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Functions and Models of Human Resource Management and Hrm Software Programs in Hotel Phoenicia

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Question :

Description of Assessment Necessitate:

As a Human Resource Management Consultant, select an organization to advise them on the expectation of taking the HR practices to the next level to compete effectively within the marketplace. In specific the Board of Directors wants you to address the following:

Task 1

Present HRM models, examine the formulation of the firm to the management of its human resources. (900 words/20 marks)

Task 2

Cover the HR functions of organisation’s (such as recruitment & selection, HRD, motivation, performance) in the context to strategic human resource initiatives. Form relevant recommendations on how it could be improved. (1800 words/40 marks)

Task 3

Measure HRM software programs that are approachable off the shelf and measure which one of these programs of software can be advantageous to the administration. (650 words/15 marks)

Task 4

Cover the characteristics of effectual leaders considering all the issues known in the previous tasks. Present applicable models to justify analysis. (650 words/15 marks)

Task 5

Presentation, citations and referencing

General guidelines:

  • Investigating must be in proper academic literature and provide clear evidence of critical evaluation.
  • It is an individual written project and worth 100%
  • Submit work either report or essay format.
  • All research must be referenced and a reference list attached.
  • Application of theory to practice will be taken into the consideration.
  • Maximum Words (4000)

Assessment Criteria

You will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Quality to determine strategic HR issues applicable to the whole performance of the organisation
  • Coherence and depth of investigation of issues identified (20%)
  • Quality to measure issues facing by chosen company in context to applicable theoretical models. (20%)
  • Utilise applicable evidence based on personal research (20%)
  • Knowledge to accomplish a personal synthesis through relevant conclusions or making recommendations and assessment of facts (20%)
  • Display referencing methodology, length, quality and quantity of references used. (10%)

Further Guidelines:

The submission should be arranged and clearly structured in a report or essay format

Maximum word length allowed is 4000 words.

This project is worth 100% of the final assessment of the module.

Student is required to submit a type-written document in Microsoft Word format with Times New Roman font type, size 12 and line spacing 1.5.

 Harvard Referencing System.

Plagiarism should be avoided. It is a form of cheating which is taken very seriously.

Report Structure (if used)

Table of Contents



Discussion/Literature Review




Answer :
Organization Selected : Hotel Phoenicia


Leadership is the sources of managing human capital within business in effective manner, with good leadership style leaders and managers of organizations manager existing workers and enhance their performance by using different motivational tools (Horwitz and Mellahi, 2018). The present report is based on Hotel Phoenicia, build in the 1930s and opened in 1947, it had one of the earliest restaurants of better standards in Malta. It is located at outside capital city of Valletta, nearby Triton fountain & city gate. This hotel was built upon place of arms which is part of outworks of fortifications of Valletta, it is the example of Art deco architecture.

This study explains relevant human resource management models, methods of organization to management of their human resources. It justifies, HR functions, in regard to strategic Human resource initiatives. Furthermore, this report also clarifies HRM software programs and characteristics of effective leaders taking into consideration problems.

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HRM model and methods of firm to the management of their employees

Guest model-

It is the best human resource management model developed by David guest, this model claims that Human resource manager had particular strategies to begin with, which require definite practices & when executed, result in outcomes. These results include financial rewards, performance and behaviour related rewards. According to Ciric and et.al., (2017) Guest model emphasizes formal sequences of 6 elements like HR practices, human resource outcomes, strategy, behavioural results, performance outcomes and financial consequences. Financial results are depended on workers performance and hard-working practices, which in turn is results of activity-oriented staff behaviours.

Along with this, behavioural results are outcome of worker commitment, contribution, flexibility and quality of work, which in turn affected by human resource practices. HR activities need to be in tune with strategies which is invariably aligned with organizational plans or strategies.

Guest model is superior to other models is partly clarified in sense that it specifically maps out are of human resource management and delineates outcomes as well as inputs. This model is descriptive in sense that it is based on assumption that HRM is quite different from traditional personnel administration, it is implicitly and idealistic embodying attitude that fundamental components of human resource management method such as commitment have direct connection with valued consequences of company.

