitable environment and benefits so that they are able to prosper on personal and professional grounds (Alfes and et. al, 2013). A human resource can be referred to a single person or the whole organisation. It can also be referred to an organisational function which is responsible for looking after needs and expectations of employee within an organisation.

The issues which encountered by an workforce of an organisation on grounds of compensation, culture, training and most importantly performance management are to be resolved so that they are able to fulfil their tasks and activities in the right manner. The growing importance of this function is being practised as human resources emerged to be most important resource to an organisation. They are the asset which assure that corporate goals of an organisation is being fulfilled. This assignment opts for real life experiences to explain numerous aspects of human resource function and practices. The primary task in this assessment is to examine various ways through which motivation could be improved in a small enterprise. There will be an evaluation of the three theoretical perspectives so that best approach could be identified. The cultural challenges and organisational behaviour will be analysed in context of British healthcare segment.


1) Examination of ways to improve work motivation

Motivation is referred to be tool which is crucial for leadership and management in context of an organisation (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). It is considered to be an approach through which organisational productivity could be enhanced along with fulfilment of organisational goals. Motivation is a term which is originated form the word 'motive' which means movement. The idea behind movement is to take action and achieve the goals set up for self and for the company. Motivation is a main reason desires, requirements and also actions. It is direction of behaviour of single person. Motivation is helpful in enhancing productivity of profit level of firm. This task is based on the Austin Fraser organisation which provides recruitment and consultancy services to people in United Kingdom country. The manager of this firm use various methods of increase motivation level of individuals so that they can satisfied from their job and their working performance will also be improves in an effective or better manner.

A) Description of the job

Job description is a necessary document which explains about general tasks, duties and also responsibilities which are occurred of position (Banks and Kepes, 2015). It specify functions to whom position reports and specifications like for an instance skills and qualifications required through an individual in job. In addition to this, Austin Fraser business firm was to analyze job in United States country. This company wants to expand its business in other countries in order to enhance productivity as well as profit level of firm in an effective or better manner. Job description for Human Resource Manager given below as above:

Job Description

Organisation Name

Austin Fraser

Job Designation

HR Executive


Washington DC, US

Reporting To

HR Manager

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop and also update all employment records concerned with promoting, termination, recruiting and transferring.
  • Motivate employees and resolve their issues.
  • Training and development
  • Develop positive working environment

Working Hours

10: 00am to 6:00 pm


10000 Pound per month

Working Facilities

Provide flexible working hours, advantages and compensation.

B) Evaluation of various ways to increase work motivation

Motivation is an effective way to enhancing productivity and their working performance at work place. Motivation of staff members is regular challenging in an organization. It is helpful in developing positive working environment at workplace and all staff members will work together for archiving objectives as well as aims with in specific period of time. In addition to this, managers give their effective contribution and provide better resources in hire better individual. Motivation is a necessary competent and helpful in retain them in company for long period of time. Enhance motivation at workplace can aid in improving performance, enhance growth and raise morale ( Berman, Bowman and Van Wart, 2012). For increase motivation of employees, employer finds different ways. Under this, there are various ways to enhance motivation level of staff members at workplace given below as above:

Develop positive environment- If all staff members will be motivated then from this positive working environment will be developed. Under this, encourage team work, sharing of ideas and also make sure than employees should have better knowledge and tools in context to perform in better manner. It is a responsibility of human resource manager to provide safe and positive working environment, implement all necessary legislation at workplace (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). It is essential that manager should include its team members in the process of decision making and at the time of implement effective strategies or policies in company.

Training and development- It helps in increasing abilities or skills of staff members. If firm will provide training to employees then in this their abilities will be improved in better manner then their working performance will also be improved and from this they will be motivated. It will be helpful in enhancing productivity of Austin Fraser company. With manager will provide better training to its employees then in this case employees will focus on achieving set aims.

Improved employee satisfaction- For Austin Fraser organisation, satisfaction of employees is necessary because it lead towards the positive development for firm. If employees will be satisfied then they will work towards achieving aims of business organisation with in given time period (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017).

Increase efficiency of employees- Under this, efficiency of staff member is not depend on qualification or abilities. For an organisation, better result is necessary. It will be helpful in increasing productivity of firm in an effective manner. Under this, workers requires to have better balance among ability to perform task in in a better manner. In addition to this, balance leas to enhance growth and make improvement in effectiveness.

Increase communication- It is an easiest method to enhance motivation of staff members through having the positive communication in an organisation. The manager should try to communicate with its employees and make efforts to resolve problems of staff members in an effective manner. In addition to this, manager should take opinion from their employees regarding taking effective decisions in favour of firm. At the time of executing plan at workplace in better manner, employer should include them in this. Communication is helpful in developing better relationship among the employees and managers.

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C) Choice of preferred changes

It is important for HR executive to change their process time to time for improving overall performance level of the company. As manager have to make various rules and regulation which aid in encouraging their workers at workplace (Dijk and et. al., 2013). Along with this, manager also develop effective training and development programs to employees as per their needs and wants. This will leads in enhancing their productivity level. For this, manager should be determine the workers requirements at the time of performing work activities. With the help of this, manager encourage as well as motivate their workers so that they perform their best and attain set target in appropriate time frame.

D) Justification of your choice based on

(a) Ability of job holders to change

Change in technology, policies and or in other operations brings fear with it at workplace in an organisation. Modification process takes place when a company looks forward to enhance its sales and along with profitability. Away with this, it has been analysed that employees of a company may get in fear of loosing their jobs. Therefore, it is required for Austin Fraser to look into different aspects in order to build up belief of staff members and fill them with motivation. This can be done through delivering training and development programmes from time to time so that to make them up to date where skills and knowledge of them can be enhanced (Dul, Ceylan and Jaspers, 2011).

b) Opportunity for the change to occur in the organisation

There are ample number of opportunities that an organisation can have through bringing in changes at workstation. If modifications are being made under products and services it is may be possible that firm will enhance its sales along with profitability as well. Along with this, alteration is consist with some other things as well like risk. Thus, it is essential for Austin Fraser to analyse all the market trends and policies that are being developed by HR managers of other organisation and then take initiatives so that company may not face issues like losses or reduction in brand image.

c) Return of investment judgments

Change develops positive as well as negative impact on business. Generally, under Austin Fraser organization, change brings positive affect on business. Change is helpful on increasing effectiveness and ability of staff members in order to make improvement in their skills and core competencies. So that they will perform in a better manner. It helps in enhancing development of Austin Fraser company and fund that Austin Fraser company invest in provide training programme to employees used in better manner.

E) Expected consequences of change

Changes are vital for business organization to improve their activities of operational process. Thus, management have to provide proper guidance to job holders. By this employees easily maintain their performance level at workplace (Gallardo-Gallardo, Dries and González-Cruz, 2013). If employees are not aware from any kind of changes then it negatively impact on company and workers performance as well. In this context there are some consequences of the changes for job holders can be understood by following points:

Employees retention: Under this, changes can be define as an effective activities which helps in improving performance level of the workers at workplace. If workers are effectively aware towards the changes then it increase the chances of retaining workers within the company which directly contribute in attaining set goals and objectives.

Enhance productivity level: Changes may helps in improving workers performance level. In this manager conduct training and development programs to provide workers guidance in order to increase their efficiency level at workplace.

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