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Customer Service Strategies and Management - Marriott


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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Organization Selected : Marriott


Managing customer experience means to optimise interactions between customer loyalty to perceptions (Baker, 2016). Thus, to maintain this, the company has to create strategies that encompass all interactions. Thus, in the following report, Marriott has been taken into consideration. It is a leading hospitality industry in the UK.

In the following report, the importance of understanding needs and factors that influences their engagement of them has been discussed. Further, customer experience has also been created in this assignment and also touchpoints of customers have been discussed.


P1. Explaining value and importance of understanding needs, wants and preferences of target customer groups in Marriott.

To understand the need wants and preference of customers is very much important for Marriott either for selling products or offering a service because they are the determiners about the successfulness of a particular company (Greve and Schlüschen, 2018). It becomes important for Marriott in order to understand in order to satisfy their requirements to an extent by delivering beyond their expectations. This helps the customers to choose the brand accordingly. Thus, the importance of understanding needs and wants helps Marriott in following way-

  • Consumer confidence- the needs and wants of every customers differs accordingly. So it becomes significant for Marriott to understand it and fulfil them to make customers happy (Soler-Labajos and Jiménez-Zarco, 2016). This will further lead in raising the confidence of customers towards the brand. Marriott will have to keep complete information about the goods and services are available at the time customers actually need them. So this can increase the confidence and raise the volume of customers loyalty towards Marriott.
  • Build brand image- understanding needs and preferences of customers also helps in building the brand image national as well as internationally. Marriott has to record information about customers before they purchase goods or services that will help in achieving information about occupations and interest. This will help in increasing the business in future date.
  • Repeat business- to repeat business of hospitality industry Marriott has to understand the value of needs and wants of the targeted customers so that they can seek for additional level of products and services offered by them.

Following are different types of customers and their different needs.

Business person


Nappy changing facilities

Poolside service

Mobile telephone charging points

Crayons and colouring books

Meeting rooms

Couple on a first date

Terrible customer service

Bottle warmers


No garlic in the dishes

Soft music

Unpleasant smells from the drains

Mothers with babies

Over-priced poor quality food

Nappy changing facilities

Unpleasant smells from the drains

Place to park

Terrible customer service

Bottle warmers

Thus, Marriott is a leading hospitality industry so this are the targeted customers of Marriott. They have to maintain all the facilities that has been discussed or highlighted above. As businessman visit this type of industry mainly to conduct business meetings or many other official works (Venkatesan, Petersen and Guissoni, 2018). As business travellers mainly use mobile check-in entry so Marriott must expand keyless entry so that they can use mobile check in more frequently.


P2. Factors driving and influencing customer engagement of different target customer groups in Marriott.

Customer engagement is a connection of business communication between consumer and company through various channels of correspondence (Homburg, Jozi„¡ and Kuehnl, 2017). This can be accomplished with help of marketing campaigns, new contents and social media. This connection includes reaction, interaction, effect or overall experience of customers which takes place online or offline. Thus factors that influence customer engagement are as follows-

  • Accessibility- Marriott must need to ensure that products and services offered by them are easily accessible to customers without any trouble or barrier on channel that has been preferred by them (Zhang, Guo, Hu and Liu, 2017). In addition to this, they must also ensure that the targeted customers can easily reach to the company and obtain valuable services as and when need arises. They should also ensure that they get assistance for purchasing decision easily whenever needed.
  • Personalised- shoppers or customers wants personalised experience in which personal interactions can by anonymous. Thus, Marriott can make interactions faster and easier with customers with help of personalised experience regarding sharing right products and services at perfect time with correct people.
  • Moment of truth- this defines about making and breaking relations in the journey of customers that influences about the customer engagement towards the brand. Thus, if things go crooked during these journey, consumer may quit the interaction and may get engaged elsewhere.

M1. Reviewing customer engagement factors determining on board strategies for different target customer groups.

Customer engagement strategy fosters growth of brand and loyalty in a particular industry. Thus, strategies of customer engagement has been discussed as per below context-

Setting clear expectations- they must later set the expectations regarding needs and wants of customers. This helps the Marriott to fulfil them accordingly without any trouble to them.

Showing value- later the cited company must show the value to customers in terms of providing services and meet their needs.

Stay in constant communication- Marriott must later stay in communication with the customers they are doing business with. This will help them in building huge customer loyalty base and increase profitability.

D1. Evaluating broad range of different target customer groups needs and expectations in terms of customer engagement.

Customer engagement plays important role in increasing the brand image and profitability of business (What is Customer Engagement?. 2018). So Marriott has to identify the needs and wants of the potential customers in order to increase the loyalty of customers towards the brand. Further, Marriott must measure the success so that they can plan their future business accordingly in order to achieve high customers and profits. They also have to understand customers completely that means every single information has to be known by them. This will help in knowing the customers very well. This information will later help in crafting the on boarding experience and goals of targeted customers.