It is different from rest of the HRM models because of fact that Guest model is lays more emphasis on strategic administration unlike other models of HRM that centring on personal management and development. Furthermore, overall workers' relationship is sum total of connections that each staff member has with firm, according to this model. In simple words, Guest model helps focus on needs of workers rather than focusing on work force collectively. According to this model, human resource management strategies and practices enhance the motivational level of all the employees work at workplace.

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Warwick model-

It is another HRM model, developed by two-person Pettigrew and Hendry, just like the other human resource management concepts, this model centres around 5 essential components, like macro environmental factors, micro environmental elements, business strategy content, HRM context and their content as well. It takes cognizance of HR practices and business strategy, internal and external context in which these actions would take place, and procedure by which such modification considered, including communication & interactions between changes in content and context. Smith and Rees, (2017) highlight that strength of Warwick model is that it classified and determine essential environmental influences on human resource management, it helps to map relationship between environmental and external factors and investigate how HRM adapts to change. When company achieve alignment between internal & external contexts they can achieve growth and performance in effective manner.

Furthermore, Warwick model of human resource management is focused their investigation on mapping context and determining organizational factors and environment context.

Approach to management of human resources-

Salama and et.al., (2017) stated that Monitoring and supervision is one of the best methods that company can used to manage their workers and existing workforce to assure compliance to established procedures, proper guidelines, rules and contracts. The aim of this approach is to motivate employees through direct methods such as incentives, pay, job simplification and rewards to drive performance. This method works on workplace that improved job satisfaction, leads to increase performance and does not focus on latest motivational methods such as application of creativity as well as challenging work. With the help of this approach, human resource manager effectively identifies talented and hard-working people at work area who are able to give extra efforts in order to gain competitive advantages and achieve business goals.

In the words of Di Fabio and Peiró, (2018) for the management of its human resource the company need to follow many different types of approaches so that the human resource of the company is linked to the objectives and goals of the business. For the company the human resources are the asset for the company which need to be maintained. This is majorly pertaining to the fact that if the human resource will not be good and satisfied then they will not work in proper manner. Thus, it is very crucial for the management of the company to keep the human resource happy so that they can work with effectiveness and efficiency. Thus, for this the company goes for relational approach in order to manage its human resource.

As per the views of Stark and Jeffries, (2017) under this relational approach the company mainly focuses on the maintenance of good relation with the human resource of the company. The reason underlying this fact is that this approach focuses on the fulfilment of the objectives of the people working in the company. This is done by keeping the human resource satisfied and happy within the culture of the company. This is done by providing the employees a safe and healthy work environment so that the employees are comfortable while working with the company. Thus, if the employees will be happy then they will perform their work with great effectiveness and efficiency and this in turn will increase the productivity of company.

In the end Arena and Uhl-Bien, (2016) concludes that the use of relational approach for managing the human capital within the company is very good. This is majorly because of the reason that if good relation is maintained by the company with their human resources then automatically the employees will also work in the direction of increasing the profitability of the company. This is majorly because of the reason that if company will think good for their employees then the employees will automatically work in the direction of the growth of the company.


HR functions and recommendation for their improvement

As stated by Greiner and Stephanides, (2019) the HR is the most important department of the company because if the human resource will not be there in the company then no work will be done. Thus, for the company it is very necessary that the human resource is managed properly. There are many different functions which are being performed by the human resource department of the company. There are many different types of strategic human resource initiatives which are taken by the human resource department of the company. these functions are discussed in detail in the connected points below-

Recruitment - 

In accordance with the thinking of Saks, (2017) this is defined as the process through which the prospective or the potential candidates are attracted and stimulated to apply for the vacant post within the company. This is the stage where the human resource department of the company advertise in the market for the vacant job position and try to attract more of the candidates to apply for the position. This is done to ensure that there are a greater number of candidates so that the company has a large set of employees to select from. This is a positive process as this encourages more of the people to apply for the vacant position within the company.

But in contrast to this Brewster, Mayrhofer and Farndale, eds., (2018) articulates that there are many different types of sources from which the recruitment can be done of the employees. But the major sources are the one such as internal and external sources of recruitment. The internal source of recruitment is the one in which the existing employees are recruited for the different post. This can be done in form of promotion, transfers, employee’s referrals and many other different ways. On the other hand, external recruitment is the one under which the employees are recruited from outside the organization. These sources are like employment agency, advertisement through print media, television and others advertising medium, campus recruitment, employment agencies, professional associations and many other related sources of recruitment.

Against of this Lussier and Hendon, (2017) states that for a better recruitment it is very necessary for the company to have a combination of both the internal as well as external sources of recruitment. For improvement in this it is recommended to Hotel Phoenicia to use promotion for internal recruitment. For external sources of recruitment, the recommended method is of advertisement and campus recruitment. This is majorly because of the reason that promotion will increase the productivity of the company as all the employees will perform with great efficiency in order to get promotion. Also, the other recommended external source of recruitment will provide a large base of potential candidates to select from.

Selection - 

This is another major function performed by HR in Hotel Phoenicia which is very important and crucial. This is defined as the process through which the shortlisted candidates are scrutinised and then the most appropriate candidate is being selected for the vacant job position within the hotel. According to Armstrong, Landers and Collmus, (2016) the selection is the most important function of HR because this is the stage where the final candidates are being selected for the vacant job position. This is majorly because of the fact that in the stage of selection many different types of test are applied keeping in mind the vacant job position. There are different types of test through which the candidate can be tested that whether they are suitable for the job position or not.

These tests are like aptitude test, intelligence test, personality test, attitude test and many other related tests to check the abilities of the candidate. These tests will ensure that whether the candidates are suitable for the position in the company or not. Kim and Ployhart, (2018) states that the other type of selection method is the interview which is also of different types like personal interview, telephonic interview, video conferencing interview and many others. This is also a good method of selecting the candidates as in interview the selecting panel of the company directly asks for the questions with the candidate. This help the selector in assessing the confidence and communication skill of the candidate. This is a negative process because of the reason that in this stage the HR rejects the candidates which are not suitable for the position and selects the most appropriate candidate.

The major recommended strategy for improving the selection process of Hotel Phoenicia is to use the personality test because of the reason that these tests will assess the overall personality of the candidate. Also, for the interview the most important method is of face- to- face interview. This is recommended to Hotel Phoenicia because of the reason that in the personal interview the interviewer can read and understand the candidate in better manner. This is majorly because of the reason that here the interviewer can read facial expression, body language of the candidate and can also test the confidence of the candidate. Also, this will help the interviewer in assessing the communication ability of the candidate which is very important for employees of Hotel Phoenicia.

Motivation - 

It is another function of human resource management, that enhance the work ability of workers and boost up their confidence level more than before. It considered as process of encouraging and inspiring staff member for their maximum attempt to get improved performance. HRM adopt different types of methods to motivate their team because motivated people subordinate their objectives to achieve business goals and objectives as well.

For better performance it is very crucial for Hotel Phoenicia to keep its employees motivated. Lewin and Teece, (2019) articulates that this is majorly pertaining to the fact that if the employees will not be motivated then they will not perform to their fullest potential and this will reduce the productivity of the company. Thus, for this the HR of Hotel Phoenicia needs to take measures in providing motivation to the employees. For this there are majorly two methods which can be used by hotel for motivating its employees. These methods are financial motivation and non- financial motivation. Under the financial motivation the employees are motivated by giving them increment, bonus, and other financial incentives. On the other hand, non- monetary incentives include awards, recognition and other ways which does not involve money for motivating employees.