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LO 2

P3. Creating customer experience map for service sector organisation.

Customer experience mapping helps company in knowing customer experience from the contact in starting till the engagement of customers and long term relationship (Khodakarami and Chan, 2014). It also provides Marriott a sense of customers greater motivation. Thus, it takes many forms but appears in type of infographic. It teaches the organisation to know more about customers. Further, it is a strategic process that involves capturing and communicating interactions of complex customers. This activity builds knowledge and consensus across particular organisation. Thus, customer experience map is discussed as per below context-

Website- In this growing age of e-commerce no one can survive without an online presence. Every single element in website is crucial to the experience of customers that has a huge impact on brands ability in order to retain customers and attract the new ones. Marriott must take the photograph of the food with professional camera and post it on website that will help in attracting large customers towards the brand.

Review sites- this are that websites where reviews of customers or visitors are posted. As consumers have natural anxiety towards committing income that is earned hardly and want reassurance because they do not want to trust fake news and mis selling scandals of the company. So this review sites provides push factors in purchasing decision of customers.

Text messages- people in today's generation are attached to their smartphones fairly. So text message is a great way in order to reach huge volume of customers. This helps in connecting with people instantly and can wait for instant action from customers side. This will further help Marriott in growing their business by engaging large number of customers.

Emails- This will help in reinforcing relationship by offering special offers or bonus content. This will help Marriott in keeping their products and services in mind of the customers at top.

Paper-mail- this type of mail not only engage the customers but also convert them to buyers of products and services offered by Marriott. This makes delivery direct in the hands of the potential customers.

Telephone- this is the best way to engage customer in order to increase odds getting a sale and securing loyal customers. This makes the customer fell free that they can contact as and when need of a particular changes. Customers can further refer Marriott to their friends and families if they are connected well with phone.

Restaurant environment- This also plays a vital role in attracting large number of customers towards the brand. The environment of a Marriott must be positive and attractive. The attraction and engagement of customers not only depends on food provided but also the environment of Marriott.

Restaurant staff- Staffs of Marriott must be skilled and talented. They must know what and how the customers actually want their needs to be fulfilled accordingly provide services to them. This will help in building positive customer experience that will later be transferred to their family and friends.

Restaurant management- Management of Marriott plays critical role in pulling large number of customers. The services and goods provided by them must be managed in well mannered. The management should be so well that they meet the needs of people or visitors quickly without any trouble.

P4. Discussing customer touch points throughout customer experience creating business opportunities.

Customer touchpoints are places where they interact with the brand easily that includes websites, ratings, reviews and department of customer service (Kumar and Reinartz, 2018). Thus, consumers never buy product without any idea of the brand. There are multiple touchpoints that leads them in making the ultimate purchase. Therefore, it becomes important for brand to engage customers at these touchpoints. The touchpoints that are included in order to create business opportunities are as follows-

Products- here, website is classified or termed as a product. It has been featured about websites quoting competitive prices. They also have positive benefits for business. Marriot must make consumers aware of the particular brand with help of this website.

Interactions- this includes two way interaction that can be in person wither on phone or virtual. Marriot should provide personal and emotional connections with customers by interacting with them positively, as it is the best way to connect with customers and pull them towards the brand.

Messages- This category falls in focusing into establishing brand voice and explaining complex product to first time users. It is also a one way communication that includes brand, collateral, manuals, advertising, packaging that later leads in achieving high term profitability.

Settings- This includes presentation of a particular product or services offered by Marriott to visitors. Customers mainly influences by innovative and creative presentation. Thus, Marriott must offer services to visitors in unique way.

M2 Creating detailed customer experience map that charts journey model.

  • Nail down buyer persona- this indicates to understand the customers. Marriot must develop personas and analyse their behaviour.
  • Understanding goals- this is the next step which indicates to understand the hopes to achieve as they go through the journey.
  • Map out touchpoints- Marriott must come into contact with the touchpoints as some may have more impact than others.
  • Identifying painpoints of customers- all the data that is collected should be brought together in order to analyse the painpoints of customers. According to this Marriott can figure out right and wrong things done by them.
  • Prioritise and fix roadblocks- Marriott must identify the blocks that affects the sign-up process of customers and make them easier as soon as possible.
  • Update and improve- Marriott must later update this process and improve it accordingly so that customers feels easy to choose the brand.

D2 Analysing Marriott can optimise each of the customer touch points in order to influence behaviour, responses and actions

Marriott can make better use of this touchpoints that has been analysed (Pansari and Kumar, 2017). They can make their websites more unique and creative and easy to use by customers. This touchpoints will help them in ensuring about the actual needs and wants of customers and respond to it in a positive way by providing goods and services of high quality.

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LO 3

P5. Examining digital technology employed in managing customer experience providing examples of customer relationship management system.

Customer relationship management system is a business practice that maintains relationships with customers through various technologies (digital CRM, 2018). This automates the process of information gathering and also accumulates the data of customers. CRM helps in managing the interaction between company and customers and past customers as well. It is the strategy that is designed in order to help Marriott to increase productivity and improve satisfaction of customers and retention. It does many more for other departments within organisation. Thus, it helps in following ways-

  • CRM helps marketing by learning about leads and clients which has been used to build personas, developing meaningful and relevant content and develop strategies and engage and convert. This system gives marketer ability to become data driven and also enable them with better customer journeys.
  • CRM helps in delivering great experience of customers means they are able to deliever and satisfy the needs and wants of customers. Customer service plays significant role in relationship with customers.
  • CRM also helps in making stronger teams of customer service.

M3 evaluating digital technologies employed in managing customer experience

The top three CRM providers are as follows-

Zoho CRM- this is best known for its adaptability. The productivity of this provider can be easily expanded and integrates seamlessly with other products of Zoho.

Salesforce CRM- this holds the largest share on this market and offers a customer relationship management solution. Salesforce is the most powerful software for enterprises that intends to close a gap and boost the productivity using different strategies.

Oracle CRM- this is also one of the system that drives the strategies of CRM and also guarantees the success that will be achieved. It is easily recommended because of low cost and large community of experienced users.

D3 critically evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of CRM systems used.


  • It helps in managing customer data in one particular place and allow the worker to become productive.
  • It helps in managing and growing database and the speed of process of growth is increased.
  • It helps in centralising data.


  • The major obstacle is to transit from manual to automatic process.
  • Once brought in a tool, the process is slowed down little.

LO 4

P6. Illustrating customer service strategies.

The customer service strategies defines standards and set of requirements that is offered to customers in order to meet the standards (Peppers and Rogers, 2016). The strategies has been discussed below-

Giving employees excellent knowledge regarding product- when everyone in Marriott acts as support, customers get questions answered in prompt manner. Thus, saving customers a call in order to help desk goes long way in order to make them happy.

Build infrastructure supporting customer service- customers prefer to get answers easily without calling customer care. Thus, Marriott must offer these options to them in order tio increase their satisfaction.

Deliver on promises made- customers feel happy and part of the cited company if they will offer the products and services exactly in a manner they required. Marriott must deliever things that are promised by them to visitors.

Resolve the issues of customers- Marriott must ensure that the issues of customers are easily resolved by the person who handles it initially and takes the responsibility. They can also offer live chat support to customers. This will help in attracting large volume towards Marriott.

P7. Demonstrating customer service strategies create and develop the customer experience that meet needs of customer and required standards.

Customer service strategies are termed as strategies that defines standards of care and service that is offered by company to customers that meet needs (Santouridis and Veraki, 2017). These strategies will help in enhancing the customers' loyalty base by delivering goods and services as required by them. This also helps in resolving the issues of the customers that they have regarding Marriott. This strategies will also help in supporting the service of customers. This increases the customers' engagement towards product that later helps in increasing productivity and profitability.

M4 Reviewing application of customer service strategies in creating customer experience and recommendations for improvement.

Name of hospitality business visited: Marriott 

Date and time of visit:

12th November 2017

Ambience and First Impressions

The welcoming process

Things that I observed that

Were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that

Were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this

was my business

The environment

Loud music while welcoming

Welcoming style

Signage, Tariff Boards, Labelling, Etc.

Things that I observed that

Were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that

Were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this

was my business


Promotion of limited services

I would have adopted unique way of presenting brand in all areas where it can easily attract customers.


Things that I observed that

Were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that

Were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this

was my business

Reasonable prices for the products and services offered

Limited products available

I would have offered high quality products with low services

D4 Evaluating degree of customer service strategies and communication, recommendations for improvement for quality customer experience.

Customer service strategy and good communication helps in increasing and fostering customer experience (So, King, Sparks and Wang, 2016). Marriott can adopt various other measure in order to maintain the loyalty of customers and their engagement towards the brand. Marriott can guide the employees services and make them reach the customers demand so that they get satisfied early and enjoy the product with enthusiasm. They can also introduce new technology that can easily reach customers by satisfying right customers in terms of delivering perfect and demanded product in limited time.

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Thus, from above report, it has been concluded that, managing customer experience is very much important in order to increase the productivity and profitability of organisation. Marriott also used various strategies that helps in achieving long term sustainability and attracting huge consumers. Further, it has analysed that it is important for Marriott to understand needs of customers in order to satisfy them.

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