For instance, if there is problem in providing direction to the employees as they are less motivated to work. Then this problem can be solved by the HR of Hotel Phoenicia. Thus, here the motivation function of HR will be helpful because of the reason that with help of motivation the HR department will encourage the employees to work hard and to help each other in reaching to the goal and objectives of the business. Thus, with these motivating factors the employees will aim at achieving the aims of the company and providing direction to other and by coordinating with the other employees.

In the views of Gagné, Deci and Ryan, (2018) the motivation is the heart of HR because of the reason that if the employees will not be motivated then they will not perform to their fullest potential. Thus, here the HR plays an important role in motivating the employees of Hotel Phoenicia. For better performance in Hotel Phoenicia it is recommended to the hotel to use a combination of both the financial and non- financial motivators to motivate the employees to perform better and improve the efficiency of the company. Also, for motivating the employees another recommended strategy is to use the approach of carrot and stick. Under this strategy the employees who perform better will be provided with carrot that is incentives and other benefits. On the other hand, the employees who are not performing better they will get stick that is punishment in form of demotion or many other different ways.

Performance management - 

This is also another crucial function of HR of Hotel Phoenicia because there need to be proper management for assessing the performance of the employees. According to Bryson and White, (2019) the employees will not perform in the monotonous way they also require some of the changes or some motivating factors to perform more better. This can be only possible if the Hotel Phoenicia has a good performance management system. Under the performance management system, the hotel evaluates the performance of the each and every employee and who perform well are rewarded with incentives and many other performance appraisal methods. If the employees are not provided with the appraisal in the performance then the employees will not perform to their maximum capacity. Thus, for this it is essential for Hotel Phoenicia to provide for good opportunities and growth for the employee. This will motivate the employees to a great extent and they will perform in much better way.

As per the view of Metz, Ilies and Hörmann, (2018) there are many issues which are faced in the management of the performance of the employees. The HR plays an important role in managing the performance of the employees because they decide for the strategies which can be used for managing the performance. For this the HR uses the method of improving the performance of the employees. The major strategy used by Hotel Phoenicia is giving feedback to the employees so that they can work on the areas in which they lack and maintain the strengths which are there in the employees.

The most important recommendation for the improvement of performance management is set some high standards of performance which the employees need to attain by their performance. These standards will motivate the employees as for proving their capability they need to work in direction of achieving the standards with efficiency. In contrast to this Krishnaveni and Monica, (2018) suggest that this will increase the capacity of the employees to perform in better manner and this will in turn improve the overall capacity of the company. Also, the company can use many different types of software which have been developed for the management of the performance of the employees. These are helpful because this will save time of the HR manager in assessing the performance of the employees and will provide ways of improving the performance as well.


Evaluation of number of HRM software programs

Human resource management software, is designed to automatize HR business procedures, payroll, transactions and compliance. It allows HR manager of Hotel Phoenicia, to focus on people management by streamlining each and every workforce software to one business agile solution. There are number of HRM software programs available off shelf used by human resource manager to manage their day to day activity.

Trakstar software -

It is one of the best and most effective software systems in the world, it helps HR manager and its management to manage workers activities. It is cloud based HRM solution that cater professional’s worker evaluation practicality like goal management, succession planning, performance review and 360-degree feedback. According to Panicker and Karthikeyan, (2017) Trakstar software help HR management to easily manage the expectations of performance, allow maintaining goals, encourage real time feedback between employees and managers. With this software program, human resource departments in hotel can use goals and competencies to align relevant applicants with business core value, supporting to build a productive organizational culture.

ZoHo people -

It is another HRM software that Human resource manager can used within Hotel Phoenicia. It is complete online HR solution, simply and automate their operations with easy to use as well as customized human resource software. It seamlessly connects with many applications that management can use every day, it suitable for all size of business. The features of this system are attendance management, employee self-service, leave management, time tracker and form customization. Solution leave management feature permits hotel to customize leave types and workers can apply for leave online, it helps to save time and extra efforts. HRM also have centralized view of all the people information by location, experience level, leave form and role with the help of this system effectively. This system allows users to develop custom modules by tabs based and adding types on needs. In view point of Shabdar, (2017) Zoho people software offer drop & drag functionality, employee self-services characteristic permits workers to update, change and access their own records according to organizational compliance. Along with all above features, file cabinet helps human resource department to share and store HR as well as hotel related documents in effective manner.

Atomic hire -

This is collaborative recruitment system that strengthen teams to work highly efficiently together in order to create better hiring and recruitment decisions. It improves hiring judgement of HRM by making this activity easier for its team to view, collaborate and share on their applicants’ pipeline. It allows getting instant access to all data human resource manager need from their staff to make right recruitment decision in context of company well fare.

From above software evaluation, it has been decided that Trakstar is one of the great software programs that would be beneficial for Hotel Phoenicia. With appraisal management feature, HRM manager can rate competencies based on right questions and score all appraisal accordingly. By providing good appraisal with the help to using this system HRM can motivate its staff. Ahead each rewards, workers and manager receive reminder emails inform them to work that need to be accomplished.

In simple words, Trakstar software is beneficial and helpful for hotel as it helps HRM to retain and motivate their top performers, give information to find out areas of strength as well as areas for improvement or development (Trakstar Software, 2019). No other HRM software programs is more customizable or flexible than this system. Human resource management within hotel want better communication between staff and superiors, want to track competencies and goals of business and also need review to be done on time, all these things will be easy and achieved with the help of using Trakstar.


Characteristics of effective leaders taking into consideration all problems or conflict

As per view of MacBeath, (2017) effective leader is a human with passion for because that is wider than they are, someone with big dream and clear vision that can better workplace or at least, come portion of it. Within Hotel Phoenicia, number of people are working together at same workplace in order to serve the best services to their guest in effective way, which is quite beneficial for business as they can earn more profit.

But due to lack of effective communication and direction workers face issues that affect performance as well as motivational level of staff negatively, at this time effective leader of hotel play vital role with different characteristics, which help them to solve problem effectively.

Effective leader has the ability to influence its team members, influencing others definite building trust with their co-workers. Leader is able to focus on comprehension them encourage and motivations to share personal opinions.

Gandolfi and Stone, (2018) highlight that ability to inspire others is one of a leader characteristics, that they can use to solve issues such as lack of communication. Leader give task to all its workers in which they have to work together, it helps to begin communication between all of them. While working in team, people interact with each other and share ideas to finished given task on time within systematic manner.

Leader at workplace inspire its staff to communicate and interact to other members in team group, it helps to build strong unit who are able to perform much better than work individually. They inspire movements that exist when workers chose to move in same direction, the job of effective leader is to inspire individual to work together in hotel greater than themselves.

Lack of proper direction at work area create difficulties for employees to complete their work on time, it impacts on ability of people and demotivate them. With the help of using effective leader characteristics, leader can solve any problem. They are able to provide appropriate directions and guidance’s to its workers, which make them capable to perform much better than previous period. The way leaders in hotel lead business operation used to totally depends on need of situations and traits which is possessed by them to carry out various operation of company. Truly inspiring leaders find bright side of any problem, they know that gloom & doom accomplishes nothing, so leader remain pharos of positivity in face of failures and challenges.

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From above analysis, it has been summarized that human resource manager and their team member play vital role in Hotel Phoenicia. They help to motivate employees, hire skilled people and trained new as well as existing applicants by using range of methods, it supports to build strong and effective team. Warwick and Guest model suggest framework for HRM, that improve their performance and practices. Different types of approaches used by Hotel Phoenicia to management of their human resources, that results increase productivity and profitability. Furthermore, Trakstar is the best software system that used human resource management of hotel which is beneficial to business, strengthen their administration and maximize performance level. Effective characteristics of leader solve problems at workplace, they inspire people and understand their issues, to make strategic decision. In each function, HRM efforts to acquire positive results, they always try to build strong brand image in market through managing business performance.


